70-Year-Old Hedge Fund Founder Shot Dead By His Son

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We thought yesterday's absurd story of former hedge fund manager James Crombie, founder of Paron Capital Management, who was arrested after found squatting in a million dollar Maryland house, would be as strange as it gets for hedge fund news this weekend. We were wrong: moments ago the WSJ reported that Thomas Gilbert, founder of the $200 million Wainscott hedge fund, whose success Gilbert said previously had come from investing in biotech funds, was found dead with a single bullet to the head in his Manhattan apartment this afternoon, allegedly shot by none other than his 30-year-old son.

From the WSJ:

Thomas Gilbert, 70 years old, founder of the Wainscott Capital Partners Fund, was fatally shot around 3:30 p.m. by a 30-year-old man believed to be his son, the official said. The alleged shooter’s mother called 911 shortly after she found Mr. Gilbert in the bedroom with a handgun nearby, the official said.


Mr. Gilbert was declared dead inside the Turtle Bay apartment, the official said.


Mr. Gilbert and his son—whose name police didn’t release—were believed to be discussing differences in their relationship before the shooting, but no motive had been determined Sunday evening, the official said. Police said Sunday evening no one had been arrested.

NY Daily News adds more:

The founder of a $200 million hedge fund was gunned down Sunday in his East Side apartment during a fight with his 30-year-old son, who remains on the loose. Thomas Gilbert Sr., the 70-year-old founder and president of Wainscott Capital Partners, was shot in the head during the violent encounter with his son, Thomas Gilbert Jr., cops said.


The 3:31 p.m. murder inside the senior Gilbert’s multimillion-dollar apartment at 20 Beekman Pl. near E. 50th St. sent cops fanning out across the tony Sutton Place neighborhood seeking the son, who fled the murder scene on foot, officials said. A porter at the luxury building said he had seen Gilbert Sr. earlier Sunday, but the financier gave no indication of trouble brewing. “I opened the door. He goes outside, he comes in, like always,” said the porter, who described Gilbert as “friendly,” “very nice” and a “gentleman.”


Police said Gilbert was dead at the scene from the single gunshot wound to the head.


Known as a Wall St. wizard, Gilbert founded his hedge fund in 2011 and helped build it into thriving firm managing $200 million in total assets.

Gilbert was a big biotech investor:

In an interview in November, Gilbert said his company’s success came from investing in biotech funds.


“The performance that we had in September and October really set us apart,” he told FinalAlternatives.com. “People wanted to see how we performed in a bear market and that worked out brilliantly for us. We’re not trying to beat all the biotech funds, we’re basically trying to avoid drawdowns.”

From Gilbert's website bio:

Thomas S. Gilbert founded Wainscott Capital Partners Fund, LP in 2011, and is the Managing Member of the General Partnership, Wainscott Capital Partners, LLC and is President of Wainscott Capital Management, LLC, the management company. A graduate of Princeton and Harvard Business School, Mr. Gilbert has extensive knowledge of the alternative investment space having spent 40 years on Wall Street with direct investing experience in the stock market, as well as private equity, real estate, and the fixed income market. Previously, Mr. Gilbert was a Co-Founder of Syzygy Therapeutics, a private equity biotech asset acquisition fund, which focused on identifying and investing in late-stage biotech drug candidates, with potential for billion dollar markets. Mr. Gilbert left Syzygy in April 2011 to form Wainscott Capital Partners. Mr.Gilbert founded and ran Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc as Chairman and CEO from 2000 through May, 2009, Chairman through December, 2010, and is currently a Director of KDS. He is a former Managing Director of Venture Capital at Loeb Partners Corporation, where he was responsible for originating, structuring, and monitoring a broad spectrum of private equity portfolio investments. Mr. Gilbert is currently a Director of North Atlantic Holding Company, Inc. in addition to Knowledge Delivery Systems.

To be sure, the newsflow out of hedge fund land at the start of every year when the books are squared away tends to get crazy, but this is far and beyond the pale and even put to shame the story of Kim Karapetyan, 29-year old Moscow Hedge Fund wunderkind, who instead of facing his investors following massive losses decided to simply... disappear.

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Soul Glow's picture

Criminals, the lot of 'em.

Latina Lover's picture

Good way to start the New Year....hope that it becomes a trend.

Ms. Erable's picture

Now that the (30-yr-old) kid is fatherless, maybe Blankfein or Dimon could adopt him.

Richard Chesler's picture

$200 million in total assets.

...and it's gone.

kaiserhoff's picture

Just a wild assed guess,

  but I'll bet someone had a drug history.

janus's picture

this kid should be a role model for all the children of congress-critters.

kliguy38's picture

Deputy Wendell: Well, it's a mess, ain't it, Sheriff? Sheriff Bell: If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here.

BellyBrain's picture

I hope that the children of the "real elite" do the same. 

Reaper's picture

The orphan defense will become popular.

Uchtdorf's picture

Another unfortunate case of affluenza.

SoberOne's picture

Its a new McDonald's product, called the McUltra!

