The Untold Story Of A Ukrainian Sniper Who Took Part In The Maidan Massacre

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One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the February 2014 US-staged coup in Ukraine and the violent overthrow of then president Yanukovich, is "who started shooting first" by which we, of course, refer to the lethal shooting escalation between the government's police force and random snipers who conducted target practice with various citizens and officials of the law during the crackdown at the Euro Maidan square protests, which eventually escalated into all out violence whose culmination was the overthrow of the president.

In order to preserve the western narrative that the entire event was not one staged, massive, and very deadly false flag event, protest organisers have always denied any involvement. Which is why stories such as the one we wrote in March, which revealed that "Behind The Kiev Snipers It Was Somebody From The New Coalition" - A Stunning New Leak Released" got precisely zero traction in the western press.

But now, for the first time, one man has spoken up and told the BBC a different story. The story of "Sergei" does not answer all the questions, or even most of them. But it does shine a light on what else happened, what has not been reported in the western media until now, and why the events played out as they did.

It goes without saying, that since this is a story about Ukraine, one sourced by an anonymous Ukraine resident, and one which has been filtered by the establishment media, that everything below should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

From the BBC:

The untold story of the Maidan massacre

A day of bloodshed on Kiev's main square, nearly a year ago, marked the end of a winter of protest against the government of president Viktor Yanukovych, who soon afterwards fled the country. More than 50 protesters and three policemen died. But how did the shooting begin?

It's early in the morning, 20 February, 2014. Kiev's Maidan square is divided - on one side the riot police, the protesters on the other.

This has been going on for more than two months now. But events are about to come to a head. By the end of the day, more than 50 people will be dead, many of them gunned down in the street by security forces.

The violence will lead to the downfall of Ukraine's pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Moscow will call 20 February an armed coup, and use it to justify the annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

The protest leaders, some of whom now hold positions of power in the new Ukraine, insist full responsibility for the shootings lies with the security forces, acting on behalf of the previous government.

But one year on, some witnesses are beginning to paint a different picture.

"I was shooting downwards at their feet," says a man we will call Sergei, who tells me he took up position in the Kiev Conservatory, a music academy on the south-west corner of the square.

"Of course, I could have hit them in the arm or anywhere. But I didn't shoot to kill."

Sergei says he had been a regular protester on the Maidan for more than a month, and that his shots at police on the square and on the roof of an underground shopping mall, caused them to retreat.

There had been shooting two days earlier, on 18 February. The 19th, a Wednesday, had been quieter, but in the evening, Sergei says, he was put in contact with a man who offered him two guns: one a 12-gauge shotgun, the other a hunting rifle, a Saiga that fired high-velocity rounds.

He chose the latter, he says, and stashed it in the Post Office building, a few yards from the Conservatory. Both buildings were under the control of the protesters.

When the shooting started early on the morning of the 20th, Sergei says, he was escorted to the Conservatory, and spent some 20 minutes before 07:00 firing on police, alongside a second gunman.

His account is partially corroborated by other witnesses. That morning, Andriy Shevchenko, then an opposition MP and part of the Maidan movement, had received a phone call from the head of the riot police on the square.

"He calls me and says, 'Andriy, somebody is shooting at my guys.' And he said that the shooting was from the Conservatory."

Shevchenko contacted the man in charge of security for the protesters, Andriy Parubiy, known as the Commandant of the Maidan.

"I sent a group of my best men to go through the entire Conservatory building and determine whether there were any firing positions," Parubiy says.

Meanwhile the MP, Andriy Shevchenko, was getting increasingly panicked phone calls.

"I kept getting calls from the police officer, who said: 'I have three people wounded, I have five people wounded, I have one person dead.' And at some point he says, 'I am pulling out.' And he says, 'Andriy I do not know what will be next.' But I clearly felt that something really bad was about to happen."

Andriy Parubiy, now deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, says his men found no gunmen in the Conservatory building.

But a photographer who gained access to the Conservatory later in the morning - shortly after 08:00 - took pictures there of men with guns, although he did not see them fire.

Sergei's account also differs from Parubiy's.

"I was just reloading," he told me. "They ran up to me and one put his foot on top of me, and said, 'They want a word with you, everything is OK, but stop doing what you're doing.'"

Sergei says he is convinced the men who dragged him away were from Parubiy's security unit, though he didn't recognise their faces. He was escorted out of the Conservatory building, taken out of Kiev by car, and left to make his own way home.

By that time three policemen had been fatally wounded and the mass killings of protesters had begun.

