The Dire State Of Our Nation (What You Won’t Hear From The Politicians)

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Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” ? Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

No matter what the politicians say about how great America is and how we, as a people, will always triumph, the fact is that the nation seems to be imploding.

Despite the dire state of our nation, however, you can rest assured that none of the problems that continue to plague our lives and undermine our freedoms will be addressed by our so-called elected representatives in any credible, helpful way, and certainly not during a State of the Union address.

Consider the following facts:

Our government is massively in debt. Currently, the national debt is somewhere in the vicinity of $18 trillion. More than a third of our debt is owned by foreign countries, namely China and Japan.


Our education system is abysmal. Despite the fact that we spend more than most of the world on education ($115,000 per student), we rank 36th in the world when it comes to math, reading and science, far below most of our Asian counterparts. Even so, we continue to insist on standardized programs such as Common Core, which teach students to be test-takers rather than thinkers.


Our homes provide little protection against government intrusions. Police agencies, already empowered to crash through your door if they suspect you’re up to no good, now have radars that allow them to “see” through the walls of your home.


Our prisons, housing the largest number of inmates in the world and still growing, have become money-making enterprises for private corporations that rely on the inmates for cheap labor.


We are no longer a representative republic. The U.S. has become a corporate oligarchy. As a recent survey indicates, our elected officials, especially those in the nation’s capital, represent the interests of the rich and powerful rather than the average citizen.

We’ve got the most expensive, least effective health care system in the world compared to other western, industrialized nations.


The air pollution levels are dangerously high for almost half of the U.S. population, putting Americans at greater risk of premature death, aggravated asthma, difficulty breathing and future cardiovascular problems.


Despite outlandish amounts of money being spent on the nation’s “infrastructure,” there are more than 63,000 bridges—one out of every 10 bridges in the country—in urgent need of repair. Some of these bridges are used 250 million times a day by trucks, school buses, passenger cars and other vehicles.


Americans know little to nothing about their rights or how the government is supposed to operate. This includes educators and politicians. For example, 27 percent of elected officials cannot name even one right or freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment, while 54 percent do not know the Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war.


Nearly one out of every three American children live in poverty, ranking us among the worst in the developed world.


Patrolled by police, our schools have become little more than quasi-prisons in which kids as young as age 4 are being handcuffed for “acting up,” subjected to body searches and lockdowns, and suspended for childish behavior.


We’re no longer innocent until proven guilty. In our present surveillance state, that burden of proof has now been shifted so that we are all suspects to be spied on, searched, scanned, frisked, monitored, tracked and treated as if we’re potentially guilty of some wrongdoing or other.


Parents, no longer viewed as having an inherent right to raise their children as they see fit, are increasingly being arrested for letting their kids walk to the playground alone, or play outside alone. Similarly, parents who challenge a doctor’s finding or request a second opinion regarding their children’s health care needs are being charged with medical child abuse and, in a growing number of cases, losing custody of their children to the government.


Private property means little at a time when SWAT teams and other government agents can invade your home, break down your doors, kill your dog, wound or kill you, damage your furnishings and terrorize your family. Likewise, if government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property.


Court rulings undermining the Fourth Amendment and justifying invasive strip searches have left us powerless against police empowered to forcefully draw our blood, forcibly take our DNA, strip search us, and probe us intimately. Accounts are on the rise of individuals—men and women alike—being subjected to what is essentially government-sanctioned rape by police in the course of “routine” traffic stops.


Americans can no longer rely on the courts to mete out justice. The courts were established to intervene and protect the people against the government and its agents when they overstep their bounds. Yet the courts increasingly march in lockstep with the police state, while concerned themselves primarily with advancing the government’s agenda, no matter how unjust or illegal.


Americans have no protection against police abuse. It is no longer unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later. What is increasingly common, however, is the news that the officers involved in these incidents get off with little more than a slap on the hands.


If there is any absolute maxim by which the federal government seems to operate, it is that the American taxpayer always gets ripped off. This is true, whether you’re talking about taxpayers being forced to fund high-priced weaponry that will be used against us, endless wars that do little for our safety or our freedoms, or bloated government agencies such as the National Security Agency with its secret budgets, covert agendas and clandestine activities. Rubbing salt in the wound, even monetary awards in lawsuits against government officials who are found guilty of wrongdoing are paid by the taxpayer.


