ECB Pulls The Trigger: Blocks Funding To Greece Via Debt Collateral - Full Statement

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Just what the market had hoped would not happen...


What this means simply is that since Greek banks are now unable to pledge Greek bonds as collateral and fund themselves, and liquidity is about to evaporate, the ECB has effectively just given a green light for Greek bank runs, as suddenly it has removed, both mathematically but worse politically, a key support pillar from underneath the already bailed out Greek banking system, (or merely a negotiating move to let Greece see just what kind of chaos this will create ahead of the big D-Day on Feb 25th when ELA could be withdrawn).

And now finally, after many years of investing in ECB repo collateral, pardon Greek debt, Greek banks finally will ask what the "fundamental" value of all that Greek government debt they bought really is. Judging by the Greek ETF's reaction, the answer is lower.

The only question now is whether the Greek Central Bank, which the ECB said is now sufficient to meet bank liquidity needs (via the ELA which the ECB has not yanked... yet: it has given Greece until February 28 before this final prop is yanked and Greece is left to drown), is allowed to print Euros. If not, the Greek experiment at trying to stick it to Europe is about to crash and burn spectacularly.

Joking aside, what is really at stake now, if only for Greece, is everything: Syriza either folds, and cedes by withdrawing all demands, thus effectively ending its mandate less than 2 weeks after coming to power, or it exits the Eurozone.

Press Release From ECB



4 February 2015 - Eligibility of Greek bonds used as collateral in Eurosystem monetary policy operations


ECB’s Governing Council lifts current waiver of minimum credit rating requirements for marketable instruments issued or guaranteed by the Hellenic Republic


Suspension is in line with existing Eurosystem rules, since it is currently not possible to assume a successful conclusion of the programme review


Suspension has no impact on counterparty status of Greek financial institutions


Liquidity needs of affected Eurosystem counterparties can be satisfied by the relevant national central bank, in line with Eurosystem rules


The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) today decided to lift the waiver affecting marketable debt instruments issued or fully guaranteed by the Hellenic Republic. The waiver allowed these instruments to be used in Eurosystem monetary policy operations despite the fact that they did not fulfil minimum credit rating requirements. The Governing Council decision is based on the fact that it is currently not possible to assume a successful conclusion of the programme review and is in line with existing Eurosystem rules.


This decision does not bear consequences for the counterparty status of Greek financial institutions in monetary policy operations. Liquidity needs of Eurosystem counterparties, for counterparties that do not have sufficient alternative collateral, can be satisfied by the relevant national central bank, by means of emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) within the existing Eurosystem rules.


The instruments in question will cease to be eligible as collateral as of the maturity of the current main refinancing operation (11 February 2015).

In short: there is about 1 week before a key liquidity support of the Greek financial system is yanked.

*  *  *

Here is The Greek Government's response...

This decision does not reflect any negative developments in the financial sector of the country and comes after two days of substantial stabilization . According to her the European Central Bank ( ECB ) , the Greek banking system remains adequately capitalized and fully protected through access to the EIA .


The European Central Bank ( ECB ) , taking and announcing this decision puts pressure on the Eurogroup to proceed rapidly to conclude a new mutually beneficial agreement between Greece and its partners.


The government daily widens the circle of consultation with partners and institutions to which they belong , remains at the target social salvation program approved by the vote of the Greek people , and consult with a view to drawing up European policy that will finally end the hitherto self-reinforcing crisis of Greek social economy .

*  *  *

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go long feta, quick!

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I just handed out vomit bags on stocktwits to delusional SPY call owners. 

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Whow, ECB playing chicken with the new Greek government... who has the most to loose and the most to gain I wonder?


Que Greexit


Question for the day:

"What shall we call the new river of tears about to form in Brussels?"

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C'mon Greece! Grow a pair!! Tell those CBer's to go f**k themselves!!! Let's get the ball rolling!!

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< Apocalypse now

< Apocalypse later

I think they already kinda did...

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Greek bank holiday / bail in tomorrow starting @ 8 am eastern.


Cyprus template back in action...



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Drop the other shoe Alexis: Pull out and show Eeee Uuuuu your 40 caliber platform.

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I worry that younger people in Europe are starting to emigrate and find work elsewhere, leaving the older generations that raised them to fend for themselves. It is simply unacceptable and selfish that young adults refuse to contribute to the economy and pay their fair share of taxes, when Europe has given them top quality education and invested millions of Euros in their futures. Younger generations owe it to their elders to pay their fair share.

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ffs, announce greece will no longer repay any part of its debt and a return to the drachma. The pain is on whether they stick with europe or not..

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did chelsea's hubby at least cash out his remaining 48% today, or is he riding it into the dust?

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Wait till they replace "Greek" with "Italian" or "Spanish."

THAT will be when things go boom.


