Where The Minority Rules In America

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"An increasingly muscular minority political base is here to stay," says Politico, and nowhere is that minority more in charge in America than shown in the following map. As the white population continues to age (only 51% of Under-5s were white in 2010), racial minorities will pick up the slack (by 2027, minorities will out-number whites nationally among those under 30).



Already, 10 states have “minority white” child populations, including reliably red states like Texas and Arizona.


Source: Politico

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Demographics...schmemographics.  Diebold don't be givin a shit.

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Despite all the panic, America is still 70% white, the same percentage at the time of the American Revolution. We became "whiter" afterwards.

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They don't get the DNA thing.

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Misread post.



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Jews don't give a fuck as long as they control our money and media.

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ethnic and cultural division makes divide and rule easier

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Zionists learned centuries ago that there is no profit in increasing the power of the majority.  Instead they empower and enflame (think Sharpton) the minorities and set them constantly against whatever social cohesion might offer resistence.  The map above shows how effective they have been in the US.  The Zionists have sunk their fangs into white protestant culture and have nearly choked off its last breaths.   There is no hope that what remains of this America's white roots can throw the beast off unasisted.  The real irony is that America's only hope in throwing off the zionists lies with Russia and Putin.

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Well since the Roman Catholic Church owns the British Crown and The US, what is your point. Do you mean the Pope is a Zionist and you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist or the Pope is Jewish and a Zionist too?

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Don't agree with your "hope" being Putin, he is clearly part of the global dialect. On the the other hand, the -10 rating from this audience shows that even here on ZH most people really don't understand the larger agenda. happy new year.

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I follow the argument that Putin is also part of the cabal and remain unconvinced but I can't rule it out.  I think there are times when rulers go rogue. Castro perhaps, Saddam certainly.  Is it possible Putin has gone rogue against the cabal, or was never really under their control?  I think so.

But lets concede your point about Putin being in on it.  Does that mean you think that there is a better hope?  Please tell.

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@ ConfederateH
"The Zionists have sunk their fangs into white protestant culture and have nearly choked off its last breaths."

The infernal, notorious strength of the vampire: All are aware, or at least have some appreciation of Jewish involvement in finance. This is simply because, with sufficient money, anyone or anything can be bought - including entire governments, entire medias. With front-men everywhere to do their bidding, with a total curtain, a complete information blind in force, their dictatorship is unseen, largely unsuspected. To quote from Bram Stoker, "The strength of the vampire is that no one believes in him."

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protocol #2 Start fights between different races, classes and religions

The 50 most influential Jews of 2014 | Jerusalem Post

1. Jack Lew, Secretary of the United States Treasury

2. Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve

14. Stanley Fischer, Vice chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank - former head of the bank of Israel


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You're a demagogue - those three are limousine Zionists, if zios at all (none of them live in israel or , with the exception of Fischer, have ever lived in the land. And Fischer was literally living like a tourist.) Any connection or similarity between those three and genuine hardworking zios is purely coincidental.

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"White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2013 62.6%"



We didn't become "whiter", the definition of a human was changed.....  kinda like the change TPTB made in the way we currently calculate GDP.......

BraveSirRobin's picture

If memory serves "Latino" was created in the 1970's. Before that they were considered "White".

Skip's picture

"Despite all the panic, America is still 70% white"

That isn't true. In the 2006 campaign Associated Press stated that the US was 60% White and that includes those who DO NOT identify as white, e.g. Jews, Arabs, Mexicans et al. In fact Armenians, Arabs, and others who are classified by Census Bureau as whites have filed with Universities and .gov to NOT be counted as whites...they KNOW to be called white is to be at a disadvantage. And if you doubt Mexicans and others of that ethnicity being considered white just look at how State of Texas, for one example, classifies Mexican murderers, rapists, etc

The demographic change in America was by DESIGN, not chance:

The KEY to understanding the otherwise inexplicable

Preface to the First Paperback Edition

Israel’s Netanyahu: “We Don’t Have To Open Our Doors To Be Swamped”

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"Despite all the panic, America is still 70% white"

I think it's lower than that actually but in any event the White demographic is heavily skewed towards the older generation, whereas vibrants/enrichers dominate among the young and have much higher reproduction rates. No, unless something si done Whites will be a minority - with America looking like today's Brazil - in less than 40 years.

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Exactly. If minorities voted this might matter.

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the way he says muscular minority is kinda turning me on... just sayin'...

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"If minorities voted"


If minorities voted the MSM wouldn't spend so much time using things like the Trayvon Martin case to incite racial hatred.

