US Selling Another 170 M-1 Abrams Tanks To Iraq After ISIS Captured 40 Last Summer

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Remember when shortly after ISIS' stunning and rapid ascent to power it was revealed that a key reason for the terrorist organization's blistering success were the M-1 Abrams tanks, armored transport trucks, Howitzers and countless Humvees made in the US, sold to Iraq and subsequently captured by ISIS? It appears that the US has decided to restock ISIS, if only indirectly. As Matthew Aid's discloses, the US is now selling a whopping 170 M-1 tanks to Iraq in order to restock the 40 lost to ISIS last summer, and then some. And since ISIS will promptly recapture a substantial portion of this latest batch, the US now appears to have found a fully covert, backdoor ISIS-restocking supply channel: one where Iraq pays to US military contrators (using US taxpayer aid money) such as General Dynamics, and subsequently the inventory mysteriosuly finds its way to barbaian, headcutting terrorists.

From Aid:

Iraq is buying another 170 American M-1A1 tanks. In 2008 Iraq had ordered and received (by 2010) 140 M-1A1 tanks, 21 M88A1 armored recovery vehicles and 60 M1070 tank transporters (which can also carry supplies or other vehicles.) Iraq was not be the first Arab country to operate the M1 tank. Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia already operate over 1,600 of them, and Egypt has built hundreds of them (mainly using components imported from the U.S., but with some locally made parts). Iraq receives the M-1A1 version. All the other Arab users have at least some of the latest model (M1A2 SEP).


The Arab users of the M1 have been very happy with their American tanks. This satisfaction increased when they saw how the M-1 performed in Iraq. While most Arabs deplored U.S. operations in Iraq, Arab tank officers and M-1 crewmen were quietly pleased that their tanks appeared invulnerable, and able to assist the infantry in any kind of fight. Iraqi army officers have spoken to fellow Arab officers who have used the M-1, and were told this was the way to go.


Corruption in the Iraqi Army led to Iraqi M-1 crews being poorly trained and led. So far Iraqi troops have lost (or abandoned) at least 40 M-1s to enemy action or panic. At least one Iraqi Mi1 was destroyed by a Russian ATBM (anti-tank guided missile).

The punchline:

The Iraqis promise they will do better with their new batch of M-1s.

And if they don't, no harm either: the US will merely have a pretext to use even more taxpayer funds, using the nobel excuse of funding Iraq's "democratic regime" to indirectly pay General Dynamic for a few hundred more M-1A tanks (replacement cost of each is about $5 million) thereby allowing GD shareholders to be overly "generous" when it comes to paying back their favorite Congressional warmonger with several million in lobby spending in 2015 and the following years.

And this is how the well-greased wheels of the US military-industrial complex turn in D.C.

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waterwitch's picture

makes perfect sense to me!

Save_America1st's picture

Just the way the M.I.C. wants it...

Eisenhower warns of the M.I.C. in farewell address.

Short version:

Longer version:


Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

disgusting. we will never learn. Pay up serfs.... keep calm and slave on, the empire needs moar money. Whatever happens, I think its safe to say we have it coming. A people as stupid as us can't possibly last much longer

Normalcy Bias's picture

Have no fear - The exact armor composition is still highly classified, and therefore safe from potential enemies!

toady's picture

Is this a sale for a real asset? $, oil, gold?

Or is the taxpayera footing the bill again?

Never One Roach's picture

Military contractors are going to have another Bullish year, looks like.

nmewn's picture

Hard to say, the article implies the taxpayer is footing the bill yet "Iraq is buying another 170 American M-1A1 tanks."

Of course the way they throw around "foreign aid" money...

toady's picture

Exactly. "Selling"... what a joke!

No way these MIC sob's ship anything without the taxpayer firmly on the hook.

XitSam's picture

The tanks are colateral on a loan.  Then when ISIS captures these tanks, the loan is written off so Iraq comes out even, see?

weburke's picture

They will all be in iran soon enough. Iran is doomed.

nmewn's picture

Not sure how that works contractually but I was more about cutting off foreign aid, to everyone.

Including Israel, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya (lol, naturally), Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Tanzania and Uganda...those are just the top ten, which is 20% of the total of 52 billion for 2014.

MontgomeryScott's picture

It's like THIS:

The USMIC can't sell Israel it's best technology (due to Congressional restrictions). It makes sense, in a way, that the USMIC would not allow the best shit to be bought by foreign powers, you know.

BUT: Since Iraq is now a USMIC 'protectorate' (since they were invaded TWICE), what the hell? Why NOT give our 'new partners' 40 top-line state-of-the-art tanks? Um...WHOOPS. They seem to have 'lost' them.

Now, if I WAS of an opinion, and I KNEW that the 'MOSSAD' is called the Isreali State Intelligence Service (I.S.I.S. for short), and i KNEW that I.S.I.S. had 'captured' 40 front-line tanks that they had requested and were trying to get, and my buddies in Haifa were 'working with me', I sure as hell would send the 'new partners' in Iraq another 170.

