Meet Loretta Lynch – Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Who Might Be Even Worse than Eric Holder

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

On matters of policy, Ms. Lynch called capital punishment “an effective penalty” and said she disagreed with Mr. Obama’s statements that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol. She called the National Security Agency’s collection of American phone records “certainly constitutional, and effective.”


– From the New York Times article: Criticism of Holder Dominates Hearing on Loretta Lynch, Attorney General’s Possible Successor

Eric Holder made a career out of protecting and coddling financial oligarchs (his 1999 memo essentially invented “Too Big to Jail”). This was such a lucrative decision for Mr. Holder, that it allowed him to climb all the way to the top of his profession. The dividends that supporting this man ultimately paid to Wall Street criminals were priceless. Not only were they bailed out despite wrecking the U.S. economy, they have since funneled all of the wealth gains since 2008 to themselves, while remaining above the law. This truly remarkable heist is what both Barack Obama and Eric Holder will be remembered for by history. Congratulations guys.

When Eric Holder announced his resignation, many of us breathed a sigh of relief thinking it can’t get much worse, but not so fast. The authoritarian streak and rampant cronyism of the Obama administration is a well oiled machine. You didn’t think you’d get off that easily did you? Enter Loretta Lynch.

I’ve touched upon Mrs. Lynch’s record previously, in the post, Wall Street Journal Reports Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Has Been Involved in $904 Million in Asset Forfeitures. Here’s an excerpt:

As a prosecutor Ms. Lynch has also been aggressive in pursuing civil asset forfeiture, which has become a form of policing for profit. She recently announced that her office had collected more than $904 million in criminal and civil actions in fiscal 2013, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Liberals and conservatives have begun to question forfeiture as an abuse of due process that can punish the innocent.

Naturally, that was just the tip of the iceberg. What we have learned from her ongoing confirmation hearing is that she’s a lover of NSA spying and the death penalty, while disagreeing with the statement that “marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol.”

I wonder if she has much personal experience to base this opinion on, or if it’s just more of the same we “know what’s best for you plebs, despite the fact that we have no idea what we are talking about.”

Meet the new Attorney General, same as the old. From the New York Times:

Ms. Lynch had steeled herself for tough questioning from a new Republican-controlled Judiciary Committee, particularly on her views of President Obama’s immigration policy. But the questioning was mostly cordial, and, most important, the Republicans on the committee who hold the key to Ms. Lynch’s confirmation — she needs three of their votes to proceed to a vote by the full Senate — showed little opposition.

Of course it was cordial. Other than perhaps immigration, she basically espouses complete and total neo-con principals.

On the issue of immigration, Ms. Lynch said she found it “reasonable” that the Justice Department had concluded it was lawful for Mr. Obama to unilaterally ease the threat of deportation for millions of unauthorized immigrants. Mr. Holder similarly endorsed that view.


Democrats see some Republicans, such as Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Orrin G. Hatch of Utah and Jeff Flake of Arizona, as possible confirmation votes. Mr. Flake said he had made no decision on Ms. Lynch but had come away with a favorable impression and expected that she would be confirmed.


On matters of policy, Ms. Lynch called capital punishment “an effective penalty” and said she disagreed with Mr. Obama’s statements that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol. She called the National Security Agency’s collection of American phone records “certainly constitutional, and effective.”


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat on the panel, said she had given “a flawless performance.” Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, called her testimony “among the most accomplished and impressive that I’ve seen as a member of this committee.”

Oh, but there’s more. As if you needed proof that Ms. Lynch shares Eric Holder’s financial oligarch coddling tendencies, the International Business Times reports that:

WASHINGTON — In advance of her nomination hearing, Loretta Lynch did what every cabinet nominee is required to do: fill out a questionnaire listing all her media interviews so lawmakers can evaluate her candor. But the questionnaire U.S. attorney general nominee Lynch submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee has a notable omission. Lynch failed to include an interview in which she defended the controversial settlement she orchestrated with the bank HSBC.


The bank was accused of knowingly allowing Mexican drug cartels to launder money and of allowing violations of economic sanctions against countries including Iran, Libya, Sudan and Cuba. Lynch, then the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, allowed the bank to avoid prosecution in 2012 by paying a $1.9 billion fine and submitting to a monitor for five years to oversee compliance. Critics slammed the deal as an example of the Obama administration’s pattern of going easy on the financial industry. In the Dec. 11, 2012, interview she did with CBS News, Lynch endorsed the settlement and dismissed criticism of the deal as “shortsighted.”