Americans are powerless in the face of militarized police. In early America, government agents were not permitted to enter one’s home without permission or in a deceitful manner. And citizens could resist arrest when a police officer tried to restrain them without proper justification or a warrant. Daring to dispute a warrant with a police official today who is armed with high-tech military weapons would be nothing short of suicidal. Moreover, as police forces across the country continue to be transformed into extensions of the military, Americans are finding their once-peaceful communities transformed into military outposts, complete with tanks, weaponry, and other equipment designed for the battlefield.

Now these are not problems that you can just throw money at, as most politicians are inclined to do. As I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, these are problems that will continue to plague our nation unless and until Americans wake up to the fact that we’re the only ones who can change things.

For starters, we’ll need to actually pay attention to what’s going on around us, and I don’t mean by turning on the TV news, which is little more than government propaganda. Pay attention to what your local city councils are enacting. Pay attention to what your school officials are teaching and not teaching. Pay attention to whom your elected officials are allowing to wine and dine them.

Most of all, stop acting like it really matters whether you vote for a Republican or Democrat, because it doesn’t, and start acting like citizens who expect the government to work for them, rather than the other way around.

While that bloated beast called the federal government may not listen to you, you can have a great impact on your local governing bodies. This will mean gathering together with your friends and neighbors and, for example, forcing your local city council to start opposing state and federal programs that are ripping you off. And if need be, your local city council can refuse to abide by the dictates that continue to flow from Washington, DC.

All of the signs point to something nasty up ahead. The time to act is now.

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"Act now by becoming a member on my website for only $49!"



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Do you think that the legal actions that the Rutherford Institute take, often in defense of individuals costs nothing?

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The only thing that can be expected from the next US president is more war, more murder, and more oppression of the gullible American people.

People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over. - Paul Craig Roberts

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The American populace is easy to manipulate and subdue; Americans are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically). Additionally, the majority of these people are utterly ignorant about their own legal system and the contents of the Constitution.

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We have a legal system? I had not noticed.

falconflight's picture

Point taken, just imagine the hoops this org and several others who attempt to argue constitutional law must face.  

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So much going on now days, its mind boggling.

Just keep informed is  a good start

Job Situation:


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I place 100% of the blame on the average idiot "citizen" who gladly gives up his birthright for a free bowl of soup.


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"I place 100% of the blame on the average idiot "citizen" who gladly gives up his birthright for a free bowl of soup."

No argument there, but

"Just keep informed is  a good start".

Just keeping informed is a full time job!  This albatross government has gotten so fuckin enormous you can barely keep track of who is trying to encroach on which rights.  As you all must suspect by now, I don't believe in coincidence.

Most of those willing to give up their birthright for a free bowl of soup don't have the intellectual horsepower to keep track of all these incursions.  Those with the intellectual horsepower usually have at least one incentive to turn a blind eye to at least some portion.  Therein lies the problem.

Arnold's picture

I paid for that free soup.

You're welcome.

nmewn's picture

Here we go everyone, How to Double Down on Stupid.

Hire the very same IT firm (CGI Federal) who built to build a little sumpin to interface with the IRS black hat society enforcers because..."However, a feature of the system that was installed by deliberate design that sends personal information to marketing and advertising firms has raised privacy concerns." a feature, not a bug!!!

What could possibly go wrong this time? ;-)

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~"What could possibly go wrong this time?"~

~"The U.S. has become a corporate oligarchy."~

Nada. /sarc

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As an IT guy the ObamaCare site fiasco gave me more than a few laughs.  I mean it's a relational SQL database with data entry and queries from browsers over the web and whatever .gov back end software.  No matter how big, that's all it ultimately all it is.  If that project is bid out there's no fucking way Larry Ellison and Oracle don't get that done for less than a billion dollars.  Probably far less and Larry gets the ego stroke of everyone seeing the Oracle logo when they sign up for healthcare.

