North Korea Trolls Obama: Compares US President To "A Monkey In A Tropical Jungle"

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While it is certain that in a few weeks, not even America's staunchest "patriots" will remember The Interview, one thing is certain: the trolling comedy that has been unleashed by North Korea in response to Obama's own "proportional response" will live in infamy for a long time. Case in point, North Korea's full official statement following the re-release of the The Interview, which hit select theaters on Christmas day, just as initially scheduled despite the endless drama, as well as countless streaming distribution services (which at a rental price of $5.99 promptly made it the most pirated movie of 2014, despite an epic marketing campaign that essentially made it unpatriotic for Americans not to see the movie).

So the movie came and went, but not before for some inexplicable reason, "an unknown" power decided to escalate matters further and following the FBI's and Obama's threat for a "proportional response", killed North Korea's internet for hours, because surely that will teach those evil North Korean hackers to never again mess with one of the world's most powerful transnational corporations, and halt future dissemination of emails revealing Sony Pictures' execs as a bunch of coddled racists. Or, as the administration called it, a "matter of national security."

To be sure, North Korea did not keep quiet through this entire farce, and while it made it very clear that it had nothing to do with the Sony hack, it did demand a full UN-backed investigation, a proposal quickly shot down by none other than the US which always demands full "transparency" of all actions except when actions are its own, or when the resulting transparency would shine an unwanted light on the hypocrisy behind US national interests. Furthermore, in its first statements regarding The Interview, North Korea was actually quite cordial, and said nothing offensive regarding Obama.

All that changed overnight when in its first official statement since its Internet went dark - something which if indeed North Korea did not hack Sony, as it claims, would be seen as a clear act of war if it were to happen to any other "developed" country - North Korea finally lost it and decided that the time to troll the US president has finally arrived, when, as the TV anchor says beginning 1:10 minutes in the clip blow, "Obama always goes reckless in speech and action like a monkey in a tropical jungle."

Clearly, North Korea has had enough, and as the Former British ambassador to North Korea John Everard said, "they have calculated there is nothing to be gained from trying to be nice to him." That, and it also shows that not even deep technological backwaters, countries which barely have night-time lighting let alone supercomputers needed to bypass state of the art firewalls, have no fear, or respect, of the current iteration of the world's most powerful man.

What is perhaps even more disturbing is that while replete with the usual propaganda, the North Korean statement actually made some valid points. From the statement:

"We'd like to ask if somebody made a film concerning terror, and if somebody intends to instigate terror to do harm, can Obama talk about freedom of expression and value of modern civilization. We take this opportunity to clearly announce once again: the hacking attack on Sony Pictures has nothing to do with us. We make it clear that our target is not such individual corporations as Sony Picture but the US imperialist brigands who left grudge on our entire nation. If the US intends to insist that we are the hacking attackers they must present evidence now.  Actually the big United States shamelessly began to obstruct the internet operations of major media of the DPRK like hide and seek of innocent children. We have already warned them not to act in the way of shaking fist after being hit by somebody. Of course, we do not expect our warning would work on the brigands because it is the United State that makes truth recognized by all people falsehood, triggers a war of aggression, and unhesitatingly intervenes in the internal affairs of a sovereign state if it is to satisfy their aggressive ambitions."

The trolling continued: "If the US persists in American-style arrogant, high-handed and gangster-like arbitrary practices despite (North Korea's) repeated warnings, the US should bear in mind that its failed political affairs will face inescapable deadly blows."

The full trolling statement below:

So what was the immediate response to the North Korean statement comparing Obama to a monkey, and the US to a schoolyard bully? Well, as reported earlier, "someone" managed to take down not only the communist country's internet but all its cell phone service.

And while Obama has yet to respond to North Korea's latest escalation in trolling, if not hacking, the president did take the time to provide some propaganda of his own, not surprisingly on a very contextual topic, and one very near and dear to Obama's heart: race. In fact his statement to NPR, as reported by The Hill, was no less laughable: "President Obama believes that the United States is less racially divided than when he took office in 2009. Asked in an NPR interview set to air starting Monday whether the nation is more racially divided than six years ago, Obama said "No."

"I actually think that it's probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided," Obama told "Morning Edition" host Steve Inskeep. Excerpts of the interview were released before broadcast by NPR.

And while there is Obama's version of reality, where his favorite TV channel, ESPN, apparently does not cover events like Ferguson or the slaying of NYPD cops, for everyone else things are different: a majority of Americans, 53 percent, believe that race relations have worsened under America's first black president, compared to 36 percent who say they have stayed the same and 9 percent who say they have improved, according to a Bloomberg Politics poll released earlier this month.

The NPR interview took place Dec. 18, a day after People magazine published remarks by the president and first lady Michelle Obama saying that they themselves had experienced racial prejudice.