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at this rate, in my lifetime, white people will finally become the new minority.  they'll just have to remember the lessons of their predecessors: always be on the defensive.  try to find insult and prejudice anyplace, and I mean anyplace you can.  form action groups that do nothing but gripe about these slights.  grab anything free the government offers to make up for this, then complain anyway.

but really, the biggest lesson white people can learn is to blame all other races for your problems.

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I don't want to sound like an asshole, but (1) there is a really big culling coming and (2) white people historically wage the most efficient warfare.

Personally, I abhor violence, particularly when it is perpetrated against my body.



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white people historically wage the most efficient warfare


Hmmm...  Vietnam, Korea....  how about Afghanistan... (both USSR  and USA)  what about Iraq?  Just a few that come to mind quickly.... lol


White people don't seem to do so good in guerrilla style warfare....

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Dreaming of bows and arrows...he is

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historically is more than one generation, check it out

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European DNA has a long history of brotherly warfare, the best most productive land has always been the hardest to hold on to.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Ghengis Khan was totally a lousy general.  Viking Berserkers f'n rule, it says so in the dungeons & dragons handbook.  +2 vs. dragon breath, ftmfw.

MachoMan's picture

white people historically wage the most efficient warfare

Hmmm...  Vietnam, Korea....  how about Afghanistan... (both USSR  and USA)  what about Iraq?  Just a few that come to mind quickly.... lol

White people don't seem to do so good in guerrilla style warfare....

The fuck?  First, wars tend to be melting pots...  

Second, if you're trying to hold it against us that we can't occupy a foreign country indefinitely, then that's an impossible standard...  This has nothing to do with efficiency.  Aside from the fact that in the wars that you've cited, americans/allies killed the enemy 10+:1.

Third, when the gloves are off, guerilla style warware doesn't exist, proper...  entire towns get levelled...  individuals aren't given due process before their lives are taken...  so the notion of guerilla warfare may not even be relevant.

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I think if you just count the number killed in warfare I think the White guys are up there. The Chinese killed a whole bunch and may be good competitors. The rest of the skin tones are pikers at killing.

As far as Honkies not being good at guerilla war, I don't know. The French of all people did OK in WWII, as did the Russians and Ukranians, Serbs, Croats, etc. People resort to guerilla operations only in the face of overwhelming military superiority, which whites have maintained through most of the modern era.

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Ummm, weren't all of those wars fought AFTER desegregation of the military?

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Perhaps some day whitey will be eligible for college scholarship money again.

BraveSirRobin's picture

Actually, most are, indeed. Good point. I've always thought they were a kind of Islamic hillbillies, actually.

lincolnsteffens's picture

The purpose of those wars was not to be efficient but the opposite. Waste make for profit in replacements of that which was wasted. It may look like stupidity on the surface but scratch a bit and you may see some smart greedy oligarchs underneath.

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If you look at the map that has already happened in a lot of states.  Texas is already a majority of latinos, even with a lot of illegals not being reported by the census.  Only a few white kids at the grade schools.

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Please define white. Broad brush of "pale face" or ethnically pure in the delusion of the National Socialist State. We are all mongrels if you examine the migration of peoples over hundreds of thousands of years. Besides what we don't know about race or cultures would overwhelm the existing library space plus all the libraries destroyed since the first library was created. We are all just so brilliant we have blinded ourselves so we can't see.

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In desperation you're introducing the Continuum Fallacy.  This seeks to invalidate the concept of calibrations on a spectrum simply because there are not rigid delineators.  Using this ploy there's no difference between a Somali and a Swede. But you know what? Most of us could manage to spot the difference.

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"Why don't you put her in charge?!"

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Hysterical - thank you Happy New Year!  (and love the pic!) 

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Is it me or are the articles coming on at warp speed tonight?

Edit: Just "read" the article. Seriously, as meat hammer commented, Diebold don't give a shit. Besides, the narrative of a diminishing white majority contributing to the general decline doesn't really hold water when you consider how things were under the fat fuck majorities over the last few decades and the retard Bush overlord just recently.

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Ease up on the OJ it makes the night speed by..

Cheers !

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So, would you call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave "The Minority House"?

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I'm white. My wife is hispanic. We registered our kids as hispanic, all 4 of them. It's better for scholarships and awards and so on. They are all doing well, and would have whatever. Med student, Graduate Engineer, Engineering student and Math major. Texas, y'all.

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Makes sense.

There's no extra credit given for checking the White-ish box.

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My parental lines are anglo with over 300 years of history on the American continent. But I was born on Guam, (my dad was working there at the time), and raised on Puerto Rico from 2 until I turned 14. So technically I am a, (hold on, are you ready for this?), an Anglo-Hispanic Pacific Islander. And yep, I check all dem' danged boxes of them federalie forms. Fuck 'em, who says I'm not a minority?

Handful of Dust's picture

It's best to check ANY box other then "white."

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Bingo. Everybody is a minority.