Thousands Of Protesters Swarm Washington, NYC: "Don't Expect To See Obama Here, Black Issues Don't Matter To Him"

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Those planning on visiting (or merely driving around) Washington or New York City today may want to consider a plan B. As Reuters reports, "thousands of demonstrators were expected in Washington and New York on Saturday to protest the killings of unarmed black men by U.S. police and to urge Congress to protect citizens. Organizers said the protests would be among the largest over police tactics and the killings of black males by officers in New York, Cleveland and Ferguson, Missouri. “It’s open season on black people now,” New York march co-organizer Umaara Elliott said in a statement. “So we demand that action be taken at every level of government to ensure that these racist killings by the police cease.”


"We need more than just talk; we need legislative action that will shift things both on the books and in the streets," civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton, whose National Action Alliance is heading the Washington protest, said in a statement.


The Washington protest will include the families of Eric Garner and Akai Gurley, who were killed by New York police; Trayvon Martin, slain by a Florida neighborhood watchman in 2012; and Michael Brown, killed by an officer in Ferguson.


The march will start at noon and block Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the U.S. Capitol. Protesters are expected to arrive by bus from as far away as Florida, Connecticut and Pittsburgh, according to the organizers' website.


In New York, the march was expected to draw about 44,000 people and was meant to reinvigorate protests that swelled after a grand jury declined to indict the officer who killed Garner using a choke hold, organizers said.

And judging by the following photos from across the country, the marches have clearly already begun.

Saving the best for last, here is the punchline, a photo which best captures the collective disappointment in the president, from all classes and races alike.

Live webcast from NYC via CBS:

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Incubus's picture

black issues don't matter to me, either.


societal issues matter to me. not symptomatic issues of a broken system.

Stackers's picture

bunch of racist. modern American police agression is color blind

FieldingMellish's picture

Get pulled over and if you have more than $20 in the car it doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow, purple or green... that money is gone.

CrazyCooter's picture

Has anyone seen actual stats analysis that demonstrates bias in police brutality or are they fair and equal about it? I suppose since it's "police kill blacks" instead of "police kill Americans", it seems to be central to these protests.



TeamDepends's picture

Remember Zemir Begic, the only one who died because of actual racism.

Freddie's picture

These "folks" do not seem to have a problem with knockout games against whites and if you point out the violence culture in rap music you are a racist. 

Zollywood and Z-TV also spew endless violence.

Skateboarder's picture

It's not just mindless violence - it's also the wanton disrepect for women, life, and family, that inspires the next generation to fuck themselves worse than the last.

I like oldskool hip hop, when the homies still had class, but this new stuff is just vile, depraved, and disgusting.

Troll Magnet's picture

I bet 99% of these morons support(ed) Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and the like.

jbvtme's picture

what percentage does race play? what percentage do steroids play?

James_Cole's picture

For my stupid white folkz:

Ignorance is bliss!

The image of America’s police departments has been tarnished in recent months, with shootings and chokings of unarmed black men sparking nationwide protests charging racial bias.

But a new poll includes a surprising finding: The episodes might have actually increased white Americans' belief that their local cops treat blacks fairly.

DaddyO's picture

Are you a liberal or just stupid?

Oops, silly me, no difference...once a victim always a victim.


I MISS KUDLOW's picture

i spotted an entrpeneur a capitalist selling krispy kremes, one person out of 5k working that aint bad, i love to see a man working it. free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity

Bananamerican's picture

good thing there were a lot of customers around him or he might have been tazed, shot, choked for selling "loose donuts"

0b1knob's picture

< Oppressed minority wants justice.

