How Ukraine Can Save China From Its Existential Threat (Spoiler Alert: Girls)

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In China last year, just over 115 boys were born for every 100 girls, and since sonogram technology was introduced to China in the 1980s - allowing families to determine a baby’s gender during the first few months of pregnancy - the gender imbalance in the world's largest economy has grown colossal. However, as Beijing News recently explained, there may be a solution for China's 34 million woman shortfall... Ukrainian women, as "their economy is depressed but beautiful women are running rampant." While Foreign Policy notes that the best destinations for Chinese men to find spouses are Japan and South Korea, there appears to be plenty of fish in the sea, at least outside China. Oh the wonders of Ricardian comparative advantage - Ukraine needs an export business (and produces - from what we have heard - attractive women) and China needs to import 'women' (to fill its massive shortfall). Global economic growth problems, solved...


As Foreign Policy reports,

"Their economy is depressed but beautiful women are running rampant,” the state-run Beijing News reported Jan. 22 in a story suggesting that Ukrainian women could be the solution to China’s woman shortage. The piece, illustrated with charts, bubbles, and cartoon illustrations of lonely Chinese men, was a breezy attempt to make light of China’s missing women and the severe gender imbalance caused by couples aborting female fetuses in favor of boys. So widespread is the practice that it has badly skewed the country’s sex ratio: The global average is around 105 boys born for every 100 girls; but in China last year, just over 115 boys were born for every 100 girls.


The problem has been brewing since sonogram technology was introduced to China in the 1980s, allowing families to determine a baby’s gender during the first few months of pregnancy. Combined with the country’s restrictive family-planning policies — until recently, most urban families were only allowed a single child in order to curtail population growth — and a traditional preference for sons, the newfound ability to practice sex-selective abortion has resulted in one of the world’s highest gender imbalances. The topic flared anew in the public mind after the National Bureau of Statistics announced the latest population figures on Jan. 20, noting that at the end of 2014 China had 701 million men and 667 million women, a shortfall of nearly 34 million women.




China is not alone in these cultural predilections. Indian social scientist Ravinder Kaur wrote in an August 2013 paper that “the common response” in both China and India “when the connection between sex selection and bride shortage is pointed out is that rather than allow daughters to be born, they would resort to importing brides.” Kaur also wrote that bride shortages in China and India can lead to “kidnap marriage,” which includes “deception and enticement” and “luring women for marriage into high sex ratio areas.”


To address the problem, China has resorted to propaganda campaigns extolling the virtues of daughters and offering cash incentives for couples who have them. These measures have spurred more female births, but not enough — China’s gender imbalance is still “the most serious in the world and has lasted for the longest time and affected the largest number of people,” China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a Jan. 21 statement.

Beijing News provided a tongue-in-cheek infographic explaining the problems and potential solutions... (our Chinese is not great but the pictures seemed to speak for themselves)...


Encourage feather-boah tickling parties...?


or marry a Ukrainian woman...


*  *  *

Be careful though when 'googling' Mail Order Brides - Ukraine...


Because, from what we are told, not all Ukrainian women look like this...


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The Vietnamese also selectively abort female infants, so good luck with that.

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A Ukrainian woman isn't finished growing until her boobs reach her knees. Or so says my 1/2 Ukrainian uncle.

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I hear they're gorgeous until the morning of their 31st birthday.

Then they become seahags.

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Like with all white women, it's all about sun exposure.  My Ukrainian great-grandmother had to do a lot of gardening for actual food; she looked pretty bad as she aged.  My Ukrainian grandmother was reasonably careful about sun exposure and she still was hot when she remarried as a widow at age 55.  When she was again widowed in her 80s, she still looked good and was asked on dates.

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Riding the white horse...

kareninca's picture

My Ukrainian grandmother had a very low opinion of the desirability of the one Asian guy I dated in college, despite his family's affluence and his own high IQ.  She much preferred the tall, well-off WASP guy.  I'm thinking that my grandmother's biases might not be atypical.

