The Truth "Behind" The Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Photo-Op

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Once again the mainstream media peddled the spoon-fed propaganda that world leaders "led the march" to honor the victims of the Paris shootings last week. Glorious photo-ops of Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko, David Cameron (oh, and not Barack Obama) were smeared across front pages hailing the "unity in outrage." However, as appears to be the case in so many 'events' in the new normal managed thinking in which we live, The Independent reports, French TV has exposed the reality of the 'photo-op' seen-around-the-world: the 'dignitaries' were not in fact "at" the Paris rallies but had the photo taken on an empty guarded side street...

As The Independent reports,

A different perspective on the leader’s portion of the march has emerged in the form of a wide shot displayed on French TV news reports.


It shows that the front line of leaders was followed by just over a dozen rows other dignitaries and officials – after which there was a large security presence maintaining a significant gap with the throngs of other marchers.


The measure was presumably taken for security reasons – but political commentators have suggested that it raises doubts as to whether the leaders were really part of the march at all.





The FT’s Middle East correspondent Borzou Daragahi commented: “Seems world leaders didn’t “lead” Charlie Hebdo marchers in Paris but conducted photo op on empty, guarded street.”


Ian Bremmer, a US political scientist and founder of the Eurasia Group, said: “All those world leaders: Not exactly ‘at’ the Paris rallies.”


Another US commentator, Gerry Hassan, called the leaders’ contribution “pseudo-solidarity”.

*  *  *

Perhaps even more ironically, nine of those countries represented in the march are in the final third of the World Press Freedom Index, compiled annually by Reporters Without Borders.


Algeria (121) - Represented by foreign Ramtane Lamamra

Mali (122) - Represented by president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita

Ukraine (127) - Represented by president Petro Porochenko

Tunisia (133) - Represented by prime minister Mehdi Jomaa

Palestinian Authority (138) - Represented by president Mahmoud Abbas

Jordan (141) - Represented by King Abdullah II and Queen Rania

Russia (148) - Represented by foreign minister Sergei Lavrov

Turkey (154) - Represented by prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu

Bahrain (163) - Represented by foreign minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and Prince Abdullah Bin Hamad al-Khalifa

*  *  *

"Je Suis Charlie" if and only if it suits our purpose at that very moment in time...?

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Rory_Breaker's picture

Je suis shocked, I tell ya, shocked /s

kaiserhoff's picture

and we expected something else?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Boko Harum (real muslims, real terrorists) kill thousands; collective yawn.

A couple guys masquerading as muslim terrorists kill a handful of editors at a failing, nihilistic satire magazine; collective outrage.

Just another day in the shitshow factory.


Iwanttoknow's picture

You stoopid fuck,read.Figure out who finances Boko Haram.I wonder why Tyler lets you post.

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Nous Sommes Tout Des CB Fiats FrontMen, Charlie !

BaBaBouy's picture

I Wonder HOW MANY Takes It Required To Get That Perfect Photo OP ???

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and to add more insult the females were edited out it in isreal

Fun Facts's picture

Play Israeli Youths’ Hilarious New “Push the Bibi” Video Game!

In the age of the political gaffe, how could Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu’s now-notorious push to the front of the memorial march in Paris last week not turn heads? Fellow Israelis did a collective facepalm and chided him for presenting “the pushy Israeli, the impolite Israeli” to the world during a moment of global mourning for the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and hostages killed in Paris.

But few went as far as the as-yet-unnamed young creators of “Push the Bibi,” a fun-poking arcade-style game that lets you navigate the Prime Minister to the front of the march.

NidStyles's picture

Wait, there's a polite non-pushy Israeli? I have never met one.

ajax's picture



From The Jewish Daily Forward: "Sad but true farce behind Israel's funeral for Paris Kosher Market Terror Victims"


Infinite QE's picture

A farcical story about a farcical people. Reminds me of the old joke about the penny-nail invention being by two jews fighting over a penny.

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

So the push to the front was to the front of a fake march?  So was the puhsiness for "credibility"?

Rakshas's picture

.....YOU (psuedo)RACIST BASTARD....... some a one maybe will put sheeny curse on a you ......... 

winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) Infinite QE Jan 18, 2015 6:34 AM

fuck charlie, what you wanna do now days later... nothing, they cannot prevent day-1, fuck that... every body is full parano, they all go buy shooting licence to buy guns....

france is futur usa. no more to say, boom, period.


instead look how oil is finishing to tank and slightly raising, plan didn't work as expected for obozo's masters... bank run in greece since early today....


end of the month, will it blend ?

