Greek Prime Minister: "It's Best For The Country" To Do Away With Democracy

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During a state-TV "interview" which many are dubbing pure fear-mongering propaganda ahead of Monday's final 'vote of confidence', Greek Prime Minister Samaras unleashes his most assanine M.A.D. comments yet.


"It's not a question of what's good for me or New Democracy. It's best for the country that there are not snap elections."

Translation: you don't need no stinking democracy, trust us - your benevolent rulers - to do what's best for the Greek people.

  • *GREECE'S BIGGEST PROBLEM IS POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY: SAMARAS (not record youth unemployment, povrty, and suicide rates, and surging youth emigration)
  • *SAMARAS SAYS NOW IS TIME FOR LAWMAKERS TO DO THEIR DUTY (ignore the people's pleas and pain, vote for EU bureaucrats)

And with Greece's (anti-EU) Syriza party now leading by 2.5pts in the latest polls, it is hardly surprising Samaras is pulling out all the 'turmoil' threats. "Greek people don't want elections," he chides. By 'Greek people', we assume he means 'unelected European bureaucrats'.

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KnuckleDragger-X's picture

I want the guillotine concession in Greece.....

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Fuck the EU! 

I said this back in 2012 and I'll say it again --

Little Greece -- you can put an end to the world's central banker madness.  

I am fully expecting a 180 vote though. 

svayambhu108's picture

Greece has had quite a sinuous loveaffair with Democracy since ancient times

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

They're probably using the same PR firm that came up with the Swiss initiative killing strategy

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They should vote, to see if they should no

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""It's not a question of what's good for me or New Democracy. It's best for the country that there are not snap elections.""

This is a politician making a call he is legally allowed to make as to whether or not HE will call snap elections.   Nothing more.  Nothing less.   And by the way, he gets to keep his job by doing this.

How is this in any way a dictate from the EU, the Jooos!, or anyone else, click-counts aside for the moment?

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This will help make it more clear:

It is a vote of confidence, and if Samaras loses that vote, snap elections are held and the EU/Junker/Brussels/Wall Street backed Prime Minister may get booted for someone who isn't a bankster patsy.

Their laws call for a Parliamentary vote, so his comment is a veiled threat to try and avoid elections so he can stay in power.

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"Their laws call for a Parliamentary vote, so his comment is a veiled threat to try and avoid elections so he can stay in power."

No .... not a veiled threat.

His term would expire in 2016.  He has, not surprisingly given his popularity, refused calls to call snap elections in 2014 or 2015 as demanded by the opposition.   That is his decision to make.

But is also why they've forced the issue and voted down his party's candidate in 2 previous votes.

Samaras is, correctly, pointing out that the EU will detach Greece from the tit when the next vote also 'fails', snap elections are called, and the cycle of Greek governments alternates back to another government loudly demanding moar and better free money from the Germans.   They'll do it anyway.  

And when that goes badly, as previously, they will elect (yet again) another government willing to play ball with the EU, in exchange for having their budget shortfall covered.   The people will demand it.   Because living within their means is not an acceptable alternative.

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I very much doubt he will get the 180 votes. Nonetheless even Syriza (the opposition party) is pro-EU. The pro-EU propganda in the main stream media seems to work very well in Greece. One reason is that 1/3 people have never used the internet. I was shocked when I read that. It explains a lot.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Ok, so lets say he doesn't get the 180 votes. 

Markets go into Chaos, low information shithead Greeks votes for ND again, and get more of the same.  

Its why so many of us on here have literally zoer faith in the Greek people and only feel sorry for them when it gives us the upper hand in an argument about the EU, using the EU's "we care about the people" argument against their supporters.   

StopBeingParanoid's picture

If people had more internet access perhaps they could learn how their country cooked the books or how their public employees earn on average 3x private company salaries... The EU isn't wrong in asking them to behave as a civilized nation.

It's a pity that the folks here at ZH ask for more transparency for the US and more or less any other nation on the planet and then, misteriously, turn up to be defending the one western nation that has been the least transparent in the last 40 years...

Dugald's picture

I want the author to spell asinine

Payne's picture

spelling is just a convention,  there is no correct way to spell only agreement within a culture.  The intellectual snobism of the spelling police is just you being a control freak.

Just say no !

Winston Churchill's picture

Indeed, and he is probably American to boot.

Pot> kettle> black.