Kiev's official investigation has focused on what happened afterwards - after the riot police began to retreat from the square. In video footage, they are clearly seen firing towards protesters as they pull back.

Only three people have been arrested, all of them members of a special unit of riot police. And of these three, only two - the lower-ranking officers - remain in custody. The unit's commanding officer, Dmitry Sadovnik, was granted bail and has now disappeared.

The three policemen are accused of causing 39 deaths. But at least a further dozen protestors were killed - and the three policemen who died of their wounds.

Some of the dead were almost certainly shot by snipers, who seemed to be shooting from some of the taller buildings surrounding the square.

Lawyers for the victims and sources in the general prosecutor's office have told the BBC that when it comes to investigating deaths that could not have been caused by the riot police, they have found their efforts blocked by the courts.

"If you think of Yanukovych's time, it was like a Bermuda triangle: the prosecutor's office, the police and the courts," says Andriy Shevchenko. "Everyone knew that they co-operated, they covered each other and that was the basis of the massive corruption in the country. Those connections still exists."

* * *

Ukraine's Prosecutor General, Vitaly Yarema, was dismissed this week, amid harsh criticism of his handling of the investigation.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories flourish.

"I'm certain that the shootings of the 20th were carried out by snipers who arrived from Russia and who were controlled by Russia," says Andriy Parubiy, the former Commandant of the Maidan.

"The shooters were aiming to orchestrate a bloodbath on Maidan."

This is a widely-held belief in Ukraine. In Russia, many believe the opposite - that the revolt on Maidan was a Western conspiracy, a CIA-inspired coup designed to pull Ukraine out of Moscow's orbit. Neither side offers convincing evidence for its assertion.

The overwhelming majority of the protesters on Maidan were peaceful, unarmed citizens, who braved months of bitter cold to demand a change to their corrupt government. As far as is known, all the protesters killed on 20 February were unarmed.

The leaders of the Maidan have always maintained they did their best to keep guns away from the square.

"We knew that our strength was not to use force, and our weakness would be if we start shooting," says Andriy Shevchenko.

Parubiy says it is possible that a handful of protesters with weapons may have come to the Maidan as part of a spontaneous, unorganised response to violence from the security forces in the days running up to 20 February.

"I did hear that, after the shootings on 18 February, there were guys who came to Maidan with hunting rifles. I was told that sometimes they were the relatives or parents of those people who were killed on the 18th. So I concede that it's possible there were people with hunting rifles on Maidan. When the snipers began to kill our guys, one after another, I can imagine that those with the hunting rifles returned fire."

Sergei, again, tells a different story. He says he was recruited as a potential shooter in late-January, by a man he describes only as a retired military officer. Sergei himself was a former soldier.

"We got chatting, and he took me under his wing. He saw something in me that he liked. Officers are like psychologists, they can see who is capable. He kept me close."

The former officer dissuaded him from joining any of the more militant groups active on the Maidan.

"'Your time will come,' he said."

Was he being prepared, psychologically, to take up arms?

"Not that we sat down and worked out a plan. But we talked about it privately and he prepared me for it."

It is not clear who the man who apparently recruited Sergei was, or whether he belonged to any of the recognised groups active on the Maidan.

And there is much else that we still do not know, such as who fired the first shots on 20 February.

As for conspiracy theories, it is possible that Sergei was manipulated, played like a pawn in a bigger game. But that is not the way he sees it. He was a simple protester, he says, who took up arms in self-defence.

"I didn't want to shoot anyone or kill anyone. But that was the situation. I don't feel like some kind of hero. The opposite: I have trouble sleeping, bad premonitions. I'm trying to control myself. But I just get nervous all the time. I have nothing to be proud of. It's easy to shoot. Living afterwards, that's the hard thing. But you have to defend your country."

* * *

Full BBC clip here

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Augustus's picture


"This is the tragedy of human history. The people out in Maidan, the vast majority of them, were there for a valid reason. Yanukovich was corrupt, and wildly so. That leads to a genuine popular desire to get rid of him."  


Of course that is the real reason for the problems in Ukraine.  Yatso was running the country as Puutie runs Russia.  It is also mentioned in the first few paragraphs of the article.  The totalitarian Puutie lovers on ZH cannot understand why a population that had been freed from the USSR would possibly object to having that method of government restored.  Yatso knew his time was up and he left for a long retirement back in Puutie land.

SofaPapa's picture

You're missing the point.

