Murderous Son, Who Killed His Hedge Fund Father Over $200 Allowance, Was A Mentally-Disturbed Princeton Economics Grad

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The most bizarre story from the past weekend was the shocking murder of Tom Gilbert, 70, founder of the Wainscott biotech-focused hedge fund, who was shot dead in his Sutton Place apartment on Sunday Afternoon: shocking because the alleged shooter was none other than his Millennial, hence unemployed, 30-year-old son. What was certainly unclear at the time was what would be the motivation of a son to kill his successful and wealthy father, especially in such dramatic cold blood.

We now know not only the motivation, thanks to AP:

The son of a millionaire Manhattan hedge fund founder who allegedly gunned down his dad over his allowance has been arraigned on a second-degree murder charge, authorities said.


A law enforcement source told the New York Post that Thomas Gilbert Jr. had just been told by his father that he would only receive $400 for spending money per month from that point on in addition to $2,400 per month for rent. The younger Gilbert had previously received $600 per month.



"She [Mrs. Gilbert] found Senior on the floor with a bullet hole in the head," said Boyce. "She also found a gun resting on his chest with his left hand covering it."

... but also the alleged psychopath's background:

Gilbert Jr. attended Princeton, graduating in 2009 with a degree in economics. Authorities said he had no recent work history.




Gilbert Jr. has a pending criminal case in the town of Southampton, on eastern Long Island.


Gilbert Jr., who has an address in the hamlet of Wainscott, was arrested Sept. 18 on a charge of criminal contempt. Southampton town police say he violated an order of protection issued in Brooklyn in June. Police say he confronted a man named Peter N. Smith at Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack on Sept. 1.


He has pleaded not guilty and has a Feb. 2 court date scheduled.

And then it gets really bizarre. As the Mail reports, Junior was also charged with 21 counts of criminal possession of forgery devices after skimming device and 21 blank credit cards found at his home, and may have also burned down a rival's Hamptons mansion:

A Princeton graduate who was on Monday charged with murdering his multimillionaire father and attempting to stage the death as a suicide was also the prime suspect in an arson attack that burned down a rival's Hamptons mansion, it has been revealed.


Tommy Gilbert Jr, 30, was arrested in September for violating a restraining order taken out by Peter N. Smith, days after Mr Smith's father's home went up in flames.


Princeton graduate Gilbert Jr appeared in court charged with shooting dead his father, Thomas Gilbert Sr, at the family's luxury Manhattan apartment in a fight over his allowance being cut.


The Ivy Leaguer was a mainstay at New York society black-tie events in recent years but one ex-girlfriend revealed details of his dark side on Monday. 


Manhattan socialite Anna Rothschild, 49, whom he dated last year, said Tommy was a loner with few friends who deeply resented his father and was obsessed with how he would 'never be good enough' for his dad.


Gilbert Jr.'s ex-girlfriend Anna Rothschild, 49, says he was a loner whose phone only rang when his mother called. The two are pictured together at a charity gala at the Jane Hotel in last January 


Reports were also emerging today that Gilbert Jr suffered from mental illness and had been off his medication prior to the shooting.


Gilbert Jr was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon along with 21 counts of criminal possession of forgery devices after skimming device and 21 blank credit cards were found at the Chelsea apartment his father paid for. 


Gilbert Jr.'s ex girlfriend - twice-divorced Upper East Side socialite Anna Rothschild - told the Post that her former flame was a loner who had few friends and never got phone calls. The only person who ever called him was his mother, Miss Rothschild says. 


Gilbert Jr. was jobless - and seemed to have few prospects, and little interest, for finding serious work.


Instead, he spent most his time in the Hamptons, going to the gym, doing yoga and surfing. 



'How could a guy be that gorgeous, that wealthy, that fit and kill his dad? This is the last thing in a million years that I thought he could do,' Miss Rothschild, 49, told the Post. 


His one professional aspiration was founding his own hedge fund - but he complained that his father wouldn't give him the seed money to start it, Miss Rothschild said. 


Gilbert Jr. has an investment company registered to his $2,400-a-month Chelsea apartment - though it's not clear the firm has any assets under investment.


The company is a called Mameluke Capital - mamelukes being 13th-century Muslim slave soldiers. 


Miss Rothschild said Gilbert Jr. was also preoccupied with how controlling his father was over his money and was convinced that he could never do anything to gain his approval.


* * *


The first thing multiple acquaintances said of Gilbert Jr when asked to comment by Daily Mail Online on their fellow Princeton or Deerfield alumnus was the rumor that he'd burned down his one-time friend's house last summer.



Additionally a long-time resident of East Hampton and acquaintance of Gilbert Sr., who was a member of the upscale Maidstone Club there, also repeated the allegation.


The home belonged to Peter Smith Sr., a friend of the Gilbert family.


The Post reports that Gilbert Jr. had been friends with Peter Smith Jr. - but that they had fallen out over a girl.


