Tesla Tumbles After-Hours As Musk Admits China Sales "Declined Significantly"

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Tesla shares are down over 5% after-hours - and back below $200 - after CEO Elon Musk, speaking before addressing a conference in Detroit, said China Q4 sales declined significantly. As Dow Jones reports, Musk believes the sales decline is linked to consumer misperceptions regarding charging...




Cue every analyst proclaiming this a buying opportunity and explaining how all that pent-up demand will surge in China when they understand the charging...

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If there is one thing amerikuns understand, it is charging.

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Elon's Teflon's not to good right now......great car .....shit stawk........

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Car is garbage too.  I've been waiting for this Jews winning streak to end.

Putin is revitalising the Russian space program and SpaceX won't have a chance in competing.

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Soon we will have gasoline powered homes!

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I am currently designing a modified steam engine powered vehicle that runs by burning common household trash and defective lithium ion batteries for fuel.

I call it the Stanley Stinker...


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You need to design it to burn Fisker Karmas; I hear they have a higher specific heat than Teslas...


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Low oil and gas prices will kill most alt energy businesses. 

When gas is $2 a gallon, what idiot is going to pay tesla's insane prices for a battery car with a short range, and nearly no range in cold weather?  Same for solar power, wind and all the other half baked schemes out there.

Investments lost.  Muppets slaughtered, as they always are.  But in 10 or 20 years a new crop of dizzy fools will get scammed again.

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It will be called.....wait for it....a motor home.

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Govt kills inovation especially when it threatens old line union jobs and industries 

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Can't wait to see the proud state of the gigafactory get stuck with a white elephant on their 2018 revenue books. Elon: nice guy, but the writing was on the wall when you learn the Chinese can steal all the tech, with zero the compensation (Greely, Xiaomei). Shoulda listened to Theil.

Only way to save TSLA is to pull a page from the Dodge brothers playbook. Flat truckbed and SUV so that those who pay the highest for fuel use (truckers, contractors, and those with winter mileage to consume budget on) recognize the modularity and open source agnostic platform afforded by a hacker + a few friends with aluminum 3d printers.

Or short the stock.




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Apparently you didn't get the memo, but Tesla opened up their patents long ago. If the Chinese think they can run an EV car factory better than Tesla can, Elon says bring it on.

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SpaceX can shoot the rockets up but they crash on return.  Too bad.

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The Russians are revitalizing their space program? They doing that with all the oil they expected to sell at $85 per barrel?

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The Russians are revitalizing their space program? They doing that with all the oil they expected to sell at $85 per barrel?

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so elon is jewish now? nice!

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He could always start selling deoderant er, man perfume. "It's Musk, Elon Musk".

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Smells like MuskmElon with a hint of lemon...

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Tesla = Solyndra

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Musk is real good at harvesting subsidies from the tax paywers. If his companies had to stand on their own merits they would have gone chapter 7 a long time ago.

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He is a rent seeking douchebag who calls himself a capitalist.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

Is this the old phonestar with a new handle?

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Usura: You do know you are rocking fonestars avatar yes?

knukles's picture

Tiffany took to the downside late yesterday as well.
Oh my!
Even the 1% get frightened when the financials become precarious.

Rainman's picture

Captain Obvious,  a 345 p/e is a tell, no ?

knukles's picture

Was that pre or post extraordinary charges and add backs on a GAAP or non-GAPP basis before or after foreign exchange translations and pension fund adjustments?
So many numbers, so few talking heads.

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They may not sell very well,

  but they burn just fine.

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In the New Normal that is considered "good value".

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Suck it Tesla.  Oil is free again.   Everyone back in the SUV ...  

I hope to get a Hummer

knukles's picture

I'd like a hickey and a blow job.
can I can I huh huh?

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What makes a MuskRat guard his musk? [/cowardly lion]

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TSLA down 7%.  Chinese are not stupid - they see the US economic war against Russia.  They will not buy expensive US-made items such as cars since in an economic war, parts may not be available.  And TSLA will have no sales in Russia for decades.

