Weaponized Ebola? ISIS Militants Said To Contract Deadly Virus

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Forget targeted US airstrikes, ISIS faces a new existential threat. Citing an unnamed source in a Mosul hospital, Iraq's official pro-government newspaper, al Sabaah, said Ebola arrived in Mosul from "terrorists" who came "from several countries" and Africa. Mashable further confirms, three outlets reported that Ebola showed up at a hospital in Mosul. For now, it's unclear if any disease experts or doctors in Mosul are even able to test for the Ebola virus; but it would mark the first time the virus had been detected in an area controlled by ISIS, a group that doesn't embrace science and modern medicine.


As Mashable reports,

Reports that Islamic State militants in Mosul have contracted Ebola swirled though Iraqi media sources on Wednesday. World Health Organization officials said they haven't confirmed the cases, but the organization has reached out to offer assistance.




"We have no official notification from [the Iraqi government] that it is Ebola," Christy Feig, WHO's director of communications told Mashable.


Feig added that WHO is in the process of reaching out to government officials in Iraq to see if they need help investigating the cases, a task that could be a challenge, given the restrictions that would come with operating in ISIS-controlled territory.


It's unclear if any disease experts or doctors in Mosul are even able to test for the Ebola virus. A Kurdish official, who was convinced the cases are Ebola, told the Kurdish media outlet Xendan that the militants' symptoms were similar to those of the Ebola virus.




Citing an unnamed source in a Mosul hospital, Iraq's official pro-government newspaper, al Sabaah, said the disease arrived in Mosul from "terrorists" who came "from several countries" and Africa.




If the cases in Mosul turn out to be Ebola — a scenario that, at this point, seems highly unlikely — it would mark the first time the virus had been detected in an area controlled by ISIS, a group that doesn't embrace science and modern medicine.


Over the past few weeks, militants affiliated with ISIS have executed more than a dozen doctors in Mosul, according to Benjamin T. Decker, an intelligence analyst with the Levantine Group, a Middle East-based geopolitical risk and research consultancy.

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The question now is - will Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama send his humanitarian non-boots-on-the-ground military advisors to help?

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However, as The International Business Times reports, officials are denying the reports...

Iraq's Ministry of Health also denied that anyone in Mosul had contracted the Ebola virus, which broke out in March in West Africa.


Spokesman Ahmed Rudaini told news site Al-Maalomah that Mosul doesn't even have the technological capability to diagnose Ebola cases -- only Baghdad does. Therefore, he said, the reports that Ebola has infected anyone in Mosul are "incorrect" and "unfounded."

But, perhaps most concerning,

In the event ISIS does have Ebola, the militants could use it as a biological terror technique, Forbes reported in October. Members could contract the virus on purpose and then go to foreign countries to infect others.


“The individual exposed to the Ebola virus would be the carrier,” national security professor Al Shimkus told Forbes. “In the context of terrorist activity, it doesn’t take much sophistication to go to that next step to use a human being as a carrier.”

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Just Take It All's picture

Well that should be good for at least a ramp-job to 2100.  Bullish!

Publicus's picture

Biopreparat, a major biological warfare agency, is a vast, ostensibly civilian, network of secret laboratories, each of which focused on a different deadly bioagent. Its 30,000 employees is researching and producing pathogenic weapons for use in a major upcoming war.

HowdyDoody's picture

The US has financed a number of bioweapon research labs in Ukraine, one in Odessa and another near Kharkov. There are others in other countries surrounding Russia.

Publicus's picture

Giving the Ebola weapon to ISIS will be a very bad idea in hind sigh. Ebola jihad ...

McMolotov's picture

Durka durka ebola jihad!

kaiserhoff's picture

Well of course ISIS has Ebola.

  They fuck EVERYTHING!

Looney's picture

Just wondering… How long will it take for the banksters to leverage and re-hypothecate Ebola? ;-)


Ignatius's picture

The banksters will gather the bodies of Iinfected SIS that get tossed over the walls.