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This is turning out exactly the way we knew it would, said no banker publicly.


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In the coming hours well see if the new Greek finmin has war games this out previously and will act -- or if this took him off guard and will be forced to react.

I bet we start seeing atm lines in Greece before last call at whatever bar you guys are sitting in on the east coast.

nuubee's picture

What ammunition does he have left? He already said he doesn't want more debt. Seems like the ECB is actually giving Greece what it asked for.

It's too bad too, that was such a nice little patch of socialism they had there, would be a shame to see anything happen to it.

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.. pledge Greek bonds as collateral..

is that something like offering Paris Hilton as a virgin?

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She does have some new nice titties!

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MDB, I usually upvote you. This one is just a little too possible, and I worry that giving you an upvote could be used against me in the future... as indicative of my acceptance of your position. Sorry, red on this one.

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Greek should just print Euro.

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Maybe we will finally get the long overdue Grexit. Eventually, all the other EU nations will be Greece, save one. The Euro is just a Deutsche Mark in drag.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I agree with your comment, save the "save one" part.  

Germany could easily share the DM with;

- the Netherlands
- Austria
- Denmark
- Sweden
- Finland
- Estonia
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Flanders (if it ever comes into existance (crosses-fingers))
- Luxembourg 
- Switzerland, Norway & Lichtenstein (yeah right) 

and perhaps, depending on the governments and the respective populations;

- Czech Republic
- Poland
- Slovakia

While the DM could hold its own in international markets -- the shilling and the Gilder would have a hard time not getting steamrolled over.  It would be wise for similarly situated nations to share a currency.  This was and still is the EUR's flaw.  It grouped extremely dissimilar nations under one umbrella.  

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You think the NSA is logging zh junk-button presses? Really?

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You're kidding, right?  Of course they are. 

I know you're kidding!

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Thanks for the prompt to confirm the definition:

Fuckin A, I'd be shocked if ZH, Inc. were not selling their click database themselves.  Value is nothing if not developed for private gain on a "free market," as I understand the neo-liberal doctrine. 

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Wouldn't come any other way now would it...

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"The Internet is for Porn!"

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Wank off by all means, just don't press any bottons or expess any views. I'm probably in deep shit for saying this much.

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.. you know what they say about more than a mouthfull...

but the discreet gentleman would not touch what's down below even with Bill Clinton's soiled thing.

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Oh and herpes yeah she's got that too, the itchy, weepy, blisters on your nads kind...

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omigosh.. this must mean that is where Jamie Dimon's mouth is.

stuff tha,t JPM..

Spine01's picture lol....LOL

Sorry can't stop laughing ..... hahahahah

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If you were referring to my post.. thank you.. I like to think that my sarcasm can bring some jollies to some folks..

..allow me put this by you too,

if you think there is any honesty in the soveriegn CDS swindle.. I have a huge phallic intrument with ISDA engraved on its well-lubed tip ready for you.



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Socialism is fun till the loans run out.

disabledvet's picture

That and "until your daughter gets violated."


Once Spain, Italy and Greece are forced to reset to their local currencies (peso, lira, drachma) then I think "the muzzies" will make their move.


The Turkish Lira getting annihilated is I think "the tell."


Only time will tell if all euro denominated debt gets repudiated.


This all could happen quite suddenly as well.

Keyser's picture

Correction, socialism is fun until they run out of other people's money to spend... Calling Janet Yellen, calling Janet Yellen....

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Anyone who didnt already do this before today , must have been sitting in a dark, powerless cellar with a bag over their head

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Time to consult the WOPR?

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Plus 10 for War Games ref.

Would you like to play a game of tic-tac-toe ?

It's much more emjoyable than Global Thermonuclear Warfare.

Keyser's picture

WOPR would have nuked the lot of them by now...  Can you say, dead man walking?

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But why isn't Greece enough to bring down the whole global ponzi? 

Isn't this enough to screw anyone with Greek debt instruments on their books? I thought there was this whole 'dominos falling' contagion thing if anyone got stuck with worthless Greek debt? 

Anyone holding CDS on Greek debt will be looking for their sacks of gold. The bond guys surely can't claim this is anything but a default event, can they? 

Manthong's picture

Gee Whiz.. how could you ever expect Charles to call his scheme a Ponzi?

oh.. and just look back to 2011 for how the Ponzi is handled regarding soveriegn debt.


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Replace Greek with California and EU with USA. 

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Yeah, but the numpties in Mexifornia have all those illegals flowing into the state to save their economy... Bwahahahahaha....

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Who has the stronger navy?  Greece should invade Belgium and sack Brussels.

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Yes.. yes.. yes.. Where is Themistocles when you really need him?

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I think when you are already down 50% you have to double down on stupid and hope for the best. Especially if you want to get all of Bill and Hillary's cash back.