What Do They Know? Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

A lot of ultra-rich people are quietly preparing to “bug out” when the time comes.  They are buying survival properties, they are buying farms in far away countries and they are buying deep underground bunkers.  In fact, a prominent insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and he shocked his audience when he revealed that he knows “hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand”.

So what do they know?  Why are so many of the super wealthy suddenly preparing bug out locations?  When the elite of the world start preparing for doomsday, that is a very troubling sign.  And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before.

The insider that I mentioned above is named Robert Johnson.  He is the president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, and what he recently told a packed audience in Davos is making headlines all over the planet

With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super rich are already preparing for the consequences. At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

But he didn’t stop there.

In a separate interview, Johnson admitted that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and that the elite “see increasing evidence of social instability and violence”.  You can watch video of the entire interview below…


And Johnson is not the only one saying these things.

The following quote comes from the Mirror

His comments were backed up by Stewart Wallis, executive director of the New Economics Foundation, who when asked about the comments told CNBC Africa: “Getaway cars the airstrips in New Zealand and all that sort of thing, so basically a way to get off.  If they can get off, onto another planet, some of them would.”

Of course not all elitists are planning to jet off to the other side of the globe.

Some are planning to go deep underground when things hit the fan.

For example, there is an underground decommissioned missile silo in Kansas that has been transformed into luxury survival condos by a real estate developer.  The following is from a Wall Street Journal article about those condos…

The so-called Survival Condo complex boasts full and half-floor units that cost $1.5 million to $3 million each. The building can accommodate up to 75 people, and buyers include doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs, says developer Larry Hall.


Mr. Hall, who lives in a Denver suburb, bought his first missile-silo site in Kansas in 2008 and completed construction in December 2012. A year later, he says, the development had sold out. Work on the second security compound—the one where Mr. Allen bought a unit—is under way, and Mr. Hall says he is considering additional sites in Texas and elsewhere.


As former nuclear missile sites built under the supervision of the Army Corps of Engineers, the structures were originally designed to withstand a direct hit by a nuclear bomb. At ground level, they can be sealed up by two armored doors weighing 16,000 pounds each. Mr. Hall added sophisticated water and air-treatment facilities, state-of-the-art computer network technology and several alternate power generation capabilities.

Other wealthy individuals are turning their current homes into high tech security fortresses.

Those that are involved in providing these kinds of services have seen business absolutely soar in recent years…

Wealthy families across the country are shelling out millions to protect their loved ones from intruders, natural disasters or the apocalypse as home security goes increasingly sci-fi.


Companies that provide concerned homeowners with futuristic gadgets – and a priceless peace of mind – have revealed the growing demand of costly bunkers, passageways, panic rooms and recognition software.


Chris Pollack – president of Pollack+Partners, a design and construction adviser in Purchase, New York – told Forbes that, while security has always been important for the wealthiest clients, the spending on home security has noticeably grown in the past five years.


And the options available on the market are like something from a Bond film.

For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?

So why are all of these wealthy people so alarmed?

Well, the truth is that they can see what is happening.

They can see that millions of people are falling out of the middle class.  They can see that society is breaking down in thousands of different ways.  They can see that anger and frustration are rising to unprecedented levels.  And they can see that things are likely to boil over once the next major economic crisis strikes.

Even though the economy is still fairly stable for the moment, signs of increasing economic suffering are everywhere.  For example, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that homeless encampments are rapidly spreading throughout the Los Angeles area…

Over the last two years, street encampments have jumped their historic boundaries in downtown Los Angeles, lining freeways and filling underpasses from Echo Park to South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a city-county agency, received 767 calls about street encampments in 2014, up 60% from the 479 in 2013.

We live at a time when almost everyone is getting poorer except for the elite The top 1 percent now have close to 50 percent of the wealth in the entire world, and each year wealth becomes even more concentrated in their hands.

The elite know that eventually a breaking point is going to come.  Those that are smart don’t want to be around when that happens.

And we got a few clues about what things might look like what that time comes from the recent “snow scare” in New York.  Frightened consumers wiped out supplies of bread, milk and eggs within just a few hours.  People started to take advantage of one another, even the journalists seemed like they were on the verge of panic, and virtually the entire city shut down.

All of this over just a few snowflakes.

So what is going to happen when we have a real crisis?

If the elite are preparing to bug out, it is hard to blame them.

I wouldn’t want to be right in the middle of a volcano when it erupts either.

Life is about to dramatically change, and signs of the coming storm are everywhere.

I hope that you are getting prepared for what is about to hit us while you still can.

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Skateboarder's picture

A thousand years later... Morlocks!