BaBaBouy's picture

"" In the event ISIS does have Ebola, the militants could use it as a biological terror technique, Forbes reported in October. Members could contract the virus on purpose and then go to foreign countries To Infect Innocents""

If True Then Wipe Them Off The Face Of This Beautiful Planet...

Manthong's picture

This might not work out so well for the rabid ISIS jackals.

Even if they stole a lot of hospital stuff, they likely cannot use it effectively to protect their own evil asses.

Hell, we’ve been screwing up a much more disciplined medical protocol ourselves.

And I don’t believe that killing your doctors is a very good longevity regimen.


Silky Johnson's picture

I think they have the advantage of not giving a fuck. They can quarantine it amongst themselves much easier, in that if someone is even suspected of having it, their ass is torched and fed to dogs. The fear is that they dispatch carriers in all directions of the globe.

chumbawamba's picture


Um, you don't feed diseased meat to dogs, and dogs wouldn't eat human flesh torched to the extent necessary to kill off the ebola.

Anyway, fresh off the newswire: ISIS members have also contracted AIDS by fucking the dead corpse of Yassir Arafat.  They plan to weaponize the infected by sending them into Washington, D.C. for use as male prostitutes for the gays and liberals.

I am Chumbawamba.

Bad Attitude's picture

Maybe the Ebola virus will do the job nobody else seems able to do: eradicate ISIS from the face of the earth.

Forward (over the cliff)!

layman_please's picture

DC? these sociopaths only fuck children.

andrewp111's picture

The easiest way to quarantine it is live burial of the infected. Those IS fuckers would have no problem with that.

Parrotile's picture

Why would they want to "Quarantine" it?

Maybe the intention could be to use the infected as a "walking bioreactor" - especially if the (maybe deliberately) infected were not on "their" team.

Probably a relatively easy way of producing "bulk guaranteed humanised" agent.

Ignatius's picture

"If True..."

That's a hypothetical, one million dead Iraqi's and 5,000+ US soldiers is a big fat reality.

0b1knob's picture

< A catastrophe ensues. 

< Hilarity ensues.


What happens when ebola gets loose in an Arab county with very poor sanitation which does not believe in modern science or medicine. 

kaiserhoff's picture

and India, SE Asia, Bukakkistan...

0b1knob's picture

According to reports, ISIS has executed dozens of medical doctors in Mosul.   Maybe this was because they were suspected of doing something.  Or of not doing something.  Or maybe just for the laughs.

Since ISIS doesn't believe in modern medicine the don't realize that the only effective measure is CLIPBOARDS.  We need to get FLounder there stat to instruct them.

Matt's picture

Muslims are fairly hygenic due to religious beliefs; there was a study that showed that a Muslim child in the poorest quintile had a better chance of making it to adulthood than a Hindu child in the richest quintile, in India.

0b1knob's picture

Yes but according to intelligence from this guy ebola is spread by goats!



StychoKiller's picture

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind!

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Well, there goes my New Years wish and the day isn't even over. The logistics weaponizing Ebola to be effective on a mass scale may be out of their reach technologically but a small scale attack could have a desired psychological response.

The only way to cripple this country is to have numerous outbreaks here that drain our resources. Each case is expensive to treat and requires a lot of blood products. I remember one trauma I had required hundreds of units of blood, FFP and cryo. The San Diego blood bank was on the radio as I drove home calling for donors due to the critical shortage. I think people don't realize how tenuous this is and when the system reaches it's limit, people will be triaged.


BigJim's picture

Look, I know ISIS are supposed to be evil, but we're expected to believe the jihadis would really send out hundreds of infected mujahadeen without clearing it with the US patent office first?

I mean, beheadings are one thing... but breaching IP law????

