"Now There's Not Even Soap" Maduro Heads To China To 'Save' Socialist Utopia Venezuela

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Social media is awash with striking images of #EmptyShelvesInVenezuela (#AnaquelesVaciosEnVenezuela) as the evaporation of basic human staples such as toilet paper has now been hyperinflated to total chaos at warehouses and supermarkets. As President Maduro decries the loss of $100 oil "stability", vowing to return oil prices to their rightful places (and heads to China for help), lines reach for miles for milk and soap... and the people defy governmental bans on photographing empty market shelves... "We couldn't find shampoo, so we washed our hair with soap. Now there's not even soap."

* * *

The line for soap...

And the shelves are bare...

* * *

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro begins a trip to China and OPEC member countries in search of financial support as his country reels from falling oil prices and a tattered economy.


As AFP reports,

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro begins a trip to China and OPEC member countries late Sunday in search of financial support as his country reels from falling oil prices and a tattered economy.


The South American oil giant confirmed Tuesday that it has entered recession, while annual inflation topped 63 percent, exacerbating the outlook for an economy already hit by global crashing oil prices and import shortages.


"It's a very important tour... to tackle new projects to address the circumstances affecting our country, including the depletion of revenues due to plummeting oil prices," Maduro said in a radio and television address from the Miraflores presidential palace.


Maduro said he would discuss economic, financial, energy, technological, educational and development projects with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Maduro had been expected to announce exchange measures to address these issues. Instead, the president announced the creation of a strategic reserve, appointed a new board for the entity that manages currency exchange controls and created new agencies to control the distribution of commodities.

President Maduro has an increasing problem...

  • 22% self-identify as pro-govt vs. 42% when former president Hugo Chavez died March 2013

But as long as he can keep the military paid (off), things will be under his control.

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off topic but I think it' good info:

Found this in an email a friend sent:

Differentiate which products are made in Taiwan or China.

If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690, 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN CHINA.
471 is Made in Taiwan.

Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products “MADE IN CHINA”, so they don’t show from which country it is made.

However, you may now refer to the barcode – remember if the first 3 digits are:

00 ~ 13 USA & CANADA
30 ~ 37 FRANCE
40 ~ 44 GERMANY
49 ~ JAPAN
50 ~ UK
57 ~ Denmark
64 ~ Finland
76 ~ Switzerland & Lienchtenstein
471 ~ Taiwan
480 ~ Philippines
628 ~ Saudi Arabia
629 ~ UAE (United Arab Emirates)
740-745 ~ Central America

Richard Chesler's picture

Gives a whole new meaning to "The Hunger Games".


knukles's picture

You guys think that Objama's hidden agenda for heading to Detroit is to openly buy a retirement home in a blighted area to show his optimism and support for America's auto industry, black leadership, financial restructuring abilities, local governance and great vision?
Or am I thinking of something else?

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So oil is not suitably priced for the market, Señor Presidente?

Well then neither is that 90 tons of repatriated gold Hugo snatched back a couple or so years ago.

I MISS KUDLOW's picture

I've been using soap on my head for years we don't buy paper towels either that's all former middle class stuff

xavi1951's picture

And now you're bald.  Should have used the middle class stuff.

Matt's picture

Shampoo is bad for you, damages hair. Conditioner exists to 'repair' the damage the shampoo caused in the first place. Just use water.

Bars of soap for regularly washing hands is pretty important, though. I guess they didn't try to make their own soap? Just wait in a government rationing line instead? 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Right on the first, wrong on the second Matt.

Wood ash is the best cleanser.

And you certainly do not need soap!

This age of anti-mcrobialism is killing the west...slowly but surely killing immunity....what a horror to live in a completely anti-septic world. Makes me think of the Honored Matres of Dune...


Philippines's picture

Yep, in the in remote villages here, wood ash/crushed charcoal from the fire is used to clean the pots. Seems to work great!

Matt's picture

A normal bar of soap is not the same as the "kills 99.99% of germs" anti-microbial stuff that helps select super bugs.

How do you clean your hands with wood ashes? Seems to me that just makes your hands black. If you try doing that before delivering a baby, I think you'll be in some trouble. 

Ayreos's picture

I haven't been washinmg my head for years. Guess what, after a long period of oily hair it now looks washed every day. Always shocking to find out the human body knows best how your hair should look, if you greq up being taught vanity items are "necessity".

Plus, how idiotic can anyone be, washing their hair with soap? Baking soda and water is cheaper and washes better.

DontDroneMeBro's picture

Toothpaste is not just for keeping shiny jewelry.  While brushing in the shower you can clean between your toes and other crevices.

weburke's picture

food stamp system goes down for a few days, weeks, and the riots will clear the shelves, and truckers wont deliver to the wild areas, and there are not enough cops to handle hungry people. Think the hoodies wont walk a few blocks to the hollywood hills? And pleny of other places around the country where there are no barriers really at all between monied neighborhoods and ....

