Murderous Son, Who Killed His Hedge Fund Father Over $200 Allowance, Was A Mentally-Disturbed Princeton Economics Grad

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The most bizarre story from the past weekend was the shocking murder of Tom Gilbert, 70, founder of the Wainscott biotech-focused hedge fund, who was shot dead in his Sutton Place apartment on Sunday Afternoon: shocking because the alleged shooter was none other than his Millennial, hence unemployed, 30-year-old son. What was certainly unclear at the time was what would be the motivation of a son to kill his successful and wealthy father, especially in such dramatic cold blood.

We now know not only the motivation, thanks to AP:

The son of a millionaire Manhattan hedge fund founder who allegedly gunned down his dad over his allowance has been arraigned on a second-degree murder charge, authorities said.


A law enforcement source told the New York Post that Thomas Gilbert Jr. had just been told by his father that he would only receive $400 for spending money per month from that point on in addition to $2,400 per month for rent. The younger Gilbert had previously received $600 per month.



"She [Mrs. Gilbert] found Senior on the floor with a bullet hole in the head," said Boyce. "She also found a gun resting on his chest with his left hand covering it."

... but also the alleged psychopath's background:

Gilbert Jr. attended Princeton, graduating in 2009 with a degree in economics. Authorities said he had no recent work history.




Gilbert Jr. has a pending criminal case in the town of Southampton, on eastern Long Island.


Gilbert Jr., who has an address in the hamlet of Wainscott, was arrested Sept. 18 on a charge of criminal contempt. Southampton town police say he violated an order of protection issued in Brooklyn in June. Police say he confronted a man named Peter N. Smith at Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack on Sept. 1.


He has pleaded not guilty and has a Feb. 2 court date scheduled.

And then it gets really bizarre. As the Mail reports, Junior was also charged with 21 counts of criminal possession of forgery devices after skimming device and 21 blank credit cards found at his home, and may have also burned down a rival's Hamptons mansion:

A Princeton graduate who was on Monday charged with murdering his multimillionaire father and attempting to stage the death as a suicide was also the prime suspect in an arson attack that burned down a rival's Hamptons mansion, it has been revealed.


Tommy Gilbert Jr, 30, was arrested in September for violating a restraining order taken out by Peter N. Smith, days after Mr Smith's father's home went up in flames.


Princeton graduate Gilbert Jr appeared in court charged with shooting dead his father, Thomas Gilbert Sr, at the family's luxury Manhattan apartment in a fight over his allowance being cut.


The Ivy Leaguer was a mainstay at New York society black-tie events in recent years but one ex-girlfriend revealed details of his dark side on Monday. 


Manhattan socialite Anna Rothschild, 49, whom he dated last year, said Tommy was a loner with few friends who deeply resented his father and was obsessed with how he would 'never be good enough' for his dad.


Gilbert Jr.'s ex-girlfriend Anna Rothschild, 49, says he was a loner whose phone only rang when his mother called. The two are pictured together at a charity gala at the Jane Hotel in last January 


Reports were also emerging today that Gilbert Jr suffered from mental illness and had been off his medication prior to the shooting.


Gilbert Jr was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon along with 21 counts of criminal possession of forgery devices after skimming device and 21 blank credit cards were found at the Chelsea apartment his father paid for. 


Gilbert Jr.'s ex girlfriend - twice-divorced Upper East Side socialite Anna Rothschild - told the Post that her former flame was a loner who had few friends and never got phone calls. The only person who ever called him was his mother, Miss Rothschild says. 


Gilbert Jr. was jobless - and seemed to have few prospects, and little interest, for finding serious work.


Instead, he spent most his time in the Hamptons, going to the gym, doing yoga and surfing. 



'How could a guy be that gorgeous, that wealthy, that fit and kill his dad? This is the last thing in a million years that I thought he could do,' Miss Rothschild, 49, told the Post. 


His one professional aspiration was founding his own hedge fund - but he complained that his father wouldn't give him the seed money to start it, Miss Rothschild said. 


Gilbert Jr. has an investment company registered to his $2,400-a-month Chelsea apartment - though it's not clear the firm has any assets under investment.


The company is a called Mameluke Capital - mamelukes being 13th-century Muslim slave soldiers. 


