Meanwhile In Donetsk...

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As leaders from France, Cyprus, Germany, US, Russia, and Ukraine drop tape-bombs of turmoil at one another, the following somewhat stunning clip suggests on the ground in Eastern Europe, other - far bigger - bombs are being lobbed...


The somewhat mushroom-cloud-like explosion in Donetsk...


And as viewed by NATO satellites... from space

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Why does the sound arrive simultaneously?

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Self-enslavement (not verified) Xibalba Feb 8, 2015 5:26 PM

As predicted the chosenites are hysterical.

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Sound arrived 15 seconds later, that makes it 5Km away from the camera. The shattering of the window was the shock wave. 

(15 seconds X 330 metres per second = 4,950 metres)

Americans are still stuck with feet and miles and nobody knows how many feet are in a mile or how many seconds it takes for sound to travel a mile.  

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In other words, the explosion was a little over one league away from the camera. Speak English, dude!

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How many Egyptican cubits would that be? 

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Eifel towers laid on their side, or empire State Buildings


explosion may well have been a stockpile hit

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4.72933086 second per mile

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Yes per mile, not "a mile". Words mean things. Thanks. 

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How many Vanillis per Milli?

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how many furlongs per aeon?

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1100 feet per second. 

5280 feet to a mile

and you can take your millimeters and stick it.

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Depending on altitude, air temperature, humidity, air pressure ...

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How much is that in Dog Years?

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1,130 feet per second :) Yayyy I learned something in engineering school!

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noben (not verified) CrankItTo11 Feb 9, 2015 2:52 AM

I counted 34 seconds from the explosion to the sound reaching the camera.

Offhand, that's about 10 km or 6 miles away. WOW!

That's on the order of a MOAB.

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No doubt the big bombs supplied by the U.S.A. Military Industrial Complex.

"'s profitable!  Profit is good, right?" 

Oh yeah, poking the Russian Bear will be profitable, just ask Hitler, and Napoleon, and...

brightdayfin's picture

no, check with ford and the bushes who profited regardless of the winner


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 Never have seen one up close but hat is what I would expect a tactical nuke explosion  to look like.  

That is some pretty scary stuff that might be happening there.

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Bad link NTI. Zinos at pulled it already.

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That was chemical - not a tactical nuke.  Some comments:

   1. color temperature was too low...a nuke of any kind would be bluish-white, not yellowish.

   2. plasma fireball from nuke would not fade so quickly.

   3. observers would not necessarily be blinded because of direct sight obstructions. (and anyway, bluish-white spectral signature in sky would be the give-away).

   4. shockwaves travel faster than the speed of sound, sometimes MUCH faster - the stronger, the faster - even from a small tactical nuke,.. shock wave in local vicinity  would be traveling much faster than 1100 ft/sec, and would slow down from there as it lost energy (5 secs/mile: good for lightening and chemical explosions...not good for nukes!)

   5. vid suggests explosion was at ground level, not good choice for max destruction... if tactical nuke went off right at ground level the ejected earth would make local area look like Fukushima x1000 right now.

Paveway IV's picture

Supposed Israeli air strike on Mount Qasioun 'Research Facility', May 2013

Note that the flashes in the clouds right after the initial explosion are cloud-to-cloud lightening, which doesn't happen in conventional explosions. There are also some follow-on explosions of surface-to-air missiles after that, but they're clearly separate explosions unrelated to the initial blast and fireball.

What some of us think it was: originally a B61-7 core Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, part of the Divine Strake test. Revived as the Massive Ordinance Penetrator (which was easily converted to a low-yield nuke core), then reborn as the Next Genration Penetrator, then as the Hard Target Munition project. These projects were all pushed by Israeli demands for the U.S. to develop a nuclear penetrator capable of taking out what Israel claims are deeply-buried Iranian nuclear facilities. Trouble is that no Israeli aircraft is capable of carrying the heavy bombs, making one question how Israel could have used one on Mount Qasioun (hint: the U.S. 'helped'). 

Since then, Israel has demanded (seriously) the U.S. provide the Israeli Air Force with their own B-52s in order to carry the penetrators to Iran whenever they see fit. Congress - fearing a popular uprising for appearing to be too much of an Israeli bitch - instead chose to fund two new programs for Israel's benefit in 2014: an Advanced 2,000 lb. Penetrator (A2K) and a 5,000 lb. JDAM penetrator. Both of which can be easily changed to carry low-yield nuclear warheads. Israeli jets could carry those. Israel, of course, would also need a small-sized low-yield nuclear core for the nuclear version. I assume they already have them as nobody could ever locate the truckloads of something from Pantex loaded on Israeli ships in the Port of Houston during the Pantex security union's strike in 2004.