"I think people forget that we've lived in the White House for six years," the first lady said.  "Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs," she added.

"There's no black male my age, who's a professional, who hasn't come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn't hand them their car keys," the president said.

Perhaps, or perhaps this is merely another example of "reckless speech and action" just like North Korea alleged, all designed to stoke, not sooth, racial conflict and hatred in America.

At the end of the day the only real question is whose propaganda is more convincing (or at least more amusing):



Or his:

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chubbyjjfong's picture

The Western Propoganda Provocation Machine is clearly working!

cossack55's picture

Funny, the figures behind the Dear Leader look human, but those behind Obummer, well....not so much.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

It's a sad,sad day when the leadership of North Korea makes more sense to me than the leadership of the USA.

Latina Lover's picture

Comparing Obama to a monkey is an insult to monkeys.

What the heck did monkeys ever do to humanity ,to be compared to a bisexual, illegal, crackhead,' we droned some folks' killer?

Anusocracy's picture

It's nice to see a truthful comment rather than the usual feigned politeness.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Dear Kim Jong Un,

Here are some more terms you might want to be aware of, for further communications regarding this topic.

Jungle bunny.
Spear chucker.
Yard ape.
Porch monkey.

Hope this comes in handy.


Ginsengbull's picture

You forgot monebacks, motees, and fukarwees.

redpill's picture

North Korea doesn't have shit, much less hackers.

knukles's picture

Presto!  When the Nork systems were reported down, one of my neo-con demented buds said something like "That'll show 'em!" to which I asked if that included all 3 computers and 7 cell pnones or just some.
There's really something the fuck wrong with all this.

Called False Flag, get the plebes fired up for war!
Bigger defense budget, ignore that fact that the recent budget passed by both houses Proved that There's Only One Party.
The Kabuki Theater Must Go On!

TBT or not TBT's picture

It's time for an absurd gesture on someone's part. 

SafelyGraze's picture

game on!

it's like the ice bucket challenge

every news anchor in the world who cares about vaginal health has to say the same monkey-thing, in a live broadcast, or be denounced as a monkey-denying antivaginalist

and nobody wants the shunning that goes with that

SamAdams's picture

This is starting to remind me of a Mel Blanc, "Bugs Bunny" cartoon.....

A Nanny Moose's picture

Like Germans bombing Pearl Harbor?

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

whats always cracks me up is that so many people(including most of the right wing media) who will(correctly) call out the obama admin for lying, automatically accept, at face value, a statement by said administration that the govt has proof that the NKs are the ones who did it. Pure kabuki theater, indeed. These people are known liars, who most on the right correctly assume lie about pretty much EVERYTHING, but as soon as they spin it to "the dirty Nork commies hacked us" it is immediatly bought as the whole truth. 'Murica.... that about sums it up

GetZeeGold's picture



(including most of the right wing media)


None dare call them conservatives.

Winston Churchill's picture

Nothing to do with South Korea leaving the petrodollar system.


Just another scorched earth tactical retreat by a dead empire, that has already lost on the

strategic level.

Lets hope 'scorched earth' isn't raised to an altogether  different level.


Chad_the_short_seller's picture
Chad_the_short_seller (not verified) Greenskeeper_Carl Dec 28, 2014 12:18 PM

They believe in their Foxnews!! It's utterly disgusting and pisses me off more than anything.

max2205's picture

Act of war is right on.....just saying

sun tzu's picture

The CIA did parade a "North Korean elite hacker" in front of the media to claim that NK has one of the best cyber warfare teams in the world. That is the evidence that North Korea did it. 

Cornfedbloodstool's picture

Burheads, saucer lips, mooncrickets, blue gums.

falconflight's picture

You missed a couple of oft used terms; 

pickaninny mau mau (retro)

pavement ape

runswithscissors's picture

and jiga-boo, or chimp...what about the mon-backs?


gatorengineer's picture

The ever popular Nigger as opposed to Nigga, was omitted......  Could have called him Sony's "boy", and then half of Ferguson would have been able to be deployed to bust a cap in his ass.


My take, the interview was so terrible that Sony may have started it themselves.  One of the truly worst movies ever made.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

That movie was a scream!  I happen to like movies that make me laugh.  Sadly, not everyone thinks things are equally funny.  My guess is 30% of people have no sense of humor.  Is this line funny?: "We're going to America where they don't eat doggies!"  If you said, No, then proudly count yourself in the 30%.  If anyone needs this explained, continue reading....

This is funny because many asians (not just Koreans), pretty much eat all animals, including dogs.  So our hero is rescuing his dog so that the starving North Koreans won't eat his dog.