Lynch’s boss at the time of the HSBC deal, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, who was then head of the Department of Justice’s criminal prosecution division, resigned after a scathing Frontline piece that highlighted Justice’s failure to try any of the banks tied to the recession and the risky trades that led to it. It was during a discussion of HSBC before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Attorney General Holder famously said some banks — although not HSBC specifically — were too big to prosecute

Well there you have it. This woman, like Eric Holder, will be an unmitigated disaster for freedom in America.

That’s what “liberal” looks like in today’s America.

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Save_America1st's picture

This fucking bitch is a major fucking scumbag.

We shouldn't be surprised.

wee-weed up's picture

Fukin' Obola knows the GOP congresscritter leadership has NO balls!

They won't dare reject her and then get labeled RACISS by the MSM.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Why would he care if they have balls or not?  The GOP congresscritters want a neocon like this one.  Or did you not get the memo.

Once again, proof that the two teams are the same.  And yet you still speak in terms of your team not having the "balls" to resist.  It's so fucking obvious if you just take off the Team glasses.

wee-weed up's picture



Again, as a big Lib, you mistakenly think I'm a Repub...

And that I believe in the RED vs BLUE dynamic.

You're a blithering idiot!

I'm a conservative...

There's a BIG difference! I'm not RED or Blue!

Both of them (and you) are afraid of us!

LetThemEatRand's picture

So you say, like most of your ilk.  Your comments give you away, but go fuck youself anyway.

wee-weed up's picture

"but go fuck youself anyway."

The level of non-intelligent reply I would expect from you!

TruxtonSpangler's picture

Of course shes worse, what did you expect?

LetThemEatRand's picture

I see the four week old status quo posters are out tonight to support the faux "teams are the same" guy with the Obama picture.

wee-weed up's picture

Hey, LTER...

Take another swig... and then... HIC! BURP!

Pinto Currency's picture



Waiting for Loretta Lynch to start lobbying for the death penalty for breaches of the Constitution.

She's right.  It is effective - but we can reasonably assume that she wants to apply the death penalty and not have her actions limited by the threat of it.

wee-weed up's picture

"Waiting for Loretta Lynch to start lobbying for the death penalty for breaches of the Constitution."

You're kidding right? Obola would be on death row!

joe6px's picture

And there is the devisive, yet acceptable right wingnut response. You were trained well, troll along now, nothing to see here...

wee-weed up's picture

So you really think Obama has been faithful to his swearing to uphold the Constitution?

LetThemEatRand's picture

Name one politician who has been faithful to the swearing in.

GetZeeGold's picture



The Senator from Utah.....not Harry.....the other one.


The original Tea Party member Boehner hates him....that should be a good enough reason.

Majestic12's picture

"That’s what “liberal” looks like in today’s America."

i am considered "liberal"....and...I AGREE FULLY WITH THE SENTIMENTS BELOW....

 - "This fucking bitch is a major fucking scumbag. We shouldn't be surprised."

 - "Time to water the tree The tree of Liberty"

 - "Obama is a neocon"




HowdyDoody's picture

Obumbler executed policies to the right of those of Shrub and you regard that as 'liberal' Truly words no longer have any meaning.

swmnguy's picture

That's not what he said at all.  I agree that the intentional dismantling of our political vocabulary has made it nearly impossible to have a coherent conversation in America.  That's why they did it.

But by any and all definitions, Obama and the rest of the Washington Establishment is Fascist.  If you switched the names and dates around, there would be now way to tell which "party" had enacted which policies and legislation since sometime in the early 1980s.

Cloud9.5's picture

When we picture the left and right we tend to think linearly.   We tend to see the far left and far rights as opposite ends of the political spectrum.  They are not.  The far left and the far right are a hair’s width apart.  Think more of a circle than a straight line. Both are authoritarian.  Both crave total control.  Both strive for a dehumanized subservient populace.  For those in either state who find themselves in noncompliance it is always the same.  They wind up on their knees in front of a ditch with a gun to the back of their heads. It matters little to the guy on his knees if the drone pulling the trigger is a political officer or a party leader.

MasterControl's picture


This ends todays lesson. 

Milestones's picture

"There are more similarties than differences between opposites" Eric  Hoffer "The TRue Believer"

Make sense if the far left and and right are joined in a circle, end to end.                   Milestones

Grimaldus's picture

obama is a full blown flaming progressive. Not a trace of conservative there and bird-brain stupid to try to make the connection.

