From Average Joe To Average Jihadi - How A Texas Plumber's Truck Turned Up In Syria

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A photo posted to Twitter last week by Ansar al-Din Front, an Islamic extremist brigade, clearly shows a Ford truck with a "Mark-1 Plumbing" decal on the door and a militant standing in the bed firing the anti-aircraft gun...


As Haaretz reports, the Texas plumber whose truck was photographed in Syria says he has no idea how it ended up thousands of kilometers away in the war-torn country...

Mark Oberholtzer, who has owned and operated Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City for the past 32 years, confirmed it was his truck in the picture. He said he no longer owned the vehicle and had no idea how it ended up in Syria.


Oberholtzer said he had traded in the truck to second-hand dealership three years previously. He left the decal on the truck in the expectation that the dealership would remove it.


A spokesman for the dealer said that they had passed it on to a car auction house.


Oberholtzer has been besieged by phone calls - some threatening - since the picture was posted. “A few of the people are really ugly,” he told The Galveston Daily News.


Later in the week, federal Homeland Security officials arrived at Mark-1 Plumbing to question Oberholtzer and his staff.

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It seems US exports are indeed picking up!!

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kowalli's picture

We know who gave new toyota cars...

mjcOH1's picture

Mark-1 Plumbing can IM me the name of the roto-rooter dealer who fitted out the back of that truck.

BaBaBouy's picture

"" Attention All ISIS Shoppers, Attention All ISIS Shoppers ""

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

How about calling up the used car dealers who shuffled that thing to the sand box. Yell at them. Leave the former owner alone.

COSMOS's picture

Me thinks the govt knows.  The CIA probably bought a bunch of these trucks in the USA and shipped them to ISIS but some numb nuts forgot to take the decal off and its blowing up in the face of the USA.  So naturally the CIA will 'have to investigate'

7.62x54r's picture

It could just be advertizing. Maybe the CIA got a cut as well?

Great product placement there!

I wonder if ISIS will go for nailgun manufacturer ads, along with its back to gold campaign?

Escrava Isaura's picture



Again, see my post below. It's common practice by foreigners living in America. And good to repatriate some of the dollars overseas while boosting US small business.


CIA has no clue. You give too much credit to governments.


Rubbish's picture

We snaked some folks.



Manthong's picture

Well, no old, removed iron soil pipe can compare to the shit stains that are the back of that truck now.

And what the hell kind of gun is that ?

The barrel is barely big enough to be about a .50.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Hello Mark? I need some suppression fire and light triple A - my address? Hold on, it's ...

zhandax's picture

If it doesn't sell on the dealers lot it ends up at a Manheim auction.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

1-800 Cars for Kids, do-nate your cars to-day

zhandax's picture

Certainty disabuses any silly notions of some federal 'right to privacy' nonsense...

Solar's picture

"At Mark-1 Plumbing, we blast your clogs away!"


Great retro-fit.  Perfect for home defense.  We may all need one of these soon...

7.62x54r's picture

I suppose the sarcasm and humor passed completely over your head there, Escrava?

Escrava Isaura's picture




I wasn't commenting about your post. I should have given you a heads-up. Sorry!


7.62x54r's picture

No problem. Threading seems to be a hazy concept, at best, around these parts ...

toady's picture

That's what I was thinking. The previous owner didn't "believe the dealership would remove it", he hoped they wouldn't. That way he'd get some free advertising until some new owner finally got it off his "new to him" truck.

Then it all went sideways...

Rootin' for Putin's picture

I expect that is exactly what happened.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

Well one thing's for sure. If that AA gun is shooting at houses business is gonna go thru the roof, the walls, the water heater, the hot tub, sky's the limit really for these Krugman-like entrepreneurs.

Rubbish's picture

Easy on the trigger @ $15 a round


Gold Bitchez....I pick up pennies

steelrules's picture

My thoughts exactly!


Crash Overide's picture

Remember when the FBI was busting their own fake terrorist operations...?

You can only imagine what the CIA is up to.

JAFAH's picture

This video and the still are 100% faked footage. Any other avenue of discussion other than who produced it and why? While maybe interesting and often humerous is a distraction.

August's picture

>>>federal Homeland Security officials arrived at Mark-1 Plumbing to question Oberholtzer and his staff.

Cue the Benny Hill Police-Chase Music.  

Those HSA stalwarts just needed to make a quick phone call to Langley

Come to think of it, most of the HSA boys have as much chance of getting a fact out of Langley as I do (i.e. none).

