Islamic State Has More Than Tripled Its Territory In Syria Since U.S. Started Airstrikes

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The following Wall Street Journal graphic shows that ISIS has more than tripled the amount of territory it holds in Syria since the U.S. started bombing:


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Heck of a job, guys ... just brilliant!

Mission accomplished, fellas?

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Way to go Einsteins........

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The Marxist Jewish Apartheid reigning in America made no secret of their desire to remove Assad a few years back. So what if they have to feign bombing ISIS in Syria in order to accomplish their goal… 

Bottom line is that they want Syria and if Russia doesn’t stop them they will get Syria.

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Just curious, ISIS holds land in Syria and Iraq. Sine we really haven't done all that much in Syria, it would be interesting to see what their entire footprint looks like.

Personally I don't give a shit. When your enemy is eating itself, you wait until after dinner to beat the shit out of them.

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The map is not really believable with Damascus under opposition control... LOL.

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people joke, but, there really is a conspiracy here.


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Interesting stuff

Biggest clues are right out in the open if you look

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From the govt that brought us the "war against cancer", "war against drugs", "war against poverty", "war against crime", what should we expect from the "war against terror"?


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Cutting through all the fog, the West's plan has always been about creating conflict to the point where the entire map of the Middle East can be redrawn ala one big divide and conquer clusterfuck.  ...and the plan has been right out in the open, debated by warmongering wonks and servants of the deep state.  Thierry Meyssan has written two fantastic articles over the last few months nailing this.  I highly recommend them:

...and this one is quite perceptive too:

- Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

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For context on the following, see the links I posted above:

A vision on the redrawing of the map of the Middle East. 

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the way those assholes drew the maps was the cause conflict in the first place

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Bingo, we have a winner. Those assholes generally referring to the British and French who drew up those arbitrary boundaries after the fall of the Ottoman empire.

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Desert warfare without communications,GPS, fuel and air cover is a real bitch ISIS seems to be doing OK.

With Saddam gone there would be no ISIS 

Thank you GW!

And thanks for the 30million illegals.

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There are rumours that ISUS plans to kidnap Punxsutawney Phil.

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Unedited from a friend of mine living in Syria:

(Note his confusion between Obama having actual power and State Dept directed actions, but I digress)