AND, I would sure as hell GUARANTEE the 'foreign aid' that you are whining about (our buddies and our partners NEED the money to keep up the maintainence on the shit we give them).

Just so we understand the true situation.

General Dynamics, Pentagon spokesman

TahoeBilly2012's picture

ISIS is fake but Putin is real!

Lore's picture

There is the Putin you're fed by gov't propagandists and MSM whores, etc... And then there is the REAL Putin.

scrappy's picture

cifo, let's monetize this, it's a win-win.

eGoTank (Like the car sharing service)

Uber Tank - Ride in style for less than cab fare!


ziggy59's picture

These videos should be sent to every supposed leader, especially our ass clowns who run this friggin circus...

Lore's picture

Be sure that they're already well aware.

How does one lose a tank "to panic?" Did the treads fall off? 

NoDebt's picture

The sale was recommended by Paul Krugman.  

Eyeroller's picture

... from the back of a limo.

Surly Bear's picture

It's hard to believe we are selling those vehicles to anyone. Times have changed.

TeamDepends's picture

It's as if we WANT ISIS, and by extension Islam, to kick ass.

toady's picture

The funny thing is how ISIS doesn't go after Israel. Just Sunnis fighting Shias.

Almost like it was planned that way...

thestarl's picture

Sell them the tanks just the basic V1.0's but so what the Jews get access to all the top shelf hardware and they'd veto any sales that may compromise their advantages.

I'd like to see Putin sell the latest SAM (S400) systems to the Iranians.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

That is how the U.S. military industrial complex got so big, by selling arms to both

sides of every conflict. We should have listened to Eisenhower, he saw this coming.

Philo Beddoe's picture

Eisenhower was followed by JFK. An R followed by a D,  I think those were the last presidents, After that it became the muppet show. 

McMolotov's picture

If Hitlery gets in, we'll officially be ruled by Miss Piggy.

Philo Beddoe's picture

I like the sound of President Maxine Waters.  Fuck it, we are throwing up the most retarded bitch we can find.  Black and Female and Retarded! That is electoral gold. 

RaceToTheBottom's picture

We are in a RaceToTheBottom and that would seem to be the most productive way to achieve it.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

As long as she gets our n!ggers out of Guam before it tips over, I will support her.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

I think so too. At least they didn't kill Eisenhower.

XitSam's picture

Eisenhower was a democrat until he wanted to run for president.

Thunderbox's picture

Over heard at the local Kmart in Baghdad:

Attemtion Kmart shoppers we have a Blue Light special over in the tank aisle. Two for one special for our friends with ISIS club membership cards.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Indeed, waterwitch, since money is measurement backed by murder, weapon industries are the most profitable. Since private property does not exist outside of some system public violence, weapons are vital to being able to stake claims and back those up with coercions. The reasons why a small minority of the global population is able to assert that they "own" most of the planet is due to the history of warfare, upon which was built a political economy based on enforced frauds.

Lying Murdering Scum Own Our Planet

Militarism is the supreme ideology, and weapons have always been the first priority throughout the history of Neolithic Civilizations. The social pyramid systems that were started in the area now known as Iraq spread out, hybridized, and conquered the whole world, with those social systems based on backing up lies with violence, that were perfected through thousands of years of the history of warfare. The situation in Iraq today is what happens after those social pyramid systems go all the way around the world, and then, return home.

Globalized systems electronic monkey money, backed by apes with atomic bombs, is a relatively recent development of those ancient social pyramid systems. The apparent absurdities of the American Military Industrial (Corrupt Congress) Complex requires deeper analysis of human history to understand. However, "it makes sense to me" that we have developed a criminally insane culture, which operates its real death controls through the maximum possible deceits, in order to back up financial accounting systems based on the maximum possible frauds.

db51's picture

This will add enough to GDP to give us another 2K on the Dow.

blindman's picture

is is cia which is the fed balance sheet
in living color. get it?

JenkinsLane's picture

Paging Bill Hicks, that's Mr Bill Hicks, please come to reception.

TeamDepends's picture

Will you accept Alex Jones?

Overfed's picture

Alex Jones is a turd by way of comparison to Bill Hicks. Accept no substitutes.

Payne's picture

I hope one day we build them with a remote detonation switch.

spinone's picture

they have failsafe.  Not just any jackwad can jump in an ddrive.

fauxhammer's picture

They'll tank us later

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

if you like your tank, ISIS can keep your tank, period

stant's picture

Can I get a loan to start a cheap knock off 120 mil anti tank and heat round factory in china?looks like enough demand there

Dr. Engali's picture

The fact that there isn't a built in fail safe to shut down the military equipment we want to immobilize when it falls into the wrong hands speaks volumes about who ISIS really works for.

kowalli's picture

USA are giving tanks to isis - what is "wrong hands"???

Dr. Engali's picture

Exactly, that is was my whole point.