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Damn straight! Those mother f'ers won't know what hit them when a plattoon of patent lawyers slaps them with endless lawsuits. They'll be crawling off home whimpering for mercy. Al Capone found that out the hard way.

Feudal vassals must pay tribute to their overlords. That is always number one. Overlords could care less what the serfs do to one another.


Parrotile's picture

If they are prepared to use humans (probably unwilling ones at that) as a means of "bulk production", they don't need that much "technology" over the animal slaughter experience they've had for centuries.

"Grow 'em up, then bleed 'em out" - maybe with the wind behind you to reduce aerosol risk (low tech works surprisingly well). Seperate out the red cells from plasma (gravity works just fine - we're not interested in asepsis here), and store the harvested, virion-rich plasma in an ordinary fridge. "Should" be able to get 3 litres ++ per cadaver.

In plasma Ebola and all the others are OK for months at 4C, and it really takes not that much effort or skill to produce "DIY" rough and ready isolators - again for some degree of operator safety.

Delivery system? Airports - via their Fast Food outlets. Those rotating helical mixer Slurpee machines would fit the bill just right - and so what if the "delivery system" was hazardous? Who says those "surreptitiously loading the machine" will be those who work in the joint?? It would be certainly capable of infecting many, and the infected will be asymptomatic for all their flight, and a few days beyond, so no chance of detection via routine incoming passenger screening (even rtPCR).

Then they start popping up like mushrooms, and all hell breaks loose.

The question is not "could they do it" - they certainly could, no question at all. Would they do it? Well, if they wish to get maximum "bang per buck" it would be sensible NOT to do this whilst the West was at a heightened state of panic - and it might take time to produce the necessary stockpile (they will be wanting LOTS of cases, not just one or two).  So, with the general public having almost completely forgotten, and Airport Surveillance  being ineffective against a very early-inoculation candidate (as has been shown), such an act would be very possible, and wuld certainly have the desired effect - that of effectively terrorising a large sector of the public.

noben's picture
noben (not verified) McMolotov Jan 2, 2015 1:58 AM

"Do you know the way to San Jose?"

Is the tune they might be humming, while on the plane.

If one of them carries a clipboard, it's a dead giveaway that it's their leader.

Bossman1967's picture

If a terrorist is wiiling to blow himself up why wouldnt he be willing to get all hose virgins to pass on ebola. If they dont fear our anal rehydration ebola would be a breeze and very ffe tive terror tool

McCormick No. 9's picture

This is stupid fear porn.

How likely is this to happen?

Not so much. First, if an ISIS terorist were able to get into a western nation undetected, he is supposedly non-infective during the incubation period. He will have to stay somewhere until he's symptomatic, then go somewhere near people, and bleed out everywhere, maybe vomit on people- anything to get body fluids on them. Maybe he can stuff explosives up his butt, and then detonate them, in order to spray body gunk all over the place say, in a crowded mall or public place, like a baseball game.

But can he really do this? Wilpower is an amazing thing, but what if he got so sick he couldn't go anywhere, and just doed a messy death in a hotel room? I suppose this would be bad enough, and certainly plenty of people, maids, etc, could get infected this way, but the ability to multiply vectors does not reach the mass-panic critical mass needed for good terrorism.

So, to recap, the erstwhile ISIS Ebola-terrorist has to clear the floowing hurdles:

1. He has to get infected, for sure, ie, he must ingest ebola from a known ebola carrier. Maybe they can cut off the poor sick guy's head and douse themselves in the infected blood.

2. The terrorist has to get from the Islamic State into a western nation. Smuggling himself in is a long and complicated process, and he could get sick before he gets to his target. It would be better to get a visa (forged) and just fly in.

3. The terrorist has to wait until he's symptomatic, and then he has to execute a plan for mass contamination. The window between getting truly sick and becoming debilitated beyond any useful physical movement is very small. Everything wil have to be meticuously planned out in advance. All that advance planning requires communication, operational knowledge on the part of more than three people, including sleeper helpers in the target country. Keeping all this secret will be difficult, especially now that the ebola/ISIS cat is out of the bag.

