The Doom Boom: US Families Increasingly Prepared For "Modern Day Apocalypse"

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From the outside America may seem to be a land of endless optimism and confidence. But, as Sky News reports, an increasing number of Americans seem to think it is danger of falling apart, and they're preparing for the end. "We're not talking about folks walking around wearing tin foil on their heads,; we're not talking about conspiracy theorists. I'm talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can't necessarily put their finger on it. But there's something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn't quite right."


A now-privately-held ex-nuclear-missile base in Kansas has been turned into luxury "post-apocalyptic refuge for the very rich"

"It's an undergorund complex straight out of a bond flick"


As Sky News reports,

They call themselves preppers. Mainstream suburban Americans hoarding supplies and weapons while leading otherwise perfectly normal lives.




[they are] afraid of some impending catastrophe but also what that will do to American society.


"I think that is what I'm scared of the most," he told Sky News, "Not the actual events. I've already prepared for that. It's the aftermath, when there are no police, there are no military to protect us, we're going to be protecting ourselves."


The trigger could be a terrorist attack, a monetary collapse, cataclysmic failure in power generation, or a natural disaster. Preppers fear what comes next and have no faith in either their government or human nature.


"Once people use up all their resources, they're going to come after the people that prepared and had more resources. So basically we have to take care of ourselves."




"We're not talking about folks walking around wearing tin foil on their heads," Jay tells Sky News. "We're not talking about conspiracy theorists.


"I'm talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can't necessarily put their finger on it. But there's something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn't quite right."


Jay is a celebrity in the strange but increasingly mainstream world of preppers, writing prepper books and touring America, speaking at prepper expos where a bewildering range of survival supplies and techniques are on offer.




But it's also arguably a sign of a country coping with economic decline. The end of the American Dream has left people more uncertain about their future, and their country's.


Katy Bryson is in Jay's prepper network. Prepping, she says, puts Americans back in charge of their destiny.


"They're not in control of whether they lose their job or not but they are in control of whether they are prepared. So I feel like that's why the industry is just booming right now for preparedness," Katy added.

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Deathrips's picture

It used to be called personal responsibility.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.




stocktivity's picture

"This is Sky news ...over and out"

Latina Lover's picture

Personal Responsibility??? You mean I can't have children out of wedlock and expect a welfare check? That's unamerican.

DaddyO's picture

I've done my part...

Been being responsible for 32 years today.

Happy Recovery to everyone who understands what its like to wake up in the morning wishing you had done so a few minutes earlier so you could have caught the cat that relieved itself in your mouth.


CrazyCooter's picture

Having some guns/ammo, supplies, food, training, etc is not a bad deal anyway you look at it.

However if people think they are going to survive over an extended period of time without a functioning community/society, it isn't going to work out very well.

Said differently, one can't properly prepare for a life of not having what one has always had.

And here is the theme song if you haven't heard it before. :-)



hedgeless_horseman's picture



US Families Increasingly Prepared For "Modern Day Apocalypse"

Increasingly?  From what?

US families aren't prepared for shit.

No fallout shelters.

Too fat.

Too slow.

Can't shoot.

If your family can all 1) leave the home/office in 90 seconds 2) get underground in less than 15 minutes; 3) run 30 minutes at better than 10 minutes/mile while carrying your gear; 4) hit a man-sized target at 200 yards with one shot using your optic and fewer than five shots with your iron sights; and 5) put two shots in a 3" circle with your sidearm at 7 yards in less than two seconds (better than 4 of 5 tries), then and yours have a chance if things go "Modern Day Apocalypse".

Otherwise eat, drink, watch sports on TV, save your money, and don't worry about probably won't feel a thing.

Antifaschistische's picture

A-FREAKIN-MEN......US FAMILIES are the least prepared humans on the planet for any kind of tragedy.  (and I'm including Mr. Pseudo Stacker who prays for hyperinflation because he's got 2 oz of gold in his sock drawer)

I visited a friends father in the outskirts of Guadalajara Mexico over the Thanksgiving Holiday.   I found it comical, that all the "survival prep" guides for us idiot Americans which contain a list of a few hundred "must haves" (which very very few Americans actually have).....just happened to be exactly what this poor Mexican farmer dude had in his "shed".   