Things are really bad in Syria now (I know I always say that, but it keeps getting worse). Obama recently decided to bomb the local Syrian branch of Al Qaida (which is popular in Syria because they focus on fighting Assad and not ruling over people) they (the AQ branch) has decided to fight the FSA since the FSA is backed by the US. Confused? Yes, I thought so. The AQ branch in Syria (which is called Jabhat Al Nusra, or Nusra Front or JAN for short) is not your typical AQ. Yes, they are nut-job fundamentalists and I'd never ever, ever .... ever would want them to run the country since they are only a few shades lighter than Da3ish (ISIS) .... BUT, up until recently (ie, before Obama bombed them) they focused on fighting the Assad regime and not on imposing their rule on ordinary Syrians (ie, the opposite of ISIS, which focused on imposing their brutal rule on Syrians and not on fighting Assad). So of course this made JAN in Syria popular because not only did they only fight the Assad regime (and sometimes they fight against ISIS too) but their fighters are known to generally not be thugs or thieves and are generally honest which unfortunately cannot be said for some FSA groups.  So when Obama decided to bomb ISIS, he also took the opportunity to bomb a specific sub-group of JAN in Syria. This sub-group was made up of some really bad dudes that were wanted by the US for years (one particular person is a former French Intelligence, ie, French CIA agent turned AQ terrorist) so the US took the opportunity to bomb them (specifically him, the French dude and buddies) when they had the chance.  Why was this French dude in Syria? Well since Syria is mostly lawless and whatnot, the French dude and buddies naturally moved there from Iraq to take advantage of not being found or bombed the US and its allies since there was no direct allied campaign in Syria until recently. The problem with bombing this guy is that he (the French guy) was in Syria as "guests" of JAN, so he was under their protection. So when the US bombs him it looked like they were bombing JAN and to most Syrians JAN was this honest force of fighters (mostly Syrians) that only fought Assad. Now I know Obama and the rest of his Admin couldn't give a shit about all this. Apparently this French dude needed to be eliminated at any cost. That cost might have been all of Syria though.  Almost every Syrian, me included, have never heard of this French guy or his buddies or his group (which the US called the "Khorosan Group"). Most Syrians don't even know that JAN is a branch of AQ (honest to God they don't), they think they're just another group fighting Assad. So of course when JAN gets bombed, Syrians are pissed off since they see the US is NOT bombing Assad, the perpetrator of more massacres, death, and destruction than all of the groups, ISIS included, combined and multiplied by 100 ...  and they see the US bombing the most potent anti-Assad force instead. So naturally the layman/woman thinks "the US is on Assad's side".  So JAN seizes this opportunity since they know the FSA groups don't like JAN (since the FSA knows JAN's ultimate goal after Assad falls is to rule Syria as JAN sees fit, not how the people see fit) so then JAN starts to battle the much weaker FSA. The time to strike JAN was not now. It should happen at some point but now was not the time. The FSA has very meager support from the US and now they have to fight Assad, ISIS and after the latest bombing, JAN. Those three groups are the 3 strongest in Syria and the US is now asking the FSA to battle all 3. There is a lot of resentment within the FSA at this. When the US had a chance to marginalize Assad and strike after the sarin-gas massacre, they did not, Iran/ Russia doubled down on support and Assad grew stronger, the massacres continued and people became more radicalized (extremes measure have extreme responses). When the FSA told the US that ISIS was growing and will become a threat and it needs to be contained (almost 2 years ago now) the US did not listen, nor did it care, and now ISIS is massive. When the Gulf countries wanted to give serious aid/support to the FSA, Obama veto'ed the decision and forbade them from giving the FSA any real and serious support. Now when the FSA has its hands more than full battling Assad + ISIS, Obama decides to exponentially magnify this clusterfuckery the FSA is in and make JAN an enemy of the FSA. At just about every point in this revolution Obama's pussyfooting (I can't believe I used that word, but I've waited my whole life to use in a serious sentence) and deep miscalculations about Syria has set the secular opposition (FSA al) back and towards the brink of disaster. I know that "Syria" is not worth two cents to the US from a strategic point of view. That's fine. But actively hindering the most viable option (the secular opposition) has caused the "Syria" situation to turn into a regional nightmare (Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey ...etc).  Can the secular opposition be a real alternative to the Assad regime? Yes, the US has the power to make it so. As they stand today, the opposition is in no position to become any sort of viable option. Obama keeps saying this (that the opposition is not organized/strong enough) over and over again, and he is the reason that it has become a self full-filling prophecy, since he is the one ensuring that just enough aid goes to the opposition to keep it on life-support, but unable to do much else other than merely exist.  So I did not travel now because to visit all the projects we manage/support would entail traveling in (newly acquired) JAN controlled areas. So now I need to avoid Assad, ISIS and a newly added foe, JAN. This makes our aid work so much harder. So I decided not to go now since I genuinely don't want to die by way of being kidnapped/beheaded ... I've accepted the fact that I could be killed by shelling or whatever, at least I won't know it when it happens (the whole ignorance = bliss applies here).  So what do we, the people who want a free, civil and secular Syria do? Well we do our best and stretch our selves to the financial limits to pour money into projects that the few remaining secular opposition outposts control and try and win back the goodwill of the people. We are sending money to bakeries so they can give out the bread for free. We send money to water-well operators so they can deliver clean water for free. We send money to schools so they can keep teaching kids actual education instead of 24/7 religious memorization and indoctrination. We send money to fund physiotherapy centers to treat the injured and have them know they are not forgotten. We send money to fund rehab centers for the handicapped and disabled, they are always forgotten.  But we are a drop in the bucket Ming. We are being outspent by orders of magnitude by the fundamentalists, the extremists, the nut-jobs of this world. When a widowed mother whose husband was killed by the regime stares at her children crying of hunger, who can blame her for accepting aid from fundamentalists? Who can blame her children as they grow older from being indoctrinated by the only organization that is feeding them and giving them a so-called education?  The saddest part of all of this is that this can be reversed. We are not hopeless. Enough money in the right hands ... and yes, there are still "right" hands out there, can change all of this. It's just no one is bothering.  Obama won't defeat ISIS by using $50mn aircraft to hit a few $5,000 toyota pickups every few days. These things don't work like this. I'm not trying to say I know more than him and his team of experts, they know this. The illusion of doing something is worse than doing nothing. I always said doing something is better than doing nothing ... well maybe I was wrong about that. To defeat ISIS you need to remove the catalyst, Assad. Then everything else will fall into place. That fall will be long and bloody, but it will happen one way or another and importantly for the US that fall will be contained in the place they don't (strategically) care about, Syria.  Sorry for the morbid, long and maybe somewhat repetitive essay, but it seems that every-time we speak that things keep getting worse. In the almost 4 years of this revolution I've called the low-point many times and have been wrong every-time. Today we are at the new lowest point. I'm always optimistic we can bounce back but I'm also a realist about this.  Maybe some of the investment we are making now will allow the opposition to carve out some space away from JAN, ISIS and the Assad regime, then I'll go back, maybe early 2015. Until then Syria is a million miles away.
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There is a lot of that I disagree with but there are some jems in there. I dont know if youve figured this out yet so Ill do you a favor and let you in on a little secret: not everything written in print or online is factually accurate and Santa Claus isnt real.

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Extrememly transparent and lame....I'll look forward to more stories from your imaginary friends.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for this very sophisticated propaganda. It's total bullshit, of course.

But I appreciate your effort in crafting this "my friend says" type disinfo ...

Oh, and welcome:

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You caught me! Of course theres no way anyone has more than one account on here. Whos to say exactly how long Ive haunted ZH? Apparently there it is in black and white - 3 weeks, 1 day.

