"The Barricades Are Down" Syriza Is Already Rolling Back Austerity "Reforms"

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It didn't take long for Syriza to start making changes in Greece. While these may be minor at the margin compared to the debt "issues", as KeepTalkingGreece reports, Alexis Tsipras and his junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos pushed the Fast Forward button to restore a series of so-called “reforms”, that is austerity measures imposed by the country’s lenders, the Troika - among the left-wing reforms are: scrapping planned privatizations, scrapping fees in public hospitals and prescriptions, restore “the 13th pension” for low-pensioners and other actions that SYRIZA had promised before the elections. And the iron barricades in front of Parliament have been removed.


Via Keep Talking Greece,

Iron Barricades

The first revolutionary move was conducted by alternate Minister responsible for Citizens’ Protection and Public Order. Yiannis Panousis removed the iron barricades in front of the Greek Parliament. The barricades were installed to protect the lawmakers from angry demonstrators after the huge anti-austerity protests from 2010 onwards.



Panousis, who is Professor for Constitutional Law, made the announcement Wednesday morning. Right after the first meeting of the new cabinet concluded, the barricades were removed.

Health sector

Alternate minister Andreas Xanthos announced the “targeted enhancement of the health sector”, scrapping the 5-euro fee at public hospitals and the 1-euro fee per prescription as well as reductions in the patients’ economic participation on drugs.

The unprecedented financial burden imposed on patients had quite some people stop taking their medication or seek charity organizations for life-saving drugs. KTG has reported many times about the plight in the Greek health sector.


Alternate Minister for Social Funds, Dimitris Stratoulis announced a stop in pension cuts and to restore the “13th pension” for pensioners receiving below €700 per month. He also said that “uninsured farmers will receive again the €360 per month.

Minimum Wage

Minister for Labor and Social Solidarity, Panos Skourletis, announced that the minimum wage will be raised to €751 gross, while the collective bargains will be restored.

Under Troika pressure in the name of so-called “competitiveness”, the minimum wage plunged down to €580 gross and €490 gross for those below 25 years old in 2012 with the effect that households could not even cover their monthly basic needs.

Rehiring in Public sector

Alternate Minister for Administrative Reform Giorgos Katrougalos announced the re-hiring of those who were laid-off from the public sector in the scheme of “mobility”. According to Katrougalos, the lay-offs were against the Constitution.

School guards, cleaners and teachers were laid-off in masses, after the Greek government decided to fire over night some 10,000 people in order to meet Troika’s demands for a lean public administration. The lay-offs were not according to meritocracy criteria, the measure affected whole groups of employees.

Greek nationality to migrants’ children

Alternate Minister for Migration policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou announced that migrants’ children born and raised in Greece will be granted Greek nationality, probably also children that came here in very young age.

Taking into consideration the SYRIZA program as announced by Alexis Tsipras on January 2oth in Thessaloniki, more anti-austerity changes are on the note book of the new government. So far all ministers made their announcements in television programs. The official announcements are expected next week in the Greek Parliament when the coalition will seek vote of confidence.

So far we heard no ministerial announcement on TV regarding the painful issue of over-taxation.

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elegance's picture

Holy shit. They will bleed Russia dry if they get them to underwrite this! Tsipras, you genius!

Save_America1st's picture



Can Greece take about 30 million illegal aliens off our hands now too??? 

Thanks Germany...pay up bitchez!!!  LOL


DJ Happy Ending's picture

I wonder who will pay for all this.

Aaaarghh's picture

lets not give a shit how they'll pay for it, and instead enjoy the spectacle of banks and eurocrats having to take a bite from a shit sandwich..


if it were me, i'd default and return to a devalued drachma, fuck em all.

Antifaschistische's picture

The devalued drachma would provide even more entertainment so bring it on.    I will be very interested to see how they settle cross border Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable problems.   If business agree to still keep trade Payables in the Euro (completely appropriate) but their local sales are in a devalued Drachma...the exchange of Drachma for Euro's will never be enough to satisfy the Euro denominated Payable.....watching that happen will be a show worth watching.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The Gods of the Copybook Headings will be working in the Greek language extensively this year.    

macholatte's picture



They can't afford to pay one euro for a prescription....... astounding!


edotabin's picture

I have been screaming for some time now that the problem is not political (anymore) or financial.  Evidently I don't have enough "street credit" and so if you feel better hearing it from those deemed more "credible",  here you go:


Someone else finally got the balls to say what needed to be said.