Conclusion: This is more fear-porn, and we, the armed and vigilant citizens of the Republic, are the targets of a sophisticated psyop designed to sap our courage and moral health. Does anyone here think the original Tylers run this show? Can a website this popular really remain uncompromised by the NWO intelligence services?

No. 9 out.

Paveway IV's picture

"...How likely is this to happen?..."

You're right - it's quite impossible. Drinking blood? Mass infection? Hah. We're perfectly safe as long as we wash our hands and keep out foreigners. That should be easy.

"...This is more fear-porn, and we, the armed and vigilant citizens of the Republic, are the targets of a sophisticated psyop designed to sap our courage and moral health..."

That's what those guys in Sierra Leone keep trying to tell everyone. Fucking Western psyop propaganda, that's all. Wake up!

"...Does anyone here think the original Tylers run this show?..."

Who gives a fuck? Were you dating one of them or something?

"...Can a website this popular really remain uncompromised by the NWO intelligence services?..."

Jesus... the psyops really ARE working. 

andrewp111's picture

That Duncan guy in Texas was able to walk into hospitals while he was symptomatic for days. An IS fighter who had severe symptoms, but wasn't yet too far gone, could don 100 pounds of high explosives, go to a major league baseball game, and blow himself up into red mist in the middle of the field. If there were 5 or 10 fighters all doing the same plan simultaneously in different cities, perhaps half of them would succeed.

logicalman's picture

Black Death 2.0

Biowarfare that ran away in an uncontrollable manner.

There will be survivors.

Nature has a way of biting back.



buyingsterling's picture

It's now a simple matter for Isis to secure a biological sample of Ebola. After that, they'd just have a safe room where infected people provide them with an endless supply of BSL4 pathogen. Thanks to the careless fucks who 'run' this planet (into the ground) we will NEVER be free of Ebola.

El Vaquero's picture

You don't billions of FRNs and 30k employees to get a deadly bio-agent.  You need access to a few flu viruses known to infect both pigs and humans and a large hog farm.  You then breed the virus by selecting for the strains that infect and kill the most pigs over successive generations. 

Publicus's picture

Sure, but Ebola takes a bit more work than flu. That's how you get promoted.

logicalman's picture

Only governments can do this kind of stuff.

Only governments can start wars.

Governments steal from those they (falsely) claim to take care of.

I'm an anarchist.


By the way, how's the Holmegaard coming along?


effendi's picture

El Vaquero, do you think the ISIS whack jobs are willing to operate a large pig farm? It goes against everything they believe in and being around pigs would be a fate worse than death. None of the 72 virgins would go near someone who was covered in pig shit all day.

It also isn't that easy to naturally select an effective bioweapon worse than the typical range of seasonal flus; if it was there would be thousands created naturally every year from the million plus pig breedere in China.

Mike in GA's picture

And how do you know this, if it so "vast" and "secret"?

noben's picture

This is not news.

ZH bloggers posted this concept months ago.

Maybe their masters who troll here picked up on it and are acting on it now.

Ah, the benefits of "Crowd-sourcing" for ideas and solutions on blog sites.

90&#039;s Child's picture

Now just make your way to Israel.

BigJim's picture

What? Infect their sponsors?

saints51's picture

Well, Now they can enter the US through Mexico and have a big mac. Maybe take a tour at their favorite zoo. Never having to fire one bullet to destroy. Its like someone is planning this shit...very weird..s/

saints51's picture

literally lol. When the CDC holds patents on viruses it is not for the people's protection, it is for someone to weaponize the virus and profit by providing the solution.

BlindMonkey's picture

Oh man. What the hell are the .1% do when they can't trust the bio-security of their domestic help?

Long domestic robots...

Publicus's picture

Replace the .1% with robots and then they won't have to worry about Ebola.