Smuggling Drugs Across The Mexican Border? There's A Drone For That

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Worried about the honesty of your drug mule? Concerned that your smugglers will demand higher and higher minimum wage? There's a drone for that. Once again technology has enabled 'progress' as AP reports police in a Mexican border city said Wednesday that a drone overloaded with illicit methamphetamine crashed into a supermarket parking lot. As AVWeb notes, drones carrying illegal drugs and contraband have been among the creative ideas used by smugglers, and crashes do happen from loss of control or perhaps weight-and-balance problems. Brings a whole new meaning to 'Breaking Bad'.




As AP reports,

Police in a Mexican border city said Wednesday that a drone overloaded with illicit methamphetamine crashed into a supermarket parking lot.


Tijuana police spokesman Jorge Morrua said authorities were alerted after the drone fell Tuesday night near the San Ysidro crossing at Mexico’s border with California.


Six packets of the drug, weighing more than six pounds, were taped to the six-propeller remote-controlled aircraft, authorities said.


Morrua said authorities are investigating where the flight originated and who was controlling it. He said it was not the first time they had seen drones used for smuggling drugs across the border.


Other innovative efforts have included catapults, ultralight aircraft and tunnels.

As AVWeb adds, The AP also reported this week a man was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempting to fly a drone laden with cell phones, tobacco and marijuana into a maximum-security prison in South Carolina in 2014.

The drone crashed in the bushes outside a 12-foot razor wire fence at Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville.


It was the first known attempt to fly a drone with contraband into that state’s prisons, but the idea isn't new, the AP reported.


In 2013, four people in Georgia were accused of using a drone to fly tobacco and cellphones into a state prison there.

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More robots replacing humans? Where is a drug mule supposed to earn a fair wage?

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knukles's picture

Mrs K and I were having lunch out today and the place had CNN, MSNBC and Fox news on .... each wall, a wall of propaganda.
So Fox has a piece abut the drug drone crashing and guess what!?!?!?!?
Now, we're under attack by drones!
We're losing the Drug War so now we have to have a Drone War!
The War on Drones

Didn't mention anything about the US drones killing small brown people, but Jesus folks, y'all can't expect us to get every base covered now, can 'ya?

There's a Drone Gap!

Where's Gen. Buck Turgidson when we need him?  Oh yeah, purged out under the Pajamo Administration for being forthright and homophobic.

SickDollar's picture

you got to love the CIA

nope-1004's picture

Looks like the Bush family has some competition.  Drones to be banned in   3 - 2 - 1 . . .

taketheredpill's picture



The Drones are coming TO the US, not FROM.  $150K meth and each Drone is $5K.  Bet they've been doing this for a while.

NotApplicable's picture

Wait, you think the Bushies are smuggling drugs into Mexico????

jimmytorpedo's picture

I proposed using a remote controlled airplane with two remotes to go across the border back in the '90's.

Yeah, I hung with that crowd back then.

My town was the buckle in the green belt.

A bottle of Ardbeg to the first person who guesses which town I lived in.

Hint, was a Canadian Western province,...

Bush Baby's picture

Don't forget the remote controlled quick release , this way no need to land it, after drop fly back home.

Supply and Demand - no stopping it

McMolotov's picture

I know I've mentioned this before, but I live near my parents and visit them every week or so. Whenever I go to their house, they have Fox News on, and they switch around between that and CNN and the Sunday morning political shows.

It's like walking into Bizarro World, and I literally laugh out loud at something stupid almost every time. Some of the "reporting" is just so patently absurd and infused with propaganda that it's almost like watching satire.

kowalli's picture

You just outside matrix box.

jbvtme's picture

McM...when i go into someone's house: parents, relatives, friends, etc. the tv is turned off or i leave

Ignatius's picture

Once you've stepped through the looking glass... nothing is ever the same.

NotApplicable's picture

To me the entire edifice of government is nothing but "The Emperor's New Clothes." It's just a bunch of people pretending they have the right to rule over everyone else. When in reality, it's just the same ole gangsterism as usual.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Scarier stiill it seems as if it's ALWAYS FOX 'NEWS' if the TV in any public venue is tuned to 'news'.....  

Lots of basic cable systems have FOX as your only cable 'news' choice too....   It's truly scary listening to a loyal Fox drone - they actually believe all the BS they're fed and think the rest of the world is delusional.....The evil 'liberal' media is in control EVERYWHERE ELSE - yeah that bastion of 'liberalism' The NY Times - the paper that sat on the domestic spying story at the request of Bush..... My response is WHAT 'liberal' media?!?!?!?   95% of ALL media is owned by 6 corporations

Implied Violins's picture

You are doing better than me. When I have that shit FORCED on me I literally start shaking with rage, especially when someone like Hannity or Judge Jean comes on. I have to leave the room or try to talk over it. And no, meds don't help I tried...

localizer's picture

It's not news, it's entertainment! Problem is some folks don't get it...