Though the people of Ukraine wanted to be rid of Yanukovich, that does NOT mean that they were looking to be ruled by Poroshenko and his buddies.  Their situation is worse than it was before.  And while Putin is a contributor to this shitshow, he is not the dominant contributor.  The US is now the single most destructive force in that region for the Ukranian people. Thousands of Ukranians are dying because of US political meddling in a place they have zero moral standing for doing so.

There are plenty of enemies to go around.  But recognizing which of the enemies is the most dangerous is a good start.

Augustus's picture

Their situation is worse than it was before because the former Russian master will not allow them freedom.  We cannot know what Poroshenko could have done to change the corruption of the old government.  Puutie was immediately on the attack to reclaim the control that his puppet Yatso had lost.  Ukranians under Poroshenko have only known war.  Ukraine should have kept a few nukes.  I believe that a large neighbor invading the country could have justified the use or at least deterred the invasion.  As it turns out the faith in EU and US promises was misplaced.


Crying shame they didn't have a few nukes. Yeah. But good effort with the fighter jet.

Congrats Augustus! stupidest comment of the day award is all yours.

X_Weatherman's picture

An election was due shortly, in which the voice of the people of Ukraine could have spoken as to who should lead their country.

The Corporate-Fascist U.S. government couldn't stomach this so they fomented a revolution to throw out the elected and soon-to-be-elected government to install their chosen leader and its supporting Neo-Nazi regime.

It should be obvious that the powers that be in the U.S. (Corporate-Fascists) care not about the needs of the Ukrainian people any more than they do for those of the people of the EU (Recall Nuland's statement), and for that matter, for the needs of the citizens of the U.S.

Ventnor's picture

SofaPapa --

You suggest it's legitmate for people to violently overhtrow their government if they deem it corrupt.  But what about democracy? What about elections?  Certainly our governemt is corrupt in a myriad of subtle ways.  Do you advocate its violent overthrow?  I do not.

Yanukovich faced elections in Feb 2015 (this very month).  Had we allowed the electoral calendar to play out, he would probably have lost -- and Crimea would now be in the Ukrainian Repubic and there would have been no civil war in the land.  And if he had attempted to steal the election -- there are ways to deal with that as we saw in 2004.

You say Yanukovich was a Russian puppet.  That is far from the case.  He was certainly Moscow's preferred candidate in 2010, and, as president, he did not threaten Russia's vital interests.  But he also withstood enormous Kremlin pressure to join the Eurasian Customs Union, insisted that Ukraine's vocation was in Europe, denounced the Putin-Timoshenko gas pricing deal at every turn -- much to the consternation of V. V. Putin -- failed to deliver on his campaign promise to elevate Russian to equal status with Ukrainian as an offiicial language of state, etc., etc.  Yes, Yanukovich did agree to the extension of Russia's lease on its naval base in Crimea, but on balance, Yanukovich failed to deliver for Moscow. His chief advantage in Moscow's eyes we that he was better than any of the others.  When it came to shilling for Russian interests in Ukriane, he was a piker compared to Timoshenko whose gas deal with Putin was a windfall for Russia.

The puppet applies far more the Washington's relationship with Poroshenko and Yatseniuk that it does to Russia's with Yanukovich. 




SofaPapa's picture

You suggest it's legitmate for people to violently overhtrow their government if they deem it corrupt.  But what about democracy? What about elections?  Certainly our governemt is corrupt in a myriad of subtle ways.  Do you advocate its violent overthrow?  I do not.

I am actually a pacifist, and as such, some of what I write on here borders on hypocrisy.  I explain it this way, however.  I do not advocate violence, but I absolutely understand it.  I have posted several times before regarding my opinions of our current "elections".  The trouble I see is that every election in the US beyond the tightly local level has been pre-determined in the "money race" long before any voter steps into a voting booth.  A selection between two oligarch-approved candidates cannot eliminate oligarchic control, and there is now a documented oligarchy in control of our country (the Princeton study did a nice job quantifying this).  I have thus far not seen a way historically that corrects a situation like this that does not involve violence.  I find it sad, but as Vonnegut once wrote, "there [will] always be wars, that they [are] as easy to stop as glaciers."  I suspect that this situation, too, will eventually lead to internal violence in the US, and I am sympathetic to the reasons for it, even though I don't think the tool leads to durable positive results.

Yanukovich faced elections in Feb 2015 (this very month).  Had we allowed the electoral calendar to play out, he would probably have lost -- and Crimea would now be in the Ukrainian Repubic and there would have been no civil war in the land.  And if he had attempted to steal the election -- there are ways to deal with that as we saw in 2004.

You say Yanukovich was a Russian puppet.  That is far from the case. 

