IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market blog,

As I write this, the news is saturated with stories of a hostage situation possibly involving Islamic militants in Sydney, Australia. Like many, I am concerned about the shockwave such an event will create through our sociopolitical structures. However, while most of the world will be distracted by the outcome of this crisis (for good or bad) for at least the week, I find I must concern myself with a far more important and dangerous situation.

Up to 40 people may be held by a supposed extremist in Sydney, but the entire world is currently being held hostage economically by international banks. This is the crisis no one in the mainstream is talking about, so alternative analysts must.

As I predicted last month in “We Have Just Witnessed The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy,” severe volatility is now returning to global markets after the pre-game 10 percent drop in equities in October hinted at what was to come.

We expected such destabilization after the wrap-up of the Fed taper, and the markets have not disappointed so far. My position has always been that the taper of QE3 made very little sense in terms of maintaining the manipulated illusion of economic health — unless, of course, the Federal Reserve was implementing the taper in preparation for a renewed financial catastrophe. That is to say, the central bankers have established the lie of American fiscal recovery and then separated themselves from blame for the implosion they KNOW is coming. If the markets were to collapse while stimulus is officially active, the tragedy would be forever a millstone on the necks of the banksters. And we can’t have that now, can we?

This is not to say that individual central banks and even currencies are not expendable in the grand scheme of things. In fact, the long-term goal of globalists has been to consolidate all currency systems and central banks under the outward control of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank Of International Settlements, as I outlined in “The Economic Endgame Explained.”

That particular article was only a summary of a dangerous trend I have been concerned about for years; namely the strategy by international financiers to create a dollar-collapse scenario that will be blamed on prepositioned scapegoats. I have no idea what form these scapegoats will take - there are simply too many possible triggers for fiscal calamity. What I do know, though, is the goal of the endgame: to remove the dollar’s world reserve status and to pressure the American people into conforming or even begging for centralized administration of our economy by the IMF.

The delusion perpetuated in the mainstream is that the IMF is a U.S.-dominated institution. I have outlined on many occasions why this is false. The IMF like all central banks is dominated by the international corporate banking cartel. Central banks are merely front organizations for globalists, and I am often reminded of the following quote from elitist insider Carroll Quigley when I hear people suggest that central banks are somehow independent from one another or that the Federal Reserve is itself the singular “source” of the world’s economic ills:

It must not be felt that these heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down.


The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called “international” or “merchant” bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks.

No one can now argue against this reality after we have witnessed hard evidence of Goldman Sachs dictating Federal Reserve policy, as outlined here.

And, most recently, we now know that international bankers control political legislation as well, as Congress passed with little resistance a bill that negates the Frank-Dodd restrictions on derivatives and places the U.S. taxpayers and account holders on the hook for more than $303 trillion in toxic debt instruments. The bill is, for all intents and purposes, a “bail-in” measure in disguise. And it was pushed through with the direct influence of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

The Federal Reserve, the U.S. government and the dollar are as expendable to the elites as any other economic or political appendage. And it can be replaced at will with yet another illusory structure if this furthers their goal of total centralization. This has been done for centuries, and I fail to see why anyone would assume that globalists would change their tactics now to preserve the dollar system. They call it the “New World Order,” but it is really the same old-world monetary order out of chaos that has always been exploited. Enter the IMF’s old/new world vision.

While the investment universe has been mesmerized by the deterioration of the Russian Ruble and oil prices, the IMF has been a busy little bee hive...

In articles over the past year, I have warned that the plan to dethrone the dollar and replace it with the special drawing rights basket currency system would be accelerated after it became clear that the U.S. Congress would refuse to pass the IMF reforms of 2010 proclaiming “inclusiveness” for developing economies, including the BRICS nations. The latest spending bill removed any mention of IMF reforms. The IMF, under Christine Lagarde, has insisted that if the U.S. did not approve its part of the reforms, the IMF would be forced to pursue a “Plan B” scenario. The details on this “plan B” have not been forthcoming, until now.

The Financial Times reported on the IMF shift away from the U.S. by asserting the authority to remove the veto power America has always enjoyed over the institution. This action is a stark reminder to mainstream talking heads and to those who believe the U.S. is the core economic danger to the world that the IMF is NOT an extension of American policy. If anything, the IMF and the U.S. are extensions of international banking power, just as the BRICS are nothing more than puppets for the same self-serving financial oligarchy clamoring for the same IMF-controlled paradigm, as Vladimir Putin openly admitted:

"In the BRICS case we see a whole set of coinciding strategic interests. First of all, this is the common intention to reform the international monetary and financial system. In the present form it is unjust to the BRICS countries and to new economies in general. We should take a more active part in the IMF and the World Bank’s decision-making system. The international monetary system itself depends a lot on the US dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the US authorities. The BRICS countries want to change this…"

And of course the Chinese have pronounced their fealty to the IMF global currency concept:

The world economic crisis shows the "inherent vulnerabilities and systemic risks in the existing international monetary system," Gov. Zhou Xiaochuan said in an essay released Monday by the bank. He recommended creating a currency made up of a basket of global currencies and controlled by the International Monetary Fund and said it would help "to achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability."