Arrowflinger's picture

More locks to secure them from escaping  those bolt holes.

fudge's picture

Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4uMJAhbs8E

It's not that safe in NZ.

Publicus's picture

The Crisis of 2020 is coming. Along with it World War 3 and it's global usage of biological weapons, eg: airborne Ebola.


Then, the rise of intelligent machines.

TeamDepends's picture

Sheeit, if we live to see 2017 we will be kissing the ground.

Romney Wordsworth's picture
Romney Wordsworth (not verified) TeamDepends Jan 31, 2015 8:51 PM

Ha 'intelligent machines' [programmed by whom, humans?]... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


If machines are programmed by humans & the machines take over, all that'll mean is that the machine world will reach the state of Idiocracy by the end of the decade.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

The safest place to bug out to is the center of Detroit. Nobody is gonna bother ya there, man.

NoDecaf's picture

and Detroit has been removed from the Russian ICBM tageting list a long time ago.

TruxtonSpangler's picture

This story is 3 days old, what are the ZH interns not being paid for???

Save_America1st's picture

it's obvious that the elitists read ZeroHedge too...and probably listen to Infowars every day as well.  They know that they're also the cause of the shitstorm that's coming, and even if some of them aren't part of the cause, they know that they will be in a tiny fraction of the minority after the SHTF compared to the 99.999% who will be really super fucking pissed off at them for the colapse that's coming.  They will be blamed no matter what.  They also know that most military folks aren't going to be on their side either.  You can damn well bet that NONE of them want to be in North America, that's for fucking sure.  We're the most heavily armed force on the fucking planet.  These fuckers are going to want to get as far away from the U.S. as possible.  It's going to be ground zero for shit hitting the fan in my opinion one of these days. 

So fuck the elitists and whatever they're doing to prepare for TEOTWAWKI.  Fuck 'em.  What we here should be doing is concentrating on getting ourselves prepared.  There's still time, but I don't think there's a whole lot of time left.  Anytime between now and 2020 is my guess when the shit will finally hit the fan big time.  So don't worry about these assholes and their air strips on private islands.  Take care of yourself now.  Keep stackin' that shiny phyzz.  Keep stocking up on long term food supplies, water filtration systems, guns, ammo, essential gear for hunting, fishing, camping, etc. 

Keep your head in the game.  That's what will hopefully keep you and the rest of us "preppers" alive as we fight through the shit storm that's coming. 


Ima anal sphincter's picture

Tears of joy are flowing.

That was straight at you and exactly correct. +1000

Oliver Klozoff's picture

O/T Detroit area underwent a huge retail splurge as folks went prepper for a day.

Folks be preppin' for Linus.


"What do you get when you put snowy kind of weather with Linus kind of weather? Sinus kinda weather!"

As the only MSM weatherman IKO to say that "windchill" readings were hogwash, Sonny Eliot must rollin' in his grave with the nonsense being reported today as weathercasts.

Arnold's picture

What the frack is a Linus? Or a Juno for that matter.

In a perfect world .........I want the person who thought of naming snow storms brought in front of me to be bitch slapped into some semblance of sanity.

Chumly's picture

I hate insurance companies, and I work for one, buncha wannabes with their MBA-speak...greedy agents and their enablers (the executives that kiss their ass)

STP's picture

I felt exactly the same way working for Stockbrokers.  They were all dicks.  Sounds like they'd be peas in a pod, with the Insurance dickheads.




viahj's picture

don't forget the vultures of the economic world, mortgage loan officers.  global economy goes to shit = lower martgage rates = refi boom to loan officers.  they get giddy when UST rates drop lower way past insane levels.

Future Jim's picture

I wonder how many of these elite preppers realize that all of this conflict is by elite design vs. how many are just scared?

Lore's picture

If the elites are retreating to a few havens like New Zealand and Paraguay, then the masses will just load up their torches and pitchforks and meet them there.

That New York "Snowstorm" struck me as disturbingly similar to Boston, shockingly distorted and exploited, demonstrating how easily people are manipulated.


7.62x54r's picture

No they won't.

They will drive as far as they can, on one tank of gas, and then loot the most well off person or farm they can find. The mob gets dumber as it gains more members.

You want a real survival retreat? Build a not obviously fortified home more than one tank of gas from a big city, and then live there and help out your neighbors enough that they will shoot the ass off anyone who bothers you.

Tall Tom's picture

It will happen so fast that you will not have time to bug out if you are currently in a large metropolitan area. In fact the time to bug out was YESTERDAY. (I know...a little hyperbolic. But it gets the point across.)


