Greece's New Leader Sends Germany A Loud Message With His First Act

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* * *

"Hi Angela, do you hear me now?"

And perhaps on a related note, moments earlier:


No shame, however, for switching the DEM with the EUR.

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Calls em' as he sees em'

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Starten  den Panzers!

Schnell machen!

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Can't, they are all in Kiev.

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First act as PM, Tsipras visits Kaisariani rifle range where Nazis executed 200 Greeks on 1 May 1944

Strong move, Mr President.

Never forget what man can do to another man.

Read this book:

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Idk about the first 2 but that last one is not an original image

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Do you like to study wartime massacres then Waffen. SSeriously?

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That first picture is a proven fake by the way. Dont know about the other 2.

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The first-person discussions I had with my grandfather is all the insight I need into what really happened in Europe during WWII.

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I'm sorry, are we actually cheering for this socialist douche?

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Ahh, yeah.  


Self determination is a bitch.

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The enemy of my enemy is my Frenemy.

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The truth is more like, "The enemy of my enemy is most likely also an asshole". 

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so then what's this guy going to do about the Golden Dawn NAZI party members then, huh?


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I don't care what he does about golden dawn. As long as he breaks the EU grip on that poor country, they will be on the road to self-determination.

Wherever that leads them, at least it will be their choice and not some edict dictated by faceless beaurocrats.

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When in doubt... bash those eeeevil Nazis.  You're sure to get good publicity.

Never you mind Communist or Allied atrocities.


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Please don't post anything like that again. That disrupts my settled and comfortable perception of Nazi's bad / Allies good.

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If you want to feel thoroughly unsettled anytime soon, read "Hellstorm - The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947" by Thomas Goodrich.


Modern war is the most evil shit we humans ever come up with. And as long as we let the financiers and bankers pull their puppetstrings on our politicians, the grinder will keep on churning. I'll rather die than send my children to fight in any of these wars.

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Very true. "Ike", our lovable daddy president, in his role as general in occupied Germany denied basic food and water rations to captured German Combatants in American Concentration Camps and killed them by starvatiion. If you're looking for good guys in WW11; Keep Looking. Let me know if you find one.

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me again (not verified) gmrpeabody Jan 26, 2015 4:56 PM

It's shocking; and it's not what they told you in high school; it's also true. do your research.

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Its not BS at all. It's a fact. Ike denied german soldiers status as regular military captives in order to remove their rights under the Geneva conventions. Research it.

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Equivocate much?  Shameful.

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the enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy, no more and no less.....

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Moar emotional bullshit diversion from the recognition of the true enemies of man. The whole nation state rivalry shitshow facade needs to be seen for what it is.  Stop focusing on the magician's wand and direct your attention to the men behind the curtain. All war is a racket and a rich mans trick....

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Forget that film. he spends why to much time on JFK. We already know that. You really need to see this film made by NK. It really is a great film about the west. I am asamed to say that NK hit it on the head with this one.



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It's definitely an odd link you got there.  I watched a bit in the beginning and from 1:25:00 on, seems like a "most of the Americans don't know much and are blinded by pop culture" type statement.  So yep.  Interesting part is the framing and odd source.  21:38 Tony Blair gets called a terrorist in a witty manner. 

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me again (not verified) lovemesomeZH Jan 26, 2015 3:54 PM

Very important film documentary. At least 80% of the people on here need to go there and watch the whole thing carefully. Hopefully you'll be able to discount the source; it's accurate, that's the important thing.

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me again (not verified) lovemesomeZH Jan 26, 2015 4:59 PM

@lovemesomeZH; thank you for the link; it's excellent public education material; I only hope some of the sheeple click on it and watch it. I was already aware; of everything; but it is well done.

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True self determination would require knowledge of information that actually has a fucking bearing on reality and the ability to take effective action on that information. 

The people of greece aren't self determining a goddamn thing.

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That shall I put this?  Has about zero relevance to the Greek vote.

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me again (not verified) BlindMonkey Jan 26, 2015 3:55 PM

The second video you are referenced to; does that have zero relevance also ? Are you sure ?

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I'm sorry, are we actually cheering for this socialist douche?

You are certainly free to cheer for The Troika.


Fascists versus socialists? 

It is like Stalingrad!

Read this book:

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if self-determination is now called socialism then lets have more of this new type of socialism, wow a new meaning to an old word in the 21st century. lets have more of this new socialism as self determination then!! bravo we need MOAR of this!

As far as I can see the real application of Capitalism has really meant "you're free to get fucked by the state" while the old version of socialism meant " you're not so free to get fucked by the state". The only real difference between the two was how each employed their own version of propoganda to subdue the plebes. The first used kardasian-like diversions while the second couldn't be bothered and just used straight up fear.

If socialism now means "self-determination" then in theory that says the state can go fuck itself. Bring it!!

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As far as I can see the real application of Capitalism has really meant "you're free to get fucked by the state"

not capitalism, that is corporatism / fascism

Money Boo Boo's picture

but for the last 200 years the majority of nSSA'ers have been calling/thinking its actually Capitalism. The word itself has lost its real meaning much like socialism has. 

didnt junk you

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Call it what you like, we're all being screwed whether its you lot in the US or us in Europe/UK. Wonderful interview on UK Channel 4 News 5 minutes ago with the guy who was interviewed by Max Keiser a while back. Totally articulate, total lack of BS. If as seems likely he becomes Syriza's finance minister, these guys are off to a flying start. The Germans will have their backs to the wall as Spain, Italy and France are making encouraging noises and the Greeks seem to be over the moon. Already there have been  revelations about what really happened with the bailouts. Major SHTF exposures to come .

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From your mouth to God's ears!

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        nf   shower  
prendre une douche      to have a shower, to take a shower  Douche is JUST another word for SHOWER.
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Maybe in France.

In America it's mouthwash for a Hoo-hah.

Wife hates the C word. Hoo-hah seems to be acceptable.

I think it's a girl thing.

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I really like the fact he was sworn in without wearing a tie. FTS (Fuck the Suits) (TM)

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me again (not verified) Slave Jan 26, 2015 1:57 PM

"socialist" is a word. does a word scare you ? do you stop thinking when you see a magic word ? Boy, you sure picked the right screen name.

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Is every person you label a socialist a "douche"? A bit simplistic, don't you think?

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"Ukraine Is Europe!"

A group of the Ukie Neo-Nazis attacked a French woman who was protesting against the war on Donbass In Strasburg   The best and brightest of the Brussels Police watched the attack without interfering.

Pro-fascist European values and pro-Nazi European freedom of speech.

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me again (not verified) sam i am Jan 26, 2015 4:19 PM

Ukraine is RUSSIA. Kiev was the original capital of Russia; called "Rus", at the time. Like Philladelphia was the original capitol of the USA.  General VonManstein, probably Hitler's most brilliant general, and certainly a military genius, fought there for YEARS.  The last German survivors tried to escape by paddling out into the Black Sea on inflated inner tubes. They didn't make it. YOU DON'T WANT TO GO THERE.

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Wish i had an infallible grandfather untouched by decades of propaganda (during and after the war), postumous embellishment or... senility.

In other words, good job getting out of knowing and researching history by worshipping your anecdotal first-hand experience. You're a true modern man.

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I think I want you to blow me now...yes, it's well past time.

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You're a true modern man.

You're a truly pathetic rhetorician.

I demand better trolls!