Ukraine Claims Russian Forces At Border, Attack Conflict Zone; Russia Replies "Complete Rubbish"

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After reportedly rejecting Vladimir Putin's peace proposal and continuing heavy shelling in the pro-Russian-held regions of Donetsk, Ukraine's military spokesman Lysenko is reporting the Russian army is directly attacking Ukraine forces in the north conflict zone. The fight over what is now a destroyed Donetsk airport continues with Lysenko claiming to have stalled Russian forces adding that three Russian battallions are approaching the Ukraine border. CNN reports that the Russian Defense Ministry says, "Ukraine's allegations that Russian troops are in Ukraine are complete rubbish."

Reuters and Bloomberg report...


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Reportedly Russian tanks at the Ukraine border..

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As Reuters reports,

Ukrainian army units came under attack from Russian regular forces in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday and heavy fighting was taking place, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.


"In spite of preliminary agreements, Ukrainian military units were attacked in the north of the anti-terrorist operational zone by regular military formations of the armed forces of Russia," the spokesman, Andriy Lysenko, said.


"Heavy fighting is continuing near the (Ukrainian army) checkpoints 29 and 31," he said, pinpointing an area near the town of Slovyanoserbsk, northwest of Luhansk.


"Ukrainian forces have stopped the advance of Russian troops ... The situation in the conflict zone is serious but under our control," Lysenko said at a news briefing.


Three more battalion tactical groups of Russian motorised infantry had been tracked inside Russia heading towards the Ukrainian border, as well as an artillery division, he said.


Lysenko's announcement at a specially called news briefing was one of the boldest assertions yet by Ukraine of direct Russian military involvement in the nine-month conflict between pro-Russian separatists and government forces.


Despite what the West and Kiev says is incontrovertible proof, Moscow has continued to deny that any of its regular forces are deployed in Ukraine.

As Bloomberg reports,


Ukrainian govt claims of Russian troops, equipment entering Ukraine Jan. 19 “absolute nonsense,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov says in e-mailed statement.


Allegations from Kiev are “hallucinations”: Konashenkov


Ukraine studying plan put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw heavy weaponry from conflict zone, RIA Novosti reports, citing Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov


Zurabov says Ukrainian comments on plan mostly technical: RIA

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Looney's picture

Today, Russian and Iranian defense ministers signed an agreement to open their ports to each other’s navies.

This is the first time the Russian fleet will be permanently stationed in the Persian Gulf since 1946.

I am curious… What’s gonna happen with the sale of the S-300 missiles frozen in 2010, because of the sanctions? Will it be un-frozen or will it be upgraded to the almighty S-400? Hmmm… ;-)


NoVa's picture

Don't worry - we're in good hands with our Dear Leader Oblamo


knukles's picture

This is gettin' like dry humpin' a corpse

Looney's picture

...  like dry humpin' a corpse

Would it be Mr. Yellen? ;)


kliguy38's picture

I'd rather dry hump a horse than Grandma Yellen

El Vaquero's picture

You're not alone.

A 20-year-old man received probation after he was convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer. The sentence also requires Bryan James Hathaway to be evaluated as a sex offender and treated at the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Duluth, Minn.


He was found guilty in April 2005 of felony mistreatment of an animal after he killed a horse with the intention of having sex with it. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and two years of extended supervision on that charge as well as six years of probation for taking and driving a vehicle without the owner's consent.



markovchainey's picture

How can this be considered a free country when you can't have consensual sex with a dead animal?  Madness!  Madness I say!

Rootin' for Putin's picture

dead animal mariage rights for everyone!

NoPension's picture

Can we still screw fruit? Watermelon is nice.

El Vaquero's picture

Yes, but you cannot kill it first.  Otherwise, you'll get brought up on charges of fruit cruelty. 

HowdyDoody's picture

The prisoners should spend 3 months cleaning up and helping rebuild the hospitals and schools they have shelled to smithereens.

Bananamerican's picture

Screw fruit
"Once you go dead deer you'll never "steer" clear"

Beowulf55's picture

I like a warm cherry pie........

general ambivalent's picture

Well they have been trying to get everyone's libido turned on by whatever's in that Kardashian ass.

El Vaquero's picture

Neigh, they've been using it merely as a distraction.  Speaking of horse ass, I wonder if they're going to send Kerry into Ukraine to "confirm" that the Russkies are invading?

pods's picture


"as well as six years of probation for taking and driving a vehicle without the owner's consent."

Was this the horse?


El Vaquero's picture

With all that is wrong with that story, the question you should be asking yourself is, do you really want to know?


Unfortunately, it's one of those news stories that is so outlandish, that once read, it is forever burned into your memory.  You will now and forever associate Wisconsin not with cheese, but with dead horse sex. 

mkhs's picture

Wait.  I thought there was a deer involved.

Manthong's picture

It appears to be a lot safer having carnal relations with large 4 four legged hooved or cloven-hooved animals that are dead as opposed to ones that are alive.  

I suppose that applies to large two legged cloven-hooved, horned bankers as well.

 Man Dies In Bizarre Case


El Vaquero's picture

Yeah, some things just warrant you hanging your head and shaking it.  That guy will forever be remembered as the guy who was killed by a horse cock.  That's one helluva legacy to leave behind. 

August's picture

Just wondering... are Liberatrians OK with laws against horse-sex?

In the past, I thought it was "amusing" that various states had bestiality laws.  FWIW the Great Enumclaw Lethal Horse-Sex case was completely legal when it transpired, as apparently the horse-owner was OK with the whole thing.

