Yanis Varoufakis Sums Up Europe In One Sentence

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This just about sums it all up...

"A clueless political personnel, in denial of the systemic nature of the crisis, is pursuing policies akin to carpet-bombing the economy of proud European nations in order to save them."



h/t @UtopianFireman

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I'm really starting to like this guy!

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about time we had some truthiness in the world..

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1st casualty is truth, 2nd is he who speaks it.

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Game Changes by 2/16/15.

Happy Valentine's Day Massacre!

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IronLead (not verified) Newsboy Feb 6, 2015 6:13 PM

If you want to avoid the bad money from other nations than just default.


But who would then pay for your election promises.


Seems the systemic crisis is in Syrizas head.



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If you want to avoid the bad money from other nations than just default. 

But who would then pay for your election promises.

Has a politician ever been elected who promised pain?  This is the problem.  The reality is pain, but in order to get elected, the government has to claim "they can make it better."   Syriza has the same fundamental difficulty in this regard that all political movements have.  No one can trump human nature, which wants mommy and daddy to be able to make everything all better.  The people who come out of situations like this best are the ones who ignore mommy and daddy and prepare as best they can to live truly independently.  Unfortunately, mommy and daddy don't like to let them do that...

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Self-enslavement (not verified) SofaPapa Feb 6, 2015 6:34 PM

Technically speaking it's not a default when the currency is a known counterfeit, such as the Euro. The bills do not say "We the People", therefore it's all counterfeit.

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horrible argument... They owe euros via contracts, that were signed by their representatives... Failure to pay said euros, is a DEFAULT... This is not to say, they should or shouldn't default...

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His Excellency, Ambassador Christos Panagopoulos

Your Excellency:

Never have I read in times of peace the issuance such as the insane ultimatum of war as that issued by the Eurogroup Chairperson Jeroen Dijsselbloem against Greece: It is no less than the threat of unlimited warfare to destroy the Greek nation, if not by munitions, then by money.

The quote attributed to the Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, could not possibly be more true: "A clueless political personnel, in denial of the systemic nature of the crisis, is pursuing policies akin to carpet-bombing the economy of proud European nations in order to save them."

Many unenlightened Americans will fail to understand the reasons the Greek nation has declared its freedom from the extortion, and debt slavery, imposed on it by the psychotic sociopaths of the ECB, the IMF, and various European central banks, manipulating the financial machinery of the EU.

Unlike them, I do not fail to understand that this so-called austerity is nothing more than economic warfare designed to rape the nation of its assets, and the people of their survival, by creating an endless series of faux "bailouts" which have the real purpose of draining the nation of all its pride, dignity, and future.

When I read of the unemployment rate, the poverty level, the share of unemployed youth without hope, of female physicians reduced to prostitution to feed their children, of individuals who set themselves ablaze publicly because they are so beaten down by this war against the Greek nation, of these actions by the Troika which constitute nothing less than Crimes Against Humanity, my soul cries out in horror, and unimaginable pain, for the Greek nation.

There comes a time in history when a nation has no choice left but to put its destiny on the line, and be willing to sacrifice everything to throw off the chains, and regain its freedom, no matter what those sacrifices entail.

Because of what amounts to no less than a Declaration of War against Greece by the Eurogroup's chairperson, you are now at that point.

It is time for the world's first democracy to reclaim its heritage, and once again teach the world that remaining free sometimes requires that men and women fight for it. Whatever comes, the Greek people will adapt themselves and overcome it, just as they have overcome every other attempt by others to bury them.

Thucydides wrote, "The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage."

Now is the time when the courage of the Greek nation must rise up, and face down the forces that would continue to enslave it.

Meet the ultimatum with 3,000 years of freedom, and shatter the predatory, criminal, strangle-hold of the EU on your people.

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IronLead (not verified) MarsInScorpio Feb 6, 2015 7:28 PM

Greece being bancrupt is not the fault of the Troika.


What do the greeks expect?


That they go bancrupt and after that get free money so they can pursue on the same path that led to the situation?


Did they expect that going bancrupt is like having a bad hair day?

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Self-enslavement (not verified) IronLead Feb 6, 2015 7:35 PM

They can print their own Monopoly money. You trolls are weak today.