You see I currently use that strategy with the homeless now....I help them out. They are not going to be bailing anywhere. And if it takes you more than a tank of gas to get to your "Safe House" and you are in a metropolitan area when the shit goes down..THEN YOU ARE SHIT OUT OF LUCK.


Help the homeless out and you can be assured that you will not get fucked with as the ones whom may fuck with you are fucking with another's meal ticket.


Yes teaching the homeless is a good strategy as I build myself an army...


Throw me your social discards...please.


I will recycle them. They are angry and more than motivated...

Self-enslavement's picture
Self-enslavement (not verified) Romney Wordsworth Jan 31, 2015 9:33 PM

I stole so much money from you all that now I need to hide from you all. Well that makes a lot of fucking sense.

disabledvet's picture

Yeah....think i'd go for those yacht too.


"Slow and steady."


Still...you can always go full on Mars Express.  

wackydog's picture

The elites are less free than the homeless... because their belief system only gives them one choice: and that choice ultimately leads to their premature demise.

BuddyEffed's picture

The most likely only intelligent machines that will be left will be the horse and the ox.

James-Morrison's picture

Don't forget the people who can fix toilets and keep the elite's world hum.

Long plumbing, Short shitty fiat.

ILLILLILLI's picture

This is what you need...many hidden features not shown, but they're there!



Real Estate Geek's picture

I saw that website a while ago; never returned.  The reason that website sucks is that it contains nothing but a few Google Earth pics layered with lame CGI icons.  And a contact link.

Whoever owns that site should consider giving people a couple of reasons (e.g. bio, philosophy, rudimentary pitfalls to avoid, etc.) to even bother clicking that contact link. 

bitterwolf's picture

"Ha 'intelligent machines' [programmed by whom, humans?]... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Oxymoron statement.

All the smart people warning about AI....that means an artificial intelligence..... not progammed by humans......ergo.... not like human.....get it...LOL
winchester's picture
winchester (not verified) bitterwolf Feb 1, 2015 5:18 AM

considering  speed dev of firefox and such annual version of any software just for resell  essential same core code but make gui slicking... i think until we see a debugger  rewriting human code with some lines such  # fucking idiot use  xxxxx instead we have some time

A Nanny Moose's picture

FFS. Keynes was correct in saying we are all dead. Any day above dirt is a good day. Live each day as if the next one will be 6ft under.

Escrava Isaura's picture



Prada bags, stiletto heels, iPhone who cares. When capital dries up all bogus assets become unpayable debts. Every one of us will be scramble to the nearest exit. The devil will take the slowest pair of stilettos. Prada or no Prada, it’s now all excess baggage.

Arnold's picture

Looking forward........... to maybe monthly cold showers.

ebear's picture

"Then, the rise of intelligent machines."

Must travel back in time!  

Kill Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison! 

robertsgt40's picture

The rats will have to come up for air sooner or later.  What's left of us will be waiting. 

Stevious's picture

Let them eat cane toads, there are plenty there.

HowdyDoody's picture

There is one way to make these secure undergound hideaways more secure - concrete, lots of concrete, down the air vents, over the entrance, etc. Hmm, maybe selective application of concrete and liquid sewage would be even more effective.

serotonindumptruck's picture

If ZH'rs could  actually be PAID for yesterday's news, we'd all be trillionaires, and Tyler would be out of a job.

BaghdadBob's picture

Edie Lush!? Is that her porno name?

weburke's picture

haha, morlocks, from the time machine. But, if we want to see the future, "david rockefeller is pissed(that was the word used) that he is ninety two(at that point) and the -new atlantis- is not here yet." And Geo Bush(Scheff) 1 talked about 1,000 points of light as you know, and what I heard that means, is 1000 cities lighting up the night sky in their planned future. If you think the top guys are "scared" well, they are not top guys. Or they are acting. Just be a prepper, and you can do that cheap. And now, while things are cheap, and easy to get. We have a heads up, so we should act for ourselves and families, and freinds. Why not?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ubry23rWVs

ZH Snob's picture

I'm all for it so long as they promise to stay away.

BaghdadBob's picture

If the crap truly does hit the fan then I wouldn't want to be an American caught abroad. Unless I'm very good at hiding my big-assed crass speaking mouth of an accent. Good luck popping down to your local town grocery store in Chile, New Zealand, the Bahamas, Northern Queensland or wherever you think you'll be safe, throwing your customer service demands about. You could be worth all the money in the world. Your shit still stinks and you'll get what's due.

Contrary to what you may have been told, there are lots and lots of guns in private ownership within Australia/New Zealand.

weburke's picture

yeah, plenty of guns everywhere, thing is, when guys are ready to kill, the targets will be in hiding.