Zero Debt's picture

Photo op? How about psy op? How about total utter staged propaganda ploy, seizing the moment for political purposes? Suddenly everone agrees, miraculously, on something. Anybody see a problem with this? All national agendas, suddenly aligning? A total coincidence?

"Terror attacks", the key word to trigger sympathy, exasperate and plug outrage 24/7 among the sheeple, who have nothing better to do with their time, and no ideas on their own. Hey, look at these blurry photos of men with beard and shaky videos of beheadings, isn't this an outrage, so now everybody, listen up and respect your leaders! Fear and hysteria, rile them up! Excite them to the point of loss of logic. Create unity and then ban encryption and any private conversations once and for all! Becasue your leaders said so. Just keep voting, as if it helped. BAAAAH!

But gosh, if someone dared to draw a synagogue caricature to ridicule j-s, then there is no free free speech for you, because that its "hate speech" by law in multiple countries and is banned. Kind of like ridiculing Da King in Thailand. Oh, and feel free to draw islamic things, and enjoy those derogatory cartoons, while chewing on those baguettes, judging people you never met, among who you have no friends and have never met anyone in person, but do not never ever ever dare to draw anything remotely similar to the from the h-l-c--st because then you go to jail, expedited process without fair trial. And do not ever, ever, talk about the h-l-c--st when asking a question, do not even think about it. An open society is a society that pounds Islam to the point of total ridicule, period full stop. There is no honor, respect and tolerance for islam, because dishonor, disrespect and untolerance towards Islam is necessary to build a George Soros-style open society with free hate speech. Because this is France.

Why can't people see the total in your face lack of logic in the argument and keep holding up their pathetic looking Charlie banners to please the government and play along the mainstream narrative? How about free speech for everybody, can you handle that, Charlie? If you are in trouble, just ask Yellen for more money, I heard she has some and NY Times will print a nice story for you. Thanks in advance!

runswithscissors's picture

so...those muslims that robbed me and tried to stab me when I wandered into the islamic area when I was in Paris...those were mossad agents? really? it was all a big psy-op to get me to hate muslims?

walküre's picture

you sure they weren't romanians?

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

Paris' "No-go Zone" BS has been debunked already... but nice try son :-D

BigJim's picture

 so...those muslims that robbed me and tried to stab me when I wandered into the islamic area when I was in Paris...those were mossad agents? really? it was all a big psy-op to get me to hate muslims?

No, they were probably 'Muslims'... despite robbery being expressly forbidden in the Koran.

Just as 3/4 of US citizens say they are Christians.

Looking at people's behaviours, it's clear the vast majority are Muslim/Christian in name only.

But if you want to hate all Muslims because a few of them harmed you (unIslamically) presumably you hate all Christians/Jews/Atheists for injuries received from Christians/Jews/Atheists in the past? Is there anyone you don't hate?

FrankieGoesToHollywood's picture

I met a sweet one in a hut on a trail in NZ south island many moons ago.  Thanks for the digging that one out of the lost memory.

Ward cleaver's picture

Much like Bigfoot or Nessie, there
have been reports of them but might b
just a story

A Fist Full of Fiat's picture

He's the one pretending to be a paperboy.

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Which one is Tyler Durden, champion of free speech?

FireBrander's picture

Are we even sure they were all there? Seems like a lot of work; would be much easier to "generate" the proper picture with PhotoShop. Surprised they didn't cut-and-paste Obama into the photo.

layman_please's picture

only the green screen was missing.

combatsnoopy's picture

You CAN hologram them in, like CNN does in their blue screen room.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

We photoshopped a few folks

angel_of_joy's picture

Fake people, from a fake world. I sure feel well "represented" now...

Fun Facts's picture

The Rothschilds Own Charlie Hebdo? Editors Girlfriend Works For The Rothschilds.

Skateboarder's picture

Everything evil in this world is funded by Hidden Hand Criminal Holdings Inc. If there were any real terrizz out there, whatever their religious affiliations, motivations and endgoals, they would have droned the living fuck out of these mighty losers at their private "march" photo-op gathering.

Chupacabra-322's picture

I would have given up my left nut to have a Fireing Squad in front of the Pure Evil Psychopathic group of Criminals.

robobbob's picture

Why would you want to lose a nut just to take out a bunch of howdy doody puppets? You want the people who made them do the photo op.

benb's picture

I wonder how much of the public actually believes any of this garbage anymore? These staged shootings and the phony puppet leaders... my guess is about 50%... That's a lot of brain dead whatever you want to call'em.