TruthInSunshine's picture

Gilbert is an epopeseehc name.

New York City should just change its name to Tel Aviv No. 2.

I wouldn't have truly believed (or fully believed) the following statement a decade ago, but do now: The bulk of the world's problems stem from the Jewish obsession (psychopathic obsession) with accumulating as much wealth as possible. It's a cultural sickness. If two Jews living next to each other in Westchester have 9 figure yachts, the one with the smaller or less expensive yacht will be neurotic and depressed over the fact that his neighbor's yacht is larger or more expensive - to the point of being willing to engage in criminal or totally immoral behavior so as to be able to buy a larger, more expensive one.

janus's picture

wait a mintue...you mean sara gilbert is a jewess?  but she's so beautiful.


***edited to reflect the edit of End the Fed's edit***

"...the bulk of the world's problems is the jewish obsession with accumulating wealth..."

yes & no, the 'real' problem is our tolerance of this obsession -- and it has more to do with the freakish lust for control and power than money itself.  the hebrew's neurosis is not in any way aberrant -- it is the default status for most of this alien people.  no matter how similar they may look to westerners, they are NOT occidental in manners, values, customs, motivations or temperament.  every time a nation expels them, their happy populations experience an epochal revival.  it's fair to say that the renissance itself was a function of 'anti-semetism'; spain's empire was possible only because the marranos were booted; england would've been poland had not the anglos & saxons wised-up and pushed these coin-clippers off the island...and let's not forget germany's economic 'miracle'.  it isn't a 'miracle' when a body is purged of parasites and then suddenly revives -- it's fuckin science.


TruthInSunshine's picture

Money is one avenue, and an expedient one, to power, in a sick society.

Jews do not believe in heaven nor hell. They believe death is the final human event, that there is no soul, that the body decays, and there are no rewards/repercussions for good or evil deeds during one's lifetime.

History has been whitewashed & decontented to the point that 99%+ of people have no clue that the rise of the Nazis in post WWI Germany was a direct result of concentration of wealth in the hands of Jewish residents of Germany to such an extreme degree, and at a time when the writ large German population was suffering a massive economic Depression, that it was easy for the Nazis (and their professors) to paint Jews as greedy, immoral, unsympathetic & non-charitable parasites preying on the German People.

Similarly, history has been whitewashed & decontented to omit the fact that the Jewish experience in post WWI Germany was not the exception or historical aberration in terms of a build-up of resentment towards Jews for such behavior, but more the rule, as Jews suffered similar experiences in tone (if not on such a large scale) in Egypt, the Roman Empire, Russia, and many other parts of Europe & the Orient & Middle East.

Correlation doesn't always equal causation, but it sometimes does, and history may not exactly repeat precisely, but it rhymes in strong prose.

janus's picture

Truth In Sunshine,

i never bother with the 'sarc' tags so i hope i wasn't misunderstood. 1) i was being sarcastic viz. sara gilbert.  2) i wasn't being sarcastic about these people and their machinations.  empires typically benefit (somewhat) in terms of international trade when these people are permitted as merchants but forbidden entry into certain businesses (like, i dunno, money lending) and constitute no more than a quarter of a single percent of the nation's total.  in the ancient world and up to the pre-telegraph past, their cosmopolitian dispersal (urbanites spread all over the world's major trading hubs) facilitated trade and were of marginal benefit to those wise nations that kept them in check.

as far as this cycle repeating itself goes, i couldn't agree more.  if there is a common thread running throughout the fabric of every great work of fiction and/or historical commentary from every age and epoch, it is a mingling of detestation and semi-respect for the jew...but mostly contempt.  all the great minds of antiquity up to the present age have noted their relentless trouble-making and intransigent refusal to simply live at peace with their surrondings.  they are a vexing enigma for most all great minds; especially other jews.  

here's the wicked-funny part...right now, as we speak, the far-flung trouble-making jews who've been used to set up a phase in the big plan for the big prize are being quite literally set up...jews will go through long periods of "not a single drop" to win the confidence of their operative jews, and then will sacrifice them in a split-second to effect the greater design.  there are many concentric circles to jewish power, and each doesn't know the motives of the circle closest within.  and jews think goys are gullible.

and, to be fair, they're always warned...but they never seem to listen.




robertocarlos's picture

I googled epopeseehc and all I got was your name and post.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"I googled epopeseehc and all I got was your name and post. "

You've got it backwards, solraCotreboR.  

.epopeseehC    ...is an anagram....

janus's picture

no, you had it rightwards when you had it backwards...technically, it's a heteropalindrome.

epopeseehc is just cheese-pope when you right it backwards...and gilbert is most certainly a cheese-pope name.

now, an anagram would be "chopeepees" (that's what they call circumscision).  anothern's "cheeppoes" (not that jews are cheap or anything)...okay, i'll stop there; i have an annoying gift for anagrams.  it tends to weary others when i show-off.

Larry Dallas's picture


I believe Mel Gibson said that to a police officer while drunk once.

Maybe it was he you were quoting?