The BRICS are not the only nations demanding the U.S. lose its supposed "influence" over the IMF.  Germany, the core economic pillar of the EU, called for America to relinquish its veto power back in 2010 just as the reforms measure was announced.

The IMF decision to possibly eliminate U.S. veto power and, thus, influence over IMF decisions may come as early as the first quarter of next year. This is the great “economic reset” that Largarde has been promoting ad nauseam in multiple interviews and speeches over the past six months. All of these measures are culminating in what I believe will be a more official announcement of a dump of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency.

Along with the imminent loss of veto power, I have also written on the concerns of the coming SDR conference in 2015. This conference is held only once every five years. My suspicion has been that the IMF plans to announce the inclusion of the Chinese yuan in the SDR basket and that this will coincide with a steady dollar dump around the globe. Multiple major economies have already dropped the dollar in bilateral trade with China, and engineered tensions between the U.S. and the East have exacerbated the issue.

The timing of the SDR conference has now been announced, and the meeting looks to be set for October of 2015. Interestingly, this linked article from Bloomberg notes that China has a “real shot” at SDR inclusion and official “reserve status” next year, but warns that the U.S. “may use its veto power” to stop China’s membership. I have to laugh at the absurdity of it all, because there are many people in the world of economic study who still believe the developments of globalization and fiscal distress are all “random.” I suppose that if it is all random, then it is a rather convenient coincidence that the U.S. just happens to be on the verge of losing veto power in the IMF just before they are about to bring the BRICS into the SDR fold and supplant the dollar.

This is it, folks; this is the endgame right in front of our faces. The year of 2014 is the new 2007, with all the negative potential but 100 times more explosive going into 2015. Our nation has wallowed in slowly degrading financial conditions for years, hidden by fake economic statistics and manipulated stock prices. All of it has been a prelude to a much more frenetic and shocking event. I believe that we will see continued market chaos from now on, with a steep declining trend intermixed with brief but inadequate “dead cat” stock bounces. I expect a hailstorm of geopolitical crises over the next year to provide cover for the shift away from the dollar.

Ultimately, the death of the dollar will be hailed in the mainstream as a “good and necessary thing.” They will call it “karma.” They will call it “progress.” They will even call it “decentralization” and a success for the free market. But it will not feel like a positive development for the American public, who will suffer greatly as the dollar crumbles. Only those educated in the underpinnings of shadow banking will understand the whole thing is a charade designed to hide the complete centralization of sovereign economic governance into the hands of the globalists, using the IMF and BIS as “fiscal heroes,” saving the world from a state of economic destruction the elites themselves secretly created.

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saints51's picture

Get a fucking life!!!! You want people to come to your blog then ask yourself one question. What can I offer my readers that nobody else is doing? Its called a fucking niche.

Richard Chesler's picture

Bring it on already.

Chinese crap is waaaay overvalued.


fervent in spirit's picture

I am totally mystified why so many on this site are constantly calling to "bring it on".

I don't think one in a hundred have the foggiest idea of what the totality of chaos would be if the system came crashing down and it was every man (or woman) for him/her self.

The system is corrupt from top to bottom and all the way through. Western society deserves judgment, but not for the reason so many are clamouring for. It is morally, spiritually bankrupt and therefore economically so as well. (Men with high morals are not economic crooks).

Does our society deserve what's coming? Yes it does. But that does not mean I am looking forward to it with any sense of joy or satisfaction.

Apply Force's picture

Joy for our future generations - I'll glad take the brunt of this bullshit to spare my kin.

fervent in spirit's picture

Apply - I can understand that sentiment and can even agree with it to a degree.

What I am talking about is the cavalier attitude of bravado that seems to exist that is utterly clueless of what a chaotic hell this world would be when the system collapses and millions are starving to death and you're one of the number.

This is not a popcorn at the movies scenario that so many like to use. It will be brutal beyond comprehension.

SoberOne's picture

Because slavery is more painful.

zhandax's picture

No, what is painful is the obviousness of the outcome.  It is mathematically impossible for the US to pay down the debt at this point.  Ergo, the necessity of a collapse at an unspecified point in the future.  What Brandon has missed here is the collusive nature of the players.  The US is is largest stockholder in the IMF.  What he terms as the 'merchant bankers' are essentially the fed's primary dealer list.  If you examine the largest stockholders in the IMF (, you  will find that the US, Japan, Germany, France, and the UK own a third of the stock.  As Brandon mentions, and we all know, these 'merchant banks' dictate policy to their respective central banks.  If you think the people controlling this shitshow will let their oxes get gored, you are smoking crack.

So where does that leave us?  Tyler loves to point out the size of the derivative pile of the 5 gangsta banks in the US along with Deutsche Bank.  It has not been lost on the crowd that 80% of this exposure is in interest rates.  And this exposure is dynamic; it matures, expires, is rolled over, new contracts are created each day.  And at the point of the scenario that Brandon describes for the takedown of the dollar, the net derivative position will be structured to insulate these 'merchant banks' from harm from such an event.  These merchant banks don't object to the terror created among the sheep as long as their positions are covered to neutralize exposure.

