US Ally, Saudi Arabia Beheads 87 In 2014, Up Over 10% From 2013

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It was a good year for those long 'beheadings'. After a solid 79 head-removals in 2013, 2014 surged 10% higher with a recent record 87 beheadings overall (following a surge since August for crimes such as "drug smuggling, witchcraft, or sorcery"). The 'State' responsible for all these executions... not ISIS, but US ally, Saudi Arabia...


As BNO News reports,

A Pakistani man convicted of smuggling a large amount of heroin has been decapitated by sword in Saudi Arabia, the government reported on Wednesday, disregarding concerns raised by human rights activists and raising the number of people executed there this year to 87.




“The Interior Ministry reminds the public that the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud) – may Allah protect him – continues the fight against drugs of all kinds as it inflicts serious harm on the individual and society,” the ministry said in its statement. “The most severe penalties on the perpetrators are derived from the righteous approach of Sharia law.”


Wednesday’s beheading adds to a surge in executions that began in August, angering human rights organizations because many of those killed were convicted of non-lethal crimes. “Any execution is appalling, but executions for crimes such as drug smuggling or sorcery that result in no loss of life are particularly egregious,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, of Human Rights Watch, earlier this year.


Amnesty International also expressed its concern after four family members were all beheaded on the same day in August for merely possessing hashish. “The recent increase in executions in Saudi Arabia is a deeply disturbing deterioration. The authorities must act immediately to halt this cruel practice,” said Said Boumedouha, of Amnesty International.


At least 87 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia this year, following 79 executions last year. The kingdom applies the death penalty for a large number of crimes, including drug offenses, apostasy, sorcery and witchcraft. Both witchcraft and sorcery are not listed as crimes but have been used to prosecute people for exercising their right to freedom of speech or religion, according to activists.

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Still, as we noted previously, Saudi Arabia is not the worst...


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johngaltfla's picture

They are just doing the job that Obama wishes he could do to us.

t0mmyBerg's picture

yes which is why we need a trillion dollar appollo program to come up with viable alternatives to crude oil so arabs can never dictate to anyone the cost of running their civilization ever again and they can melt back into the sands from whence they came

0b1knob's picture

North Korea is LAST on this list with "+" (whatever that means ) executions?   Just putting made up stuff on a chart doesn't make it true.

LetThemEatRand's picture

They are much maligned, but fuck it.  It's New Year's.  Happy Revolution New Year, fight club.


El Oregonian's picture

This is one society you do not want to get ahead in, or go head-over-heels there....


It's 2015! Happy New Fears!

GetZeeGold's picture least they didn't stick anyone in Gitmo.


Just sayin....

freak of nature's picture

Hamas raised Gaza's executions almost 700% in 2 days this year, compared to 2013. Granted, the PA was apparently not happy, especially after a moratorium was issued on executions in 2005.

Tall Tom's picture

Sung to the tune of "Let's Go Out To The Ballpark"


Let's go out to the sandbox

Let's go out to Riyadh

We'll have some grand executions there

We'll kill the drug dealers extraordinare


So its root, root, root for the headsman

His swordblade was honed sharp

So it's off, off, off with their heads

Rolling down the boulevard.


Apologies to the writers of Mad Magazine circa 1965. But you had a good one with your Grand Revolution parody.



knukles's picture

Riyadh.  In the hear of the "old town" nestled amongst the shops in the bazaar, is a place known a Chop Square.  At least that what we heathens are told it is named.  And if you have the grand pleasure to be in the area when a beheading takes place, the black robed preacher men guide you with their whacking sticks toward the activity and the natives will all push you to the front row, where you get to watch Islamic Justice At Work.
My suggestion; Stay way the fuck away
From Chop Square and the Middle East.
They do not like Yankee Dogs there.
At all.
Great cheap gold, BTW, in the bazaar.  Y'all get beautiful hand tooled jewelery by weight.  No charge for the artistry/jeweler's efforts.
And I'll betcha if they say it's 24kt, it's 24kt or they too wind up in the square losing a hand or something else.
Very effective justice.
Rather strict and intolerant, but shit, slavery worked too, built the pyramids (BS, they weren't built by Egyptians, but that's a whole nother discussion)
Happy New Year

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The executioner in the pic has style, a southpaw winding up for a classy backhand strike, wonder if they hava a matador like following amongst the fans?

