"Some Market Folks Are Turmoiling..." As 6th Hindenburg Omen Spotted

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A public service message from Kevin Henry:


The 6th Hindenburg Omen in 7 days... a confirmed cluster we have not seen in recent history...


*  *  *

Markets Turmoiled-er

Following yesterday afternoon's exuberant USDJPY-driven no volume levitation v-shaped recovery dead-cat-bounce (breathe), it was different today. Wherever one looks there is likely blood on the streets as the scale of moves today (and yesterday) dwarf recent historical moves. It would appear some counterparty risk concerns are being voiced quietly on desks too... as financials fear commodioty derivatives exposure.


Here's some context...


HYG at 18-month lows.. worst dasy since Nov 2011


S&P 500 at one-month lows - back to levels before the Nov payrolls data hit


On the week, yesterday's bounce is over...


Having tried its best to rally yesterday, energy stocks crashed today...down 6.5% on the week


USDJPY was in charge of stocks...


As can be seen here - the manipulated volume appeared right on cue once again as UDJPY broke 118.00 and it lifted stocks... along with a VIX slam BUT it failed!!


"Most shorted" stocks were whacked lower which makes us a little nervous going into tomorrow as we get another completely rigged squeeze


Treasury yields plunged further...


Tresasury yields in context...


Energy credit markets are in total freefall and stocks catching down...


As HY starts to get infected by energy...


And financial credit is gettingh nervous as counterparty risk starts to rear its ugly head...


The USDollar slid for a 3rd day led by very notable JPY strength...


Oil continues to collapse (down over 20% from the initial OPEC leaks that everyone said was priced in) and gold and silver are stable and up from pre-OPEC...


Leaving oil at 5 year lows and suffering the biggest slump since Lehman...


Charts: Bloomberg

Bonus Chart: Breadth....

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Cangaroo.TNT's picture

We turmoiled some markets? 

TheAnalOG's picture


We have been waking up every morning for the past six years wondering if the world is still there.  Bored of this show, next.

NoDebt's picture

It occurred to me that when the crash does finally hit, we'll probably be the last people on the planet to believe it's happening.  Everyone will be freaking out, we'll still be sitting here waiting for the Fed to magically re-levitate the market.

Dr. Engali's picture

See, this is why I like you. I would never have thought that. 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Is anyone else having as much fun with this YouTube playlist as I am?  

max2205's picture

XLE is trading the way markets should without the Fed in the way..



Manthong's picture

Amidst all of this chaos, I predict the outcome is unpredictable.

cnmcdee's picture

This is a Shemitah Year.  All Shemitah years and the short months following have with 100% accuracy predicted *all* recessions and depression without exception!!


This Shemitah year will be no different.  When it started on Septeber 24th, 2014 the markets tanked 2%. This Shemitah year will end on September 13th, 2015.


The last two Shemitah years ended to the exact *day* with a 7% market tank and a generally large recession.  They occur every seven years on a Hebrew Calendar.


If you like proof that this pattern is real I highly recommend reading Johnathan Cahn's book - 'The Shemitah Year:' available for Kindle download from Amazon.com


Do not be in the market it is going to TANK before this Shemitah year completes itself.  Buy physical Gold.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Stop beating around the bush, has this got something to do with Jews.

mjcOH1's picture

"It occurred to me that when the crash does finally hit, we'll probably be the last people on the planet to believe it's happening."

Send it....

Crisismode's picture



The last two Shemitah years ended to the exact *day* with a 7% market tank and a generally large recession.  They occur every seven years on a Hebrew Calendar.

Seven Percent doesn't show me shit.

Talk to me about 97 percent drop.

Then you get my attention.




UselessEater's picture

Apparently they are into the 7 yr x 7 yr cycle and this apparently is the 49th year so we get extra fun on the 7th and the following '50'th year... whatever that means. The criminals are more into this than the sheeple sold the rational markets theory and some dramatic events do seem to line up with this 'calendar'. Since sanity has left everything we know, why not read these shemitah tea leaves? I'm fast wondering -what else is left to read?