Ahoy Polloi's picture

 "spelling is just a convention,  there is no correct way to spell only agreement within a culture"


Tell that to the TYLERS lawyers

Doña K's picture

Firstly, ZH's misspell words as a cult. What if the author meant "ass & nine." get the picture?

Secondly, on Greece, breaking up from EU and euro, it is obvious that the oligarchs and TPTB may have a good hold on Greece's entrails as they can get Turkey to make them spit blood, in addition to sanctions, if the Greeks dare. I bet all Greeks including politicians are praying that Italy or Spain folds first.

So bubbling without considering the geopolitical big picture is nonsensical.

And yes, when Syriza wins they will get the memo. 

The only hope is implossion of the whole EU due to unsustainability.

A Nanny Moose's picture

...the olny irpoamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rhgit pclae.

Lea's picture

"spelling is just a convention,  there is no correct way to spell only agreement within a culture"

Don't be foolish. There are rules to communication. You don't grunt, you speak fully-formed words and sentences if you want to be understood. And when you write, you spell properly so your readers don't get headaches trying to make out what the heck you're saying.

Yes, these are conventions. So?

Just try to be 'unconventional' and 'not a snob', scramble your letters, spell in Cyrillic or write in Hindi, see how well your messages come across in America.

BTW, is that a picture of you? It explains a lot.

goneYonder's picture

Your response is like lead. Just so that you may not willfully deny the meaning, the point is that while "there are rules to communication", they are nothing more than mere conventions. The best evidence for this is that these rules can and do change over time. There is no sense of the actual animal in the letters d-o-g or in the sound of the word. The exception, of course, are onomatopoeias.

Bearwagon's picture

You are correct, spelling is a convention. As I like to do, I recommend a book on this matter, in case there's doubt:
José Ortega y Gasset, "Man and People" (published 1957)
The book also deals with the fact, that not only spelling, but also police is a form of convention. It is quite an interesting read.

Escapedgoat's picture

I think kchrisc comes fisrt in my opinion as he has stated that he has built one already, therefore it will be more competitive.

But of course you have to put your best offer as well.

May the best (Guillotine) WIN.

robertsgt40's picture

This guy may not  know it but he's correct . Greece does need  to get rid of their "democracy ". Greeks and Romans formed  the first two republics. The two terms are polar opposites. 

beavertails's picture

Just spray some Windex on it and ... OPA!

Kaiser Sousa's picture

will you fucking greeks just kill that fucking EU/MoneyChanger puppet....


JuliaS's picture

Well, they're waiting for the Americans to lead by example though extermination of the Federal Reserve. Beacon (or was it bacon) of freedom and all that bullshit.

Don't say. Do.

remain calm's picture

2015 will be the year the SHIT HITS THE FAN

EscapingProgress's picture

No. We've got a few more years. When IS (the barbarians) begin operations in USSA (Rome) around the year 2016 then the shit hits the fan.

"The Fifth Phase This will be the point at which an Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared. The plan is that by this time, between 2013 and 2016, Western influence in the Islamic world will be so reduced and Israel weakened so much, that resistance will not be feared. Al-Qaida hopes that by then the Islamic state will be able to bring about a new world order.

The Sixth Phase Hussein believes that from 2016 onwards there will a period of "total confrontation." As soon as the caliphate has been declared the "Islamic army" it will instigate the "fight between the believers and the non-believers" which has so often been predicted by Osama bin Laden.

The Seventh Phase This final stage is described as "definitive victory." Hussein writes that in the terrorists' eyes, because the rest of the world will be so beaten down by the "one-and-a-half billion Muslims," the caliphate will undoubtedly succeed. This phase should be completed by 2020, although the war shouldn't last longer than two years."

Lynn Trainor's picture

I see some similarities to in what you are stating to what I believe concerning those last few verses of Daniel 11 and 12:1.  At the very end, just before the Second Coming, a power represented as the king of the north, will sweep through the Middle East and "plant his tabernacles" in Israel, thus defeating Israel, but tidings out of the East will trouble him (the king of the north) and "he shall come to his end and none shall help him."  (Islam will be defeated also.)  Then Michael (Christ) will stand up (cease His meditaorial work in the heavenly sanctuary) and probation will close on the human race, every case having been decided, and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation (Daniel 12:1). The world, having rejected God and His law, Satan will plunge the inhabitants of the earth into one final trouble.  All of the elements of strife will be let loose as the angels cease to hold in check the four winds.  Bible prophecy is being rapidly fulfilled.

EscapingProgress's picture

God isn't real and the Bible is a vague fiction.

