"We Have Been Captured... We Are Parented, Not Represented"

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Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via First Rebuttal blog,

Today I was debating the idea of Western domination.  And one of the things that came up was the idea of how ‘lucky’ the world is that China and Russia have been able to  maintain a sense of independence from the Western front.  Imagine a world completely unchallenged by Western dominance, which we know is precisely the goal of our ambitious Western leaders.  The goal, as stated by many Western leaders including George Bush Senior whilst President in an address to the nation, is to come to some New World Order of centralized control, with unified laws and principles enforced from one power centre.

Currently Western foreign and monetary policy are controlled and enforced by this central power centre.  That is clear given that the policy objectives are unified whilst their implications are broad and even conflicting.  What I mean by that is while the policy is embraced by all Western nations the implication of the policies go from being negligible, like here in the US, to economically crushing like in Europe.  So if foreign policy decisions were fragmented amongst Western nations the harsh implications of such policies would prevent those respective nations from supporting such policy decisions.  But the policies are supported, if not by the people of those nations (refer to farmers burning down of the Ministry of Agriculture building in France), then by their respective political classes and thus must be being decided as a central power.

Given the desperate position the Western rulers are willing to put French and German farmers (and so many more European industries) in for the ‘perceived greater good’, imagine the lack of representation for any group or individual under the thumb of a global central power.  Especially without the distraction of overcoming challengers like the Chinese and Russians.  Consider the difficulty just here in America, reportedly the beacon of democracy around the world (I choked that out btw), of making the people’s will relevant to the legislative process.  If we were being ruled from some global centre 5000 miles away it would be virtually impossible to be heard let alone to impact policy.  Things like tax policies would be based on the needs of people we will never know or understand and our incomes and capital would be pillaged without accountability to those pillaging.

All wealth creation by the working class would be vacuumed into some General Fund that would be unexplained by those who control it.  Similar to the Commerce Dept General Fund that takes in all those ‘fines’ from the banking sector…. about $350 billion over the past 5 years.  What ever comes of that money?? Well we will never know because that money is the proverbial rainy day fund that is outside of budgetary line items; a magical cookie jar if you will for whenever a politician gets a sweet tooth.  Isn’t it curious we never hear where that money taken as punishment for crimes committed against we the people goes?  What a fantastic little practice of racketeering.  And how great that practice of racketeering would grow under a central global government unaccountable to the faces of those being oppressed.  But I digress.

Back to the point.  The fact that Russia and China remain outside the event horizon of Western domination has literally saved citizens of the world from absolute enslavement.  Yet we are saturated with propaganda that would have us believe the promise land of a New World Order must be our goal and will be attained when the Russians, who have been labelled one of the world’s top three dangers, are safely caged.   And so our military will attempt to constrain the Russian people like a fully lucid person admitted to an insane asylum against their will by those who have the ‘moral authority’ to do so in the name of what they say is best.  However, if it were not for Russia and China all that propaganda and aggression would be pointed against those of us not willing to relinquish our natural rights of freedom to those who believe they have the natural right to take it from us.  In short, our lives would be devoid of any sense of freedom as it was promised to us by our founding fathers.

And so before you sign up for seminars like William Kristol’s Tikvah Advanced Studies Institute on the origns of war, perhaps you should do a bit of research on your own.  Kristol’s Tikvah site discusses Donald Kagan’s book titled ‘Origins of War: And the Preservation of Peace’.  In the book, Kagan (father-in-law to Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State who was unknowingly recorded planning the Ukranian coup), suggests that “To too many in the modern world, the word power has an unpleasant ring to it”.  I literally laughed out loud as his slight perversion of the truth is so unintendedly slapstick comical yet so coy it makes me picture Kagan as Wile E. Coyote.

If Kagan wasn’t either a liar or an idiot, or both, the quote would have read “Regardless of the times, the word power has an unpleasant ring to it to those not in power”.  You have to love these self proclaimed “intellectuals” (seriously that’s what they call themselves in every bio I could find – intellectuals! – I can only assume W. E. Coyote would be proud).  And so before spending money on a seminar to learn the origins of war, allow me to offer you the following evidence for free.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.49.08 PM

For nothing says preservation of peace like recommending America “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars”, against, well apparently the enemy is irrelevant.  According to the above key findings from yet another lobby effort by the world’s #1 armchair soldiers, William Kristol and Donald Kagan, it is recommended that America send its young men and women to kill and be killed against various arbitrary ‘enemies’, in this report sent to the Clinton Administration in September 2000.  But don’t get all worked up.  Peace and free-dum luv’n Willy Kristol recommends this in the name of peace preservation, in fact, he suggests it is precisely because the US was in the midst of the most peaceful period of the previous 100 that America needed to start some wars.