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You're way the fuck out of your league, maybe you should give it a rest.

Unless the Greeks intend to be "self-supporting" what do you think a drachma is going to be worth to someone who trades with Greece?

Why do you think your leftwing poster child of all that is virtuous wants a bridge loan from the EU?

Its on financial life support, they need to just default and get it over with.

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A drachma, like all fiat currency, is worth whatever someone is willing to do for it. For those who want goods in, or from Greece, it will have a value.


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And the exports from Greece are?

MarsInScorpio's picture



You are a very shallow thinker.


What do you think warm-water ports directly on the Med are worth to Russia and China? How much can they get from NATO to keep the Russians and Chinese out?


How about those spy listening posts? What's the upcoming Russian pipeline worth?


I could go on listing things that never occured to you. But I have serious things to do.


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Warm water ports?

So how exactly does a port in Greece help the Russians or Chinese. Can those goods be teleported thousands of miles across Europe, the Balkans, Ukraine to the Motherland?

Listening posts? Those are all under sea on the communications cables. wy the hell do they need Greece to spy?

Greece is nice for a vacation, for a little octopus and a few olives but let's be real, that's all.

They should default and leave the Euro but because the financial system is so levered tiny little Greece defaulting might bring th ewhole house of cards down as counterparties drop like flies.

Greece says it can't take the "austerity"..... What a joke. wait until they giv ethe finger to the Germans. They don't know what austerity really is. But they will find out.

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Self-enslavement (not verified) ATM Feb 6, 2015 8:59 PM

Only Chosenites can print money. All you Zerohedgers are brainwashed if you think that a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Amish will ever be allowed to print money. The NATO chosenites will kill you dead.

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But the Chi-Coms & Russians can.

We're saved!!!

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But are they skilled enough to beat our guys just using fiat manipulations?  Our guys have been on top for a very long time.  They should not be underestimated in that realm.

No, I think the Chinese and/or Russians will have to change the game and incorporate some physical type of currency or backing.  Then, no matter their leanings, we will have a chance.

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Yanis should try and work the word criminal into his next declaration on this matter.

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winchester (not verified) palmereldritch Feb 7, 2015 4:34 AM

car crash in 3...2...1

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I woud rather be free and poor than middle class and miserable.

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I don't believe the German middle class think that way but I could be wrong. Anyways, watching one degree of socialism having a cat fight over the others stuff is always entertaining ;-)

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The oligarchs are counting on the poor to believe that is the reality.

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Curious that you did not address the Gaz pipeline(s)...

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I'm a shallow thinker.

You turn the Greeks into people with no integrity selling themselves to the highest bidder for military ports and I'm a shallow thinker?


Maybe this will help, What-Do-They-Produce-For-Peaceful-Export-For-Drachma?

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Physical exports are shown on this treemap.


But their largest earners are tourism and shipping.

Quite a diversified economy.

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"And the exports from Greece are?"

..are going to be a bargain for the west and profitable for Greece.

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No one can tell me what they are and the value in whatever currency?

Not even a wiki? ;-)

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Lots o Greek chicks I know gots some big-ass titties.  That's gotsta be wert sumpin. 

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Yeah, I like the Greeks but care-free living has costs. Pills, cement, marble, smokes & rebar can only entertain Helen for so long.

Then the rent comes due and she leaves ;-)

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Whats with the -30- crap.  Are you writing for the school paper now?

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Who do you think the Troika is?


The ECB, the IMF, and the Eurogroup - who just hapen to be the peoploe who made the predatory, criminal loans through their criminal accomplicies, the cronies, the government, and the oligarches.


Yes, the Troika did bankrupt Greece.


Now let them be good little free marketers, and suffer the capital loss for the bad loans they freely made to an unworthy borrower.


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IronLead (not verified) MarsInScorpio Feb 6, 2015 8:05 PM

Did the Troika bancrupt Ireland?


Then how is Ireland better off then Greece?


No, the Troika did not bancrupt Greece, you're just throwing stuff around hoping some bullshit sticks to excuse your sucking up to the marxists.

MarsInScorpio's picture



Obviously you don't know who comprises the Troika. It is nothing but a fancy name for the ECB's, the IMF's, and the Eurogroup's, collection thugs.


