China Bans Christmas And This Happens To Google Traffic

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Very quietly and under the radar, authorities in China have cracked down on Christmas celebrations in China, deeming them "Western spiritual pollution." As CNMNews reports, for several years, a virtual rush to convert to Christianity has been underway in China, both in its Protestant and Catholic versions. The Department of Education this year issued a directive to limit Christianity’s appeal to young people, banning Christmas events and celebrations in schools and kindergartens, deemed “kitsch” and “un-Chinese”. The crackdown has also been spreading to universities and colleges nationwide. The result is nowhere more evident than in Google's traffic in China...



As Asia News reports,

For several years, a virtual rush to convert to Christianity has been underway in China, both in its Protestant and Catholic versions.


According to some reports, some 3,000 people, mostly young people, were baptised on Christmas night, in Beijing alone.


In Wenzhou, the local Department of Education has issued a directive to limit Christianity's appeal to young people, banning Christmas events and celebrations in schools and kindergartens, deemed "kitsch" and "un-Chinese". The crackdown has also been spreading to universities and colleges nationwide.


Since China opened up to foreign trade, Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, greeting cards and even crèches have spread widely. Although 25 December is a working day, thousands of young non-Christians attend church services in order to understand what Christmas is about. Eventually, many of them eventually sign up for the catechumenate and being baptised.


According to a survey conducted a few years ago at universities in Beijing and Shanghai, at least 60 per cent of young people are interested in learning about Christianity.


The directive issued by Wenzhou authorities is part of a wider pattern, which includes a campaign to tear down crosses and religious buildings launched in Zhejiang by the local party secretary whose primary purpose is to reduce the influence of Christianity in society, deemed "Western spiritual pollution."


Ironically, Zhejiang - in particular the city of Yiwu - lives off Christmas. About 60 per cent of all Christmas decorations sold in the world are manufactured in the province.

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FieldingMellish's picture

Nothing better for popularity than a ban.

Truther's picture

Is it payback time for google?

stacking12321's picture

good for china!

they are right, the commercial "celebration" of christmas in the america is indeed "Western spiritual pollution.".

they are only banning foolishness - the tao that can be banned is not the true tao.

Omen IV's picture

American NGO's are termite colonies designed to eat away and undermine the established order everywhere they are introduced - Russia / Hong Kong / China / Venezuela / Argentina - etc etc  - christianity is just one way of destroying chinese culture set up by the USAID propaganda system

suteibu's picture

Christian ministries were key elements of the British opium trade in China.  The Chinese know their own history.

Latina Lover's picture

Good move by the Chinese government.   Politicized Christianity is the trojan horse used by the USSA to undermine a  foreign society.  The Chinese still remember how the early Christian missionaries set them up for the Opium wars, and control by Britain.

Were I Chinese, I wouldn’t trust the foreign devils either. 

Their next move should be to register all non Chinese NGO's as foreign, and then strangle them.


"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." - Denis Diderot


Oh regional Indian's picture

Excellent points all the way.

India has seen the same approach since the 1600 (India was Francis of Assisi's first stop, 2 years or less after the foundation of the JEsuit order).

Assholes like our very own Chinned it 13 continue to come and pollute us to this very day. He is a christian missionary asshole for those not aware of the same.

I've offered to meet him in India on various ocassions, but he is not too keen for some reason.

This is when he is not being nefarious in Mayanmar.

It's the old Papal ruse of the Red Cross society...


Dakota Kid's picture

The second opium war ended in 1860. When was the last time you saw Christian churches pushing opium? The KKK was formed in 1866 and was the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party. Should we ban all Democrats too?

3.7.77's picture

"Western spiritual pollution."

But more than happy to flood our country with their trinkets.

suteibu's picture

They are only making the stuff, Americans are the volunteer buyers.  No need to trash China for it.

kridkrid's picture

Beat me to it. My only partial issue here is the "ban". It doesn't jive with my anarchist tendencies. The practical challenges of reality.

suteibu's picture

Read my earlier comment.  Christians weren't very Christian-like in China.  They used their faith to spread the opium trade and destroy the nation.  Why would China, communist or not, allow them free reign again.  Would you? 

Luckhasit's picture

They needed some way to get their silver back and them some.

nmewn's picture

I think you're confusing Christianity with government and corporate interests.