Where the shitshow comes crashing down, is they won't all get the script correct.  It only takes one big counterparty on the wrong side to throw the net derivative exposure theory out the window and lock up the whole market, and there will be another 'rogue' trader that nets an entire organization on the wrong side.

new game's picture

biggeast gov problem i see ; bad behavior is rewarded by crony thieves...

would you let your relatives go in your bedrrom and take your valuables?

society is being corzined daily, weekly, monthly> a gradual creep towards chaos...

N2OJoe's picture

I say bring it on because I would rather take the pain now insted of muddling on "a little" longer and consqeuently making the pain exponentially worse and longer lasting.

weburke's picture

the -bring it on- is guessing that it is a financial goal. 

There are billions of people everywhere that are the targets of other planners. 

They are like smaug, but without the black arrow waiting.

Preppers are just realistic.

redd_green's picture

No, not "stockholder" in the IMF.  The US has been looted the most to fund the IMF annd its crooked antics.  Looted. 

OldPhart's picture

For many, the 'bring it on' attitude is because we realized what the true situation was, and the full implications of the impending crash, many years ago and expected the collapse on a daily basis since 2008/2009.  All the gimmicks used to delay the inevitable by the Fed and it's subsidiary, US.Gov, only served to compound the a dam given height by piling sand on top. 

When it blows, the effects will be tremendously worse than they would have been in 2008.

'Bring it on' to end this financial theft, to end this farce of a government, and to end the Fed.

Poundsand's picture

Besides, prolonging it at this point is just making it worse.  The "bring it on" is similar to the cancer patient walking into to the doctor's office for his first round of chemo.  The chemo tries to kill you, may even actually kill you, but the alternative is dead set certain.

Our current path as a nation (USA) is one that will lead to slavery and death if it isn't cured.

crusty curmudgeon's picture

I believe the false bravado (don't truly appreciate what kind of hell they're asking for) crowd is a tiny minority of those who ask, typically secretly, for the collapse to hurry up and happen already.

I think it's mostly the result of a feeling of helplessness--not knowing how to fix things--because the vast majority of people are too stupid or clueless to see what is in front of their noses.  So the underlying thought process, I suspect, is that people hope for a collapse to convince people that real change is necessary.  In other words, it's believed to be the only way to move from this track, which is quickly descending into hell, and jump over to the track based on free markets and the type of freedom reigning in the U.S. until about 1913.

To put it another way, nobody is offering us a red pill.  Feeling powerless to escape the matrix on our own, it seems natural to hope for the matrix to collapse.

I view every day without a collapse as an opportunity to enjoy a relatively beautiful day and to better weather the storm that is coming.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Where have you been, under a rock? Here in the USofA at least, the slavery began over 100 years ago, in 1913 to be exact. The best slave, is the slave that doesn't realize he/she is one.

Haus-Targaryen's picture


I must admit -- this is a majority of my "bring it on" attitude.  

Once I realized how truly screwed we were -- and it became crystal clear this system is 100% unsustainable without abject authoritarianism (possibly fascism) -- I check ZH multiple times a day.  Not because I like reading about the coming financial end of the world -- but so I can prepare for it to save as many of my kind as possible. I would also prefer a collapse to outright authoritarianism. Its the reason I have relocated across the globe, its the reason I finally liquidated my 401k (3 weeks ago.  HUGE lol there as my broker couldn't understand why I wanted to liquidate my equity positions when -- "but but but the market can go higher.") and moved out into the country.  

Its why I have planned off highway route to my bug out location here in Germany, and why I moved a good chunk of my stash to Switzerland. 

I say all this to say -- my "bring it on" attitude stems not from the "joy" that millions -possibly billions of people will lose essentially all that they have, but from 3 things predominately -- 

1) The financial collapse is a 100% certain thing.  We are 1 Lehman-Brothers-Krakatoa event away from complete financial Armageddon.   The quicker it comes -- the quicker I, as well as society has to rebuild before I retire. 

2) To those that are prepared (and prepared appropriately -- none of this "I ordered 5 Kg of Silver with the AMX and had it delivered to the house" kind of nonsense -- that stuff will be "nationalized" in the quickness) -- this will be the largest wealth transfer of your life.  Period.  Full Stop.  Will I be the next Bill Gates?  No -- absolutely not.  Will I be materially wealthier than I am now?  Yes, definitely.  

3) Before the internet gets turned off, I have a list of people on a list of forums I am going to PM and be like "HARDY HAR HAR FUCKING TOLD YOU! ENJOY POVERTY YOU KOOLAIDE DRINKING BASTARD! HAHAHAHAHAH  PERHAPS I CAN BUY YOUR HOUSE/CAR/FAMILY HEIRLOOM IN REPO ON THE CHEAP!"  

