Marc Faber: "The Only Way To Short Central Banks Is To Be Long Gold"

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Amid all the turmoiling on global financial markets over the last few months, one 'asset' has held up surprisingly well (to some). As Marc Faber recently told SocGen's global strategy conference this week, gold has absorbed its fair share of the commodities-market blows in recent years, but now is the time to move back into the precious metal, "I'm positive [that] gold will go up substantially [in 2015] — say 30%." As Marketwatch reports, Faber singled out U.S. stocks as especially overvalued but most ominously concluded, "the big surprise this year is that investor confidence in central banks collapses," and this before the SNB decision.


As MarketWatch reports,

Gold has absorbed its fair share of the commodities-market blows in recent years, but now is the time to move back into the precious metal, according to superbear Marc Faber.


“I’m positive [that] gold will go up substantially [in 2015] — say 30%,” Faber, whose investment letter is called the Gloom Boom Doom Report, said at Société Générale’s global strategy presentation in London on Tuesday.


“My belief is that the big surprise this year is that investor confidence in central banks collapses. And when that happens — I can’t short central banks, although I’d really like to, and the only way to short them is to go long gold, silver and platinum,” he said. “That’s the only way. That’s something I will do.”




“We simply have highly inflated asset markets. Real estate is high, stocks are high, bonds are high, art prices are high, and interest rates and short-term deposits are basically zero,” Faber said. “The only sector that I think is very inexpensive is precious metals, and in particularly precious-metals stocks.”


Faber, at times identified as “Dr. Doom,” singled out U.S. stocks as especially overvalued. Emerging markets, in contrast, could be on the cusp of another bull run, although investing in them in the early part of 2015 may be premature, he said.

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Something changed...

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Freebird's picture

Yeah, 7 years of bullshit is up.

CrazyCooter's picture

Won't be that easy ... the CBs and their puppet masters are not about to let the little guy keep a seat. Just watch, they will have some brown nut job shoot up a convent decked out like Mr T and then its gonna be all ... "Only Terra-ists buy gold" or some shit.



power steering's picture

Pretty sure this cock was crowing this tune at $1800 and $50 and then all te way down

Romney Wordsworth's picture
Romney Wordsworth (not verified) power steering Jan 19, 2015 7:22 PM

Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.


Publicus's picture

Nope, the only way to short central banks is to refuse to participate. Zeitgeist Movement is the solution.

nailgunnin4you's picture

Zeitgeist Movement is the solution.


Most of the zerohedge members are 25-35 living in mum's basement with two ounces of gold they cling to anticipating the day they become the new elite. Don't ruin the fantasy with ideas about equality and shit gaahhh

saveandsound's picture

How did you figure that? Amazing.

MarketAnarchist's picture

Correct and that is why you will be all the more shocked when it occurs.   He is taking the long view, friend.

saveandsound's picture

@power steering:

No, he was not. In 2011 at about USD 1500 he (and his buddy Jim Rogers) said you rather be careful with gold (and other precious metals). In 2012 and 2013 they both said "I hold gold, but I'm not buying right now."

Just for the record...

However, Faber was bullish on Russia and Rogers was bullish on China. You have got to have some patience until that ist going to pay out.

On the other hand, you don't know if what they say and what they do is corresponding.

Fun Facts's picture

"Won't be that easy ... the CBs and their puppet masters are not about to let the little guy keep a seat. Just watch, they will have some brown nut job shoot up a convent decked out like Mr T and then its gonna be all ... "Only Terra-ists buy gold" or some shit."

Until the people understand this false flag template being used to manufacture the consent for all their depraved political agendas, we are doomed. Judging by the success of the Hebdo Hoodoo we are doomed.

Gold is the enemy of the syndicate and it is very interesting how all the enemies of the syndicate end up being terrorists relieved of their gold by their rented armies.

Escrava Isaura's picture



Marc Faber is 100% right….. But, with one caveat: The last bubble (gold) won’t matter, because it will be desperation thereafter.


Our economic systems cartels, our currencies, our education, our moralities, our religions, our political institutions, our silence are heading towards a dark future.


There isn’t enough gold that will be able to sugar coat these from being exposed.


azusgm's picture

Go long heirloom seeds, a reliable water source,  and a fenced fertile garden plot for organic growing. Stack home-canned goods.

Down to Earth Thinking's picture

Already there in spades . here is your reliable water in spades as well the best on the planet and the most cost effective available . Not to mention many other health and medicinal uses. Fat guys eat your heart out ! 


Gotta wonder about some long option spreads or leaps while they are cheap on metals ? Miners are beat down seriousy as well.

JustUsChickensHere's picture

Good advice .... except ..... if you depend on 1st world health services just to keep breathing... then your outlook in the next collapse is pretty grim, and there are no options to avoid the consequences of health care reverting to an unsophisticated mode.

Down to Earth Thinking's picture

got the health thing covered as well in spades take a look ? The worse thing one can do for good health is to believe in and go to Doctors or any part of what we call health care !  That is also a giant illusion ! and a joke  HA HA HA HA HA HA


But who coulda known , Hey ?

DIGrif's picture

I personally use what I call my 3B plan. Beans, bullets and bullion.

Down to Earth Thinking's picture

good for starters , but much more to it than that 

Latitude25's picture

“That’s the only way. That’s something I will do.”

What that really means is that he will do more of the same.

Johnny Fiat and The Contangos's picture

"...and in particularily precious metals-stocks."  

We'll just clean that up a bit-

"...and in particularily precious metals stocked in your lake."