Looks like we got a bunch of progressive assclowns here finally coming to grips with the murdering and thieving reality of being "progressive" and are in desperate denial mode.

Progressives build big tyrannical government, start wars and murder large quantities of people. That's the reality.

FOAD progressive scum.


MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

HSBC is SERCO's ( the largest most purely evil company no one has ever heard of) banker, which BTW was founded by none other than David Cameron's great great grandfather in order to foster the opium trade. Nice to know our new attorney General has their back. But guess what, it won't matter, the Satanic reign reign of this cabal is nearly over.

TeamDepends's picture

Time to water the tree
The tree of Liberty

MsCreant's picture

Best get to it, the tree is almost dead.

nope-1004's picture

Real one was burned down years ago.  Replacement one standing is fake.  It's a "faux" tree, made from synthetic materials.  When animals or dogs get close to it to piss on it, they shy away - the whole 6th sense thing.

"I see dead countries".  Woof.



General Decline's picture

Well, I hope it is at least planted it in a free speech zone. With all the proper permits, of course.

Otto Zitte's picture

There are some things I can't change.

We are the bark on your tree.

Beowulf55's picture I take it, it is OK for others to scarfice themselves as long as it is not you.....


Interesting, this seems to be the rub today on why noone is standing up for their freedoms.


Reminds me of Germany back in the 30's.

in4mayshun's picture

No. Real conservatives and patriots understand that sacrificing a few will be in vain and pointless because nothin will change. In order to make a difference, we need many to sacrifice...and therein lies the problem.

MsCreant's picture

Thanks for the intervention. I would be a "nutjob" even to folks on this website if I did, by myself, some (never mind all) of the things that I think are right. We need to all stop paying taxes for it to work, for instance.

How about that guy who flew a plane into the IRS building? He was a nutjob? Or patriot? My answer? Yes.

I can make a list here and folks would argue yes or no about individuals and their deeds, but that is the point, isn't it? Keep us at each other's throats and in conformity. 

Going against the grain, even when the grain is rotten to the pith, is too extremist. 

Comte de Saint Germain's picture

Loretta Lynch may invoke one of Senator McCain's latest statements while responding to Mike Krieger's article: Get out of here, you low-life scum.

Ordinary Americans apparently do not understand that this country in legal terms is in a State of War, thus CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE SUSPENDED IF THE SOVEREIGN DEEMS NECESSARY, period.

Consequently, excoriating the current administration is not going to elevate their brutish status...get a life you bunch of useless animals.

joe6px's picture

Explain, in legal terms, how congress declaired war on any country in the last ten years, please. The press pushing the lie that 'the war on terror' is in any way legitimate is as contentuous as GWB's war. The GWOT or global war on terror is a farce. A war on terror is the same as a war on over head serves in tennis, or using a putter on the golf green. A war on a tactict, technique, or procedure is propaganda.You are a troll. Period. The only state of war the US is in engaged in is economic.

Go Away Troll!

cossack55's picture

I'm pretty sure the gubmint declared war on ME with the passage of the Patriot Act and the NDAA.

GetZeeGold's picture




Bill of Rights or the NDAA.....hold on....I'm thinking about it.

runningman18's picture

The state of war does not merit a suspension of constitutional liberties, nor would I accept such a vicious political environment even if the constitution allowed for it.  In fact, it is during the worst of times that individual freedom is most important and sacred, and should be most protected.  How many genocidal maniacs throughout history made the same argument you are making?  I'll put every last statist in the ground before I ever allow my life and freedom to be rationalized away into a realm of subversively legislated slavery.  You are welcome to bend over and take it from the federal government if that's how you really like it, but I and many others will take a path I expect will royally fuck up the personal love affair with oligarchy that people like you seem to enjoy.  

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Tell that to the old Japanese-Americans who were imprisoned and stripped of possessions during World War 2, while the German-Americans were free to sabotage our ports.

Five8Charlie's picture

Ignorant AND stupid - not a good combination.

dogbreath's picture

don't open that link.    infected POS

BingoBoggins's picture

I don't trust anyone who says, "BwaHa Ha aaah!"

LetThemEatRand's picture

I should have just called you an idiot, or a hypocrite.

wee-weed up's picture

Blither on... in complete ignorance!

LetThemEatRand's picture

Care to explain why you made the comment that the Red Team has "no balls" to stop a nomination of the Blue Team, if you actually believe that they are the same?  Nice self-up-vote too, asswipe.  Saw it in real time.  Typical of your ilk.

wee-weed up's picture

Your desperation is hilarious!