The type of change that can save that country can only come from within the heart and mind of each individual citizen.


COSMOS's picture

I predict a Neo Nazi coup in a few days, they made a big mistake taking down those barricades.

Maybe they can take down the fence around the White House, and the barriers around DC.  That whole terrorist car bomb is a poor excuse for keeping people from getting as close to the politicians as lobby reps, private interests, and oligarchs, do.

A Nanny Moose's picture

A fire in parliament, followed by the incarceration of the person leading the group responsible, who will be, some years later appointed "Chancellor" by a senile, yet democratically elected war hero.

This rings a bell.

rockface's picture

Nazis, Commies, all the same.  Big Party coming..

Escrava Isaura's picture




Sorry to say but, your last paragraph (about how humanity works) sounds very naive. But, good luck.

Second, your link is from someone that is pursuing a PhD at the Department of Government and International Studies”, which means, someone that is incapable of telling, and understand the truth.


Here are two people that can:

Ugo Bardi, Professor in Physical Chemistry (science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter):

In 1972, "The Limits to Growth" presented a set of scenarios for the future of humankind, which mostly involved decline and collapse of the world's economy. These scenarios were the result of solving a set of coupled differential equations and, for most people, the reasons for the predicted behavior of the economy remained obscure and imperscrutable. As a result, the results of the study were neither understood nor believed.

As I argued in a previous post, we tend to understand the world in narrative terms. We think in words, not in equations. And we tend to use words to arrange concepts as if they were actors playing on a stage. In the end, it is not a less legitimate way of modeling the world than using equations. So, I found in the blog of John Michael Greer (the "Archdruid") an exceeding lucid and compact description of the reasons why civilizations tend to collapse. And here it is: no equations, no graphs, but it couldn't be clearer than this.


Excerpt from a post by John Michael Greer, from "The Archdruid Report"


The process that drives the collapse of civilizations has a surprisingly simple basis: the mismatch between the maintenance costs of capital and the resources that are available to meet those costs. Capital here is meant in the broadest sense of the word, and includes everything in which a civilization invests its wealth: buildings, roads, imperial expansion, urban infrastructure, information resources, trained personnel, or what have you. Capital of every kind has to be maintained, and as a civilization adds to its stock of capital, the costs of maintenance rise steadily, until the burden they place on the civilization’s available resources can’t be supported any longer.

The only way to resolve that conflict is to allow some of the capital to be converted to waste, so that its maintenance costs drop to zero and any useful resources locked up in the capital can be put to other uses. Human beings being what they are, the conversion of capital to waste generally isn’t carried out in a calm, rational manner; instead, kingdoms fall, cities get sacked, ruling elites are torn to pieces by howling mobs, and the like. If a civilization depends on renewable resources, each round of capital destruction is followed by a return to relative stability and the cycle begins all over again; the history of imperial China is a good example of how that works out in practice.

If a civilization depends on nonrenewable resources for essential functions, though, destroying some of its capital yields only a brief reprieve from the crisis of maintenance costs. Once the nonrenewable resource base tips over into depletion, there’s less and less available each year thereafter to meet the remaining maintenance costs, and the result is the stairstep pattern of decline and fall so familiar from history:  each crisis leads to a round of capital destruction, which leads to renewed stability, which gives way to crisis as the resource base drops further. Here again, human beings being what they are, this process isn’t carried out in a calm, rational manner; the difference here is simply that kingdoms keep falling, cities keep getting sacked, ruling elites are slaughtered one after another in ever more inventive and colorful ways, until finally contraction has proceeded far enough that the remaining capital can be supported on the available stock of renewable resources.





edotabin's picture

Let's talk when the cost of capital and some solar energy can cure this:


I am a firm believer that the most valuable thing on earth is the human spirit.  Nurtured properly and used to expand knowledge there are truly no limits. Well, perhaps there are some limits but the room for growth is astounding. Unfortunately, it is not being nurtured or encouraged.

So, we do agree on one thing: ...human beings, being what they are.........


Dave Thomas's picture

Why are we all sitting around wondering how people "Pay for stuff" when we know "Paying for stuff" is all kinda made up?

Escrava Isaura's picture




It’s all man-made bull$hit.

Why people feel so strong to believe these nonsense’s says more about them; and how naive some of them can be.


StychoKiller's picture

Don't expect ME to feed YOU every time you get hungry if you won't/don't help me with my life.

