Hacking Collective Anonymous Says FBI Is Lying, "North Korea Is Not Source Of Hack"

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Having confirmed unequivocally, in a statement by the FBI and reiterated by President Obama, that "the North Korean government is responsible" for hacking Sony, it appears the YouTube-less 'evidence' the FBI provided is being questioned by the hacking-collective 'Anonymous' and former Lulzsec hacker Sabu. As The Daily Beast reports, the hackers blasted, the North Koreans "don’t have the technical capabilities," and added "we all know the hacks didn't come from North Korea, and "all of the evidence FBI cites would be trivial things to do if a hacker was trying to misdirect attention to DPRK." Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, Guardians of Peace, the hacking group that’s so far claimed responsibility for wreaking havoc on Sony, posted a message online mocking the FBI’s investigation - a series of gyrating animated bodies shrieking, "You are an idiot!"


As The Daily Beast reports,

While the FBI, President Obama, and George Clooney seem thoroughly convinced that the Guardians of Peace are the work of Pyongyang—the name “Guardians of Peace” comes from a quote used by former President Richard Nixon describing South Korea—many hackers online have questioned the allocation of blame from Day One, including former Lulzsec hacker turned government information Sabu, who maintains they “don’t have the technical capabilities,” and Anonymous, who wrote, “we all know the hacks didn't come from North Korea,” and threatened to launch further hacks against Sony if they don't release the film online.


Some of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts have also questioned whether North Korea is responsible for hacking Sony, claiming a decided lack of evidence or that it came from a group posing as North Korea as misdirection, such as Brett Thomas, chief technology officer of Redwood City, California-based online services company Vindicia:

* * *


And it appears the alleged Sony hackers are not impressed...

On Saturday afternoon, Guardians of Peace, the hacking group that’s so far claimed responsibility for wreaking havoc on Sony, posted a message online mocking the FBI’s investigation.

It is as follows:


The result of investigation by FBI is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with your own eyes.
We congratulate you success.
FBI is the BEST in the world.
You will find the gift for FBI at the following address.”

Then, they included a link to the following video titled “you are an idiot!”—essentially Rickrolling the FBI.



The video opens with some words in Japanese, before cutting to a series of gyrating animated bodies shrieking, "You are an idiot!"

*  *  *
Of course none of this changes the US Government narrative and that has North Korea upset...




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mvsjcl's picture

Why should we even give a shit? Oh, I get it. You're bringing attention to something which is supposed to distract us from what's important, which then makes it important because it's a distraction, right?. Okay. Carry on.

Liberal's picture

So you're expecting me to trust these "experts" over the words of my government?

You've got to be kidding me!

Latina Lover's picture

Would the FBI lie? What about Waco?

0b1knob's picture

Where is the NSA in all this?  They monitor ALL of the internet traffic on earth and they can't proactively prevent this sort of nonsense?   What the f@ck are they doing with the billions they get every year?

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the NSA DID do it.  The whole thing is just to convenient for too many people.  False flags for everybody.

Socratic Dog's picture

Seems obvious to me the NSA did it.  They hack every digital communication on the US, and a good part of those of the rest of the world.  We know this.  Thus they MUST be the first suspect.

I assume the guy who trusts his government is using satire.  If not, what a fuckwit.

And as for the  media beat-up on this, something that is essentially trivial, it's just further evidence that the MSM is the propoganda arm of the USSA government, if we needed any more  evidence.  Clearly they have been directed to make a mountain out of this molehill.  Why?  Well, who benefits?  The NSA, the war-fighters, the authoritarians, the banksters.  As usual.

In England they used to have a thing called a "D-notice", still do for all I know.  If the government issued a D-notice on a story, then mentioning that story in the media was a national security offence and sent people to jail.  Mentioning the existence of the D-notice was the same.  I suspect we have the same thing in the USSA, where even mentioning the existence of the law sends you to Guantanamo, or worse.  Why else did the coverage of Ebola go from saturation to nothing overnight?  Even here?  Why is no one saying WTF?? about this ridiculous story?

We are soooo fucked....

James_Cole's picture

I don't know still looks like DPRK was behind the attacks in some way, particularly after their latest batshit statements threatening more attacks. 

BurningFuld's picture

The NSA did it. They are pissed that Seth Rogan is getting paid more than James Franco.

