CME Hikes Silver Margins By 11%

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In a day in which silver was pounded the most since September 2013 without any fundamental reason to explain this weakness (aside for the extensively discussed Precious Metals-USDJPY funding pair trade, so favored by the central banks to punish gold/silver while pushing risk higher), many are wondering: what was the reason for this crash? Well, in a day in which Yellen now openly advised Democrats in a non-public setting about Fed policy, is it that ludicrous to assume that someone leaked the following announcement made after the close by the CME, namely that silver margins were just hiked by 11%?

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i am..and that price is zero...

that is, when the dollar reaches its true intrinsic value of ZERO...

"tic, meet toc....."

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CME needs a little extra to cover a few "cash flow" issues?

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Is this considered a large/average/small margin hike?

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These dudes are more desperate than I thought.  They cant even handle 18?   

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Yea I guess 18 ment it was a really overheated market that needed cooled off.


It would appear more significant than desperation......more like PANIC.

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You can smell their blood in the water. The smack down and raising the margin requirments are actually signs of desperate weakness.I'd double down if I saw this moron at the poker table.

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just keep cost averging in boys!!

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QUIT feeding the bear...quit buying options and synthetic's that end up lining their pockets.  How many freaking times have we seen this goat rope where the SOB's crash the HUI, crash the CRIMEX and take the money.  Rinse Repeat....just buy the Phys.  At least you will have something to show for your $$$.

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I just looked at my silver...

It's still there, there was no margin call and last time I checked, there was nobody else on this planet that had a claim to it.


Not sure what all the fuss is about.

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Good for me, the AUD is dropping like a brick so I need silver to drop just to maintain my ability to keep stocking up

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 NOT, There's no way Stevens and the RBA drop rates next Tuesday with Aussie on the .7700 handle.

 The RBA will keep their powder dry, and use the devalation to drive demand. There's NO WAY a central bank is going to lower rates when their currency is on target. Stevens over shoots with his .7500 number, and he knows it.

 The TRUE terms of trade with Aussie are in the mid-low .80's. The $usd is way overbought. Assuming a 4-5% $usd correction, that puts Aussie in the low ~mid 80's.


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This is so desparate it fortells something bad this way comes. 

Lord Jesus, wipe out the bastards if they won't repent.

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Madoff must of only taken one class at the fed.s, Ponzi U., if he would've went to the second class he'd of learned of the, Ponzi-plus, action.

that's where you can charge your customers ever higher margins on the their assets that don't exist.

who'd of thought Madoff was one of the more honest financial persons in nyc..