But hey, communists tried to supplant all (and any) religion with the state or its corporations and thats always worked out

suteibu's picture

I am not confused about anything.  To be sure, the missionaries were working with the government.  Still, from the Chinese perspective, those Christian missionaries were key conduits for the opium trade.  How is the average faithful to know that the message given by the priest, representing the concept of spiritual good, was part of the government agenda to destroy the nation?

Whatever the reason, Christianity had its chance in China and failed horribly.  Claims of religious freedom by the West ring rather hollow after that chapter of Western colonialism.  Don't forget, America moved to Asia based on its own political/religious Manifest Destiny beliefs. 

DeadFred's picture

LOL Christianity is growing so quickly in China it will soon have more Christians than America or Europe. Whatever did or did not happen a hundred years ago is irrelevant now. Agree with it or not the Communists created a spiritual vacuum that is now being filled. It will be interesting to see what comes of mixing a West Asian religion with an East Asian mind set.

suteibu's picture

Good for them.  Perhaps when there are enough of them. they will change the government. 

But what you say shows that the government is actually quite tolerant of religious beliefs and even the practice of it.  What they do not want are what we have in the West, regions with lots of power and money.

nmewn's picture

"Still, from the Chinese perspective, those Christian missionaries were key conduits for the opium trade."

But what entities put that perspective in their heads and who used the missionaries to profit financially is the real question, it was one and the same as far as I'm concerned.

"How is the average faithful to know that the message given by the priest, representing the concept of spiritual good, was part of the government agenda to destroy the nation?"

Simply by reading my above, if they're allowed to by those state-entities.

Real Christians aren't interested in worldly power or profits at the expense of human suffering, thats what governments and corporations are for ;-)

suteibu's picture

With all due respect, religions are huge corporations, at least from the money that flows to them and the political power they wield.  Aside from that, Christianity is not what Jesus taught.  Nor is Buddhism what Buddha taught.  Both insisted that the link between man and God (or nirvana) were personal quests, not something managed by priests or elders or popes or lamas.  However, rather than follow their words and acts, someone decided the opportunity was ripe to create a whole new bureaucracy (New and Improved) and placed that bureaucracy between man and God.  Not to mention sucking tons of money from people.

I would agree that there are "real" Christians in the world who are like you say.  But, you are not likely to meet one in a church because, if they are in church, they have missed the message altogether.


nmewn's picture

"Both insisted that the link between man and God (or nirvana) were personal quests, not something managed by priests or elders or popes or lamas."

Plus one, quite right, thats one of the reasons why the Protestant practice was formed, Martin Luther ushering it in. At the risk of offending my Catholic friends on this subject, we don't pray through idols (like Mary) or saints, even understanding the good works they did. We have never believed that the word of God should be hidden or interpreted by "a priest" for us.

Which is another thing Martin Luther should be commended for, if nothing else than as a man seeking to distribute the unfiltered truth. People of sound mind can read it for their self now, instead of knowing Latin and make a judgement on the words.

Christian's come in many forms and God knows I'm no saint cursing the way I do sometimes (and for what I've done or may do in the future) but it doesn't (and shouldn't) stop others from finding a different path, their own path, as it encompasses free will.  

No one is being forced into anything, its presented as what it is, take it or leave it but no one can argue its evil by design, only how others have manipulated it.

suteibu's picture

Martin Luther...great man.  And yet he has is own denomination named after him, with similar structures to other religions and denominations.  Seriously, I have studied religiously to find where either Jesus or Buddha asked his followers to build expensive cathedrals and temples and top-heavy bureaucracies in their names.  

Of course, it is your own business what and how you believe.  But there is no religion with the moral authority - and certainly not the authority from God - to claim it is the one and only true way to everlasting life. 

At best, you might feel better about yourself.  I will grant that religion might have social and personal benefits.  They have nothing to do with God.

nmewn's picture

I don't think I ever said Jesus asked people to build bureaucracies or churches to enrich themselves. I have no idea where that came from.

Its presented as it is and He was, on the side of the road, in the fields, dying beside common criminals, with and for the people. If that escapes you its no fault of mine.

And as an aside (to complete this circle of thought, which will "go there" at some point) I can never forgive what the Jews in high places did to Him, as a man or a Christian. However it is not for me to do this anyways (forgiveness) as He was sent here for one specific purpose, for me and us.