Manthong's picture

We should crowd fund busses to get them out to the Hamptons, Boca, Palm Springs etc. and then boats to the islands.

It worked in Fergusson.


OldPhart's picture


I read that as



DumpsterFire's picture

Who knew price controls would cause shortages?  Oh, right, everyone but elitist government socialist D-bags.

kchrisc's picture

"Who knew price controls would cause shortages?  Oh, right, everyone but elitist government socialist D-bags."

Actually, they know, or at least suspect, but they don't care.

The banksters need to repay us.


I have come to the conclusion that the two most prevalent memes in movies are:
1) The governmnet, military, courts, thugs, etc., are for and about the people.
2) Those of government care.
Both blatant lies, but prevalent propaganda memes in Hollywood films.

Lore's picture

Holly Wood (the occult wand from the Magic Tree - look it up) seems pathologically obsessed with POLICE STATE and NANNY STATE.  Flipping channels is an exercise in defeatism and nihilism. Sitcoms and soaps are filler: day care for permanent childhood.  Once in a while in years gone by something genuinely enriching and free of any obvious agenda was released, almost inadvertantly, but nowadays everything stinks of control and indoctrination and the battle for the mind.  When's the last time you saw something that made you feel right, that made you want to keep a copy and share it with children and elders?

SumTing Wong's picture

Anyone else glad they have a garden, chickens, meat rabbits, a cellar stocked with food, and that extra shower in the fourth bathroom filled up with toilet paper, tootpaste and toothbrushes, and bars of soap? 

Anyone else really glad they have guns and ammunition also? Sure I have gold and silver, but those are for *after* the chaos. Yes, it is coming soon to the USSA also...

PT's picture

That stuff costs munny!  And nun of us has enny!  So until we either get lots of munny or brush up on our barter skillz, we don't not got nun of that stuff.

Still, it's nice to fantasize.  Well, enough rest, I got work to do.  Just gotta water my Hex Inverter Chips.  Should give me a good crop of 4GigRam Cards for the spring ...

Freddie's picture

TV and Hollywood are for retards. 

omniversling's picture

Rich pickings here, the 'behind the scenes' of what Lore refers to...'Reality Bubble' ripped open.. Bernays, peception management, banksters, Sionists and the origins, best 911 live media analysis, MK Ultra, Monarch, Sex Kitten grooming for tweenies...long and sometimes lumpy, but great archive footage and mashups:

The Illuminati & Dajjal


Bob's picture

+1 The banksters need to repay us. 

The wonders of free trade is another completely dominant meme. 



The banksters need to repay us. 

PT's picture

Don't make local, buy global coz its cheeper!!!

But global trade is good and will ... ummm, ummm ...

sun tzu's picture

They deserve it for voting for the bus driver and his predecessor toad.

Omen IV's picture

Once you're out of toilet paper the shit hits the Fan

European American's picture


"Now There's Not Even Hope" Obama Heads To China To 'Save' Socialist Dystopia USSA - 2016


lunaticfringe's picture

I saw the down arra...Barack must be up late reading...


Perimetr's picture

This is what Wal-Marts will look like when China stops taking US dollars in exchange for its goods.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

No, in the Walmart pictures the people will be 4x as large.

TeamDepends's picture

Hmmmm (strokes chin), a soapportunity.

OldPhart's picture

And they won't be in line, they'll be one surging mass of violent fury.

Escrava Isaura's picture




In one sentence you said everything that needed to be said to put this issue into perspective.

The problem in Venezuela is very simple to solve:

Venezuela has to trade their oil in their currency, the Bolívar, and not in dollars.

And they will be fine…… Just like Wal-Mart


Is the New BRICS Bank a Challenge to US Global Financial Power?



Matt's picture

So, you are proposing that instead of selling oil for USD and then buying goods for import with those USD, the Venezuelans should make oil purchases buy bolivars with their own currency, or convert their currency to USD then USD to Bolivars, and buy then oil, then the Venezuelans can convert the Bolivars into USD to buy goods for import?

Seems the only ones to benefit from this plan would be the money changers, since you just doubled the amount of times currencies must be exchanged. 

Paveway IV's picture

No - but this barcode urban legend will live on decades after I'm in the ground.

It does not apply to anything sold in the U.S. because we use UPC bar codes which DO NOT have any digits identifying the country of origin - only manufacturer and product id number. How do you know by looking at the bar code? If you're looking at something you bought in the U.S., then it's a UPC bar code = no 'country of origin'. It could have been made anywhere. Forget the nine- or ten- or twelve-digits as any kind of additional clue - no 'country of origin' in our UPC bar codes, period. 

IF you're in the EU and IF the product has an EAN bar code (some do, some don't), then you will be able to tell the country in which the EAN code was registered, not the country in which the product was made. If the product is marketed by anyone outside of China, then the foreign corporation probably registered the bar code in their country, not China. This makes the 'country of origin' tip essentially useless unless you're buying something in a Chinese supermarket in Paris. In that case, you can probably already figure out the country of origin.