Ghordius's picture

"I would also prefer a collapse to outright authoritarianism."

the problem with this "collapse" theory is that Hollywood and the media, fuelled by lots of religious beliefs in Armageddon-like scenarios, paint a "collapse" of Apocalyptic proportions as a matter of faith

the theory behind is that Americans are exceptional, while they go into frenzies when something about this "exceptional" is taken away... of course by evil foreign globalists

this awful propagandistic article is about the US Dollar and it's "dethroning" by them. Here the link to my rant about it

note the second comment by "fervent in spirit":

"What I am talking about is the cavalier attitude of bravado that seems to exist that is utterly clueless of what a chaotic hell this world would be when the system collapses and millions are starving to death and you're one of the number. This is not a popcorn at the movies scenario that so many like to use. It will be brutal beyond comprehension."

There you have it: faith, movies, hell on earth, brutal beyond comprehension, all written by "fervent in spirit"

interestingly, most of the religious denominations's faithful that believe fervently in "Armageddon, soon" are in the US

Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists, even non-reformed Christian denominations like Orthodox and Catholic (in short, most of the worlddon't have this faith in this kind of Apocalypse

when they have a currency crisis... well, they behave like Russians are currently behaving. you know, without hysterics

winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) Ghordius Dec 18, 2014 5:21 AM

"I would also prefer a collapse to outright authoritarianism."


same stuff, both case someone want to be the governor...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Sure -- but in the chaos of a collapse I think we (as in the people) have a better shot at getting someone into power somewhere who isn't invested in the system.  The current system -- without some cataclysmic and unplanned "BOOM" is destined to follow down the path the globalists have laid out. 

We need something, somewhere, material to break unexpectedly.  


We just need 1 "Western" nation to break free of this neo-liberal insanity -- for then there is a choice.  Those of us who want to live in tyranny can stay, but those whos freedom is more important can move.  

MachoMan's picture

This is why B9K9 told you to be afraid of the strong hand.  What you're proposing is incredibly dangerous.  For better or worse, some portion of our present governing system represents the collective bargaining of us muppets over a fairly long timeline.  I urge you extreme caution in wishing that collective bargaining thrown away in a shift to outright authoritarianism or dictatorship.  While it is neat to think of the benevolent dictator as someone who can fix everything (so long as he parrots your own ideals), the reality is usually far more sinister.

I'll also posit that your expectation of being insulated from the carnage and emerging in a relatively better off financial position is purely delusional. 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Could be, I admit, I could be delusional, and I might end up dirt poor.  

That being said -- I have done everything in my power to hedge my bets, and prevent this from happening to me.  Could it still? Absolutely.  Things could get so out of control, we get a Stalin/Castro clone in the charge, etc., etc., but listen to my reasoning once again --

1) The current system is unsustainable.  No amount of sticking your head in the sand or "wishing" things will just "keep going" will make it so.  The collapse so many of us predict is coming.  It will be horrible.  But it will also be surviveable.  

2) Did you know that more millionaires were made in the Great Depression than at any other time (as a % of the population) than at any other time in American history? Why?  Not because they did things "better" than everyone else -- they did things differently.  They planned ahead, and when it fell apart back then -- people did well -- better than they could have otherwise. Lots of their accumulated wealth came at the expense of thousands of other people who failed to plan.  You need to find yourself a country that recognizes this difference and honors property rights.

3) The idea that the whole world will descend into anarchy is not what will happen.  Its not what happened at the end of other empires.  One empire fades away and another two or three take their places.  Our current empire is no the USSA, but the banker oligarchs behind them.  I look forward to their downfall.   

winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) Haus-Targaryen Dec 18, 2014 10:25 AM

to be honnest, and i have nothing against usa ppl, but.... if you compare the lifestyle, the mentality, the 2nd amandment, the  relation  americans have with guns,  compaired to europeans ( in europ you not possess a gun, you buy it under sport licence and gov conditions, - if you do not renew the licence, dring dring allo, police come home  take the weapon. possessing a gun must be seen as a locating.


not a single ppl in europ with legal possessing of a gun will make a revolution to change the system.

and those monkeys in blocks with stolen bulgarian ak47 cannot do anything, they already bypass totally the system, parallel ecoonomy, drugs etc...   many layers on same land.


USA people is much more close to the breaking point of showing the world by the inside that " system is fucked, lets reset it " and take your psychopath politicians out with guns, as you all are already armed :)


if you know what i mean. not  saying you must go shoot anyone at will, but, franckly, at this stage of virtualized  finance, the reel world has, must ring the bells of the physical worlds and reaffirms the sens of what matters.


a world with nobody able but the 1% to buy what the market offer, cannot work, i'm still amazed how they can think by shrinking half world population in jobs over 50 years they will be able to produce for their own use.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Excellent read Ghordo.  Well written and on point.  I do assert your whole premise is flawed though.  

Americans would like, just as much to see our own globalists fails and get hung from lampposts with nailgun wire as we would like our foreign ones.  

I think what you failed to realize in the analysis is that many of us (bloody worthless exceptional Americans) lump most of our governing structures into the "globalist" nomenclature.  