This is the kind of insane sadistic and soulless moron that will be setting policy for the central single authority called the New World Order.  And so don’t hold it against me if I suggest that it is straight from whatever mystical order defines the laws of the universe that Russia and China have remained independent of Western authority.  The fact that Russia, having one of the few untapped energy reserves large enough to feed the Chinese industrial beast, managed to fend off her enemies over the past 100 years, which have been plentiful and powerful, is an alignment of the moons that could only be divine in nature.

So before we succumb to the media muppets touting the message of the morons like Willy Kristol, let’s please take this slowly.  And for those of you who generally get your current news from mainstream media don’t let the silence lull you into believing we are not right this minute sending vast stacks of cash and weaponry to engage the Russians in war.  We are.  Mindfully understand that Russia’s independence and China’s ability to humble Western ambitions have been absolutely fundamental to the slowing of attrition of freedom throughout the Western world.  Believe it or not we would be frightfully further down the rabbit hole had it not been for those bumps in the yellow brick road toward the New World Order.

I caution you to acknowledge that the Western philosopher kings repeatedly call on us serfs to sacrifice our young men and women, to fight faceless, nameless arbitrary enemies and in the name of peace no less.  Kristol and his political goons explicitly recommended just such human sacrifices in black and white directly to the President of the United States in the report above.  And remember it was not more than a year after that report was delivered to the President that the great catalyst event that paved the way for us to fight the faceless, nameless “Terrorism”, took place.  And note these are the same folks that signed those other reports I wrote about recently in the well received, “The Most Essential Lessons of History that No One Wants to Admit”.  The same folks that were appointed to positions like Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Defense Policy Board just months before the catalyst event for the multiple wars against faceless, nameless terrorists.  Quite a bloody coincidence to say the least.

If you are at all on the fence about any of this ask yourself, how many wars has Russia started in the past 20 years, what percent of Russia’s total budget expenditures is allocated to military, who is putting who’s military weaponry on who’s borders?  And then think about the absolutely alarming absurdity of the message that America preserve the most peaceful period of the 20th century for the new millennium by starting multiple arbitrary wars, which we’ve now done.  And then remember the careers of the men behind such policies  have been spent finding ways to use America’s wealth and military to benefit Israel.  And they surround themselves with others whose careers have been mired by similar disgraceful self serving agendas (MIC).  Put this latest report in context with the letter and report from my previous article and well we’d have to be the fools Kristol believes us to be not to see that America is being egregiously exploited for the benefit of foreign nations.

Remember “We cannot overestimate the fervent love of liberty, the intelligent courage and the sum of common sense with which our fathers made the great experiment of SELF-GOVERNMENT”.  That is a quote by President James Garfield prior to his assassination by the predecessors of those who manipulate our nation today.  Perhaps we should listen to Putin when he defines Russia as a sovereignty not to be rolled into some mosaic of nations for the purpose of ease of rule.  

Self-government is the gift our founding fathers made possible and out of lack of respect for the sacrifices of the past, the constitutional rights of the present and the freedoms of future Americans we allow it to be traded for a comfortable existence.  We must stop and truly understand the concept of self-government as it was meant to be and then mentally reconcile that with the current state of our government.  

We are parented not represented.  We are enslaved with encroaching laws that are demeaning to rational self sufficient adults.   And by a legislative body that feeds from our bosom, fights with our fists and has buried us in debt to a foreign body who they sold the rights to our currency.  How is this in any way a self-governed society?  We have been captured by a group of fraudulent citizens who control our money, our military and have desecrated our constitution.  It requires that we take back control and punish these traitors appropriately severe so as to deter any future attempts.  This is our obligation, our payback and our paying it forward for the gift that we received but failed initially to respect. 

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ekm1's picture

Another "freedom seeking" libertarian supporting dictators like Putin.

Good dose of humor.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

When Russian totalitarianism starts looking attractive, you surely live in a fucked up country.  Just sayin'. 

