The Day Einstein Feared Has Arrived

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Wait til they get the Rift

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Tried it the other day. Agree.

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And all the Zerohedgers commenting negatively about this trend.   On tablets or computers over the internet.   Without ANY awareness  of the irony of the situation. 

This observation brought to you from the subdepartment of ironic irony of the department of redundancy department.

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The smartest thing to ever come out of Einstein's mouth?

Tesla's cock...

Einstein was a thief and a fraud.

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Not a real (Einstein) quote folks.. 

Einstein was a thief and a fraud.


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He was a Jewish Supremacist psychopath that stole the theory of relativity from a French physicist.  History is written by the victors pal.

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Right, Einstein stole special relativity from Lorentz like Lorentz stole electromagnetism from Maxwell..Good work detective, gold star!

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Fantasy is the driving force to humans.


If wasn’t for our yearning for significance, religious supernatural, and superiority fantasies humans would never had achieve the growth that we have.


The distractions we’re witnessing, that blind us, ensure us that our self-destruction (by endless growth and progress on a finite planet) goes unmolested.


Because, the alternative would lead us to the painful reality that the greatest threat to us is our own specie.


And facing reality is the least attractive option of all.


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The world inside the screen is better.  It makes more sense, and is free of most of the conventions that have been built up in our world over time.  One day we will be able to go into the screen, and the outside world will become less than a curiosity.

This is likely the reason we have never met alien species.  Why explore this cold, uncaring universe with its vast stretches of absolute emptiness when you can explore one designed specifically for you to maximally satisfy your values?

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Your statement is nonsense.

Unleashed in a torrent obscure arcane academic jargon.

Shame on you.



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That is truly idiotic, since it is an artificial world constructed by people in the real world.  All is does is further alienate people from acquiring the skills to cope more effectively in the real world.

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Further alienate people from acquiring the skills to cope….




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There aren't many humans around, but two million years of promoting the survival of man the savage is the driving force in society today. Psychopaths have been around as long as man has.

The modern technological world is primarily the result of pattern searching social intelligence being repurposed by the Autistic Spectrum brain to pattern searching in the physical world. You know, scientists, mathematicians, engineers.

And the greatest threat is from those who control or use other people as objects for survival. You know, those in control in governments.

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Lucy: "Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?"

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old naughty

Four billion years of biological revolution, the Camelot of the cosmos. A galactic pearl left to hairless, undeveloped, quarrelsome apes, equipped with little more than glib tongues, sharp wits, and nimble fingers [Reg Morrison].


It’s about to be destroyed.


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You don’t get it.

At least you’re consistent with the prevailed human stupidity that we humans, can fix it.



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Your assumption is wrong. Besides, I don't consider you human.

Mankind can't evolve to human status fast enough to avoid the consequences of run until failure.

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Meh. We will discover a new theory to supplant relativity. The establishment will suppress it (just like any good religion would) until suppression is no longer possible.

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STFU. Horeshit. And Newton wasn't gay.

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He based his Relativity Theory from Henry Poincaré.

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I can concur with the photos in the thread... After being stamped in / out of 53 countries, the one common demoniator is the youth of all nations are so absorbed by their gadgets, they have become sheeple to the propaganda and cannot form an independent thought if their lives depended on it... 

As for Mr HGR's post above, meh, let's see you come up with a theory such as special relativity... I thought not, so back to contemplating the fuzz in your navel... 

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On the positive side, the day government does something really stupid, they will all hear about it instantly and, assuming the right buttons are pressed, maybe they can be moved to make the change that is needed

Flash revolution

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Right on, Huge. I'm surprised they're still called the Lorentz Transformations. Even so, I have to respect that 'ole Stein remained a strict Cartesian (unlike today's preening purveyors of agitprop science), and that he never had a nice word to say for quantum mechanics.

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Einstein's opposition to quantum mechanics was pathetic. Quantum mechanics is the most well-verified theory in science, with experimental measurements determined down to multiple decimal points of accuracy.

Einstein was championed by the U.S. WWII military establishment as the Great American Hope against the German physicists of that time, who actually developed and understood modern physics.

