Syriza Leads In 6 Polls; Leader Tsipras Shuns Merkel, Says "Won't Honor Commitments"

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With the leads in at least six polls (of between 4% and 10%), Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has come out swining for the anti-EU vote this morning:


For now Greek assets remain bid on the glorious awesomeness of Draghi but we suspect - though The ECB gave themn room to negotiate and Djisselblom mentioned the possibility of 'working' with Greece - that if things go as the polls suggest Monday could see more bloodletting in EURUSD (and bank runs in Greece).

As Bloomberg reports, Tsipras had a lot more to say...

Greeks called on Jan. 25 to decide whether to continue with the tragedy of catastrophic austerity or whether to return to growth, democracy


Many Greeks turning to Syriza not because of ideology but out of need


Tax burden needs to be eased for middle class, Syriza would abolish property tax, introduce levy for large real estate holdings


ECB QE decision was “historic”, pleased by turn away from austerity to measures aimed at boosting growth


Syriza knows obligation arising from membership in European institutions, austerity wasn’t part of EU’s founding treaty


Syriza doesn’t recognize commitments made by previous govt that will bind new administration

As Keep Talking Greece blog reports, 2 days before the election, Syriza leads in six polls:

Left-wing SYRIZA constantly leads in all polls conducted a couple of days before the crucial elections on Sunday. Its difference to Nea Dimokratia is 4.4%-10%. However, pollsters “see” no majority government so far. On the other hand, the rates of undecided still remains between 9% and 10%.

Poll GPO for MEGA TV

  • SYRIZA 32.5%
  • ND 26%

Metron Analysis for Parapolitika daily

  • SYRIZA 29.6%
  • ND 25.2%

Public Issue for Avgi daily (SYRIZA’s newspaper)

  • SYRIZA 35%
  • ND 30%

MARC for Alpha TV

  • SYRIZA 32.2%
  • ND 26.4%

RASS for Ependysi daily

  • SYRIZA 31.3%
  • ND 26.5%


  • SYRIZA 30.2%
  • ND 20.3%

To Potami seems to secure the third position, closely followed by Golden Dawn.

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And then there's this!!


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Ivanovich's picture

The question will come down to whether new leaders bring new ideas, or whether it will be "meet the new boss, same as the old".

I'll believe change when I see change.

Brit_Abroad's picture

And which Panzers would that be ?

I believe many people don't realise the desolute state of the Bundeswehr, and by the way I believe the Greeks have more tanks than GB, F and D put together. So yeah quite funny.

HungryPorkChop's picture

Several years ago Bob Chapman (RIP) stated that Greece's best strategy was to exit the Euro, default then reinstate a silver backed currency.  The problem remains with Greece is they're not an exporter other than items like Olive Oil.  Their main industry is tourism and they simply cannot complete monetarily with exporting powerhouses like Germany.  He went on to state that countries like Germany really like Greece because it kept the Euro low.  So despite what they state publically they did not want Greece to exit.  If Germany was back on the Deutschmark it would be valued double or triple the current rate in Euro's thereby hurting their export abilities.

I would almost guess that the Euro may strenghten if Greece exits. Everytime one of these countries which are not known for exporting exits the Euro it will drive up its value.  Anyway we may get to see if this is correct in a few months!

JBilyj's picture

That could have been an article on ZH, good comment!

malek's picture

Well at least that gives us a clear idea what is not going to happen!

junction's picture

Nail Gun Squad, report to Davos Microsoft business center to pick up itinerary, tickets and special instructions for trip to Athens. 

Millivanilli's picture

And now we know why QE was launched:  It is bailout time for Commerzbank.   

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Don't forget;

1) Deutsche Bank
2) SocGen
3) BNP
4) Bankia


Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

But how much will QE help those banks if Greek bonds arent included? Those greek bailouts are really just bank bailouts so they don't default on their debt that's being held by all the big European banks. If these people really get put into office and default on that debt, those over leveraged and under capitalized banks are going to get wiped out regardless of this QE, aren't they? This QE isn't going to save them if the Greeks default.

disabledvet's picture

Greek bonds aren't included dude.


That was the "condition" for the QE.


Gotta read the fine print on these things.


