ISIS Is Hiring

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Having previously searched for doctors, lawyers, and engineers; The Islamic State is now building out its workforce...


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What are they doing? making a pixar style movie?


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Got a couple old serious fuckup workmates I could recommend.
Do they trade bonds?

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My sister's brother in law gets paid over $87 per hour working for ISIS.


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Appealing to those currently "not in the labor force" I see.

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How many wirgins are they offering?

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Benefits include company Toyota Hilux, AK-47, personal infidel sex slave and Osamacare gold plan insurance.


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I'll bet they have a fabulous defined-benefit pension plan;... trouble is, you'll never make it to retirement...


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Is this a work-from-home opportunity?


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they want to lure more idiots to kill. the israelis really have outdone themselves with this isis ruse. 

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Applicants must understand the right hand strokes Allah (peas be upon him), while the left hand slaps the kaffir into submission. Women and idiots of color encouraged to apply.

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WTF, 3d artist, is there some real estate bubble they are planning?

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I think the nonFederal Reserve advertised a little while ago for the same kind of thing. Maybe they can share staff and cut overhead?

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I've heard they have an amazing severance package.  It's simply to die for.

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They found it's more cost effective to do beheadings with CGI.

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And the Academy Award for best beheading goes to...

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Allan Hu and his masterpiece "Snackbar." Congratulations Allan!

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America, America, this is - youuuu

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My understanding is that Americans have a leg up in hiring preference.  Seems they've known our favorite Uncle Sam for years.

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Never in a million years would I have suspected that "akhbar" sounds like "snackbar" to western ears.  Guess that's what happens when you spend a couple of years in the middle east as a kid.

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noben (not verified) JuliaS Jan 5, 2015 3:36 AM

Sterling Archer* of ISIS**, for Best Male Actor in a Lead Role... and his amazingly authentic looking decaps and faux accent.

*Codename "Duchess". 

** Special Agent for the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), former cocaine dealer.

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I'll guess they are pirating 3DS - Blender's cheaper and legal!


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Blender Shit ;-)

Maya + Miarmy = World WarZ

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Less trouble cleaning up too!

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where does one apply, Langley?

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@I.S.I.S., to 'ZH_SNOB':

All applications submitted to our foreign branch in Langley, VA, will be forwarded to our main headquarters in the 'Bunker' in Haifa. Only serious enquiries will be entertained.

Of course, due to the E.E.O.C. act, only those with blood ties to the correct people will be considered (and those who have sworn allegiance to protecting those who like to kill people for the hell of it using any methods that mankind has devised in the past 6,000 years).

Thank you again for your inquiry.

'Baghdad Bob'

kaiserhoff's picture

That, or the Farm.  You could also try "cultural exchange dept" over at Frogy Bottom.

Wonder if I could sign up my ex???

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I am shocked that people still believe this ISIS organization is legit??

It is a CIA Operation   setup to make an excuse for USSA to send troops on the ground.

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I don't think too many ZH readers think ISIS exists as a legit, standalone entity.

Your average twitter viewer, however...

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Being that a standing army is extremely costly that means they are being bank rolled by someone. But yes most people lack such common sense. Who else would bank roll isis I wonder?

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They left off crash dummies

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Don't they hire central bankers, or just bankers in general?

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It's a terrrist organization, I think that means they are all central bankers.

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noben (not verified) DeadFred Jan 5, 2015 2:43 AM

"Have Printing Plates, will finance."

Fresh C-Notes, right from the CIA Fin Min.

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What are the work conditions? Does ISIS pay over time? Is salary packaging available? What level of superannuation does ISIS pay? Is there an ISIS Union employees can opt to join? Does ISIS have an appropriate industry standard Occupational Health and Safety workplace policy?


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You know jobs are scarce when people seriously consider this as an option.

Which they should. If someone offered you an opportunity to get out of the U.S. with a job lined up, why wouldn't you take it? You can dissappear into any other country after you get that paycheck...

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First you would need a passport, way beyond all folks that can't even gain a photo ID to vote for their favorite perkie distributor here in the states.

They aren't recruiting dummies to build the Caliphate, just stooges.

Good Read.

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More importantly, are my questions:  WHERE is the Mission(ary Position) Statement?  Is there a Vision Statement or are there Shared Goals?  I need to see some branding here -- a consistent look (font, texture) and feel across platforms and faithful rendering of the corporate colours (black and ???).  These are the elements that really make an enterprise viable.  Until these crucial building blocks of statehood are in place (rotating "tag lines**" would be appropriate as well), I just can't even consider applying and having their lack of corporate identity blmish my job record.  Time will tell..........

*** examples: -- "A SHARP look forward to the past"

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I think they are relying on the 72 virgins for severance & safety benefits!


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But I don't WANT to fuck a goat!!

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OldPhart, they are bisexual so you can fuck either a sheep or a goat.

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Hey Rami tweet your posting to the NSA

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I don't want the NSA to know about this, you silly person!



(this tweet sent by '' on my I-pad)

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Man, that really sucks. I have a lot of experience as a senior-level munshid but my comp claim is about to come through.

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Boy, Obama's sunni boo's sure are industrious.

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ISIS ain't what it used to be. They will be lucky to have a flag let alone fly it over the White House. Sunni punks.

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Lucky me !!! I got 10 years of munshid experience !!!

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Near as I can make out "Munshid" is a singer or showman...