Black Teen Shot Dead Over A Pair Of Air Jordans

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In what police called "a random act of 'I want something that person has and I am going to take it from them," a black teenager was shot and killed after attempting to rob a man of his $200 Air Jordans. After being unable to purchase the 'limited edition' shoes, 16-year-old Jawad "JJ" Jabar and 2 other Middletown, Ohio schoolmates, brandished a firearm at a man (of unknown color) who had just bought a pair. The man, who had a valid concealed carry permit, shot once and killed Jawad. Since the dead black teenager was not killed by a white policeman, we doubt there will be any protests, Al Sharpton commentary, or mainstream media blitz.


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Family, friends and school officials painted a different picture Monday than the troubled past of a 16-year-old Middletown High School student who was shot and killed Saturday while trying to rob a man of the tennis shoes he purchased.

Police said the fatal shooting of Jawaad “JJ” Jabbar happened after a limited release of Air Jordans at the Dayton Mall in Miami Twp. They said three Middletown juveniles, including Jawaad, were unable to purchase the $200 gym shoes so they attempted to rob a man who had just bought a pair. One of the juveniles displayed a firearm outside the mall, and the man they attempted to rob shot once and killed Jawaad, police said. The man had a valid concealed carry permit through Ohio, police said.

No one has been formally charged, but the two other juveniles involved in the attempted robbery are in custody, police said.

All three of the teens are students at MHS, school officials said.

Jawaad’s father, Wallace Jabbar, when contacted Monday night by phone, was hesitant to talk about the shooting, but said he was “obviously devastated” by his son’s death. He was out of town working, he said, then his phone went dead.

One of the MHS students there at the time of the mall shooting was cited for a misdemeanor charge in April 2013 for bringing what officers thought was a handgun to the high school. The school resource officer was told the teen was in possession of a gun, but further investigation indicated it was a pellet gun that resembled a semi-automatic handgun, according to police.

In May 2012, the other teen was given a criminal summons by police after being involved, along with two other boys, in a disturbance in the Dollar Store on North University. They were asked by the store manager to leave the day before because they caused a disturbance, but returned to the store, began cursing at the store manager and throwing a bottle that hit two patrons, according to the police report.

This newspaper is not naming the other two teens pending formal charges possibly being filed.

Jawaad moved to the Middletown City Schools District from Columbus earlier this school year, and was a sophomore on the football team, school officials said. Earlier this year, he was charged with petty theft for allegedly stealing Pop Tarts, two plates of fried chicken, a Snickers bar and a plate of sushi from Kroger, 3420 Towne Blvd., according to Middletown police reports obtained by this newspaper. Two other juveniles and MHS football players were charged with petty theft, according to police reports.

Jawaad also was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly punching a Hamilton High School student at a basketball game, and he was in possession of a “small baggie of marijuana,” while at school, according to police reports.

The Rev. Michael Bailey, pastor at Faith United Church and linkage coordinator at MHS, said Jawaad has been suspended at least twice for his actions. Bailey said he was “blown away” when he heard Jawaad, a soft-spoken student, was allegedly involved in an attempted robbery over a pair of tennis shoes.

“How did I miss this?” Bailey asked. “I never saw this coming.”

He said losing a life over a pair of shoes shows how materialistic our society has become.

“It’s like, ‘I got mine. What about you?’” Bailey said.

Ladonna Matthers, one of Jawaad’s cousin, spoke with his father about the deadly shooting.

“He’s very heartbroken; it’s tragic,” said Matthers, who said Wallace Jabbar was out of town working on Monday. “This is very unfortunate. He’s very polite and well mannered, he likes video games…a good kid. Unfortunately, he got caught up in something that ended his life.”

Matthers said she never knew Jawaad was involved in criminal incidents.

“Very surprised to hear about this,” said Matthers. “Regardless like I said of anybody’s past or anything he’s a 16-year-old child.”

She said Jabbar’s father often worked long hours to provide for his family. “It’s important we keep a hold of our youth, because he’s not the only one, so many around here that has died over drugs or money or trivial (things) they have no opportunity so they get lost in other things.”

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We leave it to LiveLeak to sum it all up...

Just another innocent black male trying to get his life on track tragically shot down in the prime of his life by a shopper selfishly trying to take the last pair of Air Jordan's (What has this world come to)? If only Al Sharpton had been there to mentor this young pillar of the community.

If only.

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Wait until it's a can 'o soup.

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Do they have any of the elusive "white hispanics" in Ohio?

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Air Jordans are a human right!

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(Somebody had to say it.)

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Regular american kid

Regular american story

unfortunately, or rather logically

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More like Petty Theft is a Human Right in the eyes of these Obama Kids.

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$200 for shoes????  They better be able to make you a sandwich too.

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i'm assuming the air jordan guy was holstered on his calf. otherwise, the story doesn't ring true

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< Ban Air Jordans.

< Ban black teens.


What we should do about this.

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WE can put a stop to this immediately!!  All youth who wish Air Jordans should get a pair ASAP!!  FOAR FREE!!!

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Here is the rub:  If they were free, no one would want them because they were free.  People only recognize value based on a price tag, not on what a product can or can not do.

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Jawaad "JJ" Jabar ?

and his good friend and team mate Messiah ?


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We Will Get A "FOLKS..." Comment From Oibama Shortly...

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~"Jawaad "JJ" Jabar ?"~

Jay-wad? Who the fuck names their kid Jawaad or Ladonna and expects him or her to succeed in life?

Apart from all that, to me this is just another story about how we desperately need a national "Right to Conceal Carry" law. Imagine the fear the shooter had when accosted by these three hooligans. I have one last parting thought about this:

"Bet you didn't see that one coming, did ya', Jay-wad?"