Rince/Repeat this all over the world.   all of the third world and most of the "second" world live prepared for hardship because they train every single day in real life.   Americans will be completely clueless in an SHTF situation......even these total morons who spend a fortune on a condo bunker in Kansas.   What a bunch of idiots.  Congratulations to the marketing crew on that one. 

Harbanger's picture

Maybe you just hate merikans cause you´re a jealous douchebag.   I´m vacationing in Europe right now and trust me, they´re all clueless, people in the US, not including the FSA, are much more prepared than they are here in western Europe.

Self-enslavement's picture
Self-enslavement (not verified) Harbanger Dec 22, 2014 9:50 PM

"The event" already happened. Your average "well off" person makes six hundred thousand dollars per year.

That means YOU are now officially poor.

Hal n back's picture



I have 4 weeks worth of food and water in house, otehr essentials for 4 weeks--if our probem stretches longer than 4 weeks its over for me anyway.


i do not envision living in a mad max scenario.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Mad Max scenario could be real fun.  Imagine running down the list of people you'd look up for payback.  The asshole .gov tax assessor who treated your private property like his personal ATM kiosk.  The troopah who wrote you that summons for walking thru Central Park after 1 AM.  That fucking midget former mayor who tried to grab your guns while locking up the sugary beverages and baby formula, the mule down at the Social Security office.  Dude, I'd have some scalps on my wall.  And arms.  And tongues.  And skins.  Lots of skins.  I'd probably go into the book binding business. . .

Took Red Pill's picture

HH, you are right! While some are prepared, the majority are not. We lost power here a couple years ago for about 3 or 4 days. People were freaking out! They couldn't even make a cup of coffee! What do you think will happen when those people are starving? They will go after those who are prepared.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

You should expand your scope to some of the real causes, not your petty grievances.   Go at the real causes.  If you plan on retribution, plan to go after them.  The banksters.  Find the island they hid out at and be a burr in their ass.  Where it counts.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Americans are just disillusioned. That's why the sense of doom. More about the present state than how the future might be

mkkby's picture

I think you almost got it right.  Disillusioned, because they have been told since birth that Americans are special, equal, and anybody can get rich.  Now they see that for the bullshit that it always was.

When you see all your hopes and dreams turn to shit, and you realize your only chance at the brass ring is winning the lotto, you get depressed and start fantasizing about doom and mad max.  That's just even more bullshit.

The next step hopefully is growing into an adult.  You can still work hard and have a good life, but if you are lazy you will be in the bottom half.  Get a skill that's IN DEMAND and a decent job or small business is yours.

Urban Redneck's picture

Well I'm vacationing in the US right now... and I think you're wrong.

Europe is as heterogeneous as the US, and both continents are utterly unprepared, except at the margins.

Even you lived in a nuclear missile silo, unless you have an armed and trained COMMUNITY to defend it - all that steel and concrete buys you at most a couple hours from someone with rather basic knowledge from gaining entry if they choose to, and one doesn't need exotic tools or high explosives to gain entry.

Every country in Europe is different, but for 50 years they were on the front line of the Cold War, so there is actually more concrete and steel in Europe than meets the casual observer's eye.  Then there are the outlier countries like Albania or Switzerland that went ape-shit on "prepping" infrastructure.  But without mass education of the community (conscription), self-sufficiency in agriculture (trade protectionism), and continuous investment in updated stockpiles (non-utilized assets) - what a nation has is an expensive "baby blanky" to make them feel protected without actually doing so.

In the US, I (privately) have an actual bunker and fallout shelter, and extensive "modifications" and "supplies" but a relatively small (and outnumbered community), whereas in Switzerland (along with 8 million neighbors -- more than 1% of the entire European population) I have comparatively nothing individually (privately) but substantially more on a communal level...

If TSHTF I would stand a better chance in Switzerland, despite all the highly specialized training and "stuff" that gives me a comparative advantage over potential adversaries in the US .

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Well said.


WAY, too many smug, ignorant, reflexively anti-Americans on this site.


They form their opinions on the United States based on the nauseating detritus output of the Idiot LeftMedia and disgusting popular culture.


As, fucking if.


That said, I love my enemies vastly stupid, spittle flecked with envy, and utterly deluded.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

All I know is that when people become painfully hungry, thirsty, or both, especially around big urban areas that all sorts of ugly unpredictable things invariably happen.