(half sarc half wtf)

Doom and Dust's picture

With so many jews at the helm I guess we'll have to anticipate their possible collective beliefs and motives bat shit crazy as they may seem.


A Nanny Moose's picture

It all sounds like Yiddish to me.

sschu's picture

Not only does the market crash in those years, but these months/years aligned with 911 and Lehman.  I saw some other events that aligned also, but cannot confirm these dates.



Max UK's picture

So working backwards:

2008 - Lehman

2001 - 9/11

1994 - dunno

1987 - Stock crash

1980 - Gold spike to $850

1973 - oil crisis

1966 - dunno


Interesting though.

And as to the 7 yr cycle and the 50th year, something to do with Leviticus and debt jubilees. Connected to land use too; every 7 years, the land is to be rested and is to be left fallow. Old Testament stuff.


Hulk's picture

Shemitah years happen every 7 years. After 7 Shemitah's, debts were forgiven. Also, the Shemitah was a work free year !!! When the ancient Jews stopped observing the Shemitahs, this pissed god off, because he had to be thinking what a bunch of dumb fucks there are down there to give up a whole years vacation every 7 years. I believe God must have been a Pro Union God, at least a couple thousand years ago....

Implied Violins's picture

Killing sprees *are* vacations...to some people.

Proofreder's picture

Lotsa info here ... http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2014/September24/241.html

whatever trips your trigger ...

sell  Sell  SELL  S E L L  N O W 


If one is going to follow the seven year heuristic one needs to start with

March 10th 2008 as opposed to September 16th 2008 when Lehman

took a dirt nap. Bear Stearns March 10th @ 11:00am 2008 New York time marks the beginning of the seven year cycle which takes us to Q1

March 10th 2015 @ 11:00am New York time. What is happening over the last couple of weeks is a direct assault on the Russian Federation and President Putin and nothing more. If OPEC thought it was going to cause damage beyond control of Russia they would back off completely

IMHO. Moreover, market participants have been complaining that there is no market movement or enough volatilty to make a buck leaving things flatlined and stagnating. OPEC is merely creating market churn where it can. In this regard they could be attempting to jump start economic movement by playing short and distort

globally. I'm certainly no expert on oil, but OPEC is an expert and this movement is planned and intentional rather than random chaos methinks.

weburke's picture

why se now? july perhaps?


MontgomeryScott's picture

@ cnmcdee,

You refer to the dream interpretation made by Joseph to the Pharoh regarding the dream he had regarding cattle. Seven years of plenty, and seven years of drought. It all goes back to the Commandment to keep the Sabbath 'holy'. plant for six years, and let the field fall fallow for the seventh (to recharge the soil); or face the consequences. Work six days, and take a day off for yourself to 'recharge'.

You (or one of your followers) downvoted me because you considered my post 'unholy'.

Well, I've never heard the 'Shem-itah' (I guess this would be derived directly from Shem, one of Noah's three sons). Perhaps it's like 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' ('Shem's Day Off' or something). Following the LETTER of the LAW won't fulfill the SPIRIT of it. It's a fucking CURSE (the 'LAW', of course). Men can't fulfill it, no matter how 'holy' they try to be. The whole point of the first coming of the Messiah must have been lost on you (it was to point out that you can't do the things to earn back your life, so He had to give up HIS in our place).

The math doesn't quite work. September 11 2001 and the following week doesn't align with September 2014 in a two-step 'week of sevens'. The world has slowed, and the orbit now takes 365.24 days (as opposed to 360 days). God must have decided to skip a year...


Ginsengbull's picture

Could denial of this financial time sequence hold the origin of the term "anti-shemitic"?

Carpenter1's picture

Shemitah has nothing to do with Joseph's dream and the 7 years of plenty story in Egypt. Shemitah is just the Jewish term for Sabbaoth. Probably should've done some reading before launching into this tyrade. It's all over the internet, would've taken you less time than this post did.

sschu's picture

The law and Shemitah was not in place yet, this does not happen until the Exodus and Moses.  


Alfred's picture

Hey, this Jew is on the level about this Shemitah thing...