Miss Rothschild said Gilbert Jr. was also preoccupied with how controlling his father was over his money and was convinced that he could never do anything to gain his approval.


* * *


The first thing multiple acquaintances said of Gilbert Jr when asked to comment by Daily Mail Online on their fellow Princeton or Deerfield alumnus was the rumor that he'd burned down his one-time friend's house last summer.



Additionally a long-time resident of East Hampton and acquaintance of Gilbert Sr., who was a member of the upscale Maidstone Club there, also repeated the allegation.


The home belonged to Peter Smith Sr., a friend of the Gilbert family.


The Post reports that Gilbert Jr. had been friends with Peter Smith Jr. - but that they had fallen out over a girl.


The Post also claims that Gilbert Jr. Killed Smith's dog - but this was denied to Daily Mail Online by sources close to the events.


Three days after the fire, on September 18, Gilbert Jr. was arrested for violating an order of protection taken out by Smith Jr.


Peter Smith Jr, 32, declined to comment on the allegations and his sister, Bettina Prentice, did not respond to requests for comment.


* * *


Tommy Gilbert Jr, attended The Buckley school on Manhattan's Upper East Side from kindergarten until eighth grade. Tuition costs around $35,000 a year.


Noteable alumni of the school include actor James Harder, philanthropist David Rockefeller Jr and Robert Wagner, former deputy mayor of New York.


He then went on to the $50,000-a-year Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts, which counts the King of Jordan and Prince of Jordan among its alumni.


After graduating from Deerfield in 2003, Gilbert Jr accepted a place at Princeton University where he graduated in 2009.


A friend told Daily Mail Online on Monday: 'He was a really nice person. He was smart, athletic and he went to Princeton.


'He took some leave of absences from Princeton which is why it took him so long to graduate. He must have been really angry to do something so out-of-character.'


* * *


Tommy Gilbert Jr was arrested at his home on Sunday night in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, following the fatal shooting of his father, the founder of hedge fund, Wainscott Capital.

And so on, more here.

Still, remember: when dealing with murderous psychopathic Princeton economists, correlation is not always causation.

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JRobby's picture

Something very, very wrong with all of these elitists. Hence the label.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Would it be wrong to encourage children in the Hamptons to play with matches?

Jstanley011's picture

Wrong? He dates women as old as his mother and evidently has murdered his father. What could possibly be wrong?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

maybe Oedipus wrecked it for him

Tall Tom's picture

He cut the allowance from $600 to $400. Read the article, damn it.


This asshole needed to be on the street so that he could get the clue and grow the fuck up.


His father may have been successful as a Hedge Fund Manager but was an absolute failure as a parent. That cost him...his life.


THis adult-child was probably absolutely indulged from the day of his birth. It was much easier to give in and give him everything which he demanded.


When you love your children the best word to learn as a response to a child's demands is, "NO!!!" It takes work to discipline them. Yes I will agree. And that word, "No", does not mean that you neglect them.


The child must learn that only through effort and work can success be acheived. But that is the downside of being wealthy. You can give your children everything they demand as you have it to give.


If your millenial adult children are living in your basement then you are doing them NO FAVORS. Kick those leaches out.


A 25% Unemployment Rate means that Three out of Four people are WORKING.


Stop indulging them. Evict your adult children today. LOVE YOUR CHILDREN.


Otherwise you may end up dead and your child will have three hots and a cot along with a new boyfriend, Bubba.


Is that what you want for your child?

cynicalskeptic's picture

Almost $34,000 a year - and you can bet he wasn't paying any income tax on it - was likely still a deduction on his father's return.

More than a hell of a lot of people net in a year - but clearly 'inadequate' for the life to which he'd become accustomed.  

He didn't really think he was going to inherit it all after killing Dad, did he?