The9thDoctor's picture

So when is Alex Jones going to grab his bullhorn and chant "Sony was an inside job!"

A Nanny Moose's picture

Cyberwar bytchiz!!! Kruggybear luvz this. Think of all those digital broken windoze.

Slave's picture

Find another website you dumb nigger.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

That was useful. Disagreeing with popular opinion within a group is definately a sign of being dumb. We should all agree with what you think. That would make us smarter. Then maybe you could start telling us what to think. Then we would be even smarter.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Also, you probably need a comma somewhere in that sentence. I assume, given the capitalization and period, you were attempting to create a correct sentence. 

indygo55's picture

"you were attempting to create a correct sentence. "

Its a blog dude. Get over it.

TheReplacement's picture

Or Sony did it, just a possibility.  The Obama "act of war" reaction strongly suggests NSA all the way.

edotabin's picture

Would be an easy way to purge unwanted executives and create tons of hype for an, otherwise, mediocre movie.


kchrisc's picture

The NSA is only looking for "actionable intelligence," like someone's porn preferences, peccadilloes, and predilections. Things that can be "actionably" used to control someone with.

In other words, "bomb" won't trigger anything unless it's a sex position with a little boy.

The banksters need to repay us.

BobRocket's picture

the problem the NSA (like all the 5 eyes have) is that they monitor ALL traffic, it's like a squad car sitting at an intersection watching the traffic go by, which car of the myriad has the burglars in it so TPTB just pick on the usual suspects.

They are trying to pick up the needle by increasing the number of haystacks under observation.

Less than 0.01% of people on here understand how computers work, of those less than 0.01% understand how networked computers work.


Sony (and in particular Sony Executives) are responsible for this, Sony rootkitted Playstation users (an illegal hack where no executives went to jail (corzinified)) they then sat on the PSN vuln for months until whitehats were forced to publicise to make Sony take action.

Everybody and his dog has been in Sony and told them about it ans still they did nothing about it.


Until CEO's go to jail for allowing customer data to be walked out of the building then nothing will be done.

Jail one and the rest will breath a sigh of relief (there fir the grace..) jail a second and that will be the last.


How much did Sony shareholders lose from this, take it from the boardroom paypacket and it won't happen again.



Triggernometry's picture

Precisely what Binney said.

A Nanny Moose's picture

What the f@ck are they doing with the billions they get every year?

Watching Teh Pr0ns? NSA are government employees. Nuff said.

mvsjcl's picture

"over the words of my government?"


What? You own a bank? Why didn't you say so!

jefferson32's picture

Just out: wikileaks publishes secret CIA guidelines to escape scrutinity at airports. https://wikileaks.org/cia-travel/

skepsis101's picture

OMG!   Another One.  They're spreading like a cancer now.  Before you know it they'll swarm ZH and our only recourse will be to go back to Fox News and the NYT.  Damn!!!

sgt_doom's picture



Not too long ago, Sony had a layoff, including IT types.

Also, it was SONY, a few years back, that peddled those CDs which had illegal malware barring any other CDs from being run on the same PC or laptop.

Plus . . . well, you saw those emails?

Liberal's picture

Bullshit! It was North Korea!
Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and Obama would never ever lie!

mvsjcl's picture

Left Right, Red Blue. Boo Hoo. Go screw.

847328_3527's picture

I'll believe it when I see Colin Powell swear to it before the United Nations ... or when Condee Rice warns of NK's "mushroom cloud" threat to us.


That will seal the deal for me!

palmereldritch's picture

The North Korea Potemkin gulag exists to keep Japanese military Imperialism in check and maintain the raison d'etre for occupational US MIC bases in the hood.

Same as it ever was....

Keyser's picture

Japanese military imperialism? You've got to be joking... Time to put the crack pipe down and step away from the keyboard because you have obviously lost the plot... 

palmereldritch's picture

And Japanese military autonomy doesn't exist because?...Godzilla!

The plot exist in a history longer than the ADHD you are peddling.

Please tell me why...given the enormous military, technological and diplomatic resources at hand the US Imperial chess board has allowed the Norks to survive as long as they have?


Amidst reports that North Korea now has nuclear-equipped ballistic missiles as experts warn a conflict on the Korean peninsular is more likely than not, it’s important to remember who armed North Korea with nuclear weapons in the first place – namely the U.S. government and the CIA.