It's like they were joking around at a fucking party full of insiders "Hey Bob.  Your IT start up company is understaffed and near bankrupt plus your head programmer is a dope addict.  I'm gonna do you a solid.  here's the Obamacare site development contract.  Make the site as shitty as possible because we want people as desperate as possible, begging us for help.  Keep it under a few billion.  But if you can't we'll attach any cost overruns to a defense appropriation bill or something.  No big deal.  But that thing can't work efficiently.  We can't have the masses to start expecting results from their government."

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Kinda like pissing into the wind I imagine.

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A flaw that’s hard to overcome:

Believing in lies and misinformation that generates many wrong assumptions!


DJ Happy Ending

I place 100% of the blame on the average idiot "citizen"


"Just keep informed is a good start"


So, the 2 questions left for us to sort it out:

Question A: Which idiot citizen are these two talking about? The sheeple? Or, the supposedly highly educated sheeple?

Question B: What is a good information to these both idiots’ citizens?


Well, my answer to you: Good luck! Because you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.


But…., let’s try to help these idiots; by first:

Overcoming misinformation about QE:

By MEFOBILLS: QE money pulls and existing bond out of the secondary market, it only changes the composition to more credit as money, and less bonds. 

These bonds then vector into the reserve channels of banks.  There they then transfer onto the FED’s balance sheet, and banker then holds money. This money on reserves is now paid interest to keep a rate collapse toward zero.

Mostly QE changes the composition of money supply and increases public debt on ledger at central bank. The path of QE is into bank reserve channels, who then buy bonds, and bond holders then have their interest rates lowered. (Bond price up interest rates down.)

Lower interest rates have a knock on effect, or so the bankers think, whereby the sheeple will go out and take out a loan. 


Second: It takes two to Tango: The Tricksters need the Sheeple

By Seer: There are two main sources of tricksters in the world:

1) Religions, rather, promoters of "organized" religions that tell us we're going to get off this planet by way of some invisible hand (and while here we're best to observe some hierarchy of elitists who are only here to spread "the word" for the common person's interest);

2) "Technology" promoters, who make promises of salvation from this planet -getting off of it- by way of rocket ship (and if we observe what the elitists of this camp say then we work toward this so that everyone, all "commoners," can "some day" benefit [just march on comrade] .


And I could go on…………………………



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The problem is that the Justic System has being turned into the "legal" system...

Policy overrides Law...

kill switch's picture

Yes we have a legal system but not a justice system.

MonetaryApostate's picture

Oppression, wall street robbery, and war all have repercussions that will ultimately include serious backlash..


I'll agree with much of what this writer is outlining, especially the part of our Government being broke...


Taxes aren't the solution, big gov. is the problem, and that's why they keep raising the debt ceiling...


The gov. is completely out of control on spending & borrowing (which is far worse due to interest).  :/ 

STP's picture

They NEVER stop wanting MOAR!   MOAR Taxes, MOAR Fees and MOAR Fines!  TPTB, never seem to want to shrink, prune or cut back, the Bloated Beast we now call our Government.   And that's at all levels!!!  And the amazing part, is that the money they collect from us, is used against us!

MontgomeryScott's picture

The ultimate degradation and the worst form of enslavement is forcing the populace to pay for their own servitude under physical threat of bodily injury, imprisonment, or death.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." I read that quote engraved inside the cupola of a decaying building that had a statue of a dead president in it.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

No shit. I've read several posts by him about them helping people out who are having their rights massively violated. Like that marine kid who posted uncouth things on Facebook and had himself baker-acted. Pretty sure he did that for free too. I bought his book, didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, but it was a good read nonetheless, and had a lot of personal stories from people in it. I got no problem giving him or the Rutherford institute my money, never know when one of us could need their services. It's not like he is trying to sell you investment advice.....

falconflight's picture

The Pacific Legal Defense Fund spent I'm sure a few hundred thousand dollars representing that Idaho family (wanting to build their house on their land) against the EPA...that case had to worm through the administrative process, before making it to the judiciary, and finally the SCOTUS.  Judicial Watch is another org that I've supported through the years with my meager means.  But multiply those meager means, and some difference can be made.  

junction's picture

Points well taken but you left out the pedophile rings operating throughout the USA for the benefit of the rich and powerful, who are usually protected by degenerate prosecutors.