Sadly you see waaaay too many spoiled and dysfunctional kids of affluent parents.  Spoiled like hell, yet resentful beyond belief.  They've had life handed to them on a silver platter - prep schools that tolerate behavior that would get them thrown out of other places (and often has), admission to top schools bought by Mommy and Daddy and even a guaranteed career - if they can manage to meet the barest minimums of performance and behavior.  Most would've ended up in Juvie - or prison a long time ago on drug charges, date rape or whatever (apparently arson in this guy's case) but money keeps them free.   When you're NOT rich, you have to face the consequences of your actions and learn - these kids keep getting away with all kinds of shit - until they can't.  Then they're in shock.

detached.amusement's picture

those ultra private schools, I went to one for a single year way back when.  all of the super duper rich ones were totally coked up and the faculty knew it'd be their job if they said anything about it.

Tall Tom's picture

Damn straight. I needs to be that way. We used to pass around the one hitter Hash Pipe in class...when we were not busy setting fire to the Paper Airplanes before we lofted them.


Sad to report that the school did burn down about four years after I left.


I will always have fond memories of The Boyden School in San Diego. Most students there were just expelled from La Jolla Country Day.


Saudi Prince Faisal attended when I attended.


I know it all too well.



Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Yes. And most people are against the inheritance tax. They want to create an entire zombie army of these cunts!

Tall Tom's picture



You just sound jealous. Most of these advantaged were brought up well. Most.


I had to work for it.


Socialism does not work. Parents can always write their progeny out of their will and have done so. I will not leave anything, intentionally, to the undeserving.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

I have known hundreds if not a thousand of these trust fund assholes and not more than 10% are useful enough humans. The other 90% should've been smothered in the crib. I am not jealous of money. I have plenty and I give generously. I detest the portion of society that is born into wealth and grow up to be entitled fuckfaces.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

He will be bobbing for dicks like a circus seal. 

sgt_doom's picture

The ONLY shocking item would be if the Princeton econ grad were not a psychopath, as the two have never been mutually exclusive!


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Perhaps not the only shocking item.

You'd be hard pressed to find any econ grad from Princeton (or any other Ivory League college for that matter) with an actual work history.

Employment history, sure, but work?

SAT 800's picture

Second degree murder ?? WTF. what do you have to do to make first degree ? I thought pre-meditated was first degree? Well, I'm not a lawyer, thank God.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

And so it begins...He is lawyered up and the authorities are already scared shitless that his team of soulless monsters will mount a defense that a dumbfuck jury of "his peers" will vote to acquit. His family wealth has already bought him a reduced charge and the body isn't even buried. 'Merica Fuck Yeah!

doctor10's picture

Watch the FSA do exactly this to their Uncle Sam once the EBT cards stop working

Matt's picture

No, I think they'll take it out on convenience store owners and cops instead.

reader2010's picture

47% seniors at Ivy schools are Econ majors today. 

August's picture

That is fucking depressing.  And the next 40% are probably Poli-Sci.

reader2010's picture

Wall Street and management consulting are where they head after graduation and anything below $100,000 starting base annual salary is considered as failure. Back in 1985 only 3%,  now it's at almost 50%.

4 wheel drift's picture

An economist without a high paying job? Whoda thunk?

well...  indeed...  it takes a while for the populi to realize that....   hmm

the emperor has no clothes....  ?

this is a sign that.....    FINALLY....  said populi may be waking up...

and ekonomist's value in terms of employment and value brought to the table is no better.....

than....  say....   a drug dealer ?    or....   a pimp ?....   or...   a voodoo priest ?

(i was going to say....   used car salesmen.....  but i would be insulting car salesmen)

then again.....    maybe he had more altruistic moties...

such as ridding humanity of an evil sob wallstreeter.....

fuck them all three  (ekonomists, wallstreeters, and spoiled shitheads)....  

damned degenerates

Buck Johnson's picture

Yep, but he sounds like a rich pretty boy that life didn't work out the way he thought it would.  And he snapped.


StateofFraud's picture

Broken window theory, of course.

kridkrid's picture

Woodrow Wilson put Princeton on the map. The same financiers who backed him politically, gave generously to the university. He sold his soul for Princeton and came to understand the damage he had done in the process. That was the end. We've been living in the matrix ever since. Princeton economist. Perfect.

H. Perowne's picture

Paulie Krugnuts has that job covered just fine, thank you very much. Blondie here was probably head of his class.

jump_mutha_fukah's picture

First post to the hedge, long time lurker...let the fresh meat heckling begin...