What I mean by that -- is the people who are at the top of the "American" banking/financial/political spectrum (who are we kidding -- they are just 1 huge Kracken-like entity) -- we don't look at them as "Americans" but as Globalists.  A globalist is someone who -- wants to "unite" the world in a single government and financial entity.  Everyone the world over reports to the same guy.  It will be passed off as "preventing war" (they need a bloody horribly war to justify this but that is too far down the rabbit hole today) -- but in the end, if they accomplish their goals, there would be a one world government.  A "GLOBAL" government.  This idea -- is hugely dangerous.  


Just a short example, what happens in a market place when there is a monopoly?  The person in control starts shitting on everyone, because they can.  During the Cold War, if we shat on a country too much -- they would just run to the USSR, or vice-versa.  Now with no USSR -- we can shit on everyone (see the Middle East) without fear of retribution.  If things really get bad though -- one has the ability to leave their country -- wherever it may be -- and move somewhere else and experience a different governing structure.  Under a "globalist" framework -- it would be the same structure no matter where you go.  

I think you have dramatically misunderstood "globalist" and why we (again, those pesky Amis) hate them so much.  First, Globalists are the leaders of the world -- the go by many names, Bohemian Grove, Council of Foreign Relations, NATO, Bilderberg, etc., etc.,  these people are not there to support democracy of the people and of the nation state.  Why?  Simply, these people feed (derive their wealth and subsequent power -- or is it power and then subsequent wealth -- oh well -- nevermind) off their respective populations.  They cannot have two powerful nations really compete against one another because, said nation's leaders -- there would be a winner and a looser.  These "globalists" realize it is them (the globalists) bs everyone else.  They can only win if we all loose.

Thus they have put many political sub-structures in place, the NDP and GOP in the good ol' USSA, NATO, the UN, and in Europe there is the EUR, and the EU, don't forget Japan.  All these groups are linked together via international finance.  The leaders of these groups -- they just switch places, and never really go away.  They are here to stay, but their existence is dependent on keeping the sheeple distracted with Bundesliga, the NFL, the Kardashians, etc., etc., and the various nations 1) not really competing with one another -- or if they do compete with one another it is in a very controlled fashion where no matter who wins -- the both lose and their banker overlords get richer and 2) no one stopping them or offering a competing system.  #2 is the reason why they are going after Russia with fervor.  Its why the Chinese are helping out the Russians -- as they know they would be next.


This is why we look at "globalists" with suspicion.  They want to give to themselves more power, more wealth at the expense of everyone else. 

Ghordius's picture

Haus, I presume you are commenting on my linked rant below in the same article

I think I understand the criticism against "the globalists". What I am complaining about is about this "globalists are international", which leads to "globalists = foreigners"

which then is fuelled also by "globalists = jews/Israeli/Zionists = two passport holders = foreigners", which then leads to "all foreign is the devil", which then includes NATO, the UN, etc.

this article is full of lies. that's beyond suspicion, that's hate speech against "foreigners taking away American prerogatives". I just try to identify the obvious lies

fact is that it's the US Congress that is blocking the IMF reforms. fact is that it's the US that controls the biggest packet of IMF shares, which leads to the power of veto in the IMF

fact is that out of the G20, 19 countries want this reform. further, China is already setting up their own, BRICS - "IMF"

this article blames "globalists" of plotting to take away the power of global reserve currency from the dollar as if US decisions had nothing to do with it, starting with US federal budget deficits

all this has nothing to do with this other bogus thing, i.e. "the globalists" "wants to "unite" the world in a single government and financial entity", which is regularly trotted out when the same propagandists start to moan about the UN or again against the IMF

as a foreigner, I look into this "anti-globalist" propaganda and regularly find lies, lies and more lies, and ask: "if your cause is worthy, why do you have to lie so much?"

meanwhile, I see the very word "globalist" as not even defined. a typical instrument of willful, planned propaganda. it is regularly used in order to make a populist message (i.e. simple, catching, glossing over unwanted wrinkles, details, aka lies) against the "usual suspects", i.e. the UN, the IMF, NATO, but also the EU, the EUR, etc. etc.

google in ZH's archives, search my nick + "globalist", and you'll find an extensive collection of lies and my rants about them

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Yes, I was commenting on your rant, but this is higher up on the "Tree" and more people will see it.  

Our best weapon we have against globalists is ideological consistency and facts.  

I am not commenting on the article above.  If you notice, all my comments within the thread have been responding to other comments.  I, like you, was not horrilbly impressed with this article, as I got the feeling it was written for the low-information semi-paranoid lower-middle class American voter.  Not people that spend most of their time on ZH.  

That being said -- anyone who thinks that the Globalists are everyone else BUT the USSA are morons.   

Ghordius's picture

Haus, it goes further. This propaganda campaign with the "globalist" tell tale is carefully planned

you know I'm usually busy here trying to debunk "conspiracy theories". But propaganda campaigns are a completely different matter, they exist, and this article is part of one

and the ugliest part is that those who finance this "globalist" campaign are so full of it, from arrogance to hubris, that they don't even care that they have this "globalist" tell tale sign

please note my words, and I'm convinced you'll see the patterns

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Absolutely propaganda campaigns exist.  On both sides. 