While a city bunker will probably delay the unwashed hoardes nothing really tells the hoardes that something is really worth breaking into than concrete, steel doors, and said uber-bunker being located in Beverly Hills, or for that matter Mayberry, U. S.A., et al.

If you're gonna really bunker down bunker down in the middle of nowhere where prying eyes usually aren't. Oh and a chopper or pontoon aircraft helps a tidge too for daily transportation.

Just call me Bear Ching-aso.

knukles's picture

Everybody's forgetting shopping.  Y'all gonna bunker down anywhere with the women, yer gonna need simulated Malls of America or your balls will be broken so fast you'll wish you were a casualty.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Take back your balls from the Mall Trollers. Let them find another sucker.

toady's picture

I'm figurin' she'll refuse to go when we bug out. Either that or I'll forget to pack her.

She refuses to prepare, can't comprehend a world without malls.

DanDaley's picture

We married the same woman, it seems. So I ask her, What are ya gonna do when the gangs come a gang-bangin' and and they think that you look ever so fetching and then they...oh, never mind.

mkkby's picture

By age 35 most of them are bloated and wrinkled to go with the bitch personality that is no longer "cute".  If they don't want to bug out, you breathe a sigh of relief and look for a newer model.

MsCreant's picture

I love ya Knucks, but we ain't all like that.

I am going to ask a serious question.

I see men say things like you say and I wonder, would you actually like to be married to a woman who thinks more like you do? 

My husband is more of a spender than I am. But it isn't too stupid, it is electonics and gadgets. I have channelled him by being manipulative. I keep him aware of my interests and all of a sudden he is covering some of the survival stuff. He is finding ammo because I let him know I am "concerned" about our physical safety. We both have training and permits (though he is ex-service) because of my "concerns." I might "wish" for example that we had night vision and it shows up. He seems really happy to do it, but I KNOW he would not do it if I did not channel his buying tendencies in this way. He knows I do this and he loves me so he lets me get away with it, but the stuff I put his way I know is "fun" to him any way.

Full circle back to my question and the why of it. I am the worrier and planner in the couple. He grins and loves me and buys guns and ammo. But he would not care about it if I did not. We would be much further ahead on the preps if he was more like me. I don't want to go "overboard" or be too overbearing with it and him, hell I might be wrong. I just take care of the shit that I know bores him (food and water for instance, clothing, gardening). 

But I wonder if a male and female with this head set would just be too intense? Opposites attract. I am high strung and my husband is the coolest customer I have ever met, bad assed level headed in a crisis. I prep because I know I might freak out a little when it is "on." It will take me a minute to find my legs. My husband is so laid back he does not worry about tomorrow, at all. We balance. 

Back to the start, those of you married to these women who you claim just "shop" I wonder if they give you something in balance that you need, and if you could manipulate your shopper into shopping for the project. Mine loves buying gear. 

Hope that made sense.


nmewn's picture

It did.

My relationship is kinda the opposite. I'm the planner, gotta have a plan, a backup plan and even another just in case both of those become unviable. Mrs.N is more spontaneous, the spur of the moment type, sometimes I think to the point of being frivolous, until I realize life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not sitting around waiting for the emergency generator to kick on and saying ahhha!...toldja so!...just to see her roll her eyes at

Its a good balance ;-)


Squiddly Diddly's picture

A woman who channels her husband to buy guns, ammo and night vision.  Gotta sister who's single?

G.O.O.D's picture

dude you fvkin kill me.. that was hillarious because it is soooo true. What kind of society do we live in when buying cheap chinese shit becomes a sport?

zerozulu's picture

Good to know where we can find all the bankers together.

maskone909's picture

If you stay ready
You aint got to get ready

DaddyO's picture

Too Right!!!

Self-Reliant Living will keep you out of the Wally Worlds when the flag goes up.

Downtown Ferguson anyone?

Any Questions, plebes? Didn't think so...


falconflight's picture

that alone will up your survival probs exponentially, at least for the first week or so.

Squiddly Diddly's picture


"I'm talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can't necessarily put their finger on it. But there's something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn't quite right."



Whats not quite right is too many lawyers and bankers in general.  How can these people still be clueless? The writings been on the wall for a long time. 


Oldwood's picture

I always wanted to be in the .1% group, and now I find out its the wrong one!