Tall Tom's picture

Enjoy the Television Interview with Saudi's Headsman.


He describes his technique....and the swords he chooses.

TheReplacement's picture

It is notable that the Saudis do not use a Saudi to do their dirty work.  Same old, same old.

Tall Tom's picture

How did you come to the conclusion that he is not a Saudi?


Saudi Arabia spans a large region and there are differing degrees of melanin content in their skin. Furthermore they did report that they have them travel to different regions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those "regions" are somewhat like the States which make up the United States of America. (Now I may be a Californian, or an Arizonaian by "birthplace", but I am still an American.)




I found it somewhat humorous when asked how he "felt" about carrying out his first beheading (a Western Liberal Progressive idea...) that he responded, and I quote the translation, "Every person is a bit worried when he starts a new job....and is afraid he might fail..."


Now that was fucking laughable. It brings tears to my eyes.


Can you fucking believe that there are actually people like that?


Let's arm them to the hilt with Nukes and ICBMs today. Then we will not need worry about tomorrow.

Overfed's picture

I just wanted to hear him say "Meh. It's a living. Stay in school, kids."

Hotmustard's picture

Seriously? Nickelback? I hope that was supposed to be funny. 

SAT 800's picture

I love the Witchcraft crime; 1100 AD, anyone ? And these people are supposed to be smart, eh? I don't think so.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Witchcraft and Sorcery......  here that's 'banking and finance'

HowdyDoody's picture

"Just putting made up stuff on a chart doesn't make it true."

But it will serve to confirm the idea that it is true in the minds of those who want it to be true.

fleur de lis's picture

TommyBerg, don't think that Arabs are in control of the oil fiasco. They're just the managers. 

Tall Tom's picture

Managing it to THEIR BENEFIT. They are just as SELF INTERESTED as any other Nation-State.


Your ARROGANCE shall be the seed of your fall. You do yourself NO SERVICE by underestimating the abilities of your opponent.


They will use YOUR PRIDE and ARROGANCE as a weapon against you.


A Realistic assessment generally produces success in any engagement between interested parties.


A fantastic assessment, through underestimation, or ,overestimation, generally will yield unrealistic expectations and, following that, FAILURE TO PERFORM.

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So ISIS is trying to catch up?

GetZeeGold's picture

<--- William Wallace

<--- ISIS


nmewn's picture

  <------ Sunni

  <------ Shiite

GetZeeGold's picture



nmewn's picture



Headbanger's picture

<<- Ford

<<- Chevy

Happy New Year you mooks!

Tall Tom's picture

And I just demonstrated that those ISIS, Shia, Pharasee, Theocracy advocates prefer Chevy's.

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You can depend on Zero Hedge for something cheerful to think about on New Years !! Happy (?) crazy year; fellow sufferers.

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May you prosper in yours.

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I fucked her in the ass while her husband was at work, then made her suck my dick! You shoulda seen her shit-eating grin!! Wait..she was your sister, dude...never mind.

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Who is up voting this diarrhea?

Tall Tom's picture

The people whom he paid?

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Obamacare will feel like that as the mandate kicks in today


Are the beheadings up 10% in real terms(accounting for population growth) or in nominal terms? Just curious. 

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

I, for one, will wait to see the Goldman Sachs Swirl-o-gram to get a better feel for this trend.

Handful of Dust's picture

Seasonally corrected the number of beheadings actually decreased 8%.

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Perhaps, a polar vortex in Saudi Arabia??

adeptish's picture

What's with all the southpaw head choppers?

Very sinistre...

ebworthen's picture

If it is your head, it is in real terms.

If it is someone else's, it is nominal.

falga's picture

Must be inflation

TurdOnTheRun's picture

US ally, Mexico, beheads hundreds of people every year.

Mexican drug cartels worse than ISIL

jmaloy5365's picture

Plenty of ppl in goverment should be put in a guillotine.....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.......

cynicalskeptic's picture

You have been identified and convicted of 'Terrorist Hate Thought'  under Patriot Act Section 128B subsection 3  

Please report to your nearest  Re-education Camp.  The same for those giving 'Up Arrows'

spinone's picture

Yeah, so?  Just because we buy oil from them doesn't mean we dictate their criminal policies to them.

MsCreant's picture

What of ISIS numbers?