Dow Bloodbath Update - Down Almost 500 Points From Friday's Highs

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"Extreme" market volatility conditions... as NYSE explained it.


Dow down almost 500 points from Friday's exuberant highs...


As we open, massive volume hits Dow Futures - far above normal

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Reality, finally at the Center ring? We shall see. So long overdue.

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impressive, but still a long way from reality.

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30-Year Treasury hits all-time record low yield:


Fed raise interest rates?

Get real.

[We are ALL Japan now...]


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Don't worry.  Some really bad economic news will emerge and the markets will shoot right back up.

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About 16 to 17 minutes should turn in upwards. You will get your news

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<- Fucking idiots..

<- Fucking idiots

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lol, I feel this poll is unfair.

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It's a poll on the people in charge and all he could find were fucking idiots.

Alfred's picture

Is this a poll or a sample ballot for the next presidential election?

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NY is frozen and can't reply. F NY.

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Actually we hit those levels Sunday night, but "someone" at 4AM didn't like it and pushed futures up and treasuries erased that gain.

This is a sh*tshow manipulation fest - we will need volume to cause this "misterious" stock knife catcher to retreat.  It's coming.

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Well considering the BOJ has been buying up market ETF's hand over fist...yeah they also own it.

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top chart is perfect - dead cat in the graph.


Fed will raise short term rates, sometime in Summer to Fall 2015 for credability purposes only.  They don't control the long end, beyond the 7yr duration.  

30yr could see a 1 handle.  If (when) 10yr breaks through 1.60, then we could see 1.35 or even 1.15 in the 10yr.


Good luck trading

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The word on the net is you have until September 2015, which will be when the real carnage ensues to new record lows like never seen before!

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Burn you bastard, burn. 

(The market not you mono) 

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FED has nobody left to sell to, having wiped everyone out

101 years and counting's picture

yesterday was a show. "see, Greece doesnt matter".  today is reality.  greece declaring its independence from its banker overlords will be LEHMANesque.

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lots of Euro QE money to front run and buy the dip.  Crapple will be magic tonight and all will be forgotten, if they too lay an egg, well.....

MonetaryApostate's picture

Yeah, screw the revolution, bring on the apocalypse!!!

GMadScientist's picture

Start your own revolution (cut out the middlemen!).

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10 a.m. est.. Try to get with the program impoverished ps-whatever.

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10 AM - The bird start swarming in for their feeding - LOL

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It depends on your investment timeframe.  If your invesment timeframe is very short- say you plan on holding the securities for only a few seconds or fractions of a second, this is a great buying opportunity.  If your investment timeframe is much longer, where you plan on holding the securities for perhaps several hours or even longer, then yes, this is a great buying opportunity for you.  


kowalli's picture

and when i need to sell?

GMadScientist's picture

"Pretty please turn those machines back on?"

DeadFred's picture

I can imagine they're in a panic, VIX is higher than it's been in almost 24 hours.

Bush Baby's picture

Speaking of "Imagine" - sometimes I try to Imagine what it would actually take to for this "market" to correct by 15% - I was thinking nuclear war with Russia , but I'm not sure that would be enough.

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that's not right. how can the price be going down? [/mortimer]

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A lot of the earnings reports coming out this morning are looking grim.  Lots of warnings.  

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Just wait till the 5th revision. Thatll calm the markets!

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Its just the polar vortex guyz! All is well!

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Even some algos took a snow day?


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Que a Central Banker to try and soothe the markets...


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Fear...... it's what's for dinner.

stant's picture

That's a water fall chart

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Jan 27, 2015 9:29 AM


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Need to recycle some "ECB buying bonds" headlines.  

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We need a stock buyback update soon, i reckon.

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By Friday, or sooner: 17,000, 1975, and $42 crude.

gatorengineer's picture

42 crude seems a bit of a reach (I like it but).....

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And if anyone 2 months ago would have suggested oil would drop to $60 by now, everyone would have said that's just silly.

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And so it is, the ZH effect begins. Bottom for the day is in.

maskone909's picture

Its funny because its true

fuu's picture

There's a new low.

Oops there's another one.