Putin Pivots Back: Russia Confirms Willingness To Provide Financial Aid To Greece

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We suggested the Greek pivot from Europe to Russia was building previously, and now, we get confirmation from Russia's finance minister Anton Siluanov that the pivot could be mutual, who told CNBC in the interview below:


With fire and brimstone spewing from Germany over the potential for Greece to veto any and everything, it seems Russia may just have stymied Europe's leverage over the newly democratic nation.

* * *

Recall that a German central banker warned of dire problems should the new government call the country's aid program into question, jeopardizing funding for the banks.

"That would have fatal consequences for Greece’s financial system. Greek banks would then lose their access to central bank money," Bundesbank board member Joachim Nagel told Handelsblatt newspaper.

Well, maybe...

Unless of course Greece finds a new, alternative source of funding, one that has nothing to do with the establishmentarian IMF, whose "bailouts" are merely a smokescreen to implement pro-western policies and to allow the rapid liquidation of any "bailed out" society.


An alternative such as the BRIC Bank for example. Recall that the "BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks

*  *  *

It appears, in Russia, Greece has found another possible friend...

Siluanov: "if such a petition [for financial aid] is submitted to The Russian Government, we will definitely consider it"

So once again, it appears as if all the leverage is. much to the shock and humiliation of Brussels, back in Tsipras' hands.

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ekm1's picture

In what currency?

Putin is dumping dollars as fast as he can.


Tsipras will accept rubles?

ekm1's picture

Tsipras will not even dare to think to repo greek gold with roubles.

He'd go straight to jail after army uprising

Manthong's picture

I think Victoria Nuland said it best..

BaBaBouy's picture

LOL ... RUSSIA Backdooring Into Greece...

Manthong's picture

Well, at least the EU and State has western Ukraine and the Nazi's.

..a bunghole if there ever was one.

Falconsixone's picture

I need ! I need!


Greece could end up being richer than the eu. No stay on our team to be extorted! No over here! Pay to stay, pay to go.


Makes you wish you were a country.

Fractal Parasite's picture

Déjà vu? Remember this from December 2013.

"Ukrainian Dream Comes True" : reduced interest payments, new orders for industry, investment in infrastructure, jobs, economic security.

Latina Lover's picture

I honestly don't understand how Russia can afford to help Greece financially, beyond a token amount.    But, then again I am not a statesman nor privy to all of the information that Putin sees.   

Nevertheless, this is getting interesting.  


Resistance is NOT futile!

HenryHall's picture

ONE country, TWO currencies.

Russia supplies Rubles, wheat, and Greek produced (but Russian purchased) olive oil and wine.

Special subsidized shops and bakeries sell to the poor bread, wheat, olive oil and wine - PRICED IN RUBLES. The rubles being previously provided by Russia and handed out as charity to the poor people.  That way the poorest unemployed get bread, olive oil and wine with Russian labels on it AND the ordinary people get used to handling Rubles in their everyday life. It does break any EU rules because it is all provided FREE - as charitable relief of extreme poverty.

Nothing like a glass of wine and some bread with olive oil to sink your worldy troubles.

king leon's picture

Russia could supply surplus oil from Iran from the goods for oil deal that was struck with Iran last year, maybe deferred payment. I am sure Russian tourists would flock to Greece in their thousands rather than spend their rubles in other ungrateful EU countries.

HenryHall's picture


The oil from Iran is sanctions quota limited. It can only be refined in Russia, it can't be re-exported.

It does however free up an equal amount of Russia mined oil which is not embargoed for export.

Real Estate Geek's picture


Heavily disounted Iranian oil, gas transit fees starting in a couple of years, a heavily devalued Drachma, and a brief brutal recession and you've got the start of a solution for Greece.

Also, I question whether much more than 'token' assistance will be required once Greece's Odious Debt and oil imports are removed from the equation.

COSMOS's picture

The Greeks are an expensive mistress to have, I suspect the Russians must have backing of the Chinese on it.  Perhaps the Greeks will take a more friendly line on Chinese economic issues involving the EU.  The Chinese have the capital,  I dont think the Russians do.

edotabin's picture

No way to be certain but the Chinese can't be happy about the sudden port of Piraeus contract cancelation. 

As for Greece being an expensive mistress,  the Russians are not stupid.  They have followed the circus closely over the past few years.

kianator's picture

Yes, Russia really cannot afford to help Greece too much. This reminds when Iceland's banking industry was in deep do do some years ago and were desperate for a bailout from the EU and West.  Then some Icelandic politician said, "We may let the Russians setup an airbase in Iceland."  Most rational folks in the West correctly thought it was just the politicians trying to lever the West.  Same thing with the Greeks.  They will say and do whatever they can do renogiate the terms of their debt.  Stringing out their debts payments another 20+ years into years 2075 and beyond and then relaxing the very strict gov't budget spending rules will help save Greece from going into the dark ages.

Anarchy 99's picture

what a bunch of fucktards here, claiming that Russia cannot do this or that, go polish your knob, maybe you KNOW how to do that?

king leon's picture

If Russia is broke, with their Billions of US$ reserves, without even considering their gold. Then how would you describe the financial state of the US economy with their 18+ trill national debt

XitSam's picture

I honestly don't understand how the US keeps selling their debt.  $17 Trillion in debt and they keep issuing more?! But, then again, I'm not a central banker.

scrappy's picture

I too have a hard time with the complexity and paradoxes.

Cases in point:

Could the U.S. Become the Unrivaled Superpower Again? Charles Hugh Smith


Understanding what propels the World Economy is mandatory to comprehend its Demise - Martin Armstrong


The Paradox of Inflation/Deflation


Help us out ZH'rs

Thank You.