Parrotile's picture

The original (Hebrew) version was a collection of stories (with strong local significance) dating back a very long time (e.g.Old Testament). There have been many translations, usually funded by those in places of significant influence (e.g. the King James 1st translation (started in 1601)). Of course, "those doing the paying" might want the "official translation" to reflect "their" interests, so there are plenty of arguments on the Net stating more or less that the "KJV Authorised" translation is, well, not "quite" accurate . . . .

As to God being not real - I find it best to quote the comedian Dave Allen - closing remarks being "May YOUR God go with you".

MisterMousePotato's picture

Two things:

First, to the poster above you, those who proclaim that God does not exist are woefully ignorant, somehow missing the advances made in the most cutting edge of the sciences over the past several decades; in particular, molecular biology. The existance of a creating intelligence really is at this point beyond disputation. Even the likes of Richard Dawkins has, albeit somewhat grudgingly, conceded the point.

Now, the nature of God certainly is a question upon which reasonable minds might disagree, but one should be cautious about throwing out the baby with the bath water, so to speak.

Second, to you, you are mistaken about the 'inaccuracy' of this translation or that. Yes, there are difficulties in translation (try translating Shakespeare into ancient Sanskrit, for instance - it'll lose some of it's poetic elegance in the process, to say nothing of leaving a bunch of turban wearers scratching their heads and wondering, "WTF?").

But by any objective study of the subject, the Bible is absolutely remarkable in its apparant preservation of the original writings (the result of more serious academic effort than just about anything else mankind has put its mind to). The book of Isaiah found with the Dead Sea Scrolls is about the best illustration of that; to wit: The modern, painstakingly reconstructed version of Isaiah is almost word for word identical to the version written some 700 years before Christ (and most of the discrepencies are easily explained by scholars).

For those living in an era of xerox machines and copy and paste, the magnitude of that achievement is likely lost, but to the cognescenti, it strains credulity.

Schaublin's picture

Democracy was fine in city states where people knew one another. Nation states with an alien tribe controlling the media and banking and therefore the puppet politicians, not so much.

JuliaS's picture

Damn right! Direct democracy is a more efficient form to an inefficient system. Sanctity of vote is a pure propaganda lie. The whole idea is to not let people know whether they're majority or minority, to be able to twist outcome either which way. If you vote by a show of hands in a small town sqare, the outcome is obvious. Nation state elections? You're just supposed to put up with whatever paid for media tells you.

The biggest goal of a representative (and direct) democracy is assumed compliance. If you agree with the democratic principle, you're supposed to comply with the outcome of the vote, even if it goes against your personal freedoms and beliefs. Through the mere act of participation you sign away your rights.

Constitutional Republic is in every way superior to a democracy. It allows voting but lays out right away the kinds of things you cannot vote on. In a democracy an individual has no rights - only priviledges granted to him by the will of the faceless majority. In a Constitutional Republic, the individual and his property is the foundation of everything. One man stands above the mass as oppose to other way around.

By the very definition, in a democracy "an individual" is always a minority.

Jack Burton's picture

I think you are hinting at the new reality of government. Democracy is indeed fine in a system where people know eachother and also have access to unbiased information in the form of a real public service media, much bias will be there, but counter points are free to be raised. This is opposite of America and the EU, where the Corprate take over of media and the corporate take over of government is now complete. Only a fool believes that a real media exists in the west, there is none. Only a fully developed propaganda bull horn for the established elite's "manipulation of voters" machine. Lies and damed lies, marketing of false pretense, and out right thought control techniques are the norm. Candidates are pre screened by ultra elite corporate groups, AIPAC, radical right wing think tanks, and bankers associtations, heads of the major military contractors and the secret world of CIA and NSA, all these screen and pick candidates who follow their line. These are then presented as a democat and a republican and we get to vote for them. I present Obama and Bush as proof beyond rational argument that there is no two party system, but one party, the party that rules.

As long as we vote for their hand picked candidates, they will allow us to have this fake democracy. Should people refuse to vote for them, and vote for non-party candidates who manage from time to time to get on a ballot. If it ever looks like one of those popular candidates could win, then the elites would create a false flag terror attack and sut down deomocracy. After 9/11 there was a debate indie the ruling elites that they might use 9/11 to do the deed then, but they chose not to. Realizing that Americans would fall in line and give the 1% total control without any coup.

America suffered a silent and slow motion coup over the last two decades. Carried out by the ultra rich elites and their allied military and spy chiefs. They ended your democracy and media freedom long ago. Now it is all a lie, smoke and mirrors touted by the tame controlled media liars. Like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS and National Public Radio.

