Europe's Scariest Chart

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One week before the all-important Greek parliamentary elections and, as KeepTalkingGreece reports, left-wing SYRIZA leads in all polls published on Sunday newspapers with difference rate to Nea Dimokratia being 3.1% – 5%.

To Potami appears to have secured the third position, while Golden Dawn is losing support.  To Kinima, the party of former prime minister George Papandreou is flat at 2.7% and most likely will not manage to pass the 3% threshold and enter the Parliament.



According to calculations, SYRIZA would get 144 seats in the Parliament. That is 7 seats less than the 151 needed to form a majority government.

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Of course - Germany will reassure none of this matters (or does); but with the SNB breaking Central Bank promises, and the possibility of Draghi unveiling an 'anti-integration'-looking QE, we suspect injecting even more uncertainty into the Euro project via Greece will do little to stall EURUSD's collapse to parity.

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If people start thinking EUR/USD parity, there'll be a race on for US$ (nee Treasuries) and gold.

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parity? funny that, the Swiss have started to think in terms of parity. Between the CHF and the EUR, though

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Jan 18, 2015 6:07 PM

Well well well, looks like the whole idea of "the free shit party wins every time" is actally true!

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Its a trend that has to complete its cycle. Something for nothing is denial of reality and reality is only getting uglier, so its adoption will not be accepted until all other options are gone. Reconciliation usually comes with great pain...and violence.

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Same as it ever was...


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Russia may have a friend after all.

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I think they're going to have a hard time giving away free shit when they're all broke. The easiest outcome to predict is them invalidating debts under some kind of Socialist bullshit pretext. "Social Justice!!!!" ...whatever the hell that means.

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I think that's unlikely. The people who own the debt (i.e. the Fed and its lackeys) would lose. Think that will be allowed to happen? Highly doubtful. Much more likely is they shove it off on the taxpayers again, in their typical moral hazardous fashion. Keep the winnings, socialize the losses. They won't just "write off" the debt.

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The root cause of the "Greek problem" is the Greeks.

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Nah, the Greeks are very nice, hospitable, lovely people.  

They got sold a bill of goods by greasy politicians who were aided and abetted by dishonest bankers.  

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yes, i  would be nice, hospitable and lovely as well, if i could retire at 45 and sit on the beach and drink ouzo and have hard-working dutch, germans, and austrians pay for my retirement.


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Will they have a direct line to Maduro for economic advice?

Charles Wilson's picture

Yes, assuming the toilets work in both directions between the 2 countries.

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whatever happens will be bullish for equities

hooligan2009's picture

ha ha...bzzzzzzz, bzzzzz rawrrrrr (buzz saw about to hit the pine tree)

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Just say that the EU lets them go and does not rig this election and this syriza outfit manages to fuck off their debt. Then maybe just maybe they can plug right in to Putins Turkish pipeline. Come on Greece, plug in to that magic bus, you know it makes sense.

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They're communists... Greece is doomed. 

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Greece got into this fix via the slow crawl of non-capitalist and, otherwise, corrupt government policies - and a broad refusal to pay regular taxes. 

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I gave a breakdown of how A. Papandreou began dismantling the country in the late 70s/early 80s but ZH deleted the posts. As far as one sentence summaries go, you are 100% correct but it has spread to their very core.

Just a few days ago, I heard a story where leaders in a certain industry will refuse to do business with even the smallest of companies based on who their friends and business associates are. They even take it upon themselves to forewarn them not to associate or have any dealings with certain companies or people. It's one thing to "keep it in the club" as large interests do worldwide and it is another to shun small, insignificant companies/suppliers based on hate, jealousy and a misplaced power trip. The Titanic is sinking and they're playing the violins. They've lost their way completely.

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Lies. The ONLY reason Greece is in this fix is because the USA credit rating agencies downgraded them to nothing. Let's speak the truth for once.

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Are you suggesting that tax is a good thing?


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"a broad refusal to pay regular taxes".... its an amazing accomplishment IMO.     Many Greeks simply ignore their Government.    Thats quite an accomplishment.      

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The colour of the flag does not have any relevance.

MsCreant's picture

Maybe the Swiss want em...

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From the movie, “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence”
(Japanese dialogue, English subtitles)


Batou: Life and death come and go like marionettes dancing on a table. Once their strings are cut, they easily crumble.


Major Motoko Kusanagi: Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes, like elephants in the forest (Based on a Buddhist Poem)

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To "plug in to that magic bus " you gotta be stoned!

mattgallis's picture

This is all intentional.  Greece is out of the EU, Dragi gets his well antipated QE nuke, the 1% marches on.

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Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - The Band Played On (1941) (2:33)

q99x2's picture

How bout a chart showing all the various currencies versus gold so we know if gold is rising or not.

logicalman's picture

gold is just gold.

Currencies are transient.