Self-enslavement's picture

The Chosenites treat us like we're a bunch of children. We don't even get to exercise our first amendment anymore. Can't mention who these people really are. Can't tell the truth. For example, I can't tell you that there are two types of Government. Type A is when money is printed and GIVEN to the people, and they have freedom, rights and wealth. Type B is when money is printed for the Government only, the people's freedoms, rights and wealth are TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM. The people are held captive. Cops are brainwashed from the time they enter kindergarten. Just like Soldiers. They enslave all of us to our captors. They're not even Homo-Erectus. They're Homo-Parasitus.

wee-weed up's picture



"We Have Been Captured... We Are Parented, Not Represented"

More accurately...

"We Have Been Captured... We Are TAXED, but are NOT Represented"

Fuck CONgress and the Obola White House!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I always thought "trolls" or "internet trolls" were similar to the word "nerd" or "dork" in elementary school.  Being a childish way for people on the interwebz to make fun of other people on the interwebz when they didn't like what the first person had to say, and were too lazy/unintelligent to come up with a coherant response.  

However, recently on ZH we have developed a patter that I simply just cannot ignore;

1) Lots of new people whos accounts were all created (from today) 19-30 weeks ago (May/August)

2) All these new people are valliant defenders of the status quo

3) Said people never write more than a sentence or two, and never really contribute to the article, just throw a bomb or two around, and thats it.  

4) Have user names that are all over other political discussion boards doing the exact same thing.  (Google is your friend here fellas)

Makes me wonder and scratch my head a bit.  

Seahorse's picture

I have noticed this too. It began too suddenly to not be suspicious.

chumbawamba's picture

It is a known fact that the internet has paid trolls.  Some people just have no qualms participating in the exploitation of others--even themselves--where filthy lucre is concerned.

As to the article, I respond with some quotes I believe are pertinent:

It behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. - Theodore Roosevelt

If we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants. - William Penn

In our democracy, we govern either by leadership or by crisis. If leadership is not there, make no mistake about it, we will govern by crisis and, right now, we largely govern by crisis. - Leon Panetta

I am Chumbawamba.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

They mightn't be paid trolls, but rather bots scanning the page for linguistic meaning and venturing a logical response according to linguistic programming, however slightly skewed.  Another bot comes along and up arrows.  POOF ... astroturf

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ekm1 Personal information

I am stupid.

(I never down-vote)

Member for
28 weeks 1 day
'nuff said
WOAR's picture

Oooh! Oooh! Do me! Do me!

I haven't looked at my profile for a while. I wonder if it still has that youtube clip to the Battle of the Bulge still up?

Dave Thomas's picture

LOL Robert Shaw driving his Sturmgeshutz into a bunch of flaming oil drums rolling downhill whilst singing the Panzerleid was one of the gayest ways they coulda made him die.


Self-enslavement's picture
Self-enslavement (not verified) Dave Thomas Jan 18, 2015 4:31 AM

Trolls have been here since day one. Newness is not a symptom of being a troll. For example, m new here because I get kicked of every couple of years. Freedom of speech will get you kicked off Zerohedge faster than anything.

Parrotile's picture

The technology (memory, computational capability, AI) to deliver very credible Astroturf responses (at least on a superficial "first glance" assessment) has matured a LOT over the past very few years. You'll notice that the content / sentence construction of many of these "Trolls" are very similar, and you might also notice that the comments appear almost-simultaneously on many blog sites.

Whilst it would be difficult to "prove" these are not human contributors, this "immediacy of multiple posting" suggests something is afoot, and that something might not be "life as we know it" ;-).

Maybe we are in the very final days before the emergence of "Machines" that fulfill ALL aspects of the Turing Test. Ray Kurzweil is not the only one with interesting opinions on this topic, and then there is the argument that we are all "living" within a virtual reality ( http://www.simulation-argument.com/ ). The possibility (no matter how remote) that we're seeing the evolution of a simulation running WITHIN a higher-order simulation is interesting at least, and may suggest the existence of other higher-order simulacra.


cherry picker's picture

For the reasons you stated I govern myself, lest I be controlled by others for I be a free spirit and my only allegience is to the Great Spirit.

new game's picture

divinely said! the spirits you speak of have origins with the true americans.

they had no written laws.

they followed the laws set by nature(natural law).

they smoked the peace pipe

they wasted not

they only took what sustained life

violations of above meant death(as an outcast)...

Johnbrown's picture

"When a world government is first formally proposed, the advocates of world government will make promises. They will talk about protections of rights. They will talk about check and balances. They will wax poetically on the amazing “system” they have designed to ensure that their creation will never go off the rails. They will be very confident that they are playing a central role in the salvation of mankind. We must see through their deceptions, deliberate or not, and challenge them. Rest assured, that once power is centralized into a singular body, all of humankind will be enslaved. There will be no Russia for American dissident Edward Snowden to run to. There will be no Equador for Julian Assange. There will be only one refuge for those willing to resist that monolithic state: death.