Given your structural ignorance of the situation, talking to you, or even reading your posts, is a waste of time.


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IronLead (not verified) MarsInScorpio Feb 6, 2015 8:14 PM

Greece is bancrupt because it spend too much.


That fact will stick no matter what obfuscation you try to bring up on the excuse of the marxist devils.

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Yes but it was not this Government that borrowed the money - every Greek Government previously had a Papandreou and in the 40 years since democracy returned after military rule only two parties have run the place until now........the US has not done too well in the past 40 years either running itself from creditor to the world's biggest debtor

nmewn's picture

And Papandreou was a...

Come on everybody, say it together ;-)

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Do you mean ......(Deep breath) A very charismatic crafty devil who used his silver toungue and the sophisticated allure of socialism to poison the Greek people and lead them into destruction all while paying them a handsome fee to watch them dance to their demise because of their ignorance? (inhale)

You deal with the devil, this is what you get.

What you wanted to say was much shorter easier for a large group to repeat :-)


EDIT: Capitalist countries are debt-laden as well. It doesn't matter how you run up the bill, just as long as you run it up.

nmewn's picture

Thats exactly what I meant...lol.

Now, if I can just find a true capitalist country ;-)

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Unmitigated capitalism has no country as it inevitably forces the concentration of all wealth to the benefit of one in its ruthless war of all against all.

If only I could find a functioning, truly mixed economy ( "socialist" or "Marxist" or "Stalinist" or "Hilterist" or "fascist"  as conflated by  Gary Allen-speak) country... with it's books consistently in the black...  and no doublespoke 'patriot act'... and no 'drug war' on the poor...and a non-aggressive foreign policy... and world class healthcare... and 'universal' access to post-secondary education (including sciences, if you can make the grade)... did I mention the growing SWF....

OH wait: that's easy!


Ah yes, but I am told (Oh Lord how I am told) that the industrious 'little guy' doesn't stand a fereaking chance at success in any of those places, at least not like he would in stateless-skittle-excreting-unicorn-imaginarium-power-vacuum-land.

I remain unconvinced.



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A tribesman? Knock me over with a feather.

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"Unenlightened Americans"?? Perhaps?.. However, you completely disregard the FACT that Greece was bankrupt, BEFORE the bailouts... Hence, the fact that bailouts occurred.. Are the Greek people suffering?. Of course... However, this suffering must (& will) take place, at this juncture, no matter what policies are pursued... Anyone (individual, corporation or govt) that borrows beyond their ability to repay suffers...

Point is, don't pretend as if Troika is the cause of the suffering... Ultimately, it was the people's representatives (& thus the people), who borrowed too much money & now they must face the consequences..

We can debate, which consequences are least painful & thus, most desirable, but consequences must be paid..

Where ever you are from, enlightment must be akin to ignoring the facts..

MarsInScorpio's picture



Let me blow you out of the water with one question.


Your wrote: "it was the people's representatives (& thus the people) . . ."


Are you so disconnected from relaity that you believe the representatives of the world actually represent the people?


Really? Do you really believe that???


You say, "wherever I'm from . . ." I say, "you've from Looney Land," if you believe that.


It wasn't the people who decided to get the money, nor you got the money - it was the cronies and their laptops in the government. Let them suffer, and pay it back.


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Self-enslavement (not verified) MarsInScorpio Feb 6, 2015 7:56 PM

Max says the Bankers suck donkey *%#+= https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pwAClUrhrek

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IronLead (not verified) MarsInScorpio Feb 6, 2015 8:01 PM

Are you so disconnected from relaity that you believe the representatives of the world actually represent the people?


Says the guy who just sucked the ass of the current marxist in charge of Greece.

HelicopterCoPilot's picture

We don't disagree on the fact that representatives rarely represent the people.. However, the people are at fault for accepting this.. They had an attitude of 'don't inconvenience me', when the cash was flowing, but now that the bill has arrived, they play ignorant..

Bullshit! They must suffer, so they take responsibility for the situation, next time... Without consequence, the people will continue to dance in their ignorance ...

In the end, it is the common man's ignorance & indifference (during good years), that layed the foundation of the current nightmare the world faces.. So I share little sympathy with these people... If we talk about the children who are suffering, without responsibility for situation, I will be more sympathetic...