Obama To Sign Off On Lethal US Aid To Ukraine By End Of Week, Russian Response To Follow

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As we reported over the weekend, in the tumult surrounding Citigroup's annexation of Congress with the passage of the theatrically dramatic $303 trillion derivative quid-pro-$1.1 trillion spending quo, what most missed is that Congress also unanimously passed the The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which not only expands Russian sanctions (read the details here) but far more impotantly, provides "lethal assistance to Ukraine’s military." And as we explained, passage of this law is just the pretext some Russian legislators needed to push for a full-blown, preemptive military incursion in east-Ukraine.


“The decision of the US Senate is extremely dangerous. If it is supported by the House of Representatives and signed by their president, Russia must reply with adequate measures,” Mikhail Yemelyanov of the Fair Russia party told reporters on Friday.


"It is quite possible that we should return to the decision by our Upper House and give the Russian president an opportunity to use military force on Ukrainian territory preemptively. We should not wait until Ukraine is armed and becomes really dangerous,” the lawmaker stated.


Yemelyanov also noted that in his opinion the US Senate’s decision to arm Ukraine had revealed that Washington wasn’t interested in the de-escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. He then said that US actions gave him the impression they was seeking to turn Ukraine into some sort of an “international militant targeting the Russian Federation.”


“In a few years Ukraine will turn into a poor and hungry country with an anti-Russian government that will teach its population to hate Russia. They will be armed to the teeth and Ukraine and US reluctance to recognize the Russian Federation within its current borders would always provoke conflicts,” the MP said.

Furthermore, we asked if "this means that what was a lingering proxy cold civil war in east Ukraine between NATO-armed Ukraine troops and Russia-armed Separatists and local militias is about to escalate into a shooting precursor to something greater? There is still hope an all out escalation can be avoided" and we cited White House press secretary Joshn Earnest who last week said that "the administration hadn’t finished reviewing the language and isn’t ready to take a position on the legislation. He said the administration wants to ensure that the U.S. and its European allies are working together, that any sanctions are effective and that they minimize harm to U.S. and European companies. “This is delicate work,” Earnest said."

Apparently, not delicate enough, and moments ago we got confirmation that the epic collapse in the USDRUB is just a jovial preview of the main event. To wit:


And with that, US "lethal aid" will shortly begin arriving in Kiev, which in turn will be just the pretext needed by Sergey Lavrov and the Kremlin to escalate the recent events in Russia as a direct attack by the West, and to demand retaliation against a US president who "does not reason" as the Russian media will appeal to the population in an attempt to "rally round the flag", and as a result Russian tanks may have no choice but to enter the separatist territories in East Ukraine.

What the western, and certainly NATO, response at that point will be, is far beyond our meager prediction skills.

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You know for the term cold war, shit's getting hot.

chunga's picture

watch the israelis decide to jump on iran now too

Haus-Targaryen's picture

This is getting out of control and we'll be lucky to survive it.

Newsboy's picture

Ukraine is deeply bankrupt.

What good are rockets when people are cold, starving and furious?

This can only be to deeply destabilize Russia's borderland, and sap Russian resources.

SWRichmond's picture

What good are rockets when people are cold, starving and furious?

Banksters and MIC make a shitload of money, that's what.  They wants us all dead anyway, so it's win-win for them.

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Our leaderes are maiking these decisions based on only the best propaganda:


August 18, 2014, by CNN Wires,

KIEV, Ukraine (CNN) — Civilians, including women and children, have been killed in an attack on a caravan of refugees in Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region, the Ukrainian military said Monday.

The civilians were trying to escape fighting between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military but were not in an established humanitarian safety corridor when they came under fire, a military representative said.

The civilians were being escorted by the Ukrainian military from the towns of Khryaschuvate and Novosvitlivka when they were attacked at 9:40 a.m. local time (2:40 a.m. ET), the Kiev-recognized Luhansk Regional Government said.

A government representative confirmed that there had been “heavy gunfire” in the area and that the victims had been unable to call for help as mobile phone towers were down.

Ukrainian Col. Andriy Lysenko told CNN that “terrorists” had attacked the caravan with guns from Russia.




TruthInSunshine's picture

"We armed some folks having a very serious conflict with Russia right on Russia's doorstep."

Fun Facts's picture

Maybe finally time to go long tin foil.

Build Your Own Faraday Cage. Here’s How.


hedgeless_horseman's picture



Maybe finally time to go long tin foil.

Build Your Own War. Here’s How.


SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Wow, read the sanctions list. We have to be the most hypocritical fucks in the world. One of the reasons for further sanctions to be employed? Cutting off gas supplies to NATO countries. WTF?

BaBaBouy's picture

Is Oilbama Asking For A Nuke War For Christmas ????????????????????

Richard Chesler's picture

Kenyan muslims don't do Christmas.


BaBaBouy's picture

Im Afraid PUTIN Will Make The Next Move, Like A Cornered Bear, He Will Fully Invade East UKR.

This Way He Can Give Back Some Of What HE Got... And Inflict Huge Financial Ruin On All Of EU.

{US Thinks Russia Is An Iraq... Its Not...}

Earl Slaughter-- Truck Driver.'s picture

"{US Thinks Russia Is An Iraq... Its Not...}"

You mean the US actually thinks it'll win this one?

conscious being's picture

Re. America shipping lethal aid. President Putin, FM Larov, time to roll to Kiev and rollback the 1954 border change. No one can blame you now.