When our current unstable world order begins degrades, we should be prepared for the attempt to construct a world government. Every thinking person has an obligation to do what he or she can to prevent this from happening. It would be the end of humankind as we know it."


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

govern no plunder .gov is a racket ! 

"wonder how lowly paid lawmakers leave office filthy rich?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is showing how it’s done.

The US Postal Service plans to sell 56 buildings — so it can lease space more expensively — and the real estate company of the California senator’s husband, Richard Blum, is set to pocket about $1 billion in commissions.

Blum’s company, CBRE, was selected in March 2011 as the sole real estate agent on sales expected to fetch $19 billion. Most voters didn’t notice that Blum is a member of CBRE’s board and served as chairman from 2001 to 2014."

new game's picture

Chumb... all great platitude quotes, fine, you get it. what are you doing and can you share your plan? every action adds to the whole.

i say at least peacefully for now:debt free, bank outside the fascist banks, non-materialistic consumption-fucking vanity, eat non gmo, buy local organic, use no pharmacy drug unless life depends(essential oils), live frugally(led lighting ect) and have a plan that takes into consideration the following priciples:

1) guns replace brains

2) gold replaces brains

3) internet blather replaces brains and common sense

4) you are not smater than you are no matter how much you say

5) not realizing all things must pass

6) assuming your family and friends, community will stand shoulder to shoulder with you come the collapse of anything. you are on your own bitch.

7) not realizing everyone lies.

8) not realizing you are safer with nothing, rather than a backload of burdens.

9) not learning how to act like a scared monkey.

in the end stratagey is everything...

nmewn's picture

Governing by crisis (real or imagined, synthetic or organic) is precisely the way I see it.

I mock it by saying, Look over there, SQUIRRELS!!!

If its not ebola its the swine flu, with the attendant demand "from someone" for government to do something about it! So what does the government do? It appoints an Ebola Czar, sends soldiers to the coast of Liberia and demands we line our children up at the local government school for vaccinations (for the public good dontcha know)...never mind that "the someones" have vested interests in pharmaceutical companies AND growing the state.

If its not the evils of capitalism making the poor poorer its the crony-socialists amassing untold wealth, with the attendant demand "from someone" for government to do something about it! So what does the government do? It issues forth diktats like Dodd-Frank, "shovel ready jobs" and ObamaCare thus insuring stolen national treasure stays right where it is, extends the path of fiscal insanity and demands the young & healthy subsidize the old & sick...never mind that "the someones" have vested interests in the financial, construction and insurance sectors AND growing the state.

What ever happened to my generation saying always question authority and its motives? And how could you raise your children to be so unquestioning of it, have you no shame?

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one." - Thomas Paine
SofaPapa's picture

The generation of "question authority" apparently only believed that until the authority was theirs.

This is the fundamental flaw in the thinking of the majority: "If only government runs the way that I want it to run, peace and prosperity would arrive."

The genius of the founders of the country (since lost on the vast majority) is to realize that it matters not who runs the apparatus.  I include myself in this statement.  If I am put in charge of the government and start enacting laws and policies that I think will solve problems (I do have plenty of ideas!), it will become a disaster just the same as the disaster we are now witnessing.  The original idea at the founding of the country was to create the rules such that the government (any government, no matter who led it) would simply never have the power to implement much control over the everyday lives of the people.

Sadly, an idea is only as good as the people who maintain it.  Both the population and the government have completely lost touch with the simplicity of the idea of strongly limited government.  And so the tyrants are back.  And the world revolves around the sun one more time.

nmewn's picture

Well stated.

If I hear "Do nothing Congress" one more time I'm gonna puke, all I want them to do is start rolling back most of what they have done.

Maybe thats what its going to take, bribery & lobbying them into reverse.

That or guillotines ;-)

OldPhart's picture

I'd make a good troll.  How do I get a paid for it?

I want my Obamacheck!

StychoKiller's picture

Well, yer avatar certainly has the looks for the job! :>D

cherry picker's picture

Your $ at work through NSA/CIA and whatever else the $ funds.

The USA is a literrally a monster created by the people for the people as the people quit giving a damn long ago and are now in IPhone and selfie fantasy land.