I can't say what gives me a harder boner, the American tanks moving to the front by rail, or the ads for Russian dating sites on Zero Hedge...


either way, I guess we're boned.

Ginsengbull's picture

Those weren't tanks, just apc's.

aVileRat's picture


Remember when all the talking heads, including the POTUS were all cheering on how cheaper oil prices would lead to a consumer rally ? You can find the clips well documented on CNBC.

Turns out the windfall ex-taxes is 380/US citizen. Now I'm not so smart, but given the Gov stats show a 200+ hike in Healthcare per avg US 18-38 yo, a 400/person hike in conD and the 500+ in rent hikes since 2012, what is left for this mythical spending windfall ? And how much is left for a highway fund topup ? Yup, great 'tax break'. I can only hope, and this comes from listening to the council of economic advisors on the circuit, that POTUS does a clean house of the council in 2016 for blowing this. I would rank this policy disaster on par with Larry's work for Clinton on "affordable housing". Which is funny because I thought the Romer's in first term were out of their league, but this top ticks institutionalized incompetence.

One more thing, remember when the talking heads were talking about how homebuilders were going to be the first to move on discretionary income going to be used for new mortgages?


Toll Brothers misses 4Q profit forecasts

Texas. What's in Texas. Oil.


cnmcdee's picture

This is nothing!! Wait till we see the double-cross ninja necklace roomba catshark signal..

Sokhmate's picture

To all their own signal. I'm into porn. I usually look for a vagina pattern.

ILLILLILLI's picture

I'm sure there is a "loose lips" reference that would be completely apropo in this particular circumstance, but it escapes me at the moment...

MontgomeryScott's picture

Something about 'sinking ships'.

After a supertanker has pulled in to port and left, a dingy just won't fill the berth any more...

Is that a 'vagina print' or a 'snail trail'?

Hulk's picture

loose lips sink dicks...

Victory_Garden's picture

"This is nothing!! Wait till we see the double-cross ninja necklace roomba catshark signal.."

And don't ferget the boo-wadda-tanga-shoe-bally-wop signal either!

Actually, when the rothchillian bankster scratches its arse, oil goes down. An itch twixt the cornholio...gold and oil are repriced. Picking a snot in the nose canal...the market crashes at exact times of day, hour, and minute. When the beast farts...another puppet is placed into a place of power as another control mechanism of the whole movie picture show.

One other little tid-bit, please remember these things/banksters have created every ism and ist and political side of the chessboard to pit against each other throughout the history of this changing planet for centuries ONLY so they can profit. They use the money-god to own almost every single two-legged one on the face of earth. Blacks vs whites. Zionutz vs ALL the worlds awakened peoples. The Christ Principle vs the luciferian/satanic evil. Love vs hate. Political comedy vs rationality. It's all to create conflict for those who love to profit from it, while others lose it all, and worse, actually die from the plans behind plans behind plans they never conceived existed. It's is so brilliantly stupid. The dancing carnival clowns of the money-changers, and all those stupid idiotic games around the whole institution of the money god.

All this tad for taddlie bickering between the different sides of the great blue waters has been purposely planed and created to put each side, each country, each lifestyle, each religion, each political view, good vs. evil, against each other into the place of chaos. A easier place for these beast to CONTROL. Were all mankind to realize these simple truths, and stand as ONE to say NO MOAR!, much would change over night. Chaos is created by the ones that call money, god. There are more than enough marbles in the ZH-bowl-a-ramma to Know this. What is stupid, is this force against force in many forms and energies goes on and on and on, day after day after day. Why? Qui bono/Who profits?

A fat few will say, I DO of course. This is a place where the money changers have created a world forum to gather every bit of light they can from all those who share it freely. Why? To profit from. Somewhere in Televiv, the ears and eyes are taunted every second of the 24 hour day. Oy vey! Boys, girls, stop being pawns for the rothschilds that created you to use as the linchpin to trigger the third and last world war. How many of you want to see your selves, all your energies of a lifetime, and all those of your families go all gonzo in a nanosecond and some time later all you remembered was a huge bright flash of light? Barnum would say, there is a sucker born every minute.