CrazyCooter's picture

If the PM stocks go too high, they will just issue more shares like Amazon and Tesla, right?

I think it was Hendry that said PM stocks are stupid as they just get nationalized if they significantly appreciate in value.



the grateful unemployed's picture

psst, Marc, you're sitting in your little Central Banker mancave, you can hear screams on the balcony. your balance sheet is broken, deflation is wiping out collateral faster than you can print collateral (that anyone will take) you go into the closet, there she is, old faithful, the printing press. quietly now, you print a few sheets, and you mail them to Joe's Gold and Silver, check off the quantity of gold bars you want to purchase, make sure the ink is dry on the paper, and seal the envelope. then you wait for delivery. your pour a glass of sherry, tomorrow you rinse and repeat.

hackne's picture
hackne (not verified) Jan 19, 2015 7:17 PM

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knukles's picture

And if you call now we'll double the offer and you'll have BOTH the Secret Service and FBI at your doorstep before the sun sets in the mighty west tonight.

Fucking retard. 

Jesus H Fucking Chreeeeist, there are truly some batshit crazy assed nincompoops haunting the halls of The Hedge these days preaching grand theft, wire fraud and a whole buncha other felonious crimes openly, causing great angst and despair amongst those of us here for the economics and market activities and information ... and mayhaps a bit of the old snarky commentary.
Where do some of these people come from?
Hatched surreptitiously in a government alien cloning experiment at Dulce underground base that got loose during a full moon in David Icke's nightmare?
I mean, this shit is stranger than asking for toenail fungus flavored coffee creamer.

Tyler!  Tyler!


Hulk's picture

I agree completely, just who the hell let the spawn of Jamie Dimon in the Hedge ???

deKevelioc's picture

Allowed to post on zerohedge two weeks ago.

Pareto's picture

+100 for toenail fungus flavored coffee creamer.  best imagery yet knucks......heheheeeeeeeeeee

Freebird's picture

Hopefully H that was your first & last post...fuck off & the same to your employer.

Katastrofenhausse's picture

Illegal activity via a gmail address LO-fucking-L


Buster Cherry's picture

You do.realize that you are inticing people to steal right?

Only the government, presided over by a black guy, can do that. They tend to retaliate against competitors, genius.

knukles's picture

Great fucking idea to respond to that e-mail address, no?
Getchur ass hacked or imprisoned.
And anyway, who the fuck wants to steal from an ATM?
The brothers in da hood just steal the whole fucking things!

Morons.  We're surrounded by morons.  Betcha his mom made him wear a clear plastic rain coat with pink flowers when he was a small boy



lasvegaspersona's picture

Headquartered at Attica? Alcatraz? where?

corsair's picture


(edit) On second reading, I'm changing my verdict. It's not even a scam, it's a joke.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

I think it is fake as well.  But the weak english is a nice touch...

Personally, I am still waiting for my milions from a Nigerian Prince

RhoneGSM's picture

Don't down arrow this guy. Seriously. I have already secured over in excess of 1 million Venezuelan Bolivar and nearly 10 million Ukrainian hryvnia. If you send me 100000 US Dollars in silver eagles I will send to you via PayPal! Hurry offer valid only to first 50 callers!

cowdiddly's picture

yes I am long felonies. What a maroon, I send you a pack of smokes. If you want to rob a bank, you have to own it. Trying to do what you propose buys you 20 years in Sing Sing with a girlfriend named Leroy. And thats even contingent upon whether you have to go with the snivelly assed court appointed attorney, which in that case double it.

Mac Avelli's picture

Thank God Hackne came along to spread this bullshit to us, all I have to do is send his brother, the Nigerian prince, my account information and I can learn how easy it is to start stealing ATM's...


Tyler can you close this guys account?!

ebworthen's picture

This is why I have bought Gold and Silver since the bailouts.

It was a moral and ethical decision more than a financial one.

Buster Cherry's picture

I wish I could get rich off a newsletter and talking with a funny accent, parroting the same shit year in year out.

gmak's picture

y years of lean followed by 7 years of mean - that's what Central Banks are made of.

Jack Burtan's picture

PM's long , gee you think.

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

What about silver? Will that work. I can't afford gold.  And with silver I can always melt it down to make werewolf killing bullets and shit.

honestann's picture

Yes!  If you have plenty of safe, secure (as in well hidden) room to store silver (or not enough fiat cash to afford very much), then silver is probably a better bet than gold at this time.

However, do understand that the world economy already flew off the cliff, and just recently looked downward and realized how many thousand meters it is above the desert floor.  So do understand that industrial metals like silver and platinum (while better nominal values at the moment), might underperform gold for years.


assistedliving's picture

honestann will you marry me?  its four am, a lil bit drunk but still....

you're an ann and not an abe right?

Clowns on Acid's picture

So if I become my own Central Bank, can I print my own money also ?

tok1's picture

you would think periferal EU Govt would use part of the proceed for allowed QE to buy gold and if the Govt smart stock pile oil like China is doing.. so if they do have a currency collapse..they have the hard assets.... to back a new currency... Japan / China should be doing this as well also protects against US tres or Japan JGB issues... to pile into negative german bunds sub 2% tres or sub 0.20bp JGB is insane.. they would be locking the benifits of moentizing the debt into other countries debt that basically pays no interest.. or bunds / . JGB sub 7ys they would lock in losing money for 5-7s guaranteed negative least oil they know the economy will require it so regardless of what happens its going to be consumed at some point...

q99x2's picture

Really, buy gold. Ok.

Glock274Carry's picture

Ammo and firearms just as much.