There are propaganda campaigns that deal in -- exclusivly propaganda -- for causes that are near and dear to your heart.  What defines a "propaganda campaign" and "oppressed truth" are simply the amount and the times something is repeated, and who receives the message.  

That being said, there are (FACT) groups of extremely wealthy people who are unelected who have more control of things due to their money that millions of people with nouthing.  This is not correct, nor is it disputable.  Moreover, there is a consolidation of power going on in the world.  The problem is no one has voted for said consolidation of power.  These are horrible things that, at least to my eyes, the "globalist" propaganda stream is trying to issultrate this.  

I approve of the globalist propaganda stream, much more than I approve of the neo-liberal "progressive/lean forward" propaganda stream we have eminating from the West.  If I could chose which group of people ran the world, it would be the anti-globalists (yes I see the irony in what I just wrote) than the status quo.  

Ghordius's picture

Haus, as long as you see the irony... but one question: are you sure it's not the US megabanks that drive the "anti-globalist" propaganda campaign?

note that they are strenuosly defending A) the current US Congress position, B) the US Treasury/FED veto on the IMF and C) the Dollar as Global Reserve Currency

they have lots of power/money in A), they have their people in B) and they profit before anybody else from C)

what you are looking at is propaganda for an entrenched position

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I don't know what group of "Anti-globalists" you have been reading and getting info from.  Sounds to me like you've gotten a nasty dose of American neo-conservatisim.  

I associate myself with the group that wants to burn the world's entire financial system to the ground.  

a) The congress' current position is suicidal.  They just signed the American tax-payer up for quadrillions in derivative exposure.  Next pop -- and thats it.  Game over.
b) I would be completly happy if the IMF ceased operations tomorrow, and returned everyone's money.  No vetos needed.  (Seriouly -- the world worked great for thousands of years without an IMF.  The IMF idea is based on the EU herp derp we have to do this to prevent war nonsense.
c) The dollar is one of the 3 sluts on the street corner -- USD, YEN and GBP.  Then there is this disabled child trying to bite his ear the EUR.


piratepiet's picture

interesting.  thanks  for your posts, Ghordius

Ghordius's picture

piratepiet, you are welcome. note that I'm not defending this IMF reform

for all purposes, the IMF is the enforcer and the "good doctor" of a system of international lending to sovereigns that often rapes "lesser" sovereigns. or I should say that the international secondary sovereign debt markets often rape the sovereigns and the IMF comes, puts a band-aid, consoles the victim and makes sure the victim is ready for the next rape

but those issues are complex. and they existed in a relatively similar form at the times of Baron Rothschild, in form of gold backed debt enforced by the British Navy

and the sovereigns are often those who should be blamed. it's often their governments that put the ship of state into those messes, often aided by corruption or just bungling

I'm thinking about Argentina, or when Ireland bailed out Anglo-Irish, or the Squid-aided cooked books in Greece, with all the lies to the european partners

but the situation is serious. all members of this "hospital gang" or "sovereign healthcare system" that is the IMF are saying that the IMF has to be capitalized more

all bar one. The US, represented through the blocking of the US Congress

of course there is power-play in it. China does want to take that US veto right on the IMF away, and Russia, India, Brazil, SA and a few more applaud this move

and I'm no friend of an SDR-scheme. but that's a completely different matter, which has not a 19 of 20 "majority" in the IMF shareholder governing council

as a reminder, the "presidency" of the IMF is still... French

this is not a "default thing", it's still about geopolitics and the funny fact that France had and still has a geopolitical position that is "in the middle of the road" of those things

and when you have a "centrist, moderate" position... well, they you get attacks from all sides. it comes with the (geo-) political middle ground

Ahoy Polloi's picture

IMF = "hangman"


The hangman puts the noose around the neck of [insert soverign country of choice here], on behalf & at the behest of THE SQUID, so as to forever capture and eventually enslave the citizenry up until [& well past] the point that they can figure out a way to steal the natural resources that exist within those boundaries. In simple terms, they HANG 'EM with unpayable debt. It's no different from any banker printing up a loan for a house out of thin air, then eventually foreclosing on & taking possession of the property. So, in addition to being labeled as 'hangman', 'REPO MAN' also fits. It's nice to have the franchise of being a money printer (especially when the public at large has no freakin idea as to what you really are & do). Henry Ford knew. Today's teenage dolt, not so much.


When you're talking about a small [for lack of a better word] 'backwater' country, the hangmans job is relatively easy. Think: Afghanistan poppy fields, or Libyan oil.


It's more complex to strip the carcass of United States down to useful spare parts because of the relative resource diversity, area of land mass, & even logistical military foothold.


Someday, the job will be accomplished [i.e. US will be chopped up & sold for parts], but that day will likely be hastened more from INSIDE maneuvers, than from the OUTSIDE. If there are 'seeming' delays in this process [vis-a-vis 'Congressional' stymies, as you say], more likely than not it's because those players themselves are stalling until they can maneuver a piece of the pie for themselves &/or are acting as shadow puppet figures for higher ups who have placed them in that position.


