Is This The Reason Why Gold Is Suddenly Surging?

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Total Gold ETF physical holdings rose 0.85% on Friday (following Thursday's 0.78% rise) combining for the biggest 2-day rise since Nov 2011 (adding 843,000 ounces of gold in 2 days). Of course these moves came right after the SNB decision ands are the largest since the peg was announced in 2011. GLD - the largest gold ETF - saw holdings surge 1.9% on Friday, the biggest single-day surge in almost 5 years.


TotalGold ETF Holdings surged 1.65% in the last 2 days


SPDR GLD ETF Holdings spiked 1.9% on Friday and 3.3% in the last 2 days - the biggest 2-day rise since May 2010...


Of course, once again this shows that only paper gold matters for price determination... physical is irrelevant (until of course, physical is all that matters).


Charts: Bloomberg

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walküre's picture

Germans asked for directions to KY and ended up at CME instead? Now repatriating paper gold from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?

Manthong's picture

What’s being held.. “the bag”?

BaBaBouy's picture

True MONEY Phys GOLD $3K In The Shorter Term ...

kliguy38's picture

Anyone that believes GLD holds any gold doesn't understand gold

BadDog's picture

China is holding the physical for GLD.

Soul Glow's picture

The only entities contractually to be paid out in physical are the five largest shareholders which happen to be the five largest banks.

Soul Glow's picture

Anyone who believes reporting by Bob Pisani doesn't understand logic.

kliguy38's picture

Queue the Pisani Car ride to the vaults again......watta ya think Bob got after they blindfolded wonder he was giggling and smiling on that car "ride".

Soul Glow's picture

He probably gave blindfolded handjobs like the cheerleader he is.  Just another day for Pisani.

pugsnotdrugs's picture

And if logic were common sense, don't believe anything you see on TV

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Yep, paper isn't physical but these people have been trained that black is white, so there is a surprise in their future....

midtowng's picture

GLD holds physical gold. Just not nearly enough.

Personally I don't really care. I bought at $300.

walküre's picture

worse, just the "wrapper"

stant's picture

There's not even tanks left at ky except at the museum. But it's a nice museum to visit

gimme-gimme-gimme's picture

Nicholas Andre: "Where's all the money?" Lloyd: "That's as good as money sir, those are IOU's. Go ahead and add it up every cents accounted for. Look, see this that's a car, 275 thou might want to hang on to that one."

knukles's picture

Why would they want to go to the Jelly factory?
Oh yeah, the old Cornholing trick.


20834A's picture

I thought this was interesting. It would at least make a great novel. Anyone have any thoughts?


Alea Iactaest's picture

That, my friend, is FUCKING HILARIOUS! Might as well shout, "Number 15" at this point. This will help you get my reference:

Sammy is attending his first Comedian's Convention. He's very excited to see all the comic's he's seen on TV sitting at tables all around him.

The proceedings begin with a joke session. Jay Leno gets up and says "Number 64." Everyone in the hall laughs uproariously, except Sammy. Sammy turns to the older comedian who brought him, and says, "I didn't hear any joke. What's everybody laughing about?"

"These are all professional comedians," says his friend. "They don't need to hear jokes. They all know the jokes so well, they've given every joke a number. They just get up and say the number. It saves time."

Chris Rock has gotten up and said, "Number one hundred forty three," and again, everyone in the room cracks up.

"Could I try it?" Sammy asks his friend.

"Of course," the friend says.

So Sammy stands up and he says, "Number fifteen." Nobody laughs. Sammy is so embarrassed, he sits back down. Then he hears a voice mutter down near the end of his table, "Some people just don't know how to tell a joke."

Minder For Priapus's picture

In the 'proper' version of this joke Sammy's friend is the comedian Frank Carson, in the punchline Frank tells Sammy that "it's the way you tell them", instead of "Some people just don't know how to tell a joke." which may quite possibly be the shittest punchline ever................

savagegoose's picture

wait till usa gold opens for trade

Keyser's picture

It's lovely, init... Heading for $1300... 

Gringo Viejo's picture

"I'll take Charlie Weaver for the block."

Hulk's picture

If he knows who Charlie Weaver is, he is older than dirt  !!! I had to look him

up myself !!!

Bay of Pigs's picture

Charlie was bottom left corner. Paul Lynde was always in the middle row, center.


Temporalist's picture

But we have our own Charles Nelson Reilly here on ZH.  One of my favs. (I know that was match game)

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"Way to date yourself... :-)"~

"Well, at our age, who the hell else is going to date us?!? Half the time I don't want to go out, even with myself!"