Great Caesar's picture

Actually, HH, your writings/comments here were what got me going on my preperations.  Relearned gardening, training my daughters and wife self defense, putting useful items into storage, etc.  Just a small biz owner, so haven't been able to afford to work my way completely through your lists. But your points rang true, so I'm efforting. 

Even printed some of your submissions and handed them to a few close friends.  Those that get it will, those that don't...

DaddyO's picture

Those that don't...?

Hapless victims!


noben's picture

If they're not prepared, then there's a certain poetic justice in it, insofar we are experiencing the 6th Great (species) Extinction in Earth's history -- and WE are the cause.

8 Billion is about 6 billions too many useless eaters and parasites anyway.  Having 2 billion is just fine.  And highly desirable.  Not that you can tell where on the food-chain I consider myself and my loved ones to be.

JRev's picture

Newsflash: You're on the fucking bottom, no matter where you "think" you should be. Turns out some far more cunning and bloodthirsty folks came up with the eugenics and overpopulation memes a few hundred years ago and have spent a good deal of time conditioning you to feel the same way. Does the name Thomas Malthus ring a bell?

JRev's picture

Abbreviated Version: People with no real skills, friends, or assets are realizing how fucked they are and trying to buy their continued existence in the form of freeze-dried tin cans full of corn slop and concrete reinforced holes in the ground. 

At least they saved some folks the trouble of digging a grave.

honestann's picture

You see, that's where most people make the big mistake.  I really don't want to be critical, because maybe a few people can actually find a few good friends that will STAY that way and collaborate when the SHTF.

I visited a lot of places before I chose my location to set up my self-sufficient digs.  What became very obvious to me was this.  The people who were the happiest, and most definitely the calmest, were the people in the extreme boonies who were self-sufficient.

I met a great many people who could literally live the rest of their lives without much added inconvenience if every human being on earth vanished or died.  Hell, some of them would barely even notice that mankind had vanished.

True, most of them would trade from time to time with other self-sufficient folks, but they didn't NEED to trade to survive and be adequately comfortable (by the standards they were used to).


I do understand where this popular idea you have comes from.  Namely, the ASSUMPTION that you're living where the population density is NOT very low.  Perhaps for those locations the value of a "functioning community" has some extra value... from the standpoint of collaborative self-defense.  That makes some sense.

But I still don't see why people cannot be self-sufficient, and why that isn't wise.


So frankly, maybe there needs to be two different approaches, one for "boonies" and another for everywhere the population density is more than one family per ?100? square kilometers.

The reason I only discuss the super-low population density approach is... I am very much NOT convinced the chances of survival in higher population density scenarios is likely.  To be sure, having lots of guns, ammo and a community network will help.

But the number of "incidents" of roving organized packs of human predators will just be too high in my opinion.  You may be able to defend yourself against the first 2, 5, 20 attacks, but eventually they'll get you.  At least, that's my worry.

But for your sake, I hope I'm too pessimistic about your "social approach".  I don't believe in "social", so I'll stick to my "far, far, far outta sight, and thus totally outta mind" approach.

TheAnalOG's picture

DaddyHo we hate responsible people.  We want to sit and game and trade and blow shit up everyone tunnel.  What you do?  What you do now p0ppy?

weburke's picture

the guy with the silo thinks "there will be no police"  oh right. Sure. plenty of police, just a lot less people. It is not all going to collapse silly, think the planet mangers want that? Just be ready to take a bus or plane or car to your identified good city. 

weburke's picture

even so called environmental police are like an army. so many small armies are part of the govt. If you want to live longer, drink local brewed alcohol. 

DaddyO's picture

You may have changed your name, but you're still a dipsh*t...


knukles's picture

Happy Birthday DaddyO.
Keep Trudging the Happy Road of Destiny.

DaddyO's picture

Thanks Knucks, I new there were some salts still around who know about trudging a happy road of destiny.




And all of the Klingon Cocksucking Trolls fron Uranus will still be down in mommie's basement living off 25 years worth of stored Twinkies wrapped around their middles when they cook off due to lack of keyboard.

Be Alert ! America needs more Lerts.  

Crisismode's picture



"nd all of the Klingon Cocksucking Trolls fron Uranus will still be down in mommie's basement living off 25 years worth of stored Twinkies wrapped around their middles when they cook off due to lack of keyboard."


Wow, that is GOOD dude, very good!