What you write here (and the details I didn't paste, just to save space) is very interesting.  Thanks for the perspective.  I hadn't gone back in my mind for a while to think about those months before the coup that took out Yanukovich.  His case is definitely an interesting one.  I have no special knowledge of the inner workings of his government or his actions, so I'll stick to my memories of the news cycle from that time.  And as I remember it you're right, he was jumping around a lot.  One day it was Russia, the next it was the EU, the next, he was back in the Russian sphere of influence.  I would interpret that, based on his apparent lack of popularity in the street, as him looking for the best personal deal for himself and his friends.  He was using the classic "get the other offer to bump up the offer you've already got" strategy.  What was his intended end-game?  We'll never know, because he was abruptly removed from the scene.  One thing to note, however, is that when it all went down in the end, he went to Russia, and it was Russia who physically took him in.  Also, as long as he was in power, Russia felt secure enough in their control of Crimea that they did not feel the need to do what they did immediately upon his exit.  Those things being said, your point is valid that he exercised greater independence than the term "puppet" usually suggests.

As for Poroshenko and Yatseniuk, having specifically nationalized two foreigners in order to mold the government to the model the western parties prefer, I think the puppet status is clear.  I agree with you 100% there.

Tracerfan's picture

The principal objective of Gladio B is projecting U.S. power in the former Soviet sphere of influence.  Check out Sibel Edmonds

Augustus's picture

No.  The principal objective of Gladio B is to protect populations from totalitarian governments.


The revelations of Sibel Edmonds are not related to the OBJECTIVES of Gladio B.

Max Steel's picture

A country govt is corrupt so US has the right to overthrow that govt . yeah no doubt why such inept dumbfucks like you stroll around msm to sway public opinions . WHy don't you try such maidan in bigest corrupted land of freedom ?

What do oyu think has US coup changed Ukraine ? Yes it made it intoa bunghole forever .  pull your head out of your ass.

We all are tired of watching you embarrass yourself. Thank you.Your powers of visual interpretation are seriously wanting.

fxpmtrader's picture

"Fuck EU" ... is all you need to know.

But in the end it doesn't matter as the sheeple never ever have learned anything. Neither from the past nor from the present.

Dumb and ignorant sheeple played like a synphonie orchestera by the corrupt criminals and parasites.

Dumb and ignorant sheeple just food for the Sharks, crocodiles and Gorillas.

They deserve it - as they let it happen.

Since Stonage.

gcjohns1971's picture

Did it occur to you that a re-armed europe in the form of an EU Army isn't going to be all rainbows and roses?  Did it occur to you that such an Army was going to find something to do?  That the 'something' wasn't going to result in a non-military future for Europe...including Russia?  That maybe that particular plan needed to be fucked?

I am not saying that is the case.

I am saying that quick conclusions lead to bad outcomes.

Absolute Truth's picture

Here is my general rule of thumb w FEW exceptions: if an event is on the narrative is true, but if event is broadcasted on MSM the narrative is controlled...

Gene Rosen

homiegot's picture

Great. Now write a book and make a propaganda movie.

falak pema's picture

Saturday night fever coming up this week end in Donbass.

The Jets and the Sharks on the prowl.

"Maria, Maria...I just met a girl called Maria..."

No need to write a book : Romeo and Juliette and West Side Story...

gcjohns1971's picture

I like the fact that Sergei paints both the Police AND Parubiis' people as lying and corrupt.  It has more of a ring of truth.

When someone tells the story that one side is all white hats and nobility, and the other side is all bad guys of one sort or another... that's easy to dismiss. 

Reality never looks like that.  The black-hat, white-hat story is a mult-film for children.

cyclist's picture

At your next white house press conference:  Umm yeah, we killed some Folks. But the economy is just awesome and we have created more jobs this year than in past 5 years!! 


Wild E Coyote's picture

Hmmmm.... I think it should be "we put higher numbers on jobs data than previous 5 years."

123dobryden's picture

its all mafia war, and it will start spreading, there are many civil wars coming in europe

cart00ner's picture

This excerpt of a memo was passed on to journalists in my old newspaper (News LTD) a couple of days ago.


>Pro-Russian separatists are to be referred to as Russian-backed rebels<


Many (journalists) are unhappy about being dictated to in this manner and protested about the lack of evidence for this assumption, but financial security wins over conscience any day. As you can see in this story some have chosen to ignore the directive and add Russian-backed Ukrainian Soldiers, and many refuse to put their names to blatant propaganda.

Makes me happy to be retired – I doubt I could sell my soul over this debacle.