Bush Baby's picture

Been reading ZH for years, many of the comments used to be more technical in nature, to the point it was incomprehensible to anyone not in the business, so trolls stuck out like a sore thumb, er I mean sore dick, sorry for being pc there for a minute.

ZH is a great place to get a no nonsense education, there were many articles I didn't understand, and thankfully there are many new ones I don't. I usually take the time to educate myself on subjects I don't understand until I do. That's what draws me here.

ZH ( in my humble opinion ) has also morphed to some degree by taking on more mainstream subjects and once you get into ideals, particularly those that are anti-establishment, the trolls aren't far behind. While the powers that be allow you to publish your site, they know how to discredit and dilute it via trolls. By the time they're done , the comment section will look like ZH readers are all a bunch delusional, racist, phsyco, idiots, leaving ZH no choice but to shut down the comment section.

In the meantime , I love readng the mainstream media articles and then turning to ZH to find out what really f'n happened. OK - some of the articles presented here have a flair for the dramatic, but I also enjoy reading different points of views as long as they're well though out.



Bush Baby's picture

Forgot to add, "The down votes will be a quick indicator as to the number of trolls on the site" , but you already knew that.

zwanderer's picture

I noticed this pattern around 7 or 8 years ago, at the time I was a computer hardware enthusiast, and some PR firms started hiring "trolls" just to go on hardware forums and "cheer" for their hardware company like they cheer to a soccer team. The modus operandi is the same, they always force a change to the focus of the discussion, they retort to a lot of ad hominen against the people willing to do a technical discussion based on facts, lots of straw man arguments, a lot of repetition of lies until it becomes "truth" and so on.

Most people don't realise they're actually paid for such behavior, they really believe they're "fanatics", and end up taking the bait and getting pulled down to their level of discussion, which basically kills any knowledge value you can extract from said discussion.

The funny thing, those PR firms weren't much that tech saavy at the begining, and so they got exposed easily, all it took was a forum admin to match the IPs of those "trolls" and they would link them to said PR firms. Ofc the PR firms stepped up on both how to hide their tracks and on troll techniques to successfully change a discussion to their advantage.

But this basically killed any kind of intelligent discussion on most popular hardware forums, nowadays it's just a freaking troll pissing contest fest everywhere, it repeled all the high profile and intelligent people, as they now gather in more "secretive" and less "accessible" places, usually with moderators with a low tolerance for "trolls" or "invite only" approach.

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

I would put it further back to very late 2012 and early 2013. It was just before bitcoin when parabolic that Zerohedge more or less ceased being fight club. I recall a major purge around that time. The general nature of the articles changed then too. Less technical and economic in nature and more political. To be fair, evaluating markets in a rational manner just isn't possible anymore. Even still, I have yet to find a consolidated source among the many places I visit as Zerohedge. I just gild myself with greater skepticism when reading in than I did in say...2009.

Ayreos's picture

Have you ever worked for your parents? Giving them most of your income is actually the norm.

I think parented is truly the right word.

Your guess is as good as mine's picture
Your guess is as good as mine (not verified) Ayreos Jan 17, 2015 4:31 AM

It won't matter in the great reset. You'll be dead, as will your parents and 95% of all of the people you've met. Bye bye.

scrappy's picture

I prefer the fair and sane SINGLE TAX idea.


"George considered it a great injustice that private profit was being earned from restricting access to natural resources while productive activity was burdened with heavy taxes, and indicated that such a system was equivalent to slavery – a concept somewhat similar to wage slavery. This is also the work in which he made the case for a land value tax in which governments would tax the value of the land itself, thus preventing private interests from profiting upon its mere possession, but allowing the value of all improvements made to that land to remain with investors"...fruits of your labor-you keep and do what you wish with your profit...usufruct property rights.

I want to see us create and renew our society, we have the tools to boot up an internet enabled good gov by us, funded by the above single tax. All the other proposals I see out there, well SUCK.


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Interesting idea, except of course that it's a communist idea. A formula for a successful free market economy doesn't begin with the Federal State owning every square inch of land. Who decides it's "value"? The Feds. Who decides what is an "improvement"? The Feds. Who decides how much to take? The Feds.

Example: "The value of your land is $1 billion. The value of your improvements is $100. Based on our assessments and our tax rate, you owe us $100 million. Oh, you only made $50 million? FUCK YOU, PAY ME. Have a nice day."