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Karen, most girls aren't attracted to Asian men.

  I'm not attracted to Asian women Karen.

   They look like pasty mannequins with brown nipples.

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Yen Cross Jan 31, 2015 11:23 PM

I'm pretty sure at this point, you are accumulating "dirty old man" down votes, but what do I know?

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There's nothing uglier than an old white woman, or an obese one for that matter.

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That's cute. You come up with that yourself, nigger?

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I guess dating the chink was young rebellious experimentation.


Glad to hear grandma didn't have to endure having some big black Jamal tellin you to brings hims a ham sammich.

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) kareninca Jan 31, 2015 11:24 PM

I think is was richard prior who summed it up...ricediq???  I like Western chix...its in the DNA.

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Girls, this is Lou..

Lou, these are girls.....

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The Ukraine is full of nationalists with AK-47 nowadays.

Once a Chinese boy steps out of the airport in Kiev, he will look like a foreigner for obvious reasons. One of  the nazis will approach the boy.

The boy will give away all his yuans and dollars involuntarily. When he'll inform the nationalist that he wants to steal his girl, he'll rest in peace in the Ukraine. China will have one male less.



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And yet a Korean guy I know is over there in Kiev right now and has slept with 2 diff. girls already. Head still attached to body etc.

Conclusion: you are a moron.

Yen Cross's picture

 I give up. I'm just having fun.

 We're in a sad state of affairs Tyler.




"you've crossed over the river...."

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chinese runways run east and west.... ukraine north to south .... incompatibility 

for 6 months in nam i thought the women looked like monkeys.... after that i thought they were miss america ...

of course they would do it for a ball point pen or an apple so it was no big investment...

one of my moments was when an air force chopper hovered over one of my encounters on the beach and over the loudspeaker yelled GO NAVY GO..... I DIDNT MISS A STROKE AND GAVE EM THE FINGER ..... 

i rolled thru a village and gave the mamason a case of beer... she said i could fuck anyone in the village ..... and i did... WAR IS HELL  while i was BUSY some little fucking gook started jabbering over my radio..... they sent a rescue mission but i called it off and told them despite the terrible danger I FUCKED MY WAY TO SAFETY..... 

the local seals gave me a 50 cal and a starlight scope .. thus i could go out at night .. i mounted the 50 cal on a deuce and a half and wet whereever the fuck i wanted to... 

i follwed the big red ONE one day and they stopped for nada.... i saw a head wedged betwen the rear wheels of a duece and watched in amazement as they didn't slow and boogied down the road... 

mercenaries got paid by the ear (left ear only doubling up) ..... and after two r+r's in bankok i never knew what ptsd was ...... nor did i give a fuck and far as importing foreign pussy .... i adivse against it .. but since its china ... go for it ... slant eyed zipper head gooks....  


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....and to think so many really good men died there.........

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Amen Brother.  Men much better than me never made it home.

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 The transexuals have invaded Z/H

  The MOMO trades in equities,bonds,currencies are losing energy.

   If you look at the (equity)volatility charts going back 1 year ?

 If you look at the currency VOL charts going back 1 year.

 Lets get personal.

 One month charts.

           The point has been made by much smarter people............................................

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Yen Cross Jan 31, 2015 11:21 PM

Well now, now that I know that you are a tranny, perhaps we can find some common ground!

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Don't trust the ads. The women have hair on the backs and toes.

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  I can get laid any day you moron! I had my fun!

 Pay attention to rates on Sunday.

 Young chicks like fucking old guys with some cash.

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Yen Cross Jan 31, 2015 11:15 PM

They are attracted to your nose and ear "tufts" no moron?

Yen Cross's picture

They're attracted to your loss of control. They're attracted to your inability to find reality.

 You're a child that was thrust into a situation, and is looking for answers why your leaders "LET YOU DOWN"

  Bangalore Torpedo You're looking for answers! You deserve those answers.

 Fighting on Zero Hedge wont help you find those answers.