Debugas's picture

gold was flat for the last two years in EURos and after swiss CB decision started rising

Jack Burton's picture

Greece's experiment with the left will be their choice. After EU technocrates rule, is it any wonder they have gone off the rails? Let's consider Greece as out of the EU. The sooner they defualt and crash totally, the sooner they can rebuild. Tryong to limp along as debt slaves to the EU and European Banks means decades of austerity and popverty, with endless payments to Bankers.

Sometime you just need to hit bottom to see a way back up. The EU is now a communist dictatorship run out of Brussels. What more need be said.

no more banksters's picture

You are probably right, but you should replace "communist" with "neoliberal" or "financial".

hooligan2009's picture

not communsim, well, maybe towards the end of communsim, more like euronational socialism

"whatever it takes" extends to "so we keep getting paid, doing what we know won't and can't work"

smacker's picture

"The EU is now a communist dictatorship run out of Brussels."

Whether it's commie, fascist, corporatist, a mixture of all of them or some other ghastly, evil incarnation, it's clear to me that many American folks on ZH understand the true nature of the EU far better than most Europeans and especially many Brits who have an irritating habit of understating the dangers that the EU poses.

petkovplamen's picture

Stop using terms you know nothing about. EU is NOT "Communism", it's "Corporitism". I lived under Communism. We had no homeless or beggars, we had free medical care, everyone worked and we had very little(almost zero) crime. Nobody was rich, but nobody was poor either. Come to think of it, Norway, Sweden, Holland are very similar to this but NOBODY calles them Communist do they? And they happen to be in the top 10 most desirable countries to live in.

smacker's picture

We shouldn't get too hung up on labels for the political slimeballs. It only serves the interests of the elites for people to be divided.

Many of the "ISMs" have much more in common than not. They're all totalitarian (ultimately if not initially) and collectivist, rejecting personal freedoms in favor of the Almighty State. As the totalitarian screw gets turned, it soon becomes necessary for the dictators to introduce a police state to enforce compliance. Dissenters get slaughtered. See Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and a bunch of others.

It is this growing police state that's creeping into America and Britain/Europe that gives away what their real game is: a totalitarian society is being constructed. So much of it is being introduced on the back of the fallacious "fear of terrorism".

There really is not a lot of difference between communism and fascism; check out Edward Griffin's extensive studies of them. Under communism the State owns everything, under fascism the corporate sector owns everything. To the ordinary guy on the street, it doesn't really make a lot of difference: he's a slave either way without rights and personal freedoms.

And in my opinion, fascism is where a lot of the old commies across Europe migrated to when communism became discredited.

And as one Australian political professor said after years of study: "the Nazis were Marxists".

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I think the real plan is for the euro to drop below parity and make Europe look like a good investment for US dollars.

Things are that fucked up.

hooligan2009's picture

sorry, couldn't resist (again)

even mentions foreign currency accounts! heh

hooligan2009's picture

there but for the grace of god... (and I think that's an abridged version of all the pitfalls, though there has to be some good bits along the way somewhere :) )


Disc Jockey's picture

So in that allegory Greece is...?

Mac Avelli's picture

Let's see if Russia can drive a wedge in here, with promises of free trade and prosperity.... the global game continues!

PowerPlayer's picture

Tsipras has backtracked on everything he once said.  We'll leave Euro Zone, no we won't.  We'll tear up Memorandum, no we won't.  We'll kick USA out of Crete, no we won't.  We'll leave NATO, no we won't.  He is just saying whatever he has to in order to get into power, then he'll realize he has no leverage or bargaining power.  Greece needs the money, so Tsipras will do what he has to in order to get it.  the only thing he might do different is make rich people pay their taxes which isn't all that bad.  Beyond that nearly everything he says is lies.

Joe A's picture

Only 10% of the bailouts to Greece has reached Greek society. The rest was to bailout international lenders to Greece.

skistroni's picture

There's nothing scary about SYRIZA for the elite of Europe. Tsipras will either fold and become one more obedient Brussels puppet, or he will play tough until a GRexit, in which case Greece will be thrown under the bus, to set an example for any other nation that might think alike. In any case, more centralisation and power for the EU will be the result. Don't you wonder why a so called "radical left" suddenly gets so much MSM coverage and interviews?

Debugas's picture

Syriza does not want to leave EU

all they want is debt restructuring

wesson's picture

When (if) Syriza can have the majority in seats, then EU will be really scared.

What is really fascinating is the amount of support still left to ND

kareninca's picture

Greece is an unbelievably corrupt country.  My husband recently helped a deserving Greek guy get a job in this country.  The guy wanted to get out not so much for himself as for his son.  He told my husband that hiring and opportunities in Greece are in absolutely no way based on merit.  Even in professions in which you would truly wish that were the basis, it is not:  all hiring is done on the basis of whom you know; whom you can influence.  That is all there is to it.  He was deleriously happy to get his son into a society (ours) in which the kid could get ahead based on something other than corruption.  You can snicker and say that the U.S. is a corrupt mess now and that is true, but by Greek standards it turns out that we are fabulous.