Yen Cross's picture

 Knuks, I appreciate all his help with various charities, but if Bill O'Rielly were running the White House, we'ld all be radioactive.

 He seems nice enough, but has zero understanding of finance and real Geopolitics. I've watched many people run for political office on ideas they believe in. Unfortunately those ideas aren't reality.

knukles's picture

Wasn't his last job before telly commentator mayor of Fukushima?

BorisTheBlade's picture

The harbinger of things to come, I am surprised that they are not proliferated more.

1000yrdstare's picture

Meh...not bad, but where are the wedding busting hellfires on that thing? talk to me then...

Bloppy's picture

Oh crap, that was my Amazon.crack order


LA Times: Did Pope flash ‘devil’s sign’?

Dick Gazinia's picture

Tweeker One-Nine, Tweeker One-Nine

Crank is falling out of the sky.

90's Child's picture

If they ban drones then only the criminals will have drones.

cynicalskeptic's picture

The day Jamie Dimon looks out his corner office window and sees one hovering  will be the day they're banned........


Just think of the video a drone could get from that vantage point.....

MsCreant's picture

Video? You think small. Sight picture for the money shot.

localizer's picture

Some folks got too greedy... "overloaded drone", LOL.

taketheredpill's picture



They should have gone with Recommended Payload instead of Maximum Payload.  Next time.


replaceme's picture

Looks like a mix of meth and weed, no?  would have probably been ok with just the weed, I reckon.  And seriously, these drones were just RC multi-copters 5 years ago, think the term is misused.  I'm getting grumpy as I get older, dang.

replaceme's picture

..were taped to the six-propeller remote-controlled aircraft, authorities said.   So yea, it's just an RC 'copter flown by someone that failed FlighSim 101.  These guys are not even trying.

allinwood's picture

See kids.. that's what happens when drones do drugs

Ignatius's picture

"Illicit drugs will only come into this country via approved routes and for the benefit of our political friends." --  CIA

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Exactly right Ignatius!  The CIA brings in the drugs and the big banks launder the money taking 20% off the top.

Rumor has it that works great in Afghanistan as well!


I am Tuco and I say death to the new world order and all the punks that work for them!

cynicalskeptic's picture

Side benefits are:

1) the masses pay for the SOMA that keeps them drugged and oblivious 

2) prisons are kept full with the unprotected low level dealers and desperate users  (exceptions are made for the wealthy recreational users)

it's a 'win-win' in keeping the masses under control.

clade7's picture

Typical Fed Ex

Stoploss's picture

Just think if you were in the right place at the right time with an RF intereferance device.

Free shit coming down.

css1971's picture

Gps controlled, not radio.

exi1ed0ne's picture

This made my brain hurt.  GPS satellites transmit radio signals that the GPS receivers use to triangulate their position.

More likely this is a direct control drone though.  The current ones have the ability to fly home or soft land if comms are cut or battery is low.  At a guess the extra weight drained the battery faster then the smugglers anticipated and the drone went to soft land, but the extra weight caused it to hard land. 

astoriajoe's picture

Senator Schumer will surely call for a living wage for drug mules?

pashley1411's picture

Pfft, drones, why bother?

Promise the Parasite-in-Chief that you'll vote blue.

They'll send a bus to the Tijuana bus stop of your choice, waive your brown-ass, and your 6 kids, right through customs, in Spanish.  

First voter registration is free.   Actually, the other voter registrations will be free as well.   What a country!

Moar votes, moar clients

taketheredpill's picture




Do the unemployed Drug Mules get counted as Discouraged Workers?


replaceme's picture

Seriously, if I were to put one of those up, I'd go hindenburg with it - nice, aero blimp with a ducted fan not so likely to crash and burn.  Cartel guys, drop me a line, I will sketch something up for you.  Hint: it will look like a balloon filled with meth.

css1971's picture

Quite expensive. You're talking about $4k for a small outdoor blimp.

Not that I've thought of using them for carrying drugs. Occifer.

besnook's picture

this is news but nutandyahoo speaking before congress without an invite from the potus is not. gotcha.

Augustus's picture

O'Bungles is not in charge of the borders.

monad's picture

At least Juan doesn't have to pay back his Jared Loughner Merit scholarschip. He's just out a toy.

konputa's picture

And to think we ridiculed Amazon when they announced their intention to use delivery drones. Apparently they were onto something.