   Zero Hedge is a financial site. If you're a true Man, you'll take your problems else where, until you understand finance.


Bangalore Torpedo's picture
Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Yen Cross Jan 31, 2015 11:39 PM got it, I have no undersanding of FINANCE.  The reality is that the current state is a result of ECONOMICS and too much fucking FINANCE.  Yep...debt based economy...I get it.


How that relates to Jew hatred, "ZION" hatred, 9-11 conspiracies and Ukrainians being so stupid that they need dumb Americans to think for them...THAT...I'll never understand.


The world as it is:

BANKING AND THE BUSINESS CYCLE A Study of the Great Depression in the United States - Phillips


The world as Man will never have it:

On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution - Hoppe


Who is the "child"?  Read those yet?

Yen Cross's picture

 Do NOT make me find your whiney ass Banglor.

 You WILL end up on the losing end of this conversation.

 Look always over your left shoulder.


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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Yen Cross Jan 31, 2015 11:50 PM

"Look always over your left shoulder."...said the man who came up from BEHIND and placed his hand on your right shoulder.

Yen Cross's picture

 Your comment just solidifies my reasoning. You're a very smart young gentleman.

   You're also deceptive.  War has a way of changing people.  

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...and around their assholes.

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Jan 31, 2015 11:18 PM

These wimminz were implanted by the CIA no doubt...queue the conspiracy theorists... it wrong...they are all jew bitchez dropped in by Mossad...but why would one care anyways?

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Bangalore Torpedo Jan 31, 2015 11:18 PM

Well that didn't take long!  -1

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Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Bangalore Torpedo Jan 31, 2015 11:19 PM

There, I raised you minus one and I call.

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25 years ago Ukrainians and Russians left home for the U.S. to find a better life because the Western banks were all over it like a wet dish rag to exploit the cheap skilled and unskilled a.k.a. (mail order bride) labor and of course the bountiful resources....

Now they are getting bombed to shit in a coup they didn't ask for like Yugoslavia post Cold-War by the U.S.ual suspect(s) and are running "East" this time because they have no place else to go again!..

Russia and China. Get this score over with and soon, so that when you're finished with it Washington D.C. winds up next to Chincoteague Island!

God almightly we suck!

Bangalore Torpedo's picture
Bangalore Torpedo (not verified) Son of Captain Nemo Jan 31, 2015 11:33 PM

U.S.ual suspect(s)

Yes, CIA and Mossad.  We know as you tell us 18X per day.  Maybe...just maybe, one day you'll admit that the Ukies and Ruskies can be legitimately pissed at each other and exchange blows.  Otherwise what you are asserting is that Ukies are retards and can't think for themselves.


Amerika does stupid...every day.  If its not police state then it's bombing someone.  Why is Ukraine in America's anus?  Because you belive that some twit bitch Nuland can go there for one 6 hour visit and steer the course of a nation for a half decade.  Get real.

Yen Cross's picture

Out of curosity? Why didn't/haven't you learned to fly?


Max Steel's picture

hasbara cunt he is with his  illogical ramblings 

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If Chinese men begin to import women from other parts of the world that will probably mean more rapid Westernization of China in the future. The Chinese cultural identity does probably depend more on ancestry than the cultural identity in Islamic countries and Israel, for instance. In Islamic societies religion, not ancestry, is the lowest common denominator. Islam is very tolerant to marrying Christian and Jewish women. Dragging a Christian or Jewish woman into an Islamic family has historically been considered as a victory for Islam rather than a threat to the religious identity of the Muslim group. According to the Jewish religion Judaism is passed on to the next generation from the mother. Some liberal Jewish communities accept the father´s ancestry as the source of Judaism but for immigration to Israel it is the mother´s ancestry that counts. It takes less Jewish blood to be considered as a Jew by a Jewish nationalist than it takes German, or related blood, to be considered as German by a German pre-WWII nationalist.


