Caption Contest: The Moment Janet Yellen Figured it All Out…

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As the WSJ noted, the "world’s top finance leaders on Tuesday in effect backed currency depreciation as a tool for promoting growth by signaling strong support for aggressive easy-money policies aimed at boosting the fragile global economy." Spot the person who just realized it's not going to work.

Source: WSJ

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only a tribesman or women knows it will not work, the rest "goy" are laughing for NOW


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I'm a lesbian.  There is only that french girl and she likes boys.  This is going to be a long night for me.

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I thought shit was bad in America.  These twits believe what they say.

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"Damn, I should have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night..."

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Pretending she didn't do a SBD 

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Orange faced bitch.

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Mon cherie.  Dos you know how manee taimes eye haf jerked DSK wis zeez hand?  An you zinc eye haf not beeen ze centair of attencion!  Phht (Gallic shrug)

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LaGarde looks like she's angling for a gang bang!!

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Wow !    oops...I shouldn't think that, it's the new Greek nomal.

It works for her...not for me.

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"In the ladies room, I saw her balls!"

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"it's only because she's taller"

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Yellen isn't thinking about economics, she's just jelly.

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"I can't believe I had to give-up my ass-virginity to Ben for this!"


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"And then she got them caught in Schauble's wheelchair!"

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I'm not convinced she has or will ever figure anything out, bwtfdik

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So I'm sitting in the faculty meeting yesterday, and they are droning on about the next capital campaign, how we have to keep growing the student body so that we can make it fiscally make sense to have this size of faculty. I was standing behind the back row, looking for a quick way out as soon as I could. And it hit me...this place is the same kind of Keynesian cargo cult that is predicated on growth forever that all these CB buffoons/goons have made their countries into. I took a step back to pace in a circle, had another faculty member kind of stare at me as I put my head in my face.

Shit, I am Janet Yellen in this picture.

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"Did I leave the iron on?"

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Gotta leave .. it's that time of month.


Q: Know how to make a dog quit humping your leg Janet? 

A: Suck it's dick?

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Self-enslavement (not verified) Cadavre Feb 11, 2015 3:37 PM

It worked in Weimar Germany. Until it didn't. Then they got hysterical when they got caught and punished for their crimes. Putin has been reportedly building ovens for them. They're almost completed.

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stare at me as I put my head in my face...


I don't think you wrote what you think you meant, but I understand completely.  The only way all those idiotic "bridge" loans and other Greek "agreements" could've possibly worked would be if Greece had suddenly become a Hong Kong overnight.

No country will ever enjoy true growth and prosperity until the yoke of these centrally planned bankers without borders are thrown off and the threats of not disclosing their own countries private financial dealings with and by their own citizens to outside forces like the US' IRS are laughed at and ridiculed for the pretentious, bullying and vacuous terrorizations they truly are.

How is it the US Federal Reserve can tell the elected members of Congress they are under no obligation to disclose who they gave half a trillion dollars to but the Swiss have to tell the IRS the names and addresses of private depositors? 

 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:2




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'Hey wait a second, everyone in this room is full of crap...'

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I love the way 4 Xanax feel on top of my prozac when I wash it down with a pint of Vodka.

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It's only because she swallows...  She doesn't even have any tits...  Bitch...

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Shes likes giving oral

I'm just a planet, I'm fucked

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She's actually angling for a Bukake.

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bang by wut?  tings what look like men but gots no testicle...

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(Yellen) Hmmmmm.... what the hell was Reggie talking about in that ZH article?

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Lagarde: "Smell this"...

Guy#1: "Ewww, nasty ... where'd you dip it in?" ...

Guy#2: "Whose is it? ... c'mon, tell us" ...

Lagarde: "That dip shit beside you" ...

Mr. Yellen: "Tattle-tale" ...

Token-Chinks-standing-behind: "Har-har-har-har-har" ...

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"The Europeans have no clue... just HOW we fucked them...but these smiling slit eyes... behind me...dammit...what do THEY know what I don't!?"

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Grandma Yellen has just recognised that the quality of her cookies alone at the International Bake Contest will not garnish her a win.

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Exactly...shouldn't this caption contest be something about how the Chinese have figured it all out....that the Western Central Banking Cartel is doomed.  

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"DSK has the key to my hotel room."

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If Yellen's hair was black, she would look like one of the Asian guys.

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That's cruel.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  (another Gallic shrug)

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currently she looks like a q-tip

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So why didn't the military drop a bomb right in the middle of this convention?   That group right there is the real terrorists, the ones pushing for and banking the numerous wars, and the ones destroying economy after economy over the world.

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Perhaps because the military is controlled and funded by the government (politicians) who are the ones the give the bankers power in the first place.

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Christine: Don't i look like Janet on Austerity? 

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"I wonder if Zerohedge is hiring..."

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"Not sure if this is a fart or something a little more substancial"