Slain Paris Terrorist Claims He Was Working For ISIS In Posthumous Video, Explains Reasons For Attack

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Two days after the dramatic and tragic events from Friday, Amedy Coulibaly, who in coordination with the two brothers who attacked a satirical newspaper and said they were affiliated with al-Qaeda, killed four hostages at a Paris supermarket Friday before he was slain by police appeared in a new posthumous video released on Sunday, on which he pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group and explained the planning and the reasoning behind the attacks that sowed terror across France.

According to WaPo "the video pointed to the dangers, long anticipated by law enforcement, posed by the expanding allure of the group that has conquered vast areas of Iraq and Syria over the past two years, even as al-Qaeda continues to pursue its own agenda of staging attacks against the West. The video offered no evidence, however, that Coulibaly had been in contact with the Islamic State before his assault on the supermarket, which may represent another example of the “lone wolf” attacks that the Islamic State has inspired, analysts said."

As Breaking 911 adds, "filmed over several days and edited after the attacks, the video shows Amedy Coulibaly displaying a small arsenal of weapons, doing pushups and pullups in a drab courtyard and, in broken Arabic, giving fealty to IS militants. The video appeared Sunday on militant websites, and two men who dealt drugs with Coulibaly confirmed his identify to The Associated Press."


Coulibaly cited the airstrikes carried out against the Islamic State by the U.S.-led coalition, in which France participates, as one of the motives for his assault on the supermarket, which came two days after two brothers, Said and Chérif Kouachi, stormed the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people.


“You attack the Islamic State. We attack you,” he said, speaking in French and occasionally lapsing into broken Arabic, in a segment of the recording that showed him wearing a leather jacket and wool cap, seated beside an AK-47 automatic rifle. “You and your coalition, so that you who are almost in the lead now, you bombard there regularly,” he said. “You kill civilians, you kill combatants, you kill.”


Other segments showed him wearing Arab and African robes and a flak vest, suggesting they were recorded at different times, though all appeared to have been filmed in the same place. The furnishings and stripped hardwood floors suggest an apartment in France.


At least one segment, which refers to the Charlie Hebdo attack, was likely recorded in the two days that elapsed between the attacks, and the video begins and ends with footage of police bursting into the supermarket and shooting Coulibaly.


The video lacked the sophisticated editing techniques typically associated with Islamic State videos, and French authorities have not indicated that Coulibaly was among the more than 700 French citizens who are thought to have traveled to Syria to fight.


The video was first posted by an obscure jihadist account on Twitter, rather than the Islamic State’s official forums, according to Aaron Zelin, an expert in jihadist movements at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. That gives no reason to believe Coulibaly had been directed to act by the Islamic State, only that he was connected to a wider network of jihadists who sympathize, support and perhaps dispatch volunteers to fight for the organization, he said.

The video is below:

Curious, Coulibaly’s wife, Hayat Bou­meddiene, who is wanted by the French authorities, was reported by French and Turkish officials to have traveled to Turkey and then across the border into Syria in the days immediately preceding the attacks. She had participated in more than 500 telephone calls with the wife of Chérif Kouachi, one of the Charlie Hebdo attackers, suggesting the attackers all knew one another.

What is odd is that according to the latest news, despite reports that she participated in the deli store shootout, she was not in France when the attack took place: The French female terror suspect on the run is no longer in France and appears to have left before this week's terror attacks struck that nation. A Turkish intelligence official told the Associated Press on Saturday that a woman with the same name and resembling a widely distributed photo of Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, flew to Istanbul on Jan. 2. Authorities believe she traveled to Sanliurfa near the Syrian border on Jan. 4, then disappeared. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to the AP because he wasn't authorized to speak on the record.

Which means that whoever got away from the French police, if preliminary accounts of two attackers are correct, is not only not identified but still on the loose.

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Took Red Pill's picture

so he was working for the CIA then

NoVa's picture

dude looks like he's from detroit or ferguson

just saying - 

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He's a messenger of the Reliigon of Peace.
Allah Ackbar

NoVa's picture

Alan's snack bar?

St Louis style baby back ribs?

Headbanger's picture

If Obama had a son...

Took Red Pill's picture

and here comes the militarization of Paris. 10,000 troops brought in even though the guys are dead. As if it wasn't already militarized enough.

pelican's picture

and in other news... more people died in car accidents in the last 10 minutes.

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Insert clever and sarcastic reply here:

Ghordius's picture

your second sentence just means "God is great", in the context of "there is only One", i.e. monotheism. and your first one is not even worth to comment, then it seems you have not even noticed a couple of... details

stant's picture

Boston now Paris . Occupation army engaged

Took Red Pill's picture

which one do you think had better actors?

stant's picture

The French are. Heavily influenced by Jerry lewis

booboo's picture

"Paris Strong"
Start printing the placards

Newsboy's picture

"I'm working with these nice guys, and they tell me they are ISIS, and they have lots of cash and gave me guns and money, so I'm going on a suicide mission to scare the white people. Whatever happens after I die is the will of Allah."

"Did I get it right this time, Sir?"

"Thank you, Sir."

The trick, of course is to convince the patsy, and the patsy will convince the world for you.

Chupacabra-322's picture

The movie event of the year produced, directed & edited by the Pure Evil Langley Psychopaths at the CIA.

Sambo's picture

The CIA has edited lot of films in the past including.... the Zapruder film. Just ask Dino Brugioni.


FireBrander's picture

How can someone (an unemployed black muslim) "regularily" travel between France, Syria, and Yemen and not be "detained" and intensly "surveylanced"?