Never Forget - Victoria Nuland-Kagan, most likely a child sacrificer herself, got this horrendus event rolling.

lakecity55's picture

Ah! I just found the civil defense plans I stashed on building a fallout shelter.

sodbuster's picture

Nothing says Nobel Peace prize, like sending arms abroad and trying to start another war.


Parrotile's picture

The Internet - fountain of all kinds of very useful information - http://www.wikihow.com/Survive-a-Nuclear-Attack

Having read through that list of "things to do in case of Nuclear Attack", I thinks it's time to supplement the Alcohol Collection . . . . .

Parrotile's picture

> One of the reasons for further sanctions to be employed? Cutting off gas supplies to NATO countries. WTF?

'Cause they are "entitled" don't you know. "NO Trade with Russia", (unless it's for something the West needs, that if Russia says "no" it's "Warfare")

Hardly surprising seeng how deep the sense of entitlement runs in the Western population.

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As Kleptocrats drive us to ruin
The war I'm expecting is soon
Once lethal aid
To Ukraine is made
The tanks will be rolling by June

johny2's picture

the water is getting bit hot, said the frog. 

HowdyDoody's picture

Russian military gear works in Russian winters. NATO stuff - not so much. US stuff - it only works in the most favorable conditions.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Barack Obama is a complete fuck-up.

And now he is playing with fire.

kridkrid's picture

Come on, man- if you think this is a Barack Obama thing. He's merely an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

gtb's picture

Does that somehow make obama any less a piece of shit or any less responsible for this mess?  Fuck him. 

10mm's picture

Well, just for shits and giggles. If Oboinko had a spine and did a complete truthful act,he would somehow get a unfortunate visit of who knows what. Does he want that, i think not. He knows that no doubt. They all do.

Parrotile's picture

He'd no doubt have his own "JFK Moment".

The "good side" of the "Presidential job" is that you can live a life of relative luxury at the Taxpayer's expense, including being seen as the notional "Head" of the USA

Tha "bad" side of the job, is that you are told what to do and maybe even say, and the people doing the "real management" are people who do NOT tolerate "own thought" unless it's entirely pre-approved - by "them".

A little like a News Anchorman - told basically what to comment on, with very little real latitude. If the anchorman says the "wrong" things it'll be a bad career move. If the "President" says (or Heaven forbid, DOES the "wrong things"), it'll be an "unfortunate accident" with State Funeral.

zerohedgejjxxzz12's picture

I would think that he had a choice to run for the presidency, No?

Any person that runs,and is afraid of the JFK moment shouldn't be there.

Fun Facts's picture

Obama is an eminently blackmailable ZWO puppet. Nothing more.

The syndicate could swap Harper for Obama for any of the other puppet client state mascott managers and it wouldn't make one bit of difference to the global serfdom in situ.

Abitdodgie's picture

So what are the Amerikan people going to do to stop WW111, thats right absolutley nothing ,we could start to bring down the electric net or other inferstructure to make it very hard on the regime to keep things going but no we will just wait untill Russia does a nuke strike and then pertend Russia was the start of all this. We have been set up to fail and this is all about destroying the American people its all about getting the guns the last road block to the NWO , once we have finished killing each other which we will ,they will just mop up. All this is just theater.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

A nice little deception, should be a great little proxy war except they never stay small.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

What the fuck is this stupid cunt Obama up to now.

MsCreant's picture

What the fuck are the puppet masters telling that stupid cunt Obama to do now?


Meat Hammer's picture

I wonder if they call him "boy".

McMolotov's picture

That one should stick to him like stink on shit.

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Obama is ZIO House Nigger (just as Shrub was, and just as Billary will be).

"Yes, Mrs. Nuland-Kagan, I will wipe your ass with my tongue, Ma'am. I gots to get the check from U.S. Taxpayer-Serfs for Netanyahu, first though, massa'."

HowdyDoody's picture

What are they telling Obama?


"Our brilliant strategy has Russia on the ropes. More and faster, please"


Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

They already DID provide leathal assistance to the Ukraine military, when they helped covering up the murder of 298 people on board MH17. And NO we will not forget.

298 people, who had plenty of time to be terrified as the plane was hit and took an 180 degree turn before the pilots were shot to minced meat and the plane broke up. PLENTY OF TIME. Remember that every time you hear a self-salivating politician quip about "terrorists".

I do not even have a word for the loathing these "halo polishing" people deserve. One thing is for sure - until they have facilitated a proper investigation and fully transparent publication of the findings, they are no less terrorists than the "gents with pants cut above their ankles and somewhat unruly beards".

shovelhead's picture

I'll admit to a bit of self-salivating myself.

I'm making Kim-Chi and the ginger-garlic chili paste is stanky. A little of that fish sauce goes a long way.

Der Wife is not a fan so I'll be salivating for her too.

Fun Facts's picture

Bring on the Fad King as well.

We are living a real life Wag the Dog production and I hope all ZH'ers have watched the movie because it is very instructive regarding how the world actually works.

Wag the Dog
1997 R 110 minutes

power steering's picture

The lethal aid Obama has offered is limited to Sony email accounts.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Am I the only one who thinks that Russia already responded?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Putin has been digging into his southern flank since 2008.  As of last year, he has dominance over the Black Sea.  How does one march to Moscow?