""Whatever It Takes" Or "Make It Stop""

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"Whatever it takes" appears to have 'worked' to crash the currency of the Eurozone... but - unlike the Keynesian 'exports-are-awesome' textbook plan of competitive currency devaluationists (just ask Japan) - economic growth expectations continue to collapse... Perhaps it's time to say "make it stop" before all central bank credibility is entirely destroyed...




Source: @Not_Jim_Cramer

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We're all just along for the ride. Trade and prepare accordingly.  

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Fuck "trade and prepare accordingly", whatever the fuck that means, I'm just tired of all this shit and scared shitless of what kind of world my young children will have to live in. 

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We are all waiting... watching more and more hamsters swirling in the global financial toilet bowl yet still holding out hope that the inevitable 'final gurgle sound' will never come. I really feel for the kids.

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Romney Wordsworth (not verified) ZerOhead Jan 22, 2015 5:50 PM



So basically you're saying "Fuck this, I'm fucked because I fucked"?

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I'm with you, 'bout the kids. They're gonna take it tough. But maybe, just maybe, the kids may scrap all the old deals (old crap) and re-make their odds. Get themselves Free of others debt and start fresh. It's a Vision I enjoy.

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"Whatever it takes (to prove this is completely wrong)"

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i hear you. Since they have basically set themselves to destroy commerce and pretty much every developed economy, I hope they go full retard and get it over with while im still young. I don't know why this guy is saying 'before they destroy what credibility the have left', they have no credibility with me, and the sooner they lose it with everyone else, the better. Since its inevitable, i wish they would just get it over with.

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The New World Order economic ripoffs will continue until peasant morale improves.

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wendigo (not verified) Jan 22, 2015 5:31 PM

2015 is the year, or it will never happen. I prepare for the former and hope for the latter. 

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6 years 1 month between last 2 US recessions


march 2001 - november 2001


december 2007 - june 2009


current "recovery" 5 years 7 months


do you feel lucky?


2015 - Custer's Last Stand for the bullz

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In all prior recessions the Federal Reserve would have entered into a recession with normalized interest rates. Hence, the Fed could lower interest rates. Not this time. So it's inconceivable that they do nothing more at this point than to continue printing if a recession occurs and it would be ever more agressive. Absolutely crazyville.

Bare in mind, a lot of people who don't believe the government numbers or corporate data think we are still in a recession.


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US enters a recession no later than Q1 2015


of course, it might take months before bullz recognize and throw in the towel

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"before all central bank credibility is entirely destroyed"

only the most delusional cheerleaders still think CBs can do anything to end this global depression.

deflation is here to stay until debt-population dynamics change.

someone should move the heads of the major banks aside and tell them this:

"just go ahead and write it off, you know you're never going to get paid back. kicking the can only prolongs the pain."

this by itself would solve a good chunk of the ongoing financial crisis.

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Perhaps it's time to say "make it stop" before all central bank credibility is entirely destroyed...

Did a Tyler seriously write this?

Central Bankers only have one speed now. RAMMING SPEED.

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thelma & louise are holding hands ...

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Deflation and a strong dollar are not critea for a continuing upward spiral in equity prices.