Chinese people seem to have very little in common except from being of Han Chinese origin. Not even the language seems to be the same in different parts of China. They have no single, specific religion in common. Perhaps the Chinese common identity could be based on a political identity. But I doubt that educated people take communism and Mao Zedong seriously. Especially when the Chinese leaders and their families apparently don´t take communism and socialism seriously and are sending their kids to Harvard and buy them top-of -the-line Ferraris and Lamborghinis. The American Constitution and its focus on freedom of the individual seems to be the most realistic basis for a common basic political identity for people of different origins. The new common European identity based on the ideas of Richard von Coudenhove-Calergi, which politicians in Europe intend to create, seems to be a more authoritarian and more collectivist version of the American political identity, but not as authoritarian and socialist as Coudenhove-Kalergi originally prescribed in booklets like Praktischer Idealismus and Pan Europa.


So I assume that importing mail order wives from places like Eastern Europe and South America probably will speed up the Westernization of China. In the long run I suspect that China even without immigration from other parts of the world gradually will become more Westernized, especially as regards which ethnic groups that will control banks, big media and lobby organizations. Chinese people don´t act as group in media and politics just because they are Chinese. That act like individuals just like Europeans and most other groups of people. Chinese politics has also contributed to alienate Chinese people from each other and increase hostility between different socio-economic groups within the Chinese group rather than the opposite. The confiscations of private property which followed the Chinese revolution in 1949 created a large group of Chinese people with good reasons to be at odds with rest of the population in mainland China. Discrimination of people from families associated with capitalism in the 1960s and 70s probably increased this division in the Chinese society. Chinese people in exile seem to have less sympathies for their native country compared to, for instance, Jews/Israel but also compared to Greeks/Greece and Italians/Italy. And in addition to that the general public in China now also can see that leading Chinese communist party officials profit from their power and make their own families rich while others still live in poverty.


To some extent it still seems as if the Chinese are fighting each other while foreigners profit from that, just like in the latter half of the 19th century when China had lost the Opium Wars and had to accept Opium from the Sassoon family as payment for valuable luxury goods exported to Britain. Today, China gets more valuable things in return for their exports. But the composition of the exports compared to the composition of the imports is still not very favourable for China. They still export cheap junk and import airliners.


If leading Chinese party officials would have got annual payments of $20 million as stock in Chinese companies rather than $20,000 I guess that China would have had leaders that would have been more loyal to their fellow-countrymen.


TeethVillage88s's picture

dude, u R talking Chinese hookers, blow, opium, and pimps.

- complete transformation of the USA

"If Chinese men begin to import women from other parts of the world that will probably mean more rapid Westernization of China in the future."

Heard of Reciprocity? It don't go one way... Normalization of laws & customs, Chinese laws normalized to USA...

CTG_Sweden's picture



I doubt that Chinese immigration to the US has spurred Confucianism, Taoism, the Chinese version of communism or the Chinese version of capitalism to a substantial extent in the US. But perhaps Chinese immigration has helped spread martial arts in the US. Some dishes may also have been added to the American cuisine.


By Westernization I mean the political culture we have had in Britain since the early 19th century which later spread to other European countries and the US. Maybe you can also say that France adopted this political culture as early as in 1789 when the French revolution took place. But I still think that Britain during the 19th century was more marked by this political culture than France.


There are different factors that can affect the susceptibility of a country to the Western political culture. The lack of a strong lowest common denominator that may affect the ability of the population to act as a group not controlled by external participants can be one factor that affects this susceptibility.


Your reciprocity theories have very little to do with what I´m talking about. And I strongly suspect that you know that. The notion that imported women from Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and other parts of the world would help spread the Western political culture due to some kind of political agitation carried out by these women is ridiculous. So that is obviously not what I was talking about.


TeethVillage88s's picture


Not sure if you will return to read this. I like your two posts for the topic and perhaps the outline or break down. I don't really agree, but think you handled the topic pretty well. I'm sure you care about the topic.