Escrava Isaura's picture



Pointless Believes


You wrote: cost of capital and some solar energy can cure this

Then, you go on with: the most valuable thing on earth is the human spirit.


Cost of capital? Do you know the difference between $1 dollar bill and $100 dollar bill?

There are NO differences. It costs the Treasury $0.03 pennies to print, either.


Solar Energy? Solar is not oil. Second: Solar has lots of oil embedded on its materials and production. Third: Depletion, very soon, will be more powerful than any technological improvement. Fourth: Humans can only spend and transform, but not produce useful energy.



Pointless Rituals

Human Spirit?

Spirituality is a code for indoctrination and discrimination. To see if you can fit in, as you are being brainwashed. And you can clearly see this behavior here, right above, at this forum as with Save_America1st, Clueless Economist with their endless socialism nonsense. But the list is long.


Anyway, let’s talk about ‘Human Spirit’ when there won’t be enough resources and food for everyone. I think you, as well as most here, are for an unpleasant surprise.


edotabin's picture

Ok. Let's all sit in a dark room till we die.

We can't produce, we can't think, we can't expand, we can't innovate, we can't breathe, everyone is a slave...... Humans have come this far because the FED has been around for 30,000 years printing dollars at 3 cents per piece of paper. I'm sure there's a forum for each one of those that you're going to provide a link to.

Remember replying to my posts uses oil and we just ran out. This comment is the last comment to ever be entered on the Internet.


Escrava Isaura's picture



“A single data center can take more power than a medium-size town.”


Worldwide, the digital warehouses use about 30 billion watts of electricity, roughly equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear power plants


So, when I hear tech will solve our coming demise……., then I know I am not talking to a serious person.




edotabin's picture

Since we are all dead then what are you bothering with me for? I get it.  Everything is black, we are all dead and the cost of electricity is too expensive relative to the wealth it produced. 

Go to your cave,  light your candle and live happily ever after.  While you are being so happy,  you may wish to ponder if all the info you have came at a cost that may have been to high.

Stop being so irksome and at least consider being happy during the final days. If we are all gonna go,  we may as well go happy (as much as possible)

HungryPorkChop's picture

Nein says ze Germany Chancellor.  We needz Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy to keep dem Euro weak.  If ze all starts leaving denz the Euro will strenghten too much and hurt ze German exports. We must have weak Euro!!!

Geece probably needs only mutter one word:  "Iceland"


Save_America1st's picture



How do you say Free Shit Army in Greekish?


Dorean Skata Stratou


Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as well though. Lol


Or maybe they need to learn how to say it in Germanese:


Kostenlose Sheibe Armee










thamnosma's picture

Bankers are used to taking losses.  It's part of their game.  They won't really be suffering.

Back in the 80's same thing occurred on a much larger scale.  Banks provided massive low interest loans to much of Latin America in the 70's -- all these "emerging markets".   The loans all went bust by the 80's.  Did that hurt the banks?  LOL.  Not really.  They just created a distressed loan business and bought each other's loans for pennies on the dollar. 

Greece is a pimple on their balance sheets.  The banks are in much more trouble over their greedy insane derivative business.

11b40's picture

Can you play dominoes?

COSMOS's picture

Banks dont care there will be a massive QE in Euroland and they will be made whole on any Greek losses.

11b40's picture

In case you didn't get it, the implication is that this could quickly become much more than Greece.....can you say PIGS?

astoriajoe's picture

I hope none of those derivatives are tied to Greek or other European debt.

sgt_doom's picture

Ditto, Aaaarghh!

And in other excellent news, Argentina's President Christina Kirchner announces she is dissolving, ending, doing away with, their Intelligence Secretariat (CIA).


Haiku4U's picture


I may not agree with all of what Syriza/Tsipras is going to do, but I do agree. with them having the balls to stick it to the banksters in Europe. I cant wait for a politician here in the USSA to do same thing. He will have my vote.

Al Huxley's picture

I used to wonder that as well, but after watching the fucking elitist bankers rape the world without consequence for 10 years, I no longer care.

Arius's picture

thats it?  only 10 years? 


or are you talking about the cherry on the top of hunderds of years ...

knukles's picture

At least these politicians have the balls not to use Twitter or some such shit...
"So far all ministers made their announcements in television programs"

thamnosma's picture

They better care who is going to pay for it.  There is no free shit irrespective of the hatred of bankers.  Pfizer won't be send medicine into Greece for free in perpetuity.  Or machinery to run power plants, or food, etc.  Goods must be paid for whether you've be "raped by bankers" or not.