Freddie's picture

Gilbert is one of those half disguised names.

I was hoping it was Soros and his son dead in a homicide/suicide.


TruthInSunshine's picture

Soros's ethos is an example of the very worst stereotype of the Jew; a Jewish person so intoxicated by the desire to become wealthy and politically powerful that he was willing to sell out his fellow Jews, literally.

WOAR's picture

I think he just had a "There Will Be Blood" father and son moment.

Life imitates art, as they say...

Handful of Dust's picture

I wonder if they'll discount the place when  they put it up for sale. Maybe knock a few hundred grand off the multimillion price?


After all .... it does have some negative karma.

Pairadimes's picture

This goes to show that you should never allow a family member to handle your investments.

Otrader's picture

" Just sell the f**ker! " Bud Fox - Wall Street

tarsubil's picture

There is a lot of bitterness between Boomers and GenXers.

Son of Loki's picture

There's two sides to every story:


The son prob wanted a 20- maybe 30- grand for moar Hookers and Blow to bring in the New Year with other rich kids on the upper east side and for general Yute expenses so as to experience the normal joys of growing up as an uber-wealthy Brat. Plus, the Yutes patience was probably running thin when he found out the dad had just returned from his annual check up at down the street Cornell Medcial Center where the docs told him, "you're so healthy you can live ot be 110!"  That's anathema to an anxious, expectant beneficiary's ears ... is my guess.


Whereas the multimillion dad thought he could take it with him as many very very elderly people come to believe as their neurons perform less then peak efficiency and they think they can live up to their doctor's expectations to be 110 with all the modern new-fangled, life-saving equipment out there.


Just a wild guess based on my meager experience as a meek plebian who hopes to at least, 'inherit the earth" when I die.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Sadly, that's probably not far from the truth.

I do get sick of all these old fuckers thinking they're going to live forever though. Twice my age and acting like teenagers... Christ what a joke. If I make it to 60, I'll consider myself fortunate and watch over my progeny like I'll be gone soon.

Max Cynical's picture

Or the dad told the kid he had until Jan 1 to find a job or he was getting cut off.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Just a wild guess based on my meager experience as a meek plebian who hopes to at least, 'inherit the earth" when I die.


In time TPTB will likely LET you inherit the Earth....  But bu then it will be a looted dead orb.  

They're already planning on a llive elsewhere - Elesium or ?  Wouldn't surprise me if they sold the place off - and its remaining inhabitants - to lizard aliens in exchange for new digs.   I expect humanss would be pretty poor food though.  Full of toxins.

acetinker's picture

That ain't no shit, tarsubil.  It seems that my children hate me for creating them.  Thing is, I oppose everything from constant war on down.

They hate me because they think I support the war on drugs

I don't.

They hate me because they think I support the war on terror.

I don't.

They hate me because they were taught to hate me.

Well, that's it, isn't it?

janus's picture

i hear ya...and the only reason my children don't hate me is that i first taught them to hate the haters.  you've got to beat these bitches to the punch.  janus set to poisoning the minds of his boys before they could even walk (and before this coven of witches could poison them against me)...i'd have my eldest on the floor playing with legos, building elaborate minis of congress, the white house, the fed, wall-street.  hell, the first word my son learned was ka-boom!  that was the happy ending to all those lego-edifices.  

ahhh, the good ole days.  we'd sit and watch the various addresses to congress; my boys and i would make the rat-a-tat-tat tommy-gun sound when they stood to applaud.  i get a lil misty when i think about it.

yes, of course they were taught to hate you...any loving authority that stands between this hateful system and its victims must be demonized.  bolsheviks wouldn't have it any other way.

yeah, my sons can all shoot a rifle and know how to steady a handgun...but i know it won't be pointed at me.  and i pity the fools who stand on the wrong end my boys' sure-shots.



acetinker's picture

Thank you for weighing in, brother janus!  But you're mostly wrong if you think that your children are ready to fight the oncoming war.

The battle lines are drawn, and absolutely nobody is ready to fight the next war. Be well, my brother!

ajax's picture



Blankfein. The "Gilbert" Jr. is circumcised and bar mitzvahed.

TeamDepends's picture

Dad, I want you to know it's nothing personal...

kaiserhoff's picture

Why you do NOT give the kid a lump of coal for Christmas.

Murf_DaSurf's picture

I thought guns are banned in New York?

JLee2027's picture

Criminals are still permitted to own guns in New York.

cynicalskeptic's picture

The mob - and bankers -  all carry.

nuke ISIS now's picture

When you got to go, You GOTTS to GO

JuliaS's picture

He could've been Obama's son.

jcaz's picture

"Dad, I want my money back NOW" 


buzzsaw99's picture

somebody call a waambulance

kowalli's picture

Gilbert was a big biotech investor? lol, mb he was a shale investor too?

Arius's picture

shale investor hmmm ... got to be quite a few of them out there ... i have seen numbers from 500 billion to one trillion ... quite a few folks must be losing big time ... wonder what can they do to get out of it?