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Years ago I read a story about how some aid organization was having trouble getting Africans to use mosquito bed-nets that were available for free.  The solution was to give it a brand logo, run an advertising campaign giving everyone the idea that it gave its owner high social status (forget about better health), and then sell it for more than it was actually worth.  It worked!  Don't ask me to find the link.  

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It really is amazing how "psychologically" that works on a lot of people.

You can't give away an old sofa at the curb with a sign on its saying free but put a sign on it saying $100 and it'll be gone before you close the door behind

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You just told me how to get rid of a former tenant's bed+mattress with bedbugs, thanks!  Parasites for parasites.  Merry Christmas, bitchez!

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It's the reverse up here. Stick 'free' on something and leave it at the curb and it'll be gone by morning. Stick '$25' on something at the curb and it will be still be there a month later.

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BOBOs' values at work:   Some household objects gain value by having a Bohemian backstory, or a green backstory.  Such backstories would be devalued instantly, and possibly sullied irreparably by money.   

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Haha, true story. I was working in the hood in LA south central. We were changing out the parking lot lights at a supermarket. We had to haul away the old heavy light heads but had no room. The first day we left them out and hoped someone would take them, they didn't. So the next day we put a sign on four of the units that read "for sale $100 each, call 1-800- stealme "(written numericaly). We went to lunch, and sure as shit, when we came back, two of them we gone. Laughed our asses off.

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Indolent, lazy, spend all their money on frivolties... Maybe Che was on to something

Black folks seem to be the demographic most easily manipulated by marketing.  I'm no Edward Bernays, but I'm thinking of developing Glock slides with custom spinning inserts and side mounted diamond night sights... If I get the right pipe hittin niggas to endorse my new G-slides maybe I can retire before 40.

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Jus member to get yo ass some throw away barrels furst my niggas!  Aint nobody got time for tossin out yo strap after a 187 when you dun dropped 2 gurr on dat fly G-slide my nigga!

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Bullets for kicks is the new buzzword for these thugs...

Gives new meaning to Kicks For Guns.


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" Who you are speaks so loudly; there really is no reason for your words. "


No words are necessary to describe this kid.

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What was dat??

You be kidding me.

I can now get some free ObamaShoes at the same place I get my free ObamaPhone!?!?!

You be lying 'bout dis and i will have to cut you.

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Shouldn't they be Air Kobe's?

alright alright...

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Might want to re-read the story, Skippy, but this time for comprehension.

The man had JUST purchased the shoes which meant they were still in the box.

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Please don't bring reading comprehension into this when "Johnny Can't Read".


Next on the 11:00 O'Clock News........."Black youth dies trying to redistribute the wealth to underage ghetto kids"

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The part that surprises me in all this is the fact they were able to find two of the three kids fathers.

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No, it is easy. The negro man who killed the punk kept other two at a gunpoint  then called to police.

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The police spokesman on the tape wasted a perfectly good opportunity to call this what it was : an emotionally driven robery gone bad.

His blathering about these things happen and no one could have predicted this was stupid enough for me to question his ability to perform any role as a policemen.


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Or, you (or the cop) could also describe it as:

An image-based culture comforted by clichés, stereotypes, and inspiring religious and nonsense massmedia messages, he tried to rob his way into his fantasy.



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dipshit -100 for such a stupid fucking observation

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Not too many White guys blowing $200 on Air Jordan's, though there is a cadre of douchebags and wiggers who will.

Football teams and gangs are handy substitutes for the indigenous tribe model, and they have corporate sponsorship.

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All cops should have to go through the same classes and pass a test exactly as the civilian men and women who do for a concealed carrry permit. ONE BULLET, JOB DONE. No 9 rounds fired with 8 missing the target and an innocent grandmother and baby also dead as colatteral damage.

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You have to remember that to be a policeman, all one has to do is have a high school diploma and (pretty much) a clean criminal record.  One does not have to be particulary smart or even a great shot to be policeman.  Mostly what police do is write reports.

European American's picture

"Some US police departments have set a maximum IQ score for new officers under the argument that those with overly-high IQs will become bored and exhibit high turnover in the job. This policy has been challenged as discriminatory, but upheld by at least one US District court."

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Nine rounds?  If only; more like 17 rounds.  Nowadays cops shoot until the slide locks.  Seems like they shoot to execute rather than to neutralize a threat. 

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I carry a 19+1 load routinely.  Its not for shooting the bad guy once, its for ensuring his posse poses no continuing threat ... Think about it: three guys attempt to mug you... Do you really want only 5 rds available?

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There is something seriously wrong with society when MEN value SHOES that highly as a FASHION STATEMENT.  Seriously?  The most important thing in your life is an expensive pair of SHOES????  No skateboards?  No model trains / planes / cars / helicopters?  No cars / beach buggies / motorbikes?

You get your expensive pair of shoes and then what do you do?  Sit around getting bored because you've got nothing to do?  Get a fucking HOBBY! 

Oh, hang on.  I missed a few things.  Who am I whinging about? - the "man" that spends $200 on shoes or the "man" who feels compelled to steal those shoes?  Maybe his hobby is running away ...

DISCLOSURE:  PT actually did buy a $150 pair of sneakers once.  Needed shoes, walked into the wrong shop, was in a hurry  - couldn't be bothered trying to find a cheaper shop.  Despite spending most of my day in work boots, those sneakers were battling to last nine months!  Couldn't even get a full year out of them.

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weird, last time I spent $120 on a pair of NB....yeah, they're still in my shoe closet and still get worn 3 years later