< FSA just wants more FS.

unrulian's picture

Donuts? the cops were probably his best customers

SuperRay's picture

Well, no one really gives a shit about children in this culture.  That's true of both white and black - its really more of an econcomic issue than a racial issue.  Poor people are ignorant, ignorant people don't know how to raise children.  BUT, I've worked with immigrant children and parents in an inner city scholl, and this is my experience:

Mexican and other Latino families have a strong family tradition, but no tradition of a focus on education. Inner city black culture has no family tradition.  No doubt a legacy of slavery.  But, they also have no interest in education.  They haven't got the perception that children have emotional needs.  This is ignorance deeply engrained by generations of FERAL childhoods, and by the fact that if you're black and interested in education, you're teased and ridiculed incessantly as trying to be white.  When the mother of Michael Brown (that college-bound baby huey thug) stood on that car and spoke about her son, they provided captions, as if she were speaking a foreign language, because she doesn't speak English,  She speaks Ebonics, which is a grammatically and syntactically simplified version of English, because her mind is apparently unable to conceive of a more complex level of communication.  If you think this is racist, I feel sorry for you, because you have strayed from the fundamental requirement of integrity - acknowledging the realiy with which you are faced.  Rap music destroys innocence.  There's no argument about that.  Black children are lost before they're born, because the culture has no ascendant vision.   

What's in that Neanderthal DNA, anyway?

MalteseFalcon's picture

This isn't a racial issue. Stop trying to steer people down a path that is very comfortable for the status quo.

We have a problem with the training and culture of the police in this country.  We are not a nation under occupation and I do not want "occupiers" influencing my country's police.

James_Cole's picture

This isn't a racial issue. Stop trying to steer people down a path that is very comfortable for the status quo.

It is a race issue (obviously). There are many other issues involved, but race looks to be the foremost atm. Probably 80% of the people reading zh (read: poor people) will be cannon fodder to the same forces, but the test subjects are visible minorities for a reason. 

TuPhat's picture

The test subjects were criminals for a reason.  If this is a racial issue then were they criminals because of their race?  Or do you think the police should just look the other way and not arrest criminals?

James_Cole's picture

The test subjects were criminals for a reason.  If this is a racial issue then were they criminals because of their race? Or do you think the police should just look the other way and not arrest criminals?

Since you are not referencing anything specific, I will respond in kind. There seems to be a somewhat unequal application of the law when it comes to arresting & prosecuting criminals. Should criminals be arrested? Yes. Are some criminals treated different than others...?

Someone is approached (and executed) for possibly selling loose cigarettes. Another group is investigated (found guilty) for certainly laundering billions on behalf of labelled terrorist organizations + drug cartels. Which is the priority and why?

MalteseFalcon's picture

It isn't a racial issue. But thanks for presenting the CNN viewpoint.  It erodes what little credibility you have. 

If you've been following along the past 10 years you'll see police harassing protests filled exclusively with white people

The police are utilizing military equipment and tactics, and undercover provocateurs.  Same as Ferguson.

Nice try tho.

assistedliving's picture

just back from the rally in NYC.  i'd guess 40-50K.  peaceful. helicopters and police presence formidable but quiescent...and friggin cold.  i'm old.  

that "surprising finding" reminds me of some of the polls after, Cheney, Rice even Powell spoke about mushroom clouds and the Saddam/al Queda links.  Spurt up but now...

and yes, i voted for O'bama.  Twice.  and my son has not been close to being sent off to war in some distant land based on lies

dexter_morgan's picture

No, but plenty of others kids have, so fuck you.

TeamDepends's picture

And what, EXACTLY, were you protesting? Also, hate to break this to you but the charlatan you voted for twice (?!?!) is nothing but lies. He lies even when the truth would do.

knukles's picture

And has started more wars that his 3 predecessors combined when counted as countries in which the US had military presence and application of deadly force whether its noted as a "war" or not.
Anyone but me note that none of this shit going on are "wars" anymore?

shovelhead's picture

Kinetic Democracy Distribution.

El Vaquero's picture

When are these people going to figure out that pulling the race card like this only serves to divide us?  This guy wasn't black:


And one of the cops that shot him was caught on tape saying that he was going to "shoot him in the penis" with his Taser shotgun hours before he killed him.  (That's beanbags/rubber bullets, BTW.)  A much larger problem than cops targeting black people is the pervasive attitude of comply even with the dumbest shit or get smashed or shot. 