The Post also claims that Gilbert Jr. Killed Smith's dog - but this was denied to Daily Mail Online by sources close to the events.


Three days after the fire, on September 18, Gilbert Jr. was arrested for violating an order of protection taken out by Smith Jr.


Peter Smith Jr, 32, declined to comment on the allegations and his sister, Bettina Prentice, did not respond to requests for comment.


* * *


Tommy Gilbert Jr, attended The Buckley school on Manhattan's Upper East Side from kindergarten until eighth grade. Tuition costs around $35,000 a year.


Noteable alumni of the school include actor James Harder, philanthropist David Rockefeller Jr and Robert Wagner, former deputy mayor of New York.


He then went on to the $50,000-a-year Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts, which counts the King of Jordan and Prince of Jordan among its alumni.


After graduating from Deerfield in 2003, Gilbert Jr accepted a place at Princeton University where he graduated in 2009.


A friend told Daily Mail Online on Monday: 'He was a really nice person. He was smart, athletic and he went to Princeton.


'He took some leave of absences from Princeton which is why it took him so long to graduate. He must have been really angry to do something so out-of-character.'


* * *


Tommy Gilbert Jr was arrested at his home on Sunday night in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, following the fatal shooting of his father, the founder of hedge fund, Wainscott Capital.

And so on, more here.

Still, remember: when dealing with murderous psychopathic Princeton economists, correlation is not always causation.

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lakecity55's picture

I was thinking the same.

A Princeton Grad-- with no job despite all the contacts he must have had?

He must be one fucking piece of work.

general ambivalent's picture

I don't get this. The world's gone to shit yet you're a piece of shit if you don't continue to produce fictitious wealth for the masters of alchemy.

Seems like more than just economy needs a reset.

cynicalskeptic's picture

A Princeton Grad-- with no job despite all the contacts he must have had?

You clearly haven't met any of these people.  You can bet he had PLENTY of offers - but all were 'beneath' him.   If he had taken any odds are he was booted in no time for failing to meet even minimal standards of performance.   He had 'numerous' leaves of absence for Princeton?!?    I'll bet he barely got through.  Seems like someone whose 'job' was to be seen on the party circuit - nothing more.  Clearly Daddy hadd him on a 'minimal' allowance (albeit one more than a hell of a lot of people his age net).  Word was porbably out - and his prospects of marrying a meal ticket wer evaporation (Families with serious money don't like to see freeloaders marry in no matter what their pedigree.... he'd have to be fucking royalty with his slacker track record to remain in contention)
August's picture

>>>You can bet he had PLENTY of offers - but all were 'beneath' him.


The_Virginian's picture

Another story from the pages of Atlas Shrugged. 

Creepy Lurker's picture

Yeah, her heroes were completely unrealistic, but her villains were spot on. Amazingly so.

Dr. Engali's picture

Sounds like his dad should have cut the spoiled little bitch off long ago. Fucking thrirty years old and his dad pays his rent and give him a stipend.

MsCreant's picture

Cutting the stipend means dad was figuring it out. Too little of a cut, too late. Dad clearly felt guilty that he had fucked the kid up.

The brat will go it alone now...

Max Cynical's picture

What about the car daddy bought for him. Gas, insurance, healthcare, credit card. This zero was probably costing dad +$75K a year.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

If only his father had funded his Hedge Fund, none of this would have happened.....


cowdiddly's picture

Kid should have skipped out the day they had that Prisoner's Dilemma lecture.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

I've read so many different numbers, thought it was $400/week, not month, and cutting off the rent payment as well. Cutting back $100 to $300 per month. Journalism sucks so bad these days. I've read so many different scenarios. I mean did the wife tell it 10 different ways??? None of this matters in the big picture of the story but mother fucker it's fucking annoying.

MsCreant's picture

Are you saying this is how we will react if they cut off QE, for good?

northern vigor's picture

Wait until the food stamps get cut off.

Tall Tom's picture

If you think that this entitlement attititude does not cross all social strata and is not endemic then you had best think again.


They will murder to eat. They certainly will not work. They think that we are even supposed to provide jobs.


No. They are supposed to CREATE JOBS. You make your own path in this world.


(Look at HH's post about the asteroid yesterday, asking the posters to respond about whether or not they'd be willing to kill and steal to eat. Many admitted that. Actually it was a clever post as the asteroid is not the threat. But it exposed many psychopaths. And I just now realized what he was up


If you have anything they will take it from you over your dead body.


The Baby Bust Generation indulged them and failed to raise them. Get ready for it. They are young and strong.


Actually it may turn out that it is fortunate that they lack both knowledge and wisdom.

Tall Tom's picture

I guess that someone must have misunderstood the word endemic.


Endemic does not mean epidemic.

Endemic does not mean pandemic.


Hopefully this clarifies my thesis.

FredFlintstone's picture

It does matter because a very large cut in allowance could make it justifiable :)

Dr. Engali's picture

You sound like somebody who is interested in the truth.... now that's hilarious. I recommend the blue pill, it makes it easier to deal with this horse shit. 