Augustus's picture

Just because they ARE certainly Russian backed rebels certainly has nothing to do with it?

cart00ner, are you also unhappy with the mention of Islamist Terrorists?


W.M. Worry's picture

Whether they are Russian backed or not I think they should be refered to as the E. Ukraine Self Defense Forces. They are under attack from the NATO/CIA/NeoNazi's in Kiev. Who else is going to have their back?

AgShaman's picture

It only took the BBC a year or so to "filter" us a story.


NuYawkFrankie's picture

Yep - the BBC ain't known as the British Bullsh!t Corporation for nothing.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

With the exception of Hillary...


 - has there ever been a more vicious, despicable lying, rat-bag zio-hag than USSA Asst Sec Of False-Flags Nudelman?

YHC-FTSE's picture

I don't know what the fuck is so confusing about it. Look back at the Syrian Arab spring in 2011 and there were Mossad/CIA snipers being caught on camera shooting up the protestors and police. They murdered hundreds in both parties. This is their M.O. This is what they do.

It's not exactly rocket science to work out who benefitted. Who ended up in control in Ukraine? Victoria Nuland's (US State Dept) Yatsenyuk became PM, and Igor Kolomoisky (Israeli-Ukrainian Oligarch) became the governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, at the forefront of the conflict and responsible for the civilian massacres in Odessa and Mariupol. USA-Israel = CIA-Mossad. The exact same shit they pulled in Syria and Ukraine has been done since Operation Ajax in 1953.

A guy called Gene Sharp published a study commissioned by NATO on "Making Europe Unconquerable". His studies later became the methodology for perfecting Colour Revolutions.

From Perfecting the Method of Color Revolutions:

"Ever since the work of French sociologist Gustave Le Bon in the late nineteenth century, we know that adults behave like children when they are in the throes of collective emotion. They become susceptible, even if for just a critical fleeting moment, to the suggestions of a leader-of-men who for them embodies a father figure. In 1990, Sharp got close to Colonel Reuven Gal, then chief psychologist of the Israeli Army (he later became deputy national security adviser to Ariel Sharon and now runs operations designed to manipulate young Israeli non-Jews). Combining the discoveries of Le Bon and Sigmund Freud, Gal reached the conclusion that it was also possible to exploit the “Oedipus complex” in adolescents and steer a crowd of young people to oppose a head of state, as a symbolic father figure.

On this basis, Sharp and Gal set up training programs for young activists with the objective of organizing coups. After a few successes in Russia and the Baltics, it was in 1998 that Gene Sharp perfected the method of “color revolutions” with the overthrow of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic."

Augustus's picture

It did not require a color revolution to overthrow Slobo.  His ethnic cleansing policy was his doom.  Maybe you regarded that as one of his good features.

Max Steel's picture

yeah US the hyprocist has the right to punish others for their war crimes . Ironic . A new world older waning already . 

freedom123's picture
freedom123 (not verified) Feb 13, 2015 5:29 PM

Ladies, gentlemen... this is United States of America:

P.S. Now is the time when trolls should line up their self after this comment for registry ;)

Augustus's picture


It is amazing that this supposedly financially oriented website continues to attract such a high percentage of the anti-semetic lovers of murderous and corrupt Arab and communist governments.  The numbers surely must represent a high level of paid agents of Puutie.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

You know, Augustus, freedom123 posts a link to a youtube video about a teenager who built a sub $1000 prosthetic hand, and it's a non sequitur in the context of this article but at least it wasn't the usual crap.

Then you come along with your comment about "the anti-semetic [sic] lovers of murderous and corrupt Arab and communist governments" which has absolutely nothing to do with either the article or the comment to which you are responding.

You have a history of comments expressing fear and loathing of Russia and/or its president, apparently because you have an agenda to push. So who is the paid agent?


You know what else is funny? I just couldn't let Augustus alone either. See my above at 20:34. Keep up the good work TheFourthStooge-ing.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

He was in town recently for a couple days and was able to spare just enough time to meet for lunch. As I expected, he's intelligent and articulate, and had some interesting stories.

I wonder if Sacrilege and the Tylers would ever consider a general amnesty for closed accounts (except for spammers, of course).

Wild E Coyote's picture

This website talks about various world events. Because it is all about money.
Wars are about money. Terrorism is about money.
The so called anti-semtism is all about money too.
It is only small minded people who try give larger meaning to simple money making events.

Rock On Roger's picture

THe earth needs more kids like that.

Betcha he doesn't mind eating potatoes, eh 123?

Rikeska's picture

We coup'd