Son of Loki's picture

I remember the cancer researcher who was beaten to death by two diverse peoples out on parole one block from the UNC, Chapel Hill campus.


Where’s Al ?   Jesse? Evidently, Barry didn't send any of his reps to this quality research person's funeral service.

James_Cole's picture

I remember a couple weeks back that white guy murdered his step daughter and then raped her corpse.

Where's the zh non sequitur brigade on that one??

Handful of Dust's picture

Freddie, Those blk teen knock games must be fun for them since they're doing it all over now. It's now very poplar in the formerly-safe college town of Austin I've read. Perhaps when Barry has time he can also address that issue while he is commenting on the racism thingy.

PrintemDano's picture

This is about race relations and inter racial crime.....try and keep up you fucking retard.

James_Cole's picture

-edit. pissed off broke white folkz got enough to be mad about so i'll just leave this alone..


When I saw that on Reddit I said to myself 'this must be the Hindenburg Omen' of contemporary USA society in general. Frankly, if one reads Psychopathia Sexualis by Barron Richard Von Kraft Ebbing one will understand that sexual psychopathic behaviour has a long storied history in our so-called 'civilized' existence. From a perspective of Depth Psychology and Abnormal Behaviour it isn't at all surprising given psychosexual development and psychopathic personality disorder in conjunction with alcoholism and addictions as well as social psychopathology in society in general. As society crumbles more of these disordered individuals will manifest symptomatology of this sort.

It is a reflection of the chaos that society is presently promulgating IMHO. At least we can rest assured knowing the dude will be forever labelled a threat to society and locked up indefinately.

knukles's picture

A couple weeks ago, just like every week, thousands of pregnancies in NYC's black community were aborted.
And the fetuses flushed down drains, sent to dumps or sold to SOAP companies for ingredients in expensive shampoo.
Read the fucking labels!

imapopulistnow's picture

"what percentage does race play? what percentage do steroids play?"


Steroid abuse apparently is big in law enforcement.  You are asking a legitimate question.

oldmanofthesee's picture

But, the most gratifying aspect of this demonstration phenom, is the fact that these folks have such benevolent employers, to give them enough time of to travel to DC.

Chuck Walla's picture

It's nice to see the lights finally come on in the black community. Before the election, you were useful idiots. Now, you're just idiots. Welcome to reality, Rip!


Uber Vandal's picture

@ Skatboarder:

These are some of my personal favorites:

Ice T / You Played Yourself

Ice T / High Rollers


A sample of the lyrics from Played Yourself:

You got problems, you claim you need a break
But every dollar you get you take
Straight to the Dopeman, try to get a beam up
Your idle time is spent tryna scheme up
Another way to get money for a jumbo
When you go to sleep you count Five-O's
Lyin' and cheatin', everybody you're beatin'
Dirty clothes and you're skinny cos you haven't been eatin'
You ripped off all your family and your friends
Nowhere does your larceny end
And then you get an idea for a big move
An armed robbery...smooth
But everything went wrong, somebody got shot
You couldn't get away, the cops roll, you're popped
And now you're locked, yo, lampin' on Death Row

Society's fault? No
Nobody put the crack into the pipe
Nobody made you smoke off your life
You thought that you could do dope and still stay cool? Fool.

You played yourself...
You played yourself...
Ain't nobody else's fault, you played yourself.


There have been a couple times in my life when I have reflected on this song a lot for I neglected rule number one in hole digging. Which is when digging oneself into a hole, stop digging.



Major Major Major's picture

Here is some new stuff for you:


50 young niggas sellin' crack for a livin'

Tryin' to buy a Benz and a flat television

Single income and he tired of the feelin'

"Momma, I'm a man," gotta show her that he meant it


It's a cold ass world, gotta show 'em that he get it

Watch a good lil boy turn into a cold nigga

He ready to die just to show 'em that he wit' it

So he put it on his mind, gotta get it how you live it


One Shot got life, Zimmerman got acquitted

Talkin' 'bout a carjackin', we talkin' 'bout a killin'

Wonder why we never have faith in the system

Look at young niggas like a waste of existence


And when we do make it, look at how they try to twist it

Become the world champ, and then y'all enlist us

Get rich off of rap, y'all search us for pistols

It's like it ain't no respect 'til we burn up the buildings


Could you just accept if we murdered your children?