Escrava Isaura's picture



If anyone had any doubts, this picture should settle it.


Thank goodness this truck is not carrying nuclear weapons…. Because nuclear weapon is for the ‘Good Guys’.



7.62x54r's picture


Those are on aisle 4 at Home Depot.

thebigunit's picture

"Because nuclear weapon is for the ‘Good Guys’."

Nuclear weapon's exist and they're not going away.  Better that me and my friends have them than the U.N. or third world tin pots.

Escrava Isaura's picture



Sorry. I wasn’t clear about my point:


It’s not the third world that starts wars. It’s the rich nations that conclude that they will not be able to sustain themselves anymore and they will be facing revolutions


Revolutions when these rich nation’s youth are caught in a vise of low-paying jobs while carrying an obscene amount of debt (Chris Hedges).


“The US political system is much more attuned to the wishes of the rich than to the aspirations of the poor” -- Peter Turchin 


Arnold's picture

The good old days:

The third world start wars all the time, (african nations,almost wthout exception, continent  wide).

You just don't hear about bein' who you have built yourself up to be, or more likely don't want to hear about it.

Escrava Isaura's picture



Now that was good... and funny.


Thanks to make me laugh.



Anusocracy's picture

All political systems have been attuned to the wishes of the rich.

Making you believe elsewise is the con.

Lost My Shorts's picture

Our very own govt has been providing aid to "moderate" Syrian rebels for a couple of years now, right?  Duh, I wonder how an American truck got to Syria.  Maybe in a shipping container marked "IAC Lines".  It just shows BarryO's commitment to efficient government that they pick up the gear off auction lots rather than buy new, and don't spend any money scraping the decals off.  Helping out the auto industry too by offloading surplus inventory.  Warms the heart on a winter morning.

disabledvet's picture

I wonder if they do any plumbing work on the side?

Escrava Isaura's picture



Not plumbing, but money. It’s always about money.


Sometimes we need to put things in perspective:


Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in the November1980.

By New Years Day threat from Radio Tehran that if the United States did not accept Iran's demands the hostages would be tried as spies and executed.

In the final stages of the negotiations in Algiers, the negotiations resulted in the "Algiers Accords" of January 19, 1981.

The Algiers Accords called for Iran's immediate freeing of the hostages, the unfreezing of $7.9 billion of Iranian assets and immunity from lawsuits Iran might have faced in America, and a pledge by the United States that "it is and from now on will be the policy of the United States not to intervene, directly or indirectly, politically or militarily, in Iran's internal affairs".

The Accords also created the Iran – United States Claims Tribunal, and Iran deposited $1 billion in an escrow account to satisfy claims adjudicated by the Tribunal in favor of American businesses that had lost assets after the hostage takeover.

The Tribunal closed to new claims by private individuals on January 19, 1982. In total, it received approximately 4,700 private U.S. claims.

The Tribunal has ordered payments by Iran to U.S. nationals totaling over $2.5 billion. Almost all private claims have now been resolved; but several intergovernmental claims are still before the Tribunal.


Key Point

What I am afraid about this picture it might hurt small US business and used car exports. It’s like the decal was left there on purpose.




booboo's picture

Of course Feral Homeland Insecurity could have just as easily checked DMV records but the fuckwits have to make tough and drive around, maybe they are tiring of fingering babies at DFW

post turtle saver's picture

that setup looks about right for hog hunting...

Pheonyte's picture

I feel like I'm in a David Lynch movie with all this crazy shit going on.

U4 eee aaa's picture

Don't be ridiculous. Lynch could never come up with something as unbelievable as this

Normalcy Bias's picture

Right on. The dwarf in Twin Peaks is more believable than this shit.

Miss Expectations's picture

Who can prove that this picture wasn't taken in Texas?

kowalli's picture

Mark Oberholtzer

I think he can prove if you have nail gun

Stuck on Zero's picture

The picture was taken in Texas.  Those good ole boys really know how to get rid of those pesky jackalopes.


The9thDoctor's picture

I wouldn't be surprised.  The gun in the back looks like an NFA item, and it's rednecks goofing around at the ranch.  Someone blurred out the face of the operator and photoshopped the Arabic logo onto there.  Voila.  You have a conspiracy that makes its rounds as a meme on Facebook and the righty tighty blogs can whine about King Obama and his ties to ISIS.

Propaganda can go either way, so don't fall for any of it.

toady's picture

Pry it from my cold, dead hands.