Somehow ~ this whole [now global] entrapment got started many centuries ago, when clever bankers were able to wiggle their way into 'financier' advisories to the lazy & idiot offspring of the crumbling Hapsburg dynasty kings & queens, [who'd ruled the greater portion of the roost for a half a milennium prior]. Add in the sweet mix of 'technology' & eventual global outreach & VOILA. The entire world is held captive by the whims of an extremely small conclave of, dare I say,, "FOLKS".


I say 'held captive' very loosely. Because, in fact, nobody is captive to anyone in this world if they don't choose to be. Most people will TRADE the comforts that that captivity offers, rather than fight it out on their own outside the Matrix.

Anasteus's picture

The fact that IMF considers weakening of US dominance and indirectly abandoning the dollar reserve position is a significant shift. The smartest indeed seem to start leaving the sinking boat as I wrote a few days ago, leaving the US politics to the second-class bureaucratic staff to complete the crash. France wouldn't have any say if such decision hadn't been prepared and agreed upon among the highest-level oligarchs before.

Optimistic thing about this is that IMF considers fluent transition away from bleeding currency to something more vital without turbulences. However, I doubt it will be SDR. SDR is just another fiat and in case of dollar crash the fiat paradigm will be discredited as a whole. Unless completely redefined (e.g. by involving gold) SDR would just be more of the same.

Ghordius's picture

I have my doubts too about the SDR scheme. It would anyway need a wholehearted support by the US

Citium's picture

I agree to an extent but at least people are awakening slowly. I would believe a cavalier attitude is preferable to one of fear, or worse, denial.

jhondough's picture

i would love to move out to a cabin in the woods high altittude maybe northern nh or mn and would do so if i did not have a child. i have done almost everything u have done except move to germany. all the best to u my friend. cheers..

Haus-Targaryen's picture


I think the first week post collapse -- things will continue on as normal.  People will still have gas in their tanks, the electricity will still be on -- other than the financial panic and cleared out WalMarts all over the country -- I don't think much will change.  

However -- as we approach the 5 day period or so, unless supply chains have been reestablished -- somehow -- things will start to get really bad.  It'll start with the poorest of the poor in densly packed urban centers.  They will all run out of food at the same time, and that is when things will get bad.  It will start as begging, and then once its all picked apart, the violence, riots and outright theft will start.  We would be smart to contain the urban centers from the rest of the country -- but I have the PC culture in the US will prevent that.  PPeople will spread out into the burbs -- and this point, you can either stay, or run.  I expect many people will hunker down at home with their weapons and hope no one comes to the door.  The problem is the urban populations have lots of weapons too -- and you can't eat lead.

Once violence really gets going -- it will be impossible to contain without martial law.  It will be impossible to reestablish supply chains in chaos, and making everything stop will be necessary.  

I just hope I have the forsight to know when its time for me to "bug out."  I can survive 4-6 months pretty easily.  Thereafter things would get really tough.  

ufos8mycow's picture

It is kinda funny how some of you are going on about this and your 'prep' to survive it.

"I have a bug out location filled with gold!" - yeah you may have a trailer buried somewhere with canned food and gold coins but just how are you going to get there and back? If this hits do you really think you're going to be able to just jump in your 1973 camper and drive down the road? You don't think all travel will be monitored? How are you going to get past the checkpoints on the highways? If a cow in a slaughterhouse pen suddenly becomes self aware and decides to run do you think the guy at the gate is just going to tip his hat to the cow and say have a nice day?

You must think that there will be little markets set up in the countryside that you can hike to with a gold coin or two and grab yourself some raman noodles off a shelf. Of course the tyrants will ignore these black markets and the gold in your pocket.  Do you really think little Switzerland will protect you and your ilk when this hits?

I'm pretty sure that when this starts all travel will be banned or monitored. If you're not already hiding in a pine tree in far north Canada when it happens you're gonna be stuck sitting in your chair at home. That gold that you have buried in the ground will remain buried in the ground. You will be standing in line along with everyone else getting your daily rations.

Sadly the vast majority of people will welcome this from the very beginning. Salaries will be frozen and it will become illegal for companies to fire/layoff employees. Property owners will be barred from evicting people for not paying rent. Large trucks will pull into neighborhoods and hand out 'free' food to the needy. Your neighbors and family will be encouraged to report anyone with gold/silver and those who frequent black markets. House to house searches for weapons will be the norm.

But hey I'm sure you guys are well prepared and your 1973 Volkswagen bus is full of gas and food. Your pockets are jingling with silver coins and you fully expect to just drive off down the road with a smirk on your faces.

The only people who are really prepared for this are the ones who already live someplace that doesn't have internet access. And they sure aren't on Zero Hedge bragging about their hidden gold.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

>>>your ilk<<<

awe.  You mad I'm not gonna share?  