I've not been to China, but always was interested in the East. It seems clear that Japan, Korea, China and other parts of Asia get plenty of exposure to Europe before WWI and before the Chinese Revolvution. Clearly the Revolution damaged Chinese ancestry, family links, family traditions, family skills, and capitalist skills. I see a continuity in capitalist success within the many peoples of china, although wealth, lifestyles, must be very different from climate to climate, region to region. I think there must have been 400 languages in China even after the Revolution. I understand that Language definition was part of many of the Dynasties... such as Mandarin. Even today people in South Korea use an old numbering or counting system from China which is no longer used in China I believe.

Anyway I'm not convinced there is any value in asking what the lowest common denominator is or asking what is it that makes a country's Identity. The reason is that there is so much polarization that goes on with individuals within regions. The other factor that sticks out is the size of countries like the USA, USSR, Russian Federation, or China.

London can be said to have a different identity from the rest of the UK. The USA & Australia seem to be dumbed down deliberately from their European Roots despite having great existing ties, business, diplomatic, trade, history, and on and on. Parts of the USA are very smart, very well tutored in the the world and in Europe, while we have some in West Virgina, Arkansas, Mississippi, who seem blissfully detached from education.

The idea of trying to say what is the British Identity or American Identity is probably something that the Aristocracy used to contemplate, so they could mold or influence the masses or avoid mass protests. Propaganda is the natural progression from this. And TV Programing.

Now trends may be very important to this discussion. We have Free (Slave) Trade in place. This is the result of Treaties like those that established the EU & the Euro. As far as I remember lots of things happen without a lot of struggle by government almost like NAFTA & the EU were predetermined. Or like George H.W. Bush becoming VP.

But what is a poor Chinaman to do? Only a few vote and run our governments.

Treaties are the High Tech of Economic Power just like Financial Warfare and Global Surveillance. This is where Reciprocity comes in.

I can't say people are integrating into the American Culture. Under CAFTA-DR latin businesses can set up shops or factories in the USA and import Labor from their home country. You can find Korea Town, Mexico Town, China Town, Vietnam Town in most of our big cities. People do keep to their own culture and family. There is a mechanism missing here.

Anyway I can't say the quality of immigrants has gotten either better or worse in the USA. We seem to have had great chefs and great martial artists come in the past. I think most Chinese and other food in my area are rather plain and unsophisticated.

Western politics? I'm not sure how you characterize it. Perhaps you mean UK Politicians and US Politicians spin everything, spin statistics, dumb down their voters, and even lie all the time. China seems to do this better than we do in the West. Freedom & Liberty in the USA are just tools of propaganda and nationalism... unless used by me or others in a blog advocating a return to values, real values.

shiftless's picture

"Parts of the USA are very smart, very well tutored in the the world and in Europe, while we have some in West Virgina, Arkansas, Mississippi, who seem blissfully detached from education."

On behalf of the South, go fuck yourself. Perhaps if the East Coast establishment and their left coast cronies weren't so "very smart" or "very well tutored" this country would not be ass-fucked as hard as it is.

P.S. Fuck you, elitist prick.

Yen Cross's picture

 It's pretty obvious Zero Hedge has turned into a 2010-11 nightmare.

   Tyler, is basic algebra for entry that hard?

 3~2RetA /^# 3=zero

kareninca's picture

Anyway, none of this is going to happen; none of this bride-importing into China.  If you look at Chinese history, they periodically kill of huge numbers of their citizens in hideous ways.  It has happened over and over and over and over and OVER again.  They are about due for another mass kill-off, I am very sorry to say.

Also, the population of Russia is 143 million and the population of Ukraine is 45 million and the birthrate has been very low in both countries for decades; even if suddenly Russian and Uke women decided they wanted to marry Chinese men (unlikely), there would not be enough ones of the right age to make any measurable difference.

Yen Cross's picture

Karen, respectfully. I'm quite young, love messing with these children.

 I have lot's of female friends. Plutonic/

BeerMe's picture

Send me a Ukrainian woman.