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Welcome to Professional Islam - they have been on a spree, killing countless infidels through the centuries,interspersed with killing each  other during this same time period. Muhammad was very violent so why shouldnt his disciples? Anyone who would  care to read just a few lines of the Koran can see how Islamic radicals get motivated. Motivated by Gitmo is such a joke. Is Obama pretending that Islam is supposed to be generally peaceable?

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This is incorrect the SAA/Assad forces control all the south and most of the west. more WSJ propaganda

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Source? Link? Any Evidentiary Support Whatsoever?

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Im pretty convinced the George W is either a useful idiot, a shill or an operative. Im leaning towards useful idiot.

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Counterpunch (not verified) TruxtonSpangler Jan 19, 2015 3:32 AM

As a useful operative, I'm pretty sure you're just another opinionated ignoramus.

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Damn how did you figure it out so quickly?

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I hate Bammy, but when I think back to that 08 election when the alternative was McStain, dam I hate having only 2 crappy choices!!

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I couldn't bring myself to vote for either of them. I stayed home.

Added side benefit: I no longer get called for jury duty once I dropped off the voting roles.

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That's actually a disadvantage.  You can't nullify if you aren't on the jury. 

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Your doing a heckuva a job, Bammy!!

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Counterpunch (not verified) Jan 18, 2015 10:23 PM

We're bombing Syrian infrastructure, which is what Israel has repeatedly done in Lebanon and Gaza and to an extent the WB, while relying on a compliant media and thousands of paid and unpaid sayanim and trolls to obfuscate the bare facts of bombing UN facilities, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, schools, and homes using flechette and DU shells as well as white phosphorus on civilian populations.


This is the Oded Yinon Plan.


The US government is absolutely controlled by Ziopaths.

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Cant have the middle eastern man united and at peace with one another...the western ruling elites say fuck that..... we will introduce controlled opposition...or introduce a an support an organization that up ends the ME on to accomplishing our goals in the arc of instability....further break up of the WWI drawn maos and the introduction and completion of mega energy projects......the machine grinds on inexorably........NWO....if ya cant beat'm join'm..... lol

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I think the US will bomb anyone we can that we think will come to US banks once it's all over to borrow money to rebuild their infrastructure.  That way, the US ends up owning everything it destroys.  Nice, eh?

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We're the morons. The US is providing,"not only are foodstuffs, medical supplies—even clinics—going to ISIS, the distribution networks are paying ISIS ‘taxes’ and putting ISIS people on their payrolls."

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Prober (not verified) Jan 18, 2015 9:19 PM

For the first time ever I agree with this anti-American agent masquerading as a cherished founder - these puny airstrikes are inadequate.

USA and allies should use massive artillery & B52 barrages to concentrate islamic defectives, then massive nerve gas barrages to wipe them out. Stop trying to use pin-point weapons and tactics on an area/regional problem, ie policy & tactics should be to eradicate them all.

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The USA along with its military-industrial complex is an eco-imperialist power. Its ideology has been shaped by the notion 'aggression is the best form of defense'. If it now withdraws, it will be seen as a sign of weakness. I feel it must bite the bullet & do this if it wants to bring back peace & engage in a more saner form of trade & commerce with the rest of the world. It must of course set its own house in order first, which means it must get rid of the Federal Reserve and the corrupt banking system, and drive the economic engine by encouraging a democratic process where the Main St has a lot more say on political, economic & financial matters. The common folk need to get back in the driver's seat and not leave it to the 1% super wealthy who are nothing but a cancer growing at the expense of the others. The country needs to revive its manufacturing sector, allocate more resources to education and create more jobs and .....drastically reduce spending in the defence sector. The world does not need more bombs, more guns, more missiles. It needs plenty of goodwill, and friendly cooperation. It needs to forget and forgive.

The question is, will the TPTB agree to such a plan?

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1.  For the children?

2.  Because they used to hate us for our freedums but now they hate us for our value(lessness)s and beliefs (all hail whomever sits in the chair at the Fed)?

3.  We won't have to pay them anymore?


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A "Wall Street Journal Graphic" ?? Damn GW, your making me laugh.

Don't forget, the progressive messiah obumbler is calling the shots over there. I think a reference to the obumbler statement "the world is less violent now" is more relevant than the worn out "mission accomplished" shub statement.

ISIL controls empty dez and are having a hard time dealing with anything.

For a much better and vastly less assclown info on ISIL check those guys over at The Strategy Page. Yeah they make mistakes but generally the dope is better than that puked up by progressive assclowns.



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Just tell Senator McCain to ruck up and all will be fine.

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When are the Neocons & Neokikes going to fight their own wars?

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Wasn't that the plan, use ISIS in conjunction with US bombing raids to get at Assad's oil by occupying Syria?



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Seems like someone is working hard to get their second nobel prize of peace.

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Wow, miles and miles of uninhabited desert sand & rocks, not quite the size of Texas, sprinkled with population centers with roadblocks & checkpoints manned by religious lunatics inquiring of your knowledge of Sharia Law and the Quran.

Sounds like the perfect summer vacation spot for a masochist.

They can get stripped-searched, groped & prodded upon leaving and beaten, whipped & beheaded when they get there ;-)


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We weapons dropped some folks...