You don't think I've thought about this?  I'm sorry, you don't make plans like this without thinking first "how to get there."  Don't fool yourself.  

What I'd like to explore is "your ilk" comment.  What makes me -- looking out for myself and family "ilk?"  Is it because it doesn't work out with your social "everyone shares everything" nonsense?  

Also, while the sheeple in the USSA have no problem bending over and taking extreme social controls -- the Germans have experienced this -- twice in the past 100 years, and just don't put up with it.  

Take your 4 weeks and shove it straight up your ass. 


ufos8mycow's picture
ilk noun a type of people or things similar to those already referred to.

Aww man how are you gonna get along with the rest of the survivors if you take offense to the words they choose to use? But hey it's gonna be OK brah. I do agree that the best choice you have made so far is to come onto ZH and brag about your plans to 'bug out' and describe in detail what plans you have made.

The gooberment will NEVER figure out who you are or where you're headed. lol

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You missed the question.  Its ok. The English language can be difficult.  

From which city am I coming from?  To where am I going?  When would I be leaving?  What plans do I have to get there?  *DESCRIBE* the details I've given out, which could be identifying.  

The next question -- is spending the time and resources to figure out, who exactly I am, be worth it for them?  Sure -- I am on here, but I've been on here for years, and no one really knows anything about me here, save for the nation in which I live.  

The fact of the matter is I am prepaired for a whole wide range of things that could happen.  Am I prepaired for everything?  Nope.  No one is.  But I am doing much better than the overwhelming majority of the population. 

The government is much more likely to just flat out confiscate your bank account than spend the time going after me.  Easier for them, you'll bend over and take it, I'll put up a fight (because my stuff is physical, yours is 1s and 0s).  If you are the government -- and you need funding, ASAP -- who are you going to go after -- the low hanging fruit first or last? 


ufos8mycow's picture

Ok I agree. You're right. You're using the internet so the government won't be able to find you.

Government lackey 1 - "Hey this Game of Thrones fanboy seems to have some guns and gold hidden and just might cause some trouble."

Government lackey 2 - " But but he used the internet to hide his identity. We could never find him!"

Government lackey 1 - " Dang it!"

Just a bit of advise brother. Being smart does not mean you are wise.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I would imagine googling my "Haus-Targaryen" username would result in a ton more info they have to sort through --

Compared to your unique username;


Moreover -- right now I am behind a VPN.  You likely are not.  

Lastly, in case of a crisis -- the government will be looking to fill its coffers as quickly as possible.  Spending 2 dudes time tracking down random people on the internet with PMs isn't nearly as efficient as having said two guys at check points confiscating any cash amounts more than $100.  

Efficiency vs necessity.  At a point -- the government would likely start spending time on the net tracking individuals down -- but if this ever happened in Germany -- if it got to hat point -- and everyone's bank accounts were drawn down to zero, and the world had come to an end -- I would be long gone by then.

You must think preparedness  is like a boyscouts weekend off in the wilderness.  Its about looking at the facts and thinking logically.  Both of which appear hard for you.  

Ghordius's picture

can't fault your reasoning. damn, I have to find time to read those "Game of Thrones" novels

Haus-Targaryen's picture

That is correct.  It appears that Chris here (ufos8mycows) is a fan as well.  

Whats your favorite House Mr. Kohler?

ufos8mycow's picture

Oh noes! You googled my nickname! I must be the only person in the world using it!!! lol

Anyways. You seem to be destined to hide in a cave and count your coins when things get bad. I can't see how you're any better than the ones bringing the pain really. You seem to be focused on personal attacks on me though. From what I've read you want to hide when things get tough so you can climb out of your cave when it's over and become one of the new overlords. While the rest of us will be fighting them from day one. Street by street.

It's ok though. When it is all over and done with we won't forget you or your ilk. We'll remember that you did NOTHING to defend this country while hiding in your cave counting your gold.

Cowards hide. Patriots fight.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. 

I'll pop up, buy a few properties in AG/AU - RE swaps, and as the new system begins to set itself up, rent them out, and multiply.  

Just like in Vegas in 2010 where people were buying homes in foreclosures 6 months after the Fed stepped in to put a housing floor in place -- people were purchasing home for $0.30 on the dollar, if they could pay in cash.  The same thing will happen again -- but there will be no Fed stepping in and instituting a price floor.  It will be world-wide and the people with the liquidity will be the people who come out on the other side considerably better than the rest of the population.  

You have fun fighting them with their drones, nuclear weapons, tanks and other assorted weapons systems you cannot even dream about -- I'll be at home, playing my role as the poor dumb schmuck that had no idea what is going on -- when times are tough, I'll follow the rules, and try to blend in as best as possible.  When the market opens up again, I'll play my hand, and go from there.

You'll either be on some "most wanted list" or dead.  Have fun with that.  

EDIT - My cave has enough prestacked and dried fire wood, I live within walking distance of at least one freshwater estuary, I have a boat and the population density is low enough that getting overrun isn't worrying me in the least.  I have solar power, as well as backups in storage.  Shoot, I even installed a sauna there this past October.