WTFUD's picture

$3k a month wouldn't cover his meth addiction. Surely he could have hired a hitman. These ivy leaguers have zero imagination.

jgonzz's picture

Princeton!? How  terrible!  One would expect such an awful display from a MIT grad..

SickDollar's picture

hey what do you have against my alum MIT ?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Look, don't overthink it.  A club of sociopaths will attract more of the same.  Simple as that.

Pumpkin's picture

Economist sounds about right.  A little slow with the math concerning inheritance vs allowance.

yogibear's picture

Ben Bernanke's son, a psychiatrist in NY can treat him with drugs and make him go more insane. 

PGR88's picture

Every culture and civilization has a religion which guides it.


Ours is now economics.   These are the priests.

Grouchy Marx's picture

An economist with zero experience actually building wealth, or holding a regular job for that matter.

Did I miss something? Could it be that lack of business building experience is actually a *requirement* to become an economist?

I think my buddy Joe the Pizza guy has a better intrinsic understanding of economic fundamentals.

cynicalskeptic's picture

well... his 'ex-girlfriend' was 19 years older (and twice divorced)... methinks he HAD a 'job', a pretty cushy one at that but somehow managed to screw up even that


youngman's picture

Just the Dad cutting back on the kids QE.....and see what it did....Yellen should learn from this

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Test case for Yellen and WS Banksters.

Think about the cutbacks on the NYC social circuit.  Ohhh, the horror...

Silverhog's picture

Lazy fuck. Could have at least got a job as a paid troll. 

TCA's picture

Tom Gilbert's son went SAMCRO on his ass.

lakecity55's picture

Yeah, but he will wind up like poor Otto with a big black dick up his ass.

Conax's picture

The punk didn't do it right. He might have tried kneecapping the old man, then asking for the other 200.

He skipped, "pretty please with sugar on it" altogether.

Or, "that's a nice frontal lobe you have there, it'd be a shame if somethin happened to it."

TruthHunter's picture

"He skipped, "pretty please with sugar on it" altogether."

Actually, in his 30 some years he probably tried every angle.

His dad likely made him pay for every gift with a verbal takedown. It got the 

ole' man somewhere in the office, but it doesn't work with children.

Dad sewed the wind and reaped the whirlwind.

geno-econ's picture

Truly a modern day  GREEK tragedy.  Let this be a lesson for Draigi to increase the allowance for all the laggard (Lagarde}soveriegn nations in EU   

Alex Kintner's picture

What a start to 2015. This year is looking great already.

Conax's picture

Didn't Jowls eat you and your air mattress?

Take a look at those PMs popping. 'Great year', hope you're right.

MsCreant's picture

Just WOW! This is the article the Tylers should post. This 30 year old had a 49 year old girlfriend who says he never got phone calls except from his mother. He went to the gym and did yoga. Guess he just could not relax.

Great find.

paint it red call it hell's picture

Comes under the 'Do as thou Wilt" doctrine governing family relations.

Caleb Abell's picture

Really, small time compared to some economists.  Marx and Milton (from the Chicago school) have caused more deaths than can be counted.  And they didn't even own guns.  I would think a high falutten school like Princeton would produce economists that can rack up the body count.  I'm disappointed.

ghostzapper's picture

So he's 30 and he graduated in 2009 from Princeton meaning he was 25ish upon graduation.  Did he twiddle his little dick along the way and take 7 or 8 years to make it through college or did it take Daddy that long to finally suck off enough people to get his sorry ass into Princeton?  Either way it sounds like he is a little cunt rag that deserves what's coming to him.


Billy Batts style: "I fuck kids like that in the can . . . . . in the ass in the can!"

(towards the end of the scene after Pesci leaves)

The Blank Stare's picture

C'mon republicans! Cut off those EBT cards and duck.

reader2010's picture

You mean cut trillions to Wall Street? 

AuEagleNest's picture

"She [Mrs. Gilbert] found Senior on the floor with a bullet hole in the head," said Boyce. "She also found a gun resting on his chest with his left hand covering it."

Kid tried to make it look like suicide. If he'd taken the time to read ZH he would've known to use a nail gun and then toss him out the window. Would've automatically been declared suicide and the kid would be running the hedge fund now.

chubbar's picture

OK, the kid buys a gun and ammo, takes the gun and shoots the dad. The cops show up at the kids apartment and what do they find? The fucking gun box and ammo that matches the crime scene! This guy is either the dumbest motherfucker walking the planet or he was framed. I don't have an opinion either way. The idiot should get jailed just for being a lazy fuckoff who thinks he should be entitled to a great life with money. Sounds like a complete dickhead, imo.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

He was just hungry.  

If his mom had a sandwich at the ready instead of having to go out and buy a sandwich for her child, all this death and destruction could have been avoided.  

Maybe he needed his own EBT card?