IronShield's picture

$hit; a five minute conversation with the 'common' man (and especially woman) should tell you Democracy is Bull $hit.

Jack Burton's picture

Agree! Five minutes of an attempted rational conversation with an average American, in which you bring up economics, foreign policy, media, government wrong doing, education and health care, will result in a total brain collapse of your chosen vicitm. Revealing a brain dead zombie, ruined by a public education and years of media brainwashing. Underneath the facade of a "well educated free American citizen" lies a well dressed Cave Man.

yellowsub's picture

Democracy is tyranny by consent of the voters...

logicalman's picture

Tyranny of the many over the few.

JuliaS's picture

When media is bought and paid for, the rule doesn't apply. In our country few rule over the many by masquerading as a majority. The whole purpose of congressional lobbying is to portray the few as the many, automatically granting them priviledge in accordance to the democratic principle.

trader1's picture

i smell revolution.

Syriza is more than just an anti-EU party.

The Coalition of the Radical Left[13] (Greek??????????? ????????????? ?????????Synaspismós Rizospastikís Aristerás), known colloquially by its acronym SYRIZA (Greek??????, pronounced [?si?iza]), is a left-wing political party in Greece, originally founded as acoalition of left-wing and radical left parties.

The coalition originally comprised a broad array of groups (thirteen in total) and independent politicians, including democratic socialists,left-wing populist and green left groups, as well as MaoistTrotskyisteurocommunist but also eurosceptic composants. Its parliamentaryleader is Alexis Tsipras, formerly president of Synaspismós, the largest group in the coalition. From 2013 the coalition became a unitary party, although it retained its name with the addition of "United Social Front".

In 2012 Syriza became the second largest party in the Greek parliament and the main opposition party. It came in first in the 2014 European Parliament election.[14] whilst during the past few months it has become the country's most popular party.[15][16]

Syriza is officially characterized as an anti-establishment party,[17] whose success has sent "shock-waves across the EU".[18] Although it has abandoned its old identity, that of a hard-left protest voice, becoming more populist in character, and claiming that it will not abandon the Eurozone immediately,[19] at the same time, his leader Alexis Tsipras has declared that "euro is not my fetish".[20]


Martin Silenus's picture

Hey Samaras: Merry Gofuckyourself.

JustObserving's picture

The land of the free has done away with democracy and now we have a sky high stock market (thanks to Fed manipulation), near zero interest rates (thanks, Fed), a militarized police, infinite spying by the NSA, a corrupt judiciary monitored by the NSA, the Nobel Prize Winner bombing 7 Muslim countries and creating havoc in the Ukraine, GMO foods which remain unlabeled (93% want GMO labeling), fluoridated water to keep you calm (neurotoxin fluoride is ingredient in Prozac, Paxil and rat poison), compromised and corrupt politicians, captured regulators and the 0.1% now have more wealth than the bottom 90%.

The advantages of fascism, which is well-known to Greeks, cannot be overstated - especially by the 0.1%. Do the others matter, anyway?

Cloud9.5's picture

Democracy as our Framers understood is nothing more than mob rule.  Mobs are governed by emotion not reason. They are quite simply a momentary dictatorship of a local majority.  A republic on the other hand is rule by law.  The downfall of all republics lies in the fact that the makers are distracted by their various economic pursuits while the takers game the system.  In the end, the law is suspended by some real or contrived emergency and the takers take over.


The oligarchs that have taken over have painted themselves into a corner.  They have sized the engine room and the bridge of the Titanic.  While they are franticly attempting to gain more and more, the ship is sinking.  They will go down with it.




Parrotile's picture

To see how well, e.g. the American political system represents "The People", it's useful to notice just how many Presidents, and Presidential Candidates, seem to come from the same two families. (namely the Clinton clan, and the Bush clan).

With 350 million to choose from, one might reasonably expect a wider "spread" of Presidential representation . . . . . .

Alpacanio's picture

Time to take out the trash...


UselessEater's picture

This little "PIIGS"y watched too much Monkey Magic growing up... waiting to see if Draghi becomes president of an "I"... then we'll really see the "lawmakers" for-fill their destiny towards the New Demonocracy - they gotta a pretty good head start.

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"Reißen 'se sich zusammen, Mann! Sie haben Pflichten als Volksgenosse!"

franzpick's picture

Throw the bums out, and name the new Greek currency the Ouzo.