"Not all inflations are created equal" as well.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Greek bonds are not included
I know, I said that in the first sentence. That's not what I was asking

Bill of Rights's picture

Deere to place 910 employees on 'indefinite layoff'

NotApplicable's picture

I saw a banner ad here  yesterday for Caterpillar; "0% APR, 48 month financing."

As Mises clearly laid out, there is no escape, and you will eventually blow-up all of your capital goods industries in the process of malinvestment.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

i love a fuck you in the morning

semperfi's picture

Merkel is too busy blowing Lord Rothschild to even notice, or even care.

Ivanovich's picture

I almost came up with a visual on that before my brain short circuited for my own good.

NotApplicable's picture

I'm guessing a rim-job. That way you don't have to see her face.

youngman's picture

Its going to be another fun weekend...Saudi Arabia is in play..Greece on Sunday.....Yemin is moving around.....and no NFL football

Stoploss's picture

Yesterday, the NFL went the way of Baseball, Basketball.  Hockey is next on the list to be destroyed.

Liberals hate sports, any sport, except the sport of child molestation.  They love that sport...

semperfi's picture

liberals hate any kind of competition (eg, free markets, sports, etc) cuz they usually lose when they don't cheat

Tsar Pointless's picture

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with you?

gallistic's picture

It is the lowest common denominator, which serves as a way of bonding in society. Many people like their useless little labels and mental shortcuts because it is a way to keep things simple and avoid dealing with complexity, which can be taxing on the brain. Usually it is an all-or-nothing label. I suppose it is very difficult for a person who subscribes to this type of thinking to try to understand another person who is say, fiscally conservative and socially liberal. It only gets worse with people who are even more nuanced than that.

It is far easier to pigeonhole people and paint this boogeyman called "liberal" as child molesters, effeminate wimps, or bleeding hearts than it is to deal with complexity. This amorphous, ill-defined- or more to the point- arbitrarily defined, facts be damned- straw man can be very useful. It can also be used as a whipping boy to absolve themselves. 

In short, one can point to "them" and say "they" are responsible for our lot.

"Pussies killed the manly sport of football, basketball, and baseball. The last holy bastion of Hockey is in peril. Fucking "liberals", I tell you..."

See how that works? 

Although it has been many years since I competed, the sport of boxing is still around. So is MMA, Kickboxing, (non-WWE) Wrestling and a whole slew of other "manly" sports.


I do not follow Greek politics and really do not know anything about about this Alexis Tsipras, but I can tell you beyond doubt, that oligarchs and opposition politicians in Spain are terrified to debate Pablo Iglesias face to face on the issues. Iglesias makes a quick snack out of people like that, often live on TV.

dreadnaught's picture

so what  if youre a fag-nobody really cares

FrankDrakman's picture

Liberals hate sports, any sport, except the sport of child molestation. They love that sport...

A bit OT, but this week, Bernard Levin agreed to plead guilty to a number of charges related to the posession and distribution of child pornography. BFD, you might ask, who is Bernard Levin?

Bernard Levin was the Assistant Deputy Minister of Education for the province of Ontario (i.e. the #1 bureaucrat in the organization, and de facto chief, as the Minister, a politician, usually does as they are told) when the Minister was Kathleen Wynne (now Premier), a confirmed carpet-muncher. Levin was the author and chief proponent of a shocking proposal for moving sex education into primary shcools, down to the Grade 2 level. IIRC, part of the curriculum was teaching children under 10 years old the actual mechanics of fellatio and sodomy (along with intercourse). Huge public outcry stopped it dead in its tracks, but Wynne is now running the province (which is the most heavily indebted, per capita, in the US or Canada) and given her own predilicktions (sic), we may see it resurrected. 

dreadnaught's picture

actually being a CONservative yourself, you should know by heart that it is the majority of Conservatives who seem to favor Pedophilia-i mean look at yourself, for example

look at the arrest records

TruthHunter's picture

A week from Sunday, the Pats are playing Softball!

wildbad's picture

right on brother! you got the right bullet points.  screw those baggy balls.  in boss old boss ..samo.  yemen..gladioB post CharlieHebdo France diversionary attack space.  greece...well lets see: haircut, grexit, re-fi...all i can hear from Irleland, Italy, Spain is...ME TOOO

Squid Viscous's picture

should be good for another 1% up in the SPX..