Aaaarghh's picture

I can see where you are coming from, but to me its just purile.

beemasters's picture

Haha....The funniest part is when you think that's funny. Now, if you, FGB, don't think that's funny, then proudly count yourself in the 30%.

palmereldritch's picture

When Kim Jong Un discovers ZH he's going to lose his shit

DaddyO's picture

<- When Kim Jong Un discovers ZH he's going to lose what's left of his shit ->


Fish Gone Bad's picture

he's going to lose what's left of his shit

In the film it is discussed that Kim Jong Un does not have a butt hole.  So it may not be possible for Kim to lose his shit.

WOAR's picture

No, he has a butthole...

and it's working overtime.

I'm going to remember that movie forever, if only for the fact that I was in South Korea when it came out...

turnoffthewater's picture

email Kim a link, he'll get a good laugh, after all it's christmas...oh forgot the CIA, FBI, NSA took the country down. Now what does that say for free speech...oh forgot again.

auntiesocial's picture

Can you just hear the conversations in the white house war room? "... this douchebag again?"

Amerikan Patriot's picture

Were you under the impression that resorting to racism wins arguments?

Displaying racism shows how weak your hand is, Bob.

falconflight's picture

There is a not to fine line between racism and prejudice.  One can be prejudice and subject to stereotypical beliefs and not actually be a racist.  Racism as a term has been totally bastarized.  

Tall Tom's picture

Yeah. I agree.


I can stereotype pedophiles, like Amerikan Patriot, whom support the BUTTFUCKING OF CHILDREN as a method of torture, as EVIL while, AT THE SAME TIME, not giving a damn about what race they are.


And I am most definitely prejudice about the People whom support the BUTTFUCKING OF CHILDREN. Of course, at some times, the prejudices are actually entirely justified...(I believe that my prejudice against those people is entirely justifiable.)


The problem is that some are just so insipid as to be locked into the false dilemma choice paradigm and will not seek any alternatives. Their worldview is restricted as a result.


Thus they make good parrots of the Main Stream Media loudspeakers. But, as all Bird Brains, they lack the ability to critically think thus are neither innovative or creative. Thus they make no real contribution. They are the Consumer Class. They exist to destroy assets. (That is what consume means...destroy.)


They may operate small businesses but, in reality, produce little of real and lasting value. They operate in "Service Industries" which provide little service and are far from industrious.


What a waste of potential.

Nestor Makhno's picture

Keep drinking the kool aid and watching msm tt they have you well and  truly programmed, all of you yanks are immigrants and will never be anything but, you have the parasitic mentality and the inflated ego and sense of priveledge common to all immigants all over the world, america a land for and on behalf of immigants. it would be nice if you could develop a culture or society based on something other than greed, self interest and violence, but you are only a few hundred years old and need time to develop social cohesion, FWIW the sooner your corrupt fetid republic ends the better the only problem is gonna be getting the UN to police the shithole that your country has become, the rest of us can get on just fine without using our miltary to carry out smash and grabs  on other countries.



25or6to4's picture

Most Americans have no problem with immigrants who have something to contribute to the country. Unfortunately the vast majority of the current crop of boarder hoppers does not fall into that category. Most are welfare tourists and gang members looking to expand their territory.
Oh, good luck with that UN thing, they can't even secure a third world country successfully. I can't imagine the number of body bags being sent back to Europe and beyond if they ever attempt to occupy the worlds most heavily armed nation with millions of well trained military veterans .

Nestor Makhno's picture

True bout the UN but what else should they do when a nuklear power descends into civil war and anarchy over the next decade.

Dems are gonna win the next few elections and there will be an armed backlash, only reason IMHO obama got the gig was cos he could bring peeps onto the streets in a disputed election in a way romney couldnt, so TPTB put him in as figurehead.

Every few years you guys swap pepsi for coke and vice versa, ignoring the fact that the same company owns both brands.

If american society (based on mans law) is weaker than the immigants society it will be destroyed.


GeezerGeek's picture

Progressives are superb when it comes to bastardizing words. They apply words with negative connotations to their ideological enemies. They take good ones and apply them to their approved groups that people once held negative attitudes about. Like the word GAY. Indeed, the very term Liberal was applied to a destrucive ideology to make it more acceptable; Liberal is the antithesis of 'liberal' in its original sense.

SickDollar's picture


Mr Troll/ tool of the tribe  do you get paid on weekends to?


USA USA's picture

My question is:

How did a back asswards country like N.Korea gain access to OBUMmers Birth Certificate?



beemasters's picture

THey hate monkeys, bcos the monkeys killed their internet....and hated their freedom.

The Wizard's picture

The sad/sick part is these people, called "rulers", have more authority in controlling the masses as the governments of the world become more centralized. Living proof that human nature is flawed and we are screwed.