 A portion of a Defense Intelligence Agency report revealed yesterday by Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado states the DIA is moderately confident that, “the North currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles.”

Although subsequently denied by White House and Pentagon officials, the revelation arrives amidst continued threats and posturing by the Hermit kingdom to launch attacks against the United States and South Korea.

However, while bellicose threats are being carelessly traded by both sides and eagerly regurgitated by the mainstream media, the question of how exactly North Korea acquired its nuclear capability in the first place has been completely ignored.

Both the Clinton and Bush administrations played a key role in helping the late Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990?s onwards.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld presided over a $200 million dollar contract to deliver equipment and services to build two light water reactor stations in North Korea in January 2000 when he was an executive director of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri). Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB confirmed that Rumsfeld was at nearly all the board meetings during his involvement with the company.

[Emphasis mine]

Forget the dialectic...I think you are looking for the Hegelian epilectic...

Jumbotron's picture

If this hack....no matter who did it....hastens Sony's death....I'm all for it.

This company hasn't done anything right since the Betamax, the Trinitron monitor and the  Walkman.

They didn't market nor price nor license the Betamax right.  They got caught with their pants down when the iPod came out.  All they did in the PC world was copy Apple with an OS (Windows) that does nothing but copy Apple.  When LCD's started to take over Sony had to outsource SAMSUNG panels to stay iin the TV business.  You want to over pay for a Samsung LCD......then buy a Sony.  Because that's what you will do.....over pay for a Samsung monitor with Sony's name on it.

They fucked Ericcson over....who used to make bullet proof phones.  Now Sony tries to pawn off Ericcson phones as the iPhone of the Android world with prices to match.  Here's a clue you fucktards.  Everyone knows that every Android phone is the same except for the bloatware that you fucking companies try to differetiate yourselves with.  It's still a fucking Android phone.  Buy the cheapest.....get the same usefullness.

The only thing Sony is good at is the Playstation.  But the future is streaming.......at they can't even get that right.  And with the hacking scandal....who would trust their network.

And don't even get me started on Sony Pictures.  All they put out is RANCID crap.  They even fucked up the Spider Man reboot.   HOW CAN YOU FUCK UP SPIDER MAN !!! ?????    I know......GIVE IT TO SONY !!   Somebody at Marvel needs to get their balls kicked for that one.

Lore's picture

With you on all of it except the bit about carrying smartphones. They ain't that smart. There's a reason why EU officials are going back to flips.

Jumbotron's picture

Tru' dat.  I stand corrected.

kowalli's picture

Can usa go even lower?

Atomizer's picture

Smoke out the Jews in US power or turn Israel into a glass parking lot. American's need to start thinking of plausible options.

DavidPierre's picture
False Flag - American Traitors & Mossad - Where are the Oath Keepers? - Ken O'Keefe


brokenspoke's picture

Another false flag

roadhazard's picture

Who cares if the movie industry is hacked. Just moar drama.

noben's picture
noben (not verified) Dec 21, 2014 5:18 PM

"NK did it, because the FBI tells me so" -Goof-in-Chief

mvsjcl's picture

At that level you're not a fool. Merely complicit.

TheGreatRecovery's picture

Wardrobe malfunction gives chopped-liver movie caviar publicity.  Sony gets FEMA/Homeland Security contract to make 12 movies focusing on the unsung interrogation heroes of Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and next 10 wars.

lolmao500's picture

Well if Murica still blames Nkorea, and Nkorea nukes DC as a result, and DC nukes NKorea back, its win/win for all...

GeezerGeek's picture

Only if they do it during the State of the Union address.

tbd108's picture

Did anyone else notice that the Guardians of Peace share the GOP acronym with the Grand Old Party (Republicans) ? Does this mean that the "GOP" finally has shown some intelligence? Perhaps not but it is a nice thought that the GOP might finally have something about them that isn't as stupid as their Democrat opponents (or as they are both commonly called, the Republocrats).

capltd's picture

Democrats and Republicans are the cause of our problems, not the solution.

GeezerGeek's picture

That's why some of us prefer politicians who oppose the entrenched interests of both Ds and Rs. Politicians like that get pilloried. Ask Sarah Palin.