Ponder dat please and know, most of the world's people love you when you are not your masters, slave performing your evil deeds world-wide to profit from. Surely, young love prospers, and dreams of futures in your gardens exist in all hearts. Who one among ye thinks they will escape the holocaust that will immediately ensue right after another stupid false flag event, or worse, one that some how is blamed on Iran, Syria, China, or Russia? Everybody knows the evil games you play to profit from, and the lodges of innocents you draw into these evil plans and secretly call them behind their backs, “useless idiots” later in your POLEZ rants. It is all so black and white, like easy to read writing on the wall. Everybody sees this evil, and knows WHO exactly is responsible for it.

Who really wants to go out the door of their homes and kiss the honey goodbye in the morn saying, I am off to conflict and war with everything and everyone out in my world today so some foreign banksters I will never know can laugh and profit from all my hard efforts and energetic expressions (words, deeds, and actions)? And yes dear, oh how badly I want to do this every single day of my life, Sundays too, for the rest of my born dayz. It's all I live for, the MONEY-god!

Oh boy, huh! Just what you were born for, right?


Freedom, and choice. Two of Creations Greatest Gifts. You snooze, you lose. Ignorance becomes laziness and a disease amongst the tribes. Truth, or ignorance? Choose well that which you want to embrace. Your eternal self depends on it.

Dear all good folks on board the good ship ZH, family, please recognize that world-wide there are few of these bankster-things that have run every man jack up against his neighbor so they, NOT YOU, can profit from the negativity and your life long losses. WHEN WILL YOU GET THAT MANKIND? Purdy darn easy to get, considering a simple minded corn-husker from the middle of no-where can grasp this easy to see and hear truth.

There are oddles of answers to this modern worlds a spinning into the drain of cosmic history situations.

Time may, or may not be on the side of humanity, but know well this. What ever comes wicked this way, the world as a whole will stand a better chance at living into more prosperous days as One Mind, and One Soul. Or, in simpler words for the PhD to understand, all the oars are paddling the ship one way, instead of like the present bablonian different directions the ship is going into now. The game is rigged and sails set so no one goes anywhere, forever. Big fat ugly Jaba the Hut sits hedonistically atop his huge pile of stinking smelly golden excrement getting blissed out like Baron Harconin in the blood bath of the emerging youthful energies they suck up every day, while he laughs at the stupid politician puppets that keep the masses stupid. It knows that they all think they have that golden ticket for themselves and their families, but has another plan they do not know about. Trap Door! Think, who wants to live amongst traitors, criminals, and the corrupted bought and paid for leaders in those supposedly safe underground places when the chinga hits the rotating device?

Kinda like lawyer talk, eh!

So, imagine working to expose the beast and its evil, gathering the wagons together in larger and larger circles, and stocking and storing many material things like food food food and more seeds to plant moar food, but most of all, dig in deep to face the coming challenges of a rouge babylon empire spinning out of control, not as planned, and in a time when anything can happen. Ask, when was the last time anyone heard of any politician, or world leader actually doing something that would benefit the people, and not the banksters?

Hummmm...moving into a pristine parlor to ponder, and pray. There are soooooo many great answers and thinkers here to help make great changes, including a world jubilee just for starters. Releasing all the good technologies is also a good start. Curing all disease is also possible. There is so much that a bunch of benevolent banksters/oligarchs can do.

Look here you rascally rothschilds and rockfellers, how about a turn of grace and changing your wicked ways so the whole planet survives into a better one, and not the one you have historically planned? Are you so far gone you have forgotten there are greater forces at work here, than your own evil doings? Your gonna be forgiven for your sinful family lifestyles AFTER stepping up to the world plate and ending ALL this insanity, warmongering, and pitting the game board nations against each other so you can gleefully gloat, slurp, and slobber all over yourselves as they kill each other off, and you profit from it either way. Shirt! Those first two world wars were BS, and you know it. So does everybody else.