Would you just accept if we murdered your children?

Uber Vandal's picture

Yes, there has been an obvious decline.....

I am certain that everyone can see that.

How does one begin to repair it?

Or, have we been led to believe that this can not be repaired, and we must accept the new whatever that is waiting in the wings?


Skateboarder's picture

There is no repair that can be done at this point. It's about standards.

High standards = high quality stuff. Low standards = low quality stuff. No standards = garbage. We live in a world with no standards. South Park captured it best when they said in a recent episode that the role of an artist today is to generate commentary, like a vase or a piece of furniture would. That's it.

If enough people have high standards, they would shun the pablum dished out by the media companies, and instead opt for wholesome, homemade media made by their peers. The question you need to answer is "how do you convince a planet full of people with no standards, to have high standards?" Further, the process is like gaining weight. Overeating and gaining weight is easy. Busting yer ass many hours a day in hard exercise is difficult. Same for losing or restoring standards.

Sometimes you need a hard crash and a few hundred years of darkness. Other times you need asteroids. I believe our situation, given the slow-motion nuclear poisoning, calls for the latter.

From the godfather of hip hop and rap, RIP:

Gil Scott Heron - "B" Movie

"This aint reall your life, aint really your life, aint really aint nothin but a movie."

knukles's picture

Yup.  A "cultural" problem, to be a bit more politically correct and delicate.

BTW, note the first line of the song.  Dude's sellin' crack to buy a Benz an' there's a single mommy in his life.
Now that's aspirational!

dexter_morgan's picture

who runs Hollyweird and why would they want to poison the culture?

curbjob's picture

The same tribe who wrote a cult classic 2000 years ago, and on its back have rode straight to the top ?



dexter_morgan's picture

we propagandized some goyim

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"These "folks" do not seem to have a problem with knockout games against whites and if you point out the violence culture in rap music you are a racist."~

Dammit, Freddie, stop making sense. You're only trying to cover the truth with facts. /sarc


Does America want to be free? Then kill television/cable/satellite. Turn it off. You will have people marching in the streets within two days. Kill the giant corporate pacifier and watch the folks go ballistic.

PrintemDano's picture

The massive black on white crime wave sweeping the nation doesn't bother these vile scumbags.  Fuck them, fuck them ALL.

Parrotile's picture

When life was better (pre- 2008), "White Guilt" flourished, and was fully supported by regular missives from the "Institutions of Higher Learning" which the population were programmed to "look up to for inspiration".

Now - life is far harder, and discretionary spending is drying up faster than the morning dew in the Atacama desert. So, with all the very well-publicised rioting / destruction of predominantly "White-owned" property and business, "White Guilt" is starting to fade, and fade fast.

"Folks" have discovered the Internet.

"Folks" have seen what happened in Africa under "Black Rule" (70,000 dead White farmers in the past 15 years - not a hint of a comment in the Global MSM mind you!)

"Folks" may have noted how Haiti fared once the "Evil Whites" were exterminated - and may have noted how well the Hurricane mitigation / repair / clearup has progressed in the past 4 years, as a result of those billions of $$$'s of International aid (Hint - it hasn't).

"Folks" are starting to "join the dots" - and the emerging picture is scary enough for them to at least start to think about getting off the couch, turning off the TV, and maybe (just maybe) starting to think how their future, and the future of their dependents, is starting to look, especilly in view of recent, well-publicised events.

Greed and Fear are the greatest motivators, with fear the greater of the pair.

TheAnalOG's picture

What are "black issues"?  All virtual people need some malloc, free df, gateway, hosting space and bitcoin?