Leave me alone. I'm working on "curmudgeon".

crusty curmudgeon's picture

After that, you start getting crusty.

Latitude25's picture

After all he is a gringo viejo and knows it.

Gringo Viejo's picture

Yep. As Charlie said on Squares when asked the question...As you age, which of your senses weakens the fastest?

"My sense of decency."

Augustus's picture

If the SPDR GLD Etf holdings of gold have shown to increase,

is that a measure of physical gold holding?


Clowns on Acid's picture

Supposedly... yes. Just like the Fed has 1600 tons of gold in Ft Knox and Under Liberty St in NYC. I would not take that info to the bank ... err... the vault .... the boating accident. 

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

I thought that Goldfinger stole most of that 1600 tons.  Or did Bond and Pussy Galore foil the plot?

Augustus's picture

As you likely well know, many of the posts on ZH claim that there is actually no physical gold held by the Etf. Now this article seems to claim that some report on an increase in actual gold holdings by the GLT Etf could have an influence physical gold price.  It must drive the conspiracy theory creating robots into high spin mode.

disabledvet's picture

Nuke the euro, buy a brick.


Better yet, "buy a brick in Swiss Francs."


What a scam.

bluskyes's picture

Holding comex warehouse receipts, and physical gold, are 2 different things.

techstrategy's picture

GLD must be backed by physical, or the sponsors and Authorized Participants are explicitly guilty of fraud.  Thus GLD ETF buying creates demand for PHYSICAL.  The best way to expose the manipulation is THROUGH THE GLD.  Liquidate essentially fraudulent financial assets and use a small percent to buy GLD.  Even a few percent would end the games forever as essentially fraudulent financial assets exceed real assets by many orders of magnitude...

Latitude25's picture

Well since GLD can probably sell shares at a ratio of 100/1 of phys then they can sell a hell of a lot and then force settlement in cash.  If GLD is doing well then manipulation is ongoing.

techstrategy's picture

It cannot.  Each share must be backed by physical.  GLD may be able to lease gold....  Likely TBTJ BB have abused that.  Doesn't change the reality that the financial asset ponzi due to fraudulent fractional reserve banking findancial assets would be exposed if BB who borrowed the physical to run trading games couldn't deliver...

Latitude25's picture

You better review your trading terms a little more carefully.  You can only take delivery on large amounts and you CAN be settled in cash.  Also yes 100/1 is considered backing and assumes you will settle in cash.

techstrategy's picture

GLD is NOT COMEX.  It is a physical fund.  They cannot do 100-1.  It would be fraud.  It MAY lease to BB/AP, but the ENTIRE HOUSE OF CARDS WOULD COLLAPSE WHEN BB/AP cannot deliver.

Latitude25's picture

OK whatever you say.  When you take delivery on 10 ounces from GLD please post a link to the photo of it and the GLD receipt.  Or are you planning on settling in cash?

techstrategy's picture

You conflate my taking delivery with the GLD sponsors HAVING TO BUY PHYSICAL AND THUS DRIVING THE PRICE UP WHEN NEW SHARES ARE ISSUED.  If people/investors convert fraudulent financial assets to GLD, then GLD sponsors must buy physical gold.  It is the easiest and most direct way to end the financial asset ponzi.

Latitude25's picture

LOL  Yes a ponzi eventully blows up when enough suckers are "in".

bluskyes's picture

"It cannot.  Each share must be backed by physical." 

Sure it is. If you believe that, then I have one ton of gold certificates to sell at 1/2 spot.

Augustus's picture

So, lat25, you believe the article posted is just a BS article?  The report of increased physical holding by the Etf is just made up and a fraud?  GLD had no physical and still has no physical, no matter what they report? 


Is the conspiracy theory robot in hyper drive spin mode?


The article states that PHYSICAL holdings increased.

Latitude25's picture

No.  I believe the article that GLD holdings have increased.  Those holdings are simply being sold as paper to a multitude of suckers as the price rises.  This is exactly how gold prices are manipulated, up and down.  When your LCS tells you they have nothing for sale and ebay has outrageous prices for real , not fake, coins, you will know the market is broken.  Either that or there is a large delivery problem to Asia or somewhere else and the pricing mechanism just shuts down for a few days.

Bay of Pigs's picture

+1 Pay no attention to the bankster shills and assclowns that populate the gold threads here at ZH these days.

Price discovery was broken in the PM sector many years ago. Well before the fraud ridden ETF pigs like GLD and SLV came along.