HowdyDoody's picture

So what is the official hierarchy of these individuals
Yellen, Lagarde, Hitlery, Psaki, Barf, Rice, Powers, Noodleland? In order of increasing corpsification.

Charming Anarchist's picture

With bags over their heads, what difference does it make?

Abitdodgie's picture

Let me guess some T72 tanks have been knocked out by Porkys lot (not the one's he just bought off Poland for $8500.oo scrap value )no some real Russian one's honest.

Freddie's picture

ThE NovoRussians seem to be greasing all these Ukie tanks with RPG-7s.   I am amazed they can take out a tank with those.  They must know the sweet spots.

The Ukraine has/had the 6th biggest land army.  These kids and old men do not want to fight for the criminals in Kiev.

researchfix's picture

Never send a tank between buildings or even into a city.

ChiangMai's picture

"I am amazed they can take out a tank with [RPG-7s]."

I read somewhere yesterday ( perhaps on Fort Russ ) that, whenever the situation and location allows, they attempt to simply disable the tank by taking out one track, so that they can utilize it after a relatively minor repair.

gallistic's picture

We like to think we are so modern and our weaponry so great. A good old fashioned HEAT round can quickly end these illusions.


I'll let you in on a little secret. RPGs can "grease" US MRAPS and even our vaunted Abrams main battle tanks.

You know what also "greases" our modern MRAPS and Abrams? 1950s Vintage Korean War and 1960s recoilless rifles.

Know what else can "grease" 'em? Old, hand-thrown anti-tank grenades like the RKG, which can penetrate up to 8.5 inches of armor.

Know what else? A crude, hand made EFP with a good copper liner.


NumNutt's picture

hmmm good information....all noted and stored away for future use when they start rolling those damn things down main street USA.....

HowdyDoody's picture

I would like to see an American tank stand outside unattended for ~50 years in all weathers and then start first time.

Freddie's picture

I wish I could find the video but the NovoRussians/DPR were using an old vintage (I think) recoiless rifle at Donetsk aiport against the Ukies. 

There was another video where they had old stuff from WW2 in storage or even a museum because they were short on weapons when this started.

Givi yesterday after they too out 2 Ukrainan tanks at that bridge was thanking Poland for the AK47 ammo that they captured that the Ukies lost.

Givi and Motorola joke that the Ukraianian Army and their NGO/USA backers provide the NovoRussians with endless ammo and weapons.

gallistic's picture

Yeah, I have seen videos of them using the 73mm SPG9.

It is really about what type of round you use, but that thing is a beast.

A PG-9VNT round has a tandem warhead that can penetrate over 21 inches of armor!


Freddie's picture


21 inches of armor?  Wow.  It could probably go through the JP Morgan/Fed Gold vault 80 feet underground in Manhattan.

I wonder if tungsten is flammable?  ;-)

gallistic's picture

It has to be finely shaven and dispersed to get a thermobaric effect ;)




edit- I removed RKG video

El Vaquero's picture

Knucks, the world is rapidly descending into insanity.

NoPension's picture

Corpse- man, corpse- man!!!!! ....we got a man down!

Freddie's picture

The Ukrainain troops lied to yet again.  Here is Givi and we can see the Ukie's get treated better by NovoRussian troops then the Ukies get treated by their own people.  Kiev just lies to these poor cannon fodder bastards.

I admire these NovoRussian guys. Humble, they do not want to kill their countrymen but they are hard warriors who I would not want to fight.   The Slavs are tough men.

Meanwhile, the US Military, with no clue about their Constitutional oath, does whatever Obamao, the See Eye Aye and State Dept tell them to do.

As long as they can make their payments on the pickup, have NFL ball games and cheap beer and maybe McCain (USS Liberty/Forrestal and ISIS) stops by - they are happy.

They love ISIS McCain.

WhyWait's picture

Resistance from the US servicemen you denigrate to "fighting for Al Qaida" helped stop Obama from invading Syria in 2013, and may be holding him back now! Check out  I suspect support for their position runs much deeper than than is showing, and that this is helping make our Overlords cautious.

August's picture

 >>>Check out  I suspect support for their position runs much deeper than than is showing

One hopes so.  My son (USMC and police-SWAT career) is favorably disposed to Oathkeepers, but declined to become a member, saying "it's better that they don't know exactly who's in, and who's out".

IMHO it's very important for liberty-minded Homelandistanis to keep open channels of communication with the military and LEOs.  Sure, substantial numbers of them are fascist ass-holes, but large numbers are not.  At some point, the loyalties of the military and LEOs will be extremely important to US residents.

cossack55's picture

Upgraded to the 400 until the 500 is ready later this year.

q99x2's picture

With Russia in the harbor Iran doesn't need nukes now bitchez. I think they had them all along anyhow.

noben's picture
noben (not verified) Looney Jan 20, 2015 1:57 PM

"Today, Russian and Iranian defense ministers signed an agreement to open their ports to each other’s navies"

Now that's what I call a "Warm Water Port": Warmer than Crimea and closer than Cuba. The Russian and US Navy eyeballing each other. Cool! Very shrewd move.

Wait till the Chinese get a port too. Then maybe the grownups will enter the political arena in DC, London and Riyadh, and return some sanity to geopolitics.

zerocash's picture


Consuelo's picture

"God will roast their stomachs..."   Not their other organs though...



TheFourthStooge-ing's picture



malek's picture


Thanks for still being able to find a humorist side to all this bullshit, including those by some commenters