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Only multiple digits? What happens if I need more, and they don't jive?


“It always bothered me that, according to the laws as we understand them today, it takes a computing machine an infinite number of logical operations to figure out what goes on in no matter how tiny a region of space, and no matter how tiny a region of time. How can all that be going on in that tiny space? Why should it take an infinite amount of logic to figure out what one tiny piece of space/time is going to do? So I have often made the hypothesis that ultimately physics will not require a mathematical statement, that in the end the machinery will be revealed, and the laws will turn out to be simple, like the chequer board with all its apparent complexities.” - Richard Feynman


If someone like Feynman could stumble like this with the inseparable relationship between theory and mathematical modeling dominant in science today, then I'd say that it's still early in the game, and the fat lady ain't singing just yet. While QM's a fine canonical realization, the problem with standard forms is that they're not unique, and worse yet logically arbitrary. In other words, there are no standards except the ones we choose. So I'll keep an open mind when it comes to considering alternatives.

Thanks for the tip, though, about WW II American regard for German physics. I read something similar years ago about the German view in a book by Nick Cook. Apparently, the wartime Nazis felt likewise about "Jewish" physics, which was after all, QM!

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zerohedgers posting over the interet, how about the size of the pie is infinitely, infinitely smaller and can't grow fast enough to grant the world a whopper-a-day standard of living. It take 70 years for an economy growing at 1% to double it's gdp, and all it would take is a quick flip of the cards for the US to be last on the list, honestly by the time the last starving soul gets internet and a big gulp computers will have more rights than humans.

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These must be FED employees buying eminis and qqq calls.

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WhatsApping  Mr Carrington, WhatsApping Mr Carrington.......




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Have shared on Facebook

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Too funny. As I'm typing this (on phone), I'm also watching a sitcom with my teenage kid.

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Take a deep breath.

Scream loudly:

- Now fucked!


Tyler forgot the bees ...

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Doing the same thing over and over again expexting_____

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Most are just hamsters on a wheel.

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Hey FDR, why not get some nuclear scientists to make a bomb using a uranium chain reaction?  Germany's gonna do it.  It would be awesome.   

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And he thought giving those of the era the bomb not considering what their grandchildren might turn out like

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Godamnit, stop reading my mind.

Was watching someone walking across the road texting,ignoring the oncoming traffic today.

My exact thougth was he will still be texting as they herd him into the death chamber.

If he lasts that long.

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The irony is that I text more to ZH than anyone else.

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Walking across a busy street ?

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You schould double dog dare him Winston ;)

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Idiots - "Full of sound and fury signifying nothing" - to paraphrase Faulkner

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Actually, this sort of thing is quite useful - to me, individually.  Now at just a glance it's easy to tell who I can have a conversation with, without having to "make conversation" with all the others (the idiots with a thing in their hand, because they're already ignoring everyone and everything).  As soon as chaos sets in and the satellites go down forever, every one of these people will be useless.

I'm starting to wish I had become a hand surgeon.........

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Apparently young people have a greater portion of their brain area's activity allocated to...are you ready for it...their thumbs! It is sad when I do try to text. I am finding the keyboard when most folks are hitting send!

If you use it, you get better at it, if you don't use it, you lose it. I wonder what gets lost while this area of competency grows?

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Back in the day, everyone's memories were a lot bigger because you needed to remember a lot more shit. To survive. Being good at using these know-it-all doohickeys isn't a necessary portion of existence. If anything, it takes away from being closer to living in accord with nature.

What do you sacrifice?

- interpersonal interaction
- memory quality (putting crap in your head instead of useful knowledge)
- decorum and etiquette, decency
- interest in and knowledge of surroundings, the immediate atmosphere (is alertness a prized skill?)

The list goes on. Slaves to their phones.

I don't like cell phones. Life was much better when it was just land lines and people went outside to play.

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It is already culturally taboo to ask someone to put away their phone so personal interaction can take precedence. 

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The other amusing thing is that out of all those people, not one of them noticed they were having their picture taken. I guess they were too busy thinking about something else.