Ignatius's picture

Hopefully some nerd recorded this HC segment that engineer Tony Szamboti saw in 2004 and HC refuses to release  -- if true, far more damaging than the infamous "pull it" quote:


BraveSirRobin's picture

There is no molten material in the photos. The metal is deformed by impact and weight. 

Molten metal looks like this: http://cache2.asset-cache.net/gc/457251122-solidified-molten-steel-is-pi...

Also see this phot of steel cut with a torch. Notice the solidified droplets. http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2302128

Nothing like this exists inthe photos you purport to show proof of melting.

Ignatius's picture

Now if this had been treated as the crime scene that it surely was, then all the steel should have been ID'd and photographed in place before removal -- as Dr. Barnett of Worchester Poli-Tech has stated as normal protocol -- and then taken to a storage location for further forensic examination, being that these were unprecedented catastrophic structural failures of steel framed high rise buildings.  Instead, over 99.5% was recycled immediately.

But that's not your criticism, now is it.

BraveSirRobin's picture


"then all the steel should have been ID'd and photographed in place before removal"

The world trade center weighed 1,500,000 tons, of which 200,000 tons was steel. The wreckage was hardly "recycled immediately". In fact, it laid around for years. The last of it was not recycled until 2011. In addition, investigative teams were on site within 72 hours of the attack looking for evidence, monitoring the material being hauled away in the clean up, and pulling aside items of interest. In addition, investigative teams from NYC, academia, and the government inspected material as it moved through the HSNE recycling plant, and pulled material of interest for examination, though some of this material was destroyed before it could be screened at the recycling center. On this very post thread a 9/11 conspiracy supporter posted links to pictures of NIST personnel inspecting steel debris at the recycling center. 

The reason for the collapse of the buildings is not hard to fathom. A 350,000 pound object travelling at over 500 MPH smashed into the building. It's amazing it did not fall down immediately. And here I would like to correct some common misinformation. The WTC was not designed to withstand a collision from a Boeing 707. Leslie Robertson, lead structural engineer of the WTC, made some simple calculations to determine what would happen if a 707 traveling at 180 MPH (note, not 500 MPH) struck the building. His conclusion was that the building would probably stand such an impact - but the building was NOT designed to survive this sort of impact. There is not structural engineering report or assessment anyone can point to in regards to these calculations. They were just some informal "what if" calculations. In addition, Robertson's calculations did not take into account the effects of any resulting fire that would weaken damaged and undamaged structural components. And contrary to a lot of 9/11 "Truthers," steel does not have to melt to give way. Ever seen a black smith shaping heated by very unmelted steel? In fact, structural steel has lost 60% of its strength at 1,000 degrees F. (http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/metal-temperature-strength-d_1353.html). A typical fire in a building will reach 1,600 to 1,800 degrees. (http://www.doctorfire.com/flametmp.html), and at that temperature, steel has lost just about all its structural strength and is highly malleable and plastic. Again, look at a blacksmith working. Please see this picture (https://sites.google.com/site/wtc7lies/woodbeambentsteel-full.jpg) which shows steel structural elements bent over a WOOD support beam after a fire.

So, despite all this basic information, 9/11 Truthers expect us to believe that the government:

(1) Secretly drilled holes in walls and attached explosives to structural elements in a building with 50,000 workers, and no one noticed, not the building engineers or superintendent, not the building security personnel, and not anyone working there, and people worked there pretty much 24/7.

(2) That they recruited foreign nationals and trained them to fly with such precision they could fly massive, relatively un-maneuverable aircraft into the precise areas all these explosive were placed, then

(3) Warned all the Jews to stay home

Just so we could

(4) Have pretext to invade Afghanistan?

You really have to be mentally deranged to believe all this.


Ignatius's picture

Obfuscation, dissembling and flat out lying.  You're like a study in trolling.

I'm done.

divingengineer's picture

I've never believed it was a conspiracy by our own govt.  Too many people would have to be involved, it would be impossible to keep it under wraps.  It's hard to keep 3 people quiet in a plot, much less a couple thousand.  

Steel is like butter, there is not just liquid and solid, it gets softer and softer as it heats.

Why can't you guys believe that a bunch of crazy muzzies flew planes into the towers?

The crazy bastards kill people every day, for hundreds of years, now they have been framed?

You guys don't make any sense to me.  


BraveSirRobin's picture

"Obfuscation, dissembling and flat out lying.  You're like a study in trolling.

I'm done"

Yes, you are done, because you are unable to argue with fact, logic, or reason.