Another unpredictable aspect of the Nobel Prize Winner's war against Russia and Putin. France is also learning the hard way:

Re-examining France’s Mistral policy…India may cancel $22 Billion Rafale fighter jet contract and instead purchase Russian Su-30 jets

The other shoe in Hollande’s misguided Russian Mistral cancelation may be about to drop, as India appears to be backtracking in its decision to purchase 126 Rafale jets from France’s Dassault Aviation.

After a three years effort, India’s Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, spoke of  an impasse in negotiations with his French counterparts. This is a serious blow to the French aviation industry which just last month announced that the deal would be completed in the first half of 2015.

Icing on the cake…The Defence Ministry announced it is now considering buying Russian Sukhoi Su-30 MKI, which according to the Defence Ministry are ‘absolutely suitable for the needs of the Indian Air Force and half the price’ of the French made Rafales.

We are also sure India feels much more comfortable purchasing from a supplier that will not fold to US/NATO pressure on a whim.


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World's second largest arms dealer is having a sale... thanks to the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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... if Elon Musk is native indian, he'd say "Me No Sulk" ... wait, that's Elon Musk's anagram ... :)

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Some negative news about Tesla, que Tyler with another bash fest. Tesla will be the stock that Ford was in the last century, the technology is head and shoulders above the rest of the industry, in a car that suits its market, and in a company that will be able to produce the first desirable, practical EV for the masses. Gotta wonder why Tyler is bashing one of the few great innovative companies that is American through and through?

Spitzer's picture

The fact that you think anything like that can happen when the world economy is still constipated with the last credit cycle is laughable.

Telsa is a bubble company. Hence the bash.

jcaz's picture

Wow,  truly clueless, dude-  it's just a freaking battery.   Anyone can do it-  and they are.

The only thing that Tesla ever "innovated" was selling tax credits-  whoops,  that scam only plays domestically.

Keep feeding my puts, tho- I'll happily take your money all day.

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TESLA is a ponzi, as you will find out.Without growth it dies, like maybe now.

It loses money on every sale using GAAP ,with only a 1% warranty provision.

Without cheap money, and .gov grants its dead meat.

disabledvet's picture

Here,here Winston!

Here, here!

Now about using coal for the Fleet....

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Tesla is a battery company not a car company. They live or die on whether they can really make the improvements they claim.

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Yes, no one can replicate them!!!  Their stock will soon be worth 100 BILLION DOLLARS A SHARE!!!

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New technology? It's a car with a big battery. Where's the innovation? Old whore in a new dress.
Practical car for the masses? They have never made a dime of profit making $90,000 cars, and now we are expected to believe they can make money selling one for $35,000?

IronForge's picture

Head and Shoulders above? 

Guess you have yours up your Ass...

BMW's i8 and the pending i9 (add i3 for the citygirls), Honda and Toyota's FCVs (which are being sold cheaper than Teslas in Japan - probably the same in the USA/EU/CHN), and every other Automobile Powerhouse has something on the Cutting Edge - that will be produced in quantities that will bury TSLA.

H2 Stations?  No problem - they're already deploying them in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics; and I'm sure they'll have it Nationwide in no time and exported to the USA.  ShellOil has had an H2 Station across the street from Toyota's USHQ for Years now.

Also, for the "American Through and Through", bit - Mr. Musk(who allegedly Dodged the Draft from his country of upbringing - South Africa) invested in; and allegedly took the Company T-Zero away from the Founding CEO.  Reads like a case of "Vulture Capital Financiers ripping off the Inventor" to me. 

How he managed to get all those Federal Subsidies must have been quite a Story to tell.  Being a member of the "Tribe" may have helped; but I've been to school with "Far" more talented Aerospace Engineers and have worked a bit with the MIC. 

It's a bubble-scam.  "Competitors" are quashed and suppressed to allow this one to grow; but it just doesn't have the legs or the brain.

Yep, that's "American" enough for me... </sarc>