He's "vacationing" in all the terror hotspots, nailing a religious nutjob whitebitch, shooting videos, stockpiling grenade launchers and automatic weapons...and the "HomeLand Security" forces miss all of it?

Defiant1968's picture

I like reading pcr but that sounds stupid

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New name for the EU: VSE, Vassal States of Europe

svayambhu108's picture

Full Mental Retard, soon in a theater near you...

Au Member's picture

Webster Tarpley's analysis of the geopolitical implications of the Paris shootings. Some astute observations in this


2 days prior to the shootings President Hollande called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Also they have built 2 captial warships for Russia at a price of 1.2 Billion Euros. Currently sat in limbo due to the sanctions

Oldrepublic's picture


Dr.Paul Caig Roberts states that the Paris attacks  was a false flag operation “designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington.”

Defiant1968's picture

Never go full retard! Tropic thunder

daveO's picture

Not exactly. It's the French 9/11, to get them to commit to going into their former colony, Syria, and ousting Assad.

Max Cynical's picture

"It has been reported that shortly before committing suicide Commissioner Fredou had met with the family of one of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack massacre."

"French media reports suggest he was depressed and was suffering from burnout."

MarketAnarchist's picture

"Finally, I would like to thank the CIA for their assistance in the production of this video. It wouldn't have been possible without them..."

Took Red Pill's picture

and the Golden Globe goes to....

Freddie's picture

Was Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker in the video?  A cameo perhaps?

noben's picture

George Clooney. "For the Lifetime Achievement Award... of fighting against evil doers and tyrants." On the Set.

I-am-not-one-of-them's picture

US “government tells Americans whatever story the government puts together and sits and laughs at the gullibility of the public.”


Darfur was a CIA operation


then they get a patsy like George Clooney to give their operation legitimacy


those actors are so full of themselves



Max Cynical's picture

Why does everything have to be a false flag? I believe in false flags, but I'm not so quick to draw any conclusions.

What if the globalists just totally underestimated radical islam? Isn't it possible radical islamists are pursuing their own interests?

The "smartest people in the room" have destroyed the global economy. What makes us think they're in total control of radical islam?

pods's picture

I have also not wanted to reflexively jump to FF.  That sets up two camps who have the same goal. Those who think it was a FF and despise the government and those who dont think it was a FF and despise the government.

Really we are in the same camp.

For one, I figured this was organic from the get go.  Seeing world leaders reactions and watching the head shot video has changed my opinion. 


SamAdams's picture

"never let a crisis go to waste"....  but probably false flag.  After 9/11, how could a critical thinker believe otherwise?  Why?  To rally the unclean against the designated terrorists who just happen to be where pipelines and central banks should be.

El Vaquero's picture

But you cannot ignore the fact that we have bombed the fuck out of that region and a lot of people hate us because it is natural to not like being bombed.  You also cannot ignore how they treat each other over there.  And then there is the idea that everything can be controlled by a small cabal of men.  This world is too complex for that, and any such cabal of men will eventually fall to their own hubris.  We know that FFs happen, but to assume that there is only one group of evil men in this world is folly. 

Socratic Dog's picture

In the end it's the reaction that is more important, false flag or not.  And the reaction to this is extreme.  The drums of war beat loud.  Syria better be digging trenches.  If it was a FF (and I think it is wise to start with that assumption, given the recent history) it looks like it will be an extremely successful one.  Maybe as successful as 9/11.  If it wasn't a FF, then TPTB have been handed a gift they are taking full advantage of.

A dozen people or so, and most everyone I see is begging for war.  Christ, we kill that many daily, women collecting firewood, people celebrating at weddings, children going to school.  Why is this dozen so important?  

I think the time is near when asking a question like that will lead to a midnight blackshirt raid.  I don't like the way people are looking at me when I ask it, or similar.  Three times yesterday I was told we had to invade Iraq, and the murders there are justified, because of 9/11, with a pretty clear implication that to think otherwise would make one a traitor.

El Vaquero's picture

"Three times yesterday I was told we had to invade Iraq, and the murders there are justified, because of 9/11, with a pretty clear implication that to think otherwise would make one a traitor."


Yeah, that attitude is wearing thin on me.  What's worse is a lot of them are probably dumbfucks who cannot even pick the place they want to bomb out on a map. 

Socratic Dog's picture

I'm starting to wonder if this wasn't our Sarejevo moment.  Was an archduke among the dead?  Syria invasion could very easily mean war with Russia.

WWIII by fall?

daveO's picture

That's the banksters' plan.

Max Cynical's picture

El Vaqueo...I agree.

If the Chinese were flying drones over the US and openly marching troops through our streets, I'd be just as radical.

Nothing wrong with the US "advocating" democracy around the world..."mandating" it hasn't worked out so well.

655321's picture

"Globalists"?  Really?  Lay off the infowars, you might catch a clue.

Max Cynical's picture

What exactly would you call THTB playing chess with the global economy?

Call them whatever you know what I'm talking about.

655321's picture

You dont know what youre talking about, how could I?

readmylips's picture

its a false flag for the same reason that American blacks keep picking the absolute worst causes (Trayvon, Ferguson) to get behind. Its because the powers that be (the CIA, or the Black Grievance Industry) can't wait forever for the perfect vehicle to push their particular set of changes on the world. They work under their own timeline... meaning the CIA uses false flags... and the Black Grievance Industry uses whatever murder happens to occur between a white shooter and a black victim.