In keeping with the theme of fucktards from elitist universities, here is some contact info for the good

folks over at Haavad that really are eager to have us console them in their recent discovery of the ACA misery.

I think you all owe it to your fellow countrymen to come beside them in their time of hardship and encourage them on this long

and sometimes difficult road to utopia

Name:  Richard F. Thomas

Appointment Title:  George Martin Lane Professor of the Classics; Contin Ed/Spec Prog

Office Phone:   +1 617 496 6061

Office Fax:  +1 617 496 6720



Name:  Mary D. Lewis

Appointment Title:  Professor of History

Office Phone:   +1 617 495 4303 x235

Office Fax:  +1 617 495 8509


Name:  Dr Barbara J. McNeil

Appointment Title:  Ridley Watts Professor of Health Care Policy; Head of the Department of Health Care Policy; Professor of Radiology

Office Phone:   +1 617 432 1909


Name:  Mary C. Waters

Appointment Title:  M. E. Zukerman Professor of Sociology

Office Phone:   +1 617 495 3947

Office Fax:  +1 617 496 5794



JLee2027's picture

While it's probably true in this case, the police "make up" and "guess" motive all the time just to force the arrest. Until it comes from the shooter, it's a guess.

Lordflin's picture

Send this boy to rehab...

Tall Tom's picture

Send this boy to Bubba so that Bubba can devirginate his Princeton ASS.

August's picture

Give this lad an AK, and send him to Goldman.

JohnnyHenriksen's picture

Rich dad who runs a hedge fund - Check.

Dating a Rothschild - Check.

Went to the same school as a rockafeller - Check.

Spoiled little shit who gets a cumulative total of $2,800 to $3,000 a month - Check.

Tried to start a hedge fund under the name of an obscure 13th century arabic reference to muslim slave soldiers - Check.

The cult of the rich elitists is bizarre, this is but the cusp of their weird little world, god only knows what else happens behind the veil of these sick twisted greedy fucks momentary mass media exposure.


JRobby's picture

God does know. Every bizarre perversion you can imagine and then some. Incest, arson, rape, theft etc.

Killing rivals you compete with over an inheritance is common place for these clans. They have each other committed routinely like a sort of bizzare strategy game.

j0nx's picture

I won't shed any tears for either of them. As pretty as he is he will make a nice playtoy for Jamal in prison.

Tall Tom's picture



Now Jamal and Bubba are gonna haf a biddin' war over this new fresh fish bitch?

robertsgt40's picture

You would think a psychopath with a degree from Princeton would be in high demand, certainly at the Fed. 

Ruffmuff's picture

This generation of tender brains, need a big fucking kick up the asshole.

My youngest a senior in college is moving out for a while. The party is on, bitchezz!!!!

Thom_333's picture

Keeps getting better and better...! Mentally disturbed Princeton Economics Grad student - a socialite and romantically involved with a Ms. Rotschildt. Must have been nice parties though but black magic isn´t for the mentally unstable.

Hanging around the NWO too much have we. And as consequence Sr. get´s...Gruberized.

But Jr. will get off...Eyes Wide Shut and all that.

SAT 800's picture

Wow, you couldn't make this stuff up. Zero Hedge is becoming more interesting and jaw dropping than a tabloid newspaper; and it's all real; whatever real means, anymore.

nakki's picture

6 years at Princeton that is.

steelhead23's picture

With that nifty BS degree from Krugman U., for sure he'll have all the tools he needs to determine the PNV of those four bullets he fired in terms of lost inheritence.  Brillian dude, your dad is 70, you're 30, he's worth a bundle and you're worthless -  and you kill him because he reduces you piddling allowance by $200/mo.  You'll have lots of time to do the math.

Anglophobe's picture

foolish boy... a nailgun woulda been more believable to suicide your dad with .... and they said he was inteliigent , bah! 

Philo Beddoe's picture

Now I know why tigers eat their young - Rodney Dangerfield. 

jbvtme's picture

what's krugman's son up to these days?

Tall Tom's picture

Are we missing any trolls at Hedge?

wissen dass scheiBe's picture

Now if only jamie dimon would cut his daughter's allowance....

El Vaquero's picture

His daughter is too bubbly and naieve to do something like this.  Unless he has another evil daughter...