Knowing that, I cannot persecute them (as a race) for it, I simply can never forgive the elders who did it, two very different things.

suteibu's picture

You are correct, you have not made that claim.  I do not think I attributed it to you personally. 

However, the various religions based on Jesus' teachings, some more than others, stand as a testimony to the departure from the lessons of Jesus. Ostensibly created to aid the believer in finding God, they have seized control of the process.

As for forgiveness, it is not for God or Jesus that you should forgive, but for your own salvation.  Buddha spoke the same lessons about such things.  You damage your own spirit by holding grudges.  Or, in the slang of today's world, those elders, long dead, are living rent free inside your head.  I would add, with a firm grip on your soul.  Jesus forgave them, who are we that we do not?

nmewn's picture

Wise words suteibu.

But I'm not that guy. I have personlly forgiven many people for many things whether they asked for it or not but forgiving the intentional aiding & abetting of evil I can never do, past or present. Evil has never been stopped in this world by prayer or chanting or zen, its always taken men making a stand. As I say, I'm no saint.

So say a prayer for me if you wish, in the end I'll be judged by Him and thats all that matters.

Rikky's picture

quite true nmewn.  you want to read about a guy that was literally tortured for Christ during the communist regime in Romania?



nmewn's picture

Yes, "the opiate of the masses"...the communists are trying very hard (and always have) to replace that "opiate" (as they called it) with socialist-state methadone...or

And even in this, they reveal themselves as to the true nature of their character. Replace this...with that...and social order, equality for all and goodwill toward men is assured, its social justice!!!

Along with the Top Dogs of Communism getting their fine houses on the lake, state pension plans, round the clock sand security etc. ad

Well then and here I thought this was all about spirituality and sharing the wealth ;-)

Jeepers Creepers's picture

So you're saying the crack down is because they're afraid Opium is going to make a comeback with all the new Christian converts?


What a stupid comment.


Methinks you just have a chip on your shoulder regarding Christianity and you'll use any dumb reason to support a tyranical government suppressing it.

suteibu's picture

I consider myself a Christian.  However, I also believe that there are reasons for many things that people do that you might not like.  Quite frankly, it is none of your business what they do.  I think you would say the same if they told you what to do.  The Asian mind in different from the Western mind, for good or bad.  You can not judge them because they do not think in a way that you approve. 

suteibu's picture

Yes, that is a stupid comment.  You are the only one who made it. 

fleur de lis's picture

Suteibu, you need to read up on the Russell Company, Skull and Bones, FDR, and Herbert Hoover. 

suteibu's picture

I have read about them.  Can you be more specific as regards this topic?

kridkrid's picture

You blame them for that? Misplaced.

Sub MOA's picture

USAID ahhh more fucking jewery ohh the irony anyone ever seen a jewish chinaman ???  Ofcourse not but you can spot their little yellow stooges ;)

panicearly's picture

The Soul Hunters

The Soul Hunters of Central Asia The most Baptist state in the world—Nagaland—is vying to become a powerhouse for cross-cultural missions
sun tzu's picture

What about their singles day commercial celebration crap encouraging single people to buy cheap crap trinkets from Alibaba?

847328_3527's picture

That's different; that's a Party-endorsed event.

willwork4food's picture

We should ban things here too.

Like Joozs procrating in the halls of Congress.

Truther's picture

Let's ban their pension funds first. That'll be a killer.

nmewn's picture


Christian, Jew, Hindi, agnostic-athesit-humanist...ALL OF THEM...for willful, fiscal incompetence, graft & corruption on a Romanistic scale leading to the dependence of the people on the state for their basic needs, ultimately leading to the Republics destruction.

Hearing no objections, the motion carries ;-)

rejected's picture

Set their payroll at the mean household income and required to buy obama-care.

TrustbutVerify's picture

But...Freedom is slowly being banned and no one cares. Oddly, many are, in their own way, cheering it.  What gives? 

Refuse-Resist's picture

Yes.  You see, we have to give  up our freedoms because they hate us for our freedom.


Only the 'they' is a lot closer to home than most Americans would believe.


It lives in every government office, from the local town hall to the big shithouse in DC.


In other news, the chocolate ration will be increased from 30 grams to 20 grams this month!

Thank you dear leader!



tplink's picture

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Hulk's picture

Oh Horry night

TeamDepends's picture

All your spirit are belong to us.