Ghordius's picture

how... British. whenever something is going on, you Brits wish for others to leave the EU. do it yourself

like this Tyler's "Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has come out swining for the anti-EU vote this morning "

what is anti-EU about it? Tsipras is carefully threading a fine line between the anti-austerity and the pro-EU and pro-EUR parts

his main counterparts are claiming Tsipras is anti-EUR, and Tsipras has to defend himself from this populist argument, while nearly nobody is arguing for leaving the EU

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I can see you starting to squirm.  

I'll be honest -- it makes me happy.   

Ghordius's picture

nothing could be further from the truth. I was against the UK joining. I'd be happy to see the UK leaving

Greece... well, it's difficult for me to say no to Greece. But if it wants to leave, I'd be more then happy to oblige

and yet... what I wrote is true. Tsipras is rattling "the cage", but he is not threading an anti-EU line, and for sure not an anti-EUR line like his political opponents are insinuating

and the main reason is that votes are on the pro-EU and pro-EUR side, in Greece

what he wants, the way he is telling the tale, is a complete rewamp of the Greek budget, and more taxes for the rich, particularly the Greek oligarchs

FrankDrakman's picture

But if it wants to leave, I'd be more then happy to oblige

Well, so you say. But I wonder if the EU would agree with you? In practice, these things are much easier to get into than to get out of, as we saw in the US of A in 1861, in South Africa in 1894, and doubtless if, say, Turkey, decides to leave NATO, or Greece the EU. 

Ghordius's picture

leaving a military alliance is a completely different thing from leaving a regulatory/common market alliance of sovereign countries, each with it's own armed forces. or a monetary alliance. the US of A in 1861 was a federation. same in SA. vast differences

disabledvet's picture

Dollar up dude.


"Like its the last dollar on earth."

dogfish's picture

I hope the Germans have vaseline on the shelf.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

The average one does not.  

You just need soem shithead politican to come on TV and say something like

"The European Union needs you now.  If the EU is important to you, please put your money in the bank, and/or go spend it."

People will do it.  

Ghordius's picture

because the EU gives the average German a nice, comfy feeling of having many friends on this continent

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Yes, because the warm fuzzy fealing is worth the half trillion euros in foregone GDP per annum

Ghordius's picture

are you being German or American when you argue this way? I can't change Germans, or "cure" them of their German-ness. I tried, a few times, with no avail

and this is part and parcel of our multiculturalism and our tolerance ideal: we leave the Germans be Germans, and so on

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Its me having a tertiary understanding of the idea of "opportunity cost." 



Devon's picture

We, as in many of the electorate would love to leave the clusterfuck of the EU. Our politicans won't let us. Hence UKIP.

Come May I hope the country votes in enough UKIP MP's to make it come true. 

medium giraffe's picture

I'm not 'British', I'm English.  But anyway Ghordy, there's just something about paying the vast salaries and expense accounts of MEPs, and Spanish fishing subsidies, and submitting to illegitimate laws from Brussels, and higher taxes that, I don't know, irks me somewhat.  I just feel that £55B a year could be better spent.

I know, I know, it seems strange...

Ghordius's picture

I stand corrected. Does it mean that you see yourself as the member of an oppressed People without an own Parliament? Forced to travel with a passport that claims you are British?

I can understand that you are against the EU. Perhaps you can understand that it's not in the power of us continentals to throw out the UK. That power resides in Westminster

I also mind the salaries and expenses of MEPs like Nigel Farage, if it helps. But again, nobody forces Westminster to submit to "illegal laws from Brussels"

frankly and in my humble opinion Westminster is incredibly happy to shift a lot of blame on Brussels. and that's the main reason why I wish the UK would leave

medium giraffe's picture

Well, not really, I see myself as a human being from a specific region now under the control of a group of criminals who seem to have largely usurped the rule of law and rule of the people as set out following the Glorious Revolution.

The real problem I have is that it was never within the rights of the idiots of Westminster to join the EU in the first place.  That said, a single EU currency is the height of stupidity and many members would be a lot better off without it.

The incredible waste of capital that we are required to fund and then watch being pissed away is just a bonus.

Ghordius's picture

"The real problem I have is that it was never within the rights of the idiots of Westminster to join the EU in the first place "

this sentence is, I'm afraid, wrong at too many levels. the simplest answer is this: there is no constitution which would have had to be consulted, first

the even simplest is that there was a referendum about joining the then EC