MonetaryApostate's picture

Precisely, the ring is also in Washington, and it's effecting our laws too...

Money Boo Boo's picture

child eating is only a symptom, the cause came out of the 1860's when on the battlefields that married this country the blood of the evangelical christian from the North was fused with the white supremist from the South and born from that blood and dirt is your current group of elites. Follow the path back and you'll see I'm right! Ergo Fascist America has been here as part of the system all along and only in the last 50 years has it taken complete control. Smedley Butler warned everyone, Eisenhower wrote his exit speech expressly to warn all the citizens. Everyone went into group think around the idea of " patriotism" and completely shit the bed. This was a 80 YEAR COUP 1934-2014 and they've won it ALL.

Bloppy's picture

Government and media keeping us distracted with underinflated football hysteria:

OldPhart's picture

FUCK HIM, fuck you, fuck everyone else reading this.



Really happened!  Have his card in my front pocket in case I have something to tell our war criminal regime needs any help from me 5 thousand miles away.  Or that I have the revelation that I could possibly find a firecracker somewhere in the facist state of Commiefornia (shit you not!)

fucking shit, I think I'd prefer J Edger in hose stockings to the fucking pussies we have in our government.


I have to go throw up for a couple of hours.


Why the fuck would I have to be part or some armed rebellion when all I have to do is sit on my ass a couple weeks/months and watch to whole thing implode. THEN I might take a couple potshots, but our war criminal goobermint wouldn't exist anymore, would it?  And those that were paid to protect it would be the first to exercise a few rights.

VWAndy's picture

Thats messed up. Any clue what they so scared of?

OldPhart's picture

There's someone somewhere that nailed it.


They expect to subjucate us.  They also expect we will comply.

There are/exist/wil be more feral serfs than them EVER! And they know it.

All that is required is "The Proper Crisis coupled with a National Crisis (as defined)


Ten or forty years later we'er back ont he path to, at least, orally emascualate the enichs at any central banks...

Max:  I was starved for growth, but the best I could find was one of my colado's boys whose every turn was rotic.

Eventually I asked "What's the starting rate for one to be educated,  How mcuh do I get?


OldPhart's picture

Holy what I wrote and I think I was drunker'n normal...

But the FBI visit DID happen.

Our government is creepier than shit.

STP's picture

They were probably going down the Zero Hedge member list.  I'm waiting for my visit.  They know who I am.  Agreed, Fuck Them and the black Chevy Suburban they rode in on.

4 wheel drift's picture

The time to act is now.


indeed...   out of dodge before it trully implodes.... 


as for the rutherford institute...  -roflmao....    support those fuck heads ?  and change from an

oligarchy headed by a muslim...  to a fascism headed by a bunch of extreme religious nutcases....

no...   let me go and throw up.....


as for religion....   ALL of them no exception..... get rid of them.....   burn it all

falconflight's picture

I contributed this past year.  It's the very least that I can do.

IridiumRebel's picture

'Merica is awesome according to Obama don't Cha know!?!?
I think we are fucked.

MonetaryApostate's picture

We are headed for something real bad....

Americans won't act until they have a definitive reason to, but the gubberment, already being armed to the teeth, have a contingency plan, and that is FEMA camps & implant chips.  (In case you think it's not gonna happen...)

They plan to collapse the markets, end the banking system, and replace it with online only commerce & banking.

What is the million dollar question?  (How can I do more and more of what I do now with less & less?)  Online Commernce & Banking = FAR LESS JOBS & OVERHEAD COST!  (Business wise it makes perfect sense in the Informational Age)

petkovplamen's picture

Hate to bust your fantasy, but USA has ALWAYS been this way.

From using slavery for 400 years yet declaring USA is the land of "freedom and democracy" to exterminating the native population via bio warfare and via killing the food supply the natives depended on, USA has ALWAYS been just a myth that has NOTHING to do with reality.