FireBrander's picture

Drugs, Ivory and extortion funds Boko...they are heavily dependent upon the "West" to fund thier "Anti-Western" campaign.

piratepiet's picture

How do you figure out who finances Boko Haram ? 

Zero Debt's picture

That can't be Al Qaeda, who gets their money from...well you know the rest.

Jack Burton's picture

" a failing, nihilistic satire magazine "

A magazine who not long ago fired an employee for anti Israel statements. It seems, that Israel is the spoiled child of this magazine, whose Zionist roots are clear enough to see. I have seen a number of cartoons this Zionist magazine publishes, firstly they are not funny, not well drawn, childish, and totally committed to the Neoconservative world propaganda war on the populations of France. Wanna know the people, government wants you to hate? Read this pathetic magazine, written by it's former baby boomer university student protestors. Liberal bastions of political correctness and deeply rooted in Zionism. No room for any anti Israeli talk inside the offices, because they are too busy writing cartoons to further the CIA's latest enemies list.

Off course these fake liberals are deeply supportive of Israel and Ukraine's Kiev Fascist Junta. Who ever the Washington Zionist dictatorship tells them to smear, they smear. Doing the occasions cartoon designed to make them look unbiased in their humor. Besides, these fuckers are nto at all funny.

corsair's picture

From Jonathan Revusky on The Saker Blog:

If the "Je suis Charlie" crowd is to be believed, my right to draw a cartoon portraying the Virgin Mary as a street whore and her son Jesus pimping her, is of paramount importance, no matter how offensive other people find it. However, it is not important to be able to:

(i) have a public discussion of the implausibilities of the official story of 9/11
(ii) have intellectually honest discussion of the events of WW2, in particularly the atrocities in which Jews were the victims, i.e. the “Holocaust”.
(iii) even mention the power or organized world Jewry (and I mean, even mention it without bothering to say whether you think it is a good or bad thing, it is simply taboo to mention it.)
(iv) have serious discussion of issues like gender, ethnicity, race outside the imposed straightjacket of "political correctness”. 

Why are the above topics of discussion taboo? Apparently, it is because such speech offends people. It is hurtful to them!!!??? 

This is a bizarre paradox and it baffled me for the longest while. Finally, I did resolve the conundrum. Apparently, in France, and in the West generally, unrestricted free speech is only important in the case of people, who, like the ageing hipster cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, actually have nothing to say! 

combatsnoopy's picture

sorry about the double post-

combatsnoopy's picture

corsair, how exactly did you get into my head? 
That's exactly what I was thinking!
The government bought off press violates the 1st Amendment in so many ways.

OMG, you can't even defend The Ohio State Football team in the land because the SEC and ESPN have gone full throttle to the 9th element in the depths of Hades.  
Well it kind of got that bad.  

But anyways---this country defending the 1st Amendment elsewhere for provokative comics would censor our discussion on the real estate ponzi scheme all over the internet before the subprime collapse.


Me personally, I've been censored by Facebook (a government arm- again violating the 1st Amendment).  And they want us to think that they care about it?


The Black Bishop's picture

You should all read "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Yes, the book is claimed to be a hoax. But for a book published in 1897 and reviewed in hindsight today...boy oh boy... It reads like the playbook it was supposed to be. That or it BECAME the playbook.


We live in a surreal world that seems to be circling the drain faster and faster.

Hayabusa's picture



The answer to your "taboo questions" and prohibition from nondiscussion is simple.... clearly the government wants no free speech for the people, so they

orchastrate all kinds of scenarios whose genesis is "out-lawing" the "most offensive" topics/discussion first then use those as a springboard to add others

over the course of time until free speech is totally and systematically erradicated.  That's my observation anyway.

Lea's picture

At the same time, Jack, it sold a measly 30,000 to 45,000 copies per month, which is well close to nil.

These terrorists are really dumb. Some more months and that disgusting magazine would have been gone for good and now, see all the free advertising they get!

But yes, you're right. Neocons they are, as are nearly all the Trotskysts and former Trotskysts on earth.

UselessEater's picture

Nice Jack...wish we had the internet when Mugabe was being brought to power despite the desire of the people (B&W fighting) against the big finance, arms and cuddles of the UK, USA, USSR, China... and each corp/nation today has a big finger in the resources pie of that now sad nation...which the same protagonists treat as a joke. Hell is created with support.