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

Exactly. Who appraises the land? How is the tax rate determined? What exemptions, exclusions, or deductions apply if at all and under what circumstance? If you cannot pay the tax on the land, are you truely going to pick up your factory, roads, utility lines, etc. and relocate.....to another taxable property?

When the government owns or controls anything, it owns or controls everything. That includes you. The State is a disease masquerading as a cure for the ills it is responsible for. Rebuke it in all its forms.

ersatz007's picture

you understand that even as a homeowner or property owner (even if you don't owe a mortgage) you still essentially LEASE that property from the gov't.  try not paying your property taxes for a year or two and see what happens.  if the local, state, or federal gov't decides it needs your property, they can take it...of course they'll pay you for it...but you don't really get a choice as to whether they get to take it.  it's not a communist concept - it's pretty much been the case since there were lords & kings. 

littlewoodenboy's picture

News flash: the banks have owned us since the Knickerbocker panic...

Hot Shakedown's picture

Their called ZIONISTs - call a spade a spade.

The driver of the bus wears a yarmulke

Cloud9.5's picture

The wunderkinder sit in their little eco chambers and dream up a paradigm full of all kinds of little intricacies and dark alleys.  Then they bounce their world view off the sociopaths they have recruited and delude themselves and their sycophants with the aurora of their own intellectual greatness.  The flaw in all of this lays in their own hubris.  They assume they understand the butterfly effect of their machinations. 

The system of human interaction is organic not mechanical.  It is at its core chaotic.  This chaos is far too complex for even the greatest of mortal minds to fathom.  Consequently efforts to impose order on this chaos unbalance the system.   As chaos is suppressed chaotic energy builds in the system. This unbalance results in greater efforts to control.  These greater efforts to control inevitably result in tyranny. 


The full force of that tyranny manifests itself just before collapse.  

new game's picture

you must have sat in the forest(at length) and observed the "chaos" you so profoundly describe...

Cloud9.5's picture

I’ve been down this road before courtesy of Robert McNamara.

Cloud9.5's picture

Burned out a good portion of my generation and what did it get us? I was lucky enough not to go.  My brother went and about half my friends went.  No 2 son is now in Afghanistan.   Nobody ever wins in Afghanistan.  Read Kipling. Same big chess game, same bloody mess.

new game's picture

true. humans do not have an ability to learn form past, because, well, we are humans guided by the wrong leaders that we don't have the ability to control.

shit floats to the top, but some terds sink - ron paul. we flush the toilet and always a floater remains...


This cause may be without a true straegy,end or meaning but thank your No2 just the same. Had 3 cousins in Vietnam and always swore that I would always extend a hand of appreciation to those that put on the uniform. 

Ginsengbull's picture

Children often rebel against their parents.


People, in general, don't like being told what to do.

scrappy's picture

Stand firm, it's the 21st century.

How we handle this will be the difference Cloud 9.5.

FireBrander's picture

"Karl Marx may have been wrong about communism but he was right about much of capitalism"



FireBrander's picture

"The Promise of Capitalism"

Fulfilling careers will no longer be the prerogative of a few. No more will people struggle from month to month to live on an insecure wage. Protected by savings, a house they own and a decent pension, they will be able to plan their lives without fear. With the growth of democracy and the spread of wealth, no-one need be shut out from the bourgeois life. Everybody can be middle class.

ersatz007's picture

protected by savings...i like that part.

scrappy's picture

His critique has merits FireBrander, that's why we need a better approach to capitalism.

The times demand it, nature and thermodynamics do too.

We as humans must take that one step forward to adapt and survive, then thrive again.


A basic framework we can all "plug into."

This new sociopoliticaleconomy would evolve to serve us as the situations and challenges change though time.

Combined with currency reform and common sense regulatory reform in a big way - simplify yet be sophisticated would serve us well.

Todays trends tell me we diy, make do, and transition to a new kind of prosperity that is socially possible  considering our divisions, the circumstances we find ourselves in, our limited education, and our (limited) wisdom we have today.

This will lead to tommorows adaptive change in all of those things. Millenials will take it from there and then they will wisely pass it on to future generations.

We must properly sheppard the information age.

This will be our shared legacy.





malek's picture

The wool of overcomplexity has been pulled over your eyes.

The key word is competition.

You can either have the safety of no competition, so no changes for good or worse (STATISM),
or competition by fists and weapons,
or competition by money and power only within a corrupt system,
or competition by peacefuller means in a system of steady and evenly enforced rules.

Since 1989 the remaining superpower had basically no competition. That's going to change by one of the ways listed above.