Carl Spackler's picture

Is this what European politics is all about, barons in the same neighborhood swapping one deadbeat customer (Ukraine) for another deadbeat (Greece)?


Royal waste of blood, sweat, tears, and treasure.

Real Estate Geek's picture

I don't know why you got the DV's because there are significant similarities between Greece and Ukraine.  Both:  either had or will have huge gas lines transiting their territory, have relationships with Russia & the EU that are in flux, and are in need of external financing.  I'll be very interested to see how chessmaster Putin handles Greece to avoid the situation you allude to. 

Man, this shit is fascinating!!

caconhma's picture

Zionist Banking Oligarchy Controlled Putin is correct saying that Zionist Oligarchy Ocupied & Controlled  Ukraine is a Nazi state. The same is going for their masters in Israel.



1. Holly shit, how stupid ZH posters are or may be they working for RT?

2. Financially and economically broke Russia will save Greece? You can put two turkeys together but they will not fly like an eagle.

StychoKiller's picture

What about that third turkey:  Turkey?  NATO is going off the rails on a crazy train!

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

I've heard the opinion expressed that Greece was only ever brought into EU to preclude it falling under Russian influence. 


This is why they were allowed in even though everyone knew their national financial statements were completely doctored to make then appear compliant with EU norms.


If my first sentence is correct, the intrigue is just beginning.

Parrotile's picture

Diversification? Excellent Med. location, and pre-existing port infrastructure, so providing greater "warm water port" diversity?

Something's afoot, and I'd not be surprised if this "something" has been planned for a long time.

Sokhmate's picture

I vaguely remember some financial squids helping Greece cook the books to ease joining EU.

kianator's picture

This goes back to the post World War 2 Greek Civil War of 1945-1949 when the Greek Communists (backed by the Soviets/East Bloc) were defeated. The Greeks (and the Turks) then joined NATO in 1952 and then the EU came decades later.

scrappy's picture

Reminds me of an old Albanian guy I befriended. He fought the communists on the border unarmed, they would roll boulders and throw rocks in the woods to mess em up - true story. Rock on!

lakecity55's picture

"We're going to Greece, Reggie!"
"Why, Munchkins?"
"Russian dick. Lots of it!"

Frankie Carbone's picture

Touché for the clever double entendre.

pods's picture

Well, the EU has basically made Greece fuck their friends, why the hell not see what Russia has to offer?

And have them do it while they still have any property left.

Banksters are certainly not going to like someone pissing on their cheerios, especially with EU entering another depressionary phase.



Ignatius's picture

Paul Craig Roberts weighs in, in his typical insightful and prescient manner:


Bob's picture

Thanks!  The news has been flowing so hot and heavy I forgot to check back in with the man, PCR . . .

Can Greece escape from a situation comparable to the European Dark Ages when populations were ravaged by marauding raiders? Perhaps if Greece realigns with Russia and gains financing from BRICS.

SWRichmond's picture

Greeks are actually committing suicide, because Greeks cannot provide for themselves in the depressed conditions that the EU and the private banks have created for them for no other reason than that the private banks must not have to write down the loans.

When you finally get to the point where you decide there is no hope and your own life is worthless, BE SURE YOU SHOOT THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Exactly. I am amazed that nobody has taken out any of the Goldman Sachs and JPM banksters.

I can't think of more deserving people who deserve to be shot.

ptolemy_newit's picture

Why the Islamic extremist are blowing up innocent citizens and Isis mercenaries are chopping of the heads of average people, proves that they are controlled by Brussels and tel aviv! Extremist provide the neocon with the funding and this caliphate is creating an oil pipe line path pure and simple.

If Isis was truly free to act they would focus on the 1% worldwide and the world would change overnight!  Efficiency 101?


Chad_the_short_seller's picture
Chad_the_short_seller (not verified) ptolemy_newit Jan 29, 2015 9:49 PM

We live in a brainwashed, jewfucked world where we believe that ISIS is really an islamic extremist group who wants to kill everyone EXCEPT the people they should want to kill the most.

Shipwrecked's picture

What about recent surge in banksters' deaths? May the process already started? Hm...

Jaspergers's picture

Greece and Russia have been kindred spirits for a long time..

fleur de lis's picture


that was the only smart thing she ever belched.

walküre's picture

The funding is defiintely an issue but even if BRICS Dev Bank was sending Dollars to Greece to keep them afloat. Does anyone really think the strings to that money from BRICS are any loser or different than IMF conditions? Chinese are never forgiving any debts.

Urban Redneck's picture

You are logic would appear to be constrained by the funding currencies you are limiting yourself too (and I'm not referring to roubles), and the value that central banks attach to currency generally.  Banks (and particularly central banks) excel at manipulating f/x, the more control they have over the cross-currency, the easier the manipulation.  It's not about forgiving debts, it's simply CapEx (or OpEx if you prefer the "cost of doing business" oversimplification) for higher level strategery.  And yes, various BRICS are offering substantially preferable terms to the IMF right now, in at least on case I am personally familiar with- over 1000bps better.

Abitdodgie's picture

Abd so the SCO grows stronger .

ekm1's picture

Chinese do not accept debt payment in dollars, only in natural resources

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

To the Chinese money is a means to and end, not and end itself. There are things far more valuable then money.

ekm1's picture

Chinese lent out dollars and get paid in oil and minerals.


From Venezuel they get paid in oil. From Kenya they get pain in minerals.

They don't accept dollar payback, only resources