"This Is Effectively 'World War III'", Iraq Warns "All The World's Capitals Are Under Threat From ISIS"

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With nearly 1400 killed in Iraq in January alone (800 of them civilians), Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari told his visiting Austrian counterpart today that "the fight against Islamic State is effectively 'World War III' and that all the world's major capitols are under threat."


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watch out for a False Flag Bitchez



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If we nuke them will they spread?

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In a mushroom cloud?  Yes.  They will also glow in the dark.

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Barack Hussein al-Obammad would never nuke his BBFFs.

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No, he'll have them nuke the apple

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ACTUAL VIDEO (the execution of Mouath al-Kasaesbeh):


Not sure if this video is real, considering the efforts employed during the filming process:
- number of cameras
- uniforms
- the masked men definitively are professional soldiers (observe the way they carry their assault rifles)
- and the video editing software used

Perhaps someone with video editing skills could determine the authenticity of that clip.

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ISIS is known for their slick production values.  If only they'd get some busty, leggy chicks to convey their point instead of bloodthirsty dudes in ninja costumes.

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There is no WW3 without the extensive use of nukes and biological weapons.

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And what makes you hesitate to think that IS isn't getting ready to unleash NBC warfare . . . ?


As for the term Islamaphobia, there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam.


At this point, it's simply you kill them before they kill you.


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Does the fricking hype never end? "

"This Is Effectively 'World War III'", Iraq Warns"

I mean. this is just a local civil war.

WWIII is possible if something REALLY unthinkably, stupid happens - like US weaponry delivered into Ukraine. 

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i think it already has happened...

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u.s. weapons delivered to ukraine just end up in donetsk hands.

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We have always been at war with Eastasia...

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Some dousche junked you two. Death to him too!

P.S. For those who are English challenged, here is the proper usage of to,too, and two. Wrapped up in a witty rejoinder we might add. Will ZH miracles never cease?

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Neither would George Bush...


Get with it man - its not a Republican or Democratic thing.  They are both sellouts.

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Neither are sellouts. They both did as they were instructed.

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~"In a mushroom cloud?  Yes.  They will also glow in the dark."~

And can we sizzle-skate there afterwards across the glassy plain with big slabs of bacon fatback tied to our shoes?

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If we imprison our own leaders, will it stop?

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You'd havd to imprison their leaders too. Don't you think they are just as corrupt? I can't think of any government authority that isn't.

BTW. I heard no comments (or maybe I missed it) that it was the ISIS Government that tried to start their own central bank. Government creates the problem that only they can solve - lol

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r.p. suggested what has to happen, but i know it will never happen-onward to the edge of the cliff. moar war, there is money to be made....

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NO, so lets get busy...drop leaflets  stating thre is 24 hours to leave, then turn it all to glass

ISIS will wish that they were in a cage being burned alive, the motherfuckers will be incinerated


Fire up the bombers NOW!


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Um, they were meeting with state dept. last I checked so you are advocating what? Dropping leaflets on D.C.

nuke ISIS now's picture

booboo..no im advocating that you get a nuke up your Russian ass

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Oh joy, Captain Butthole has returned.

nuke ISIS now's picture

4th stooge, im amazed that have the time to actually type, i didn't think you could take your mouth off Putin's dick long enough to do anything else but blow him, right cumrade?

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MsCreant [appropriate monicjer] oh im sorry did I offend your empty melon?...I will now double my efforts to remind you that Russia is nothinng but a frozen shithole...

go get some vodka and drink up baby


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Bravo, goy bravo!!Huihuhuihuihuihuihuihui.

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Note how Captain Butthole, constrained by an anaemic cognitive ability, immediately deploys the only tool he is cabable of wielding, the fag hominem, a standard fappar* substitute for logic.

By projecting his homoerotic fantasies and unrequited sodomaniacal desires, he somehow feels that he is 'winning'.

This fantasical preoccupation is recognized by professional clinicians as an unconscious expression of his repressed, retarded sexuality.



*fairies against President Putin and Russia

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4th stooge your missive is quite hypocritcal considering you continually reference "butt hole"

Actually i must dumb down comments in order that your vacant cranium may possibly absorb content into your retarded and shrinking brainstem, as I cannot post in pictures

Promote your beloved Russia cumrade..unfortunately your propaganda cannot obfuscate the fact that widespread poverty and an inept all controlling govenment is your reality, poor thing you cannot even see that you have been brainwashed, trust me; you as a member of the proleteriat are viewed by Putin as nothing more than your name..a stooge

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Ah,  Who's your employer Mr.  22 weeks?

Welcome to Fight Club, Tell your boss you need more money.

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AP reports that Jordan has begun the war of Subtraction.  Two of the Jordanian ISIS prisoners are sent to the virgins.  Maybe more to come.


Subtract as many of the enemy as you can and fewer will follow the call to their death.

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Didn't you get the memo? We are fighting the same holy war again.  ISIS is back on our side.

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Why do you want to nuke Israel? Are you some kind of anti-semite?

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al-Jaafariis being way too harsh on Obama's proxy troops.  Obama is proud of the way ISIS keeps the world on a perpetual war footing.  We just have to depend on Jordan diiging up the dark roots of ISIS.  But Jordan better be careful, Michael Hastings went looking in all the wrong places and he wound up gunned down and in a flaming car wreck.

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al-seedless jaffa is reading from Obama's script. He's the puppet tool enforced on IRAQ. Round up the usual suspects.

They're are no limits to this buttfuckery!

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Like Gengis Khan...?

I think your excitement is running away with you. Look at a map of Khan's territory and get back to us.

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Looks like our state dept. has created monsters on two fronts- Iraq/Syria and Ukraine.

ISIS is getting stronger, UAF not so much.

Now it's a monster/

And will not obey/

-From a personal hero of mine; John (Joachim Fritz Krauledat) Kay, of Steppenwolf fame.


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Our State Dept created ISIS?  Even by accident, I think you give them too much credit.

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He really meant USG in the form of CIA.  There, happy now?

acetinker's picture

The department of state with its' cozy relationship with treasury, via Congress, funds the CIA and the NSA and the FBI and the IRS... ad nauseum.

Other than that, thanks for clarifying my remarks!

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Every time I see or hear the MSM it seems to be: "ISIS (insert appropriate horrific torture here) their hostage". Soon they will have to cut the heads off of babies, drink their blood and shit on said babies' mothers head to get the same effect.

That and gouging the eyes out of/raping kittens.

Why are we constantly bombarded with this ? Shock doctrine maybe?


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Soon they will have to cut the heads off of babies, drink their blood and shit on said babies' mothers head to get the same effect.

That and gouging the eyes out of/raping kittens.

I thought the part with the kittens came after their invitation to Bohemian Grove.

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Indeed, Bohemian Grove is all about the gouging of the Brown Eye.

acetinker's picture

Hunh, you made a simple observation- a correct one as far as I can see.  Here's the thing;  The American people don't care.  They don't know their ass from apple butter, and they just don't care as long as they have a job/ebt/ssdi, etc:.

Nomi Prins is as beautiful in countenance as she is in intellect- re: Shock Doctrine.

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You might expect impalement next.  If that proves too quick they will start using hot metal rods which, believe it or not, is said to prolong the suffering.

None of this is new.

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Would this be considered WarCo. "talking it's book".   When that doesn't work, that's when they pull out the False Flag.

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.....and who FUNDED Isis?  Who gave them logistical support?


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Yeah, what, are they makin all them fancy weapons or what?