One of the mysterious workings of what ever you can call a Higher Power, is that everybody is spiritually maturing faster than you thought. They are ALL becoming moar and moar intuitive. Imagine that! This is making it harder and harder to cover up your crimes and ghastly evil towards the people of this planet. Everybody knows!

There is still time to save the world economy, raise up great peoples in prosperity for all, cure the world environment, and to save your own hides before the millions of bodies come a slamming down your long driveways and into the bunker doors yelling, HANG ALL THE EVIL BANKSTERS AND THIER PUPPETS WORLD-WIDE NOW!!! You do know babylon, the ghetto youth is coming for you, and they ain't taking your jive no moar!


Oldwood's picture

My business recovery of the last year or so is about 85% due to oil companies. Looks like another downturn coming my way. I hope my insurance and overhead costs will decline on equal pace with my income when the shit hits the fan again....surely they will...

But at least I will have cheap gas...but no place to go.

MontgomeryScott's picture

@ Haus:

"Is anyone else having as much fun with this YouTube playlist as I am? "

You know who the guy in the first video IS, don't you?

I haven't seen me in a while...

zerozulu's picture

I will have my suitcase ready when gold swing $100 every day.

SuperRay's picture

Unless your suitcase has a Narnia closet in it to transport you to another dimension, it won't help much.  I kills me when people say they're going to leave the country, as if there's somewhere in the world they can hide.  This monumental collapse of the world economy is going to suck everyone everywhere.

Sages wife's picture

Except it might hurt less in a country where the population is accustomed to living on 2 dollars a day.

Jethro's picture

That's true in one sense.  People have lower expectations, they improvise more and certainly get by on less.  Other the other hand,life is far cheaper in these places as well.

Muppet's picture

Why wait for a collapse if thats your reasoning?   Go now. 

A Nanny Moose's picture

As I often ponder....

When SHTF, who is better equipped to live without shoes? Those accustomed to living without shoes, or those worried about the designer label affixed to their shoes?

MontgomeryScott's picture

"This monumental collapse of the world economy is going to suck everyone everywhere."

Imagine that the world is actually the rim of a toilet. Everyone in the world is spaced around it, none very close to each other. No one sees what the others are doing, and they stare into the center (where the water is). All of a sudden, an unseen hand reaches out and depresses the lever that starts the flush. The water swirls in, unevenly at first, and then faster and faster; and it rises, dislodging the people who are clinging to the rim, who go for a ride and become at ease as the water climbs. Soon, the maelstrom engulfs everyone. Spinning madly, they fail to see the whirlpool beneath them opening up as the water quickly recedes...


Yeah. Fucking 'liquidity' for the fucking 'markets' is the WATER; and the Central Banksters are gonna flip the lever. Look at the OPEC charts, and the others in unison. THAT, combined with Fukushima, Mancondo 252 A (B, C), stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, and events taking place in the Universe as a whole, will leave no place untouched. How about that possibility of full scale pre-emptive nuclear war for a 'wildcard'?

Leaving where you are will only delay the inevitable (and waste resources better used); UNLESS you happen to be in the entire fucking Northern Hemisphere (anywhere), or in Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Chechnya, Iran, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, ...


stacking12321's picture

oh, look, some anonymous guy on the internet calling himself MontgomeryScott is giving such great advice. and then he ends with "UNLESS you happen to be in the entire fucking Northern Hemisphere (anywhere), or in Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Chechnya, Iran, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, ...", which is kind of funny as almost all those nations he mentions ARE in the northern hemisphere. oh well, georgraphy, and facts and such really aren't americans' strong point.

and why he clumps relatively open and successful chile in with a made-up list of a bunch of failing and centrally planned 3rd-world countries (plus iran) is also a mystery.

ah well, who am i to question the genius of a great thinker such as MontgomeryScott.


Ahoy Polloi's picture

So basically, the HINDENBURG disaster was a 'rigged' explosion?


Oh the humanity!

mkkby's picture

To time my trades, I plan to throw a cat out the window once a week to see if it bounces.  That and anxiously awaiting the ZH deer in headlights.