What did Ukraine (or their U.S. 'helpers') use in Donetsk? Hard to say, but that does not look like an ammo dump explosion. Nobody is that stupid that they pile all their ammo up into huge piles in a single building. Kind of for this exact reason. In fact, Donetsk is riddled with thousands of mines. Something you would probably need a significantly powerfull penetrator to destroy.

But I'm sure the official story from Brian Williams or CNN will be that it was just a careless, drunk Russian-backed rebel soldier having a smoke in the gigantic ammo warehouse. 

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Probably a coincidence from other shelling.  The shock wave certainly arrives after the explosion.

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the shockwave is the exposion

then the sound arrives

then (if you are close enough) debris/shrapnel 

the only thing faster than the shockwave is light (but you'd have to be looking at blast location to see it, which participants in a battle normally don't have time for)



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I'm going to try to not appear to ridiculing everyone, but that's difficult, given the facts:


If (BIG if) this were a nuclear explosion, the people filming would be at least blind and dead or severely injured from the flash & blast effects. If it were a tactical nuke, they would still be blind.


It's like no one has ever seen a BLEVE before. If not, search the www for it. Regardless if it were a BLEVE or a munitions dump, it's STILL not a nuke.


Many of the comments here are truly ignorant.

Urban Redneck's picture

And if it was a bleve, or other chemical explosion, as opposed to HE military ordnance - there could actually be a subsonic shock wave - where one's mind actually has a brief time impotently ponder whether you are are about to meet your maker before you meet reality... but it is impotent mental masturbation, since one's fate is cast at detonation regardless of their cognizance.

(Only 145 days until "Happy PTSD Day" in the USSA)

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This black and white version seems to show an 4 initial explosions followed by the big one. The sound may be the initial hits.

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You are right. I see the first small explosions, that would be the missile or artillery shell hitting, then shortly after one big explosion. This would be consistent with a missile hitting an ammunition dump. Before I saw this black and white one, I was leaning towards a fuel air exlosive warhead or bomb. Now I see there was a small explosion setting off the large one, it means a hit on the chemical plant or ammunition dump by artillery, rocket or ballistic missile.

Jim in MN's picture

Propane storage would look like that.  And what's all this about natural gas in this part of the globe????

An explosion like this destroyed the center of a town in Korea a while back.  Rail transport of LNG or....something.

Funny how the Syrians were somehow must be nothing.

JohninMK's picture

Looks like a salvo of rockets/shells now, most likely hit the same "ammonium nitrate storage facility" as previous explosion only other warehouse.

"It is known the exact location of the explosion that shook the Donetsk about an hour ago. It took place on DKZHI (Donetsk state factory of chemical products). Said the co-chairman of the "Popular Front of New Russia" Konstantin Dolgov. Confirmed this information the officials of Kievskiy and Kuibyshev districts of Donetsk."

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Darn good question, Supernova, especially since the major shockwave arrives several seconds later and knocks the camera man over.  Why would anyone insert sound effects in such a video thereby totally discrediting it?  Maybe the simultaneous sound is from a coincidental explosion much closer by.  I've seen other commenters discussing mushroom clouds in Donetsk.  I certainly hope that's not what's happening.  If it is, probably none of us have much longer to live.

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The sound of a nuke going off was classified for years. Just sounds like a shotgun. Not good for movies

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Am interesting point, guessing as others have said that what we heard was a shell or rocket going off followed by a chemical factory.

The other alternative would be a rocket salvo, although in that case we'd hear more of a "pop" before a lot of small explosions, so going with a shell or something like that, definitely not in any way nuclear.

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Sometimes, shit gets real.  

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Putin would have put his in Kiev, so this is the West daring Putin to act. Ukraine gave up all their nukes (supposedly) so who in the West would have provided this 'theatre nuke'?

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

the Novorussians have currently surrounded the offensive kiev force in a 'cauldron' between lugansk and donetsk. Perhaps the novorussians are taking the opportunity to break the back of the kiev army with a mini nuke borrowed from moscow - or captured from kiev.

If so, it wont only be army personell wiped out, and the novo's will be killing a bunch of their own people that the ukies have been using as human sheilds

JohninMK's picture

As this explosion is in Donetsk, at least 50km from the Debaltseve 'pocket' I am not sure what you are on about.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

im happy to be junked on my ignorance of the location or ordinance - just shootin the breeze. But if anyone junked me thinking im pro kiev, beleive me, i know they are neo nazis and the novorussians are the righteous force in play here

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Yes, that was also my 1st thought, but second thought, this is no good for Europe. Angela knows, that's why she is travelling to Obama (before the meeting with the other muppets), that this will be a big problem for Germany first hand. Never forget, that Vlad was an ex KGB man.