The Fedetral Reserve is yet another perfect example of fantasy not correspondenting with the Reality. It was created 101 years ago to control USA's monetary supply and USA economy, yet most of the Americans think they live in free-market "Capitalism".


yeah, the downvotes have started coming already, baby!

i_call_you_my_base's picture

I'll give ya an up vote. America has always been a two-class society. Anyone who disagrees either doesn't know the history or is hanging on to the grand illusion.

TeethVillage88s's picture

It has always had Classism. But I think it has had more than just 3 Classes.

Immigrants always fell into either the poor class or a forth Class of those that can't vote or turn to the Law for help. What do you call Miners or Rail Road workers who are in debt, have no money, and are abused by management. What do you call Dock workers if not poor & powerless. These are groups that needed a union to lift themselves up and protect them from abuse of all kinds.

Like US Markets need protection from Fraud in all asset classes, workers who are poor need protection to lift themselves up. This is why Free (Slave) Trade doesn't work.

Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Irish, Italians, Polish, Germans, Chinese, Japanese... they all have had some experience in a forth class. Today in the Federal Government you have advantages if you are a woman or a minority type group over the white man. But outside of that I think we have 6 classes total with the addition of middle/poor with debt & Prisoners or Felons.

old naughty's picture

I don't usually vote...but I gave all three of you up votes.

"Coming events cast their shadows before."  - Thomas Campbell

new game's picture

think. understand. do nothing cept enjoy the day. hope and change is for non realists that are locked in some matrix brain washed delerious stuptor. fuckem and they are the majority. i have observed most american live in a state of fear provided by matrix think. they(not me are told that they need; insurance, protection from terror, a new car, education-joke, a material gaget to make life better, work like they could lose their shitty job and let some semi-sociopathic looser rule their day(biggest fear i see). scared loosers with no idea how controlled they are.

fear, baby fear-that is the human weakness preyed upon endlessly, mediaized through our core. americans and humans in general are without waking consiousness of why they do what they do and rationalize there actions on false paridyns of bullshit. hello, how can i control you today? ha,...

Took Red Pill's picture

I think we're like the boiling frogs syndrome. It has been going on for a long time but it's continually getting hotter & hotter.

new game's picture

one frog to another-i tink its getting hot today, ha said da other frog, tink it is feeling kinda balmy and i like it, hey did ya listen to the hope and change state of da union, all balmy and gooooooooooooooood...

all-priced-in's picture

If you have any level of freedom- from just a little bit - to totally free -  you will naturally have more than one class.


If you have complete government control you will also have more than one class.


There is no system yet invented that will not have more than one class.



So what is your point?



Parrotile's picture

Start digging into the REAL history behind such events as the Boston Tea Party, and exactly who was pushing for Independence . . . . .

Seems reality isn't quite what The West likes to indoctrinate via the Western School System. . . . .

The entire Western power edifice has been carefully "constructed", unfortunately this "construction" has meant "Aircraft Hanger Sized" closets full of inconvenient skeletons, and the day when those hangar doors will be unable to remain closed is approaching VERY fast . . . . .

MonetaryApostate's picture

The Real History of America & it's fight against the English Bankers begins here...

falconflight's picture

Yes..."in order to form a more perfect union..." has always been an idea in progress.  The difference today versus 50 or 100 years ago, is today, there is no facet of my life that isn't regulated if not at the federal level, then by the now dead sovereign states who are merely administrative subdivisions of the federal government, with one proviso; they too can tax everything that I want and more importantly, need to live.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

"The difference today versus 50 or 100 years ago, is today, there is no facet of my life that isn't regulated"

Unless you were black, asian, mexican, native american, or a woman.

"Yes..."in order to form a more perfect union..." has always been an idea in progress."

Why are we living in the past, trying to live up to the ideals of men long dead? We can make those quotes ourselves. We can write history ourselves. The ideals of the past have merit, but at this point, they have only led us to right now.

falconflight's picture

Please stop with the bolshitvek race meme.


Which ideas would you propose to emulate from some contemporary man?


The writings of the Founders are even more relevant today than in the late 17th Century.