Excursionist's picture

At some point in the future, the average Greek citizen will have to internalize the concept of no free lunches.

I'd love to drink, smoke, work 30 hours / wk, retire at 50 and then have the state nurse my poor health in my old age.  But all Ponzi schemes like these eventually burn out and crash.

COSMOS's picture

LOL you wish that would happen here in state and federal govt offices.  These politicians work fewer hours and get pensions after just a few years worth of work.

balanced's picture

"I wonder who will pay for all this."

Do you think that governments actually say ok we'll provide this service, so we'll have to raise taxes here or there to pay for it? The people are taxed as much as is possible - always, regardless of actual government expenditures. Governments spend more than they have - always. Banks are now printing trillions out of thin air. It's all bullshit.

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

"I wonder who will pay for all this."

With Greece, nobody.  They have defaulted on their debt four times in the past 100 years.  What's a fifth, sixth, and seventh time?  This is the dream socialist scenario - have people lend you billions of dollars then refuse to pay them back claiming that socialism is the way to prosperity.  it's just other people's money that you are taking and not paying back.  Screw them, they're not special people like you, right leftists?

Richardk888's picture

Because the politicians on the right had it correct? Really?

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Yes, the true Constitutional following right in the U.S. had, and have, it exactly correct.  The left destroys lives and coun tries all in the name of their own power, greed, and wan tto control other people's lives.

Richardk888's picture

The true Constitutional following politicians account for maybe 1% of elected officials as a whole.  Both the left and the right in the US are progressives whos policies destroy lives and countries in the name of their own power, greed, and want to control other peoples lives.

Your buying into the left versus right bullshit is what the probles is with the US.

Speaking of Greece, the right funneled billions of dollars to banks and sold property and mineral rights for pennies on the dollar.

Do some research prior to spouting the FOX, CNN whatever MSM bullshit.

John_Coltrane's picture

Allright, so how many republican votes for obamacare?  Exactly zero.  How many for medicare, medicaid, social security, foodstamps etc.  All initiated and passed by only one party.  Do you see the pattern?  So, follow your own dictum and do some objective research.  Cognitive bias is a bitch for all humans.

And which party instituted the FED and the income tax asshole!  Do you know who Woodrow Wilson is?  How about FDR and LBJ.?  I've now listed the three most destructive politicians in the history of the US and what party do they all have in common?  People who know no history are destained to repeat its errors.

And which side pointed out, "the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money".


petkovplamen's picture

funny how the Republicans have problem with people getting Obama care but they don't have ANY problems with getting free medical care themselves, huh?

funny how the Republicans have problem with people getting welfare but they don't have ANY problems with voting to give themselves raises and to make sure to get GREAT benefits when they retire huh?

Very funny indeed.

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Go work on your reading comprehension problem then get back to me. 

macroeconomist's picture

Whose money are we talking about here? German and French banks that lent to Southern Europe to suck everything out of them, knowing that those debts were unsustainable and could NEVER be paid back. But they wanted to dance with the music didn't they?

Do you think we give a flying fuck about their money then? Let me tell you: We don't. 

If the Troika had not forced Greece to bend down on their knees and sign the bailout to save their own financial elite, German taxpayers would not be on the hook. And that is not my problem at all, since they have been happily voting for Merkel all this time. So they will get what they deserve.

The leftists are defaulting on their debt to the money lords. In case you cannot understand that, it is called resistance.

Why do the bankers even need any propaganda when they have many useful idiots like you doing it for free for them as they rape you in the ass?

snowlywhite's picture

leaving aside the whole package seems to cost pennies. Min. wag up 150euros... That's peanuts. Plus gov. will tax something out of it(I take, if they talk about "gross").


“13th pension” for pensioners receiving below €700 per month - I don't see what you can do beside starving with 3-500eur/month in an expensive EU country. As Greece is pretty expensive due to crisis. I'm talking about basic utilities and food. Rest indeed seems pretty cheap, but 1st you need electricity and food if you want to live another day.

COSMOS's picture

Good point macro, those loans came with conditions to buy German military equipment and regular products at high profit margins for the Krauts, while the Greeks folded their factories and opened their markets to a virtual German monopoly.  They also made interest for the past few years earning quite a bit of their principal back.  The Germans did not lose any money in this scenario.  They made money.

Town Crier's picture

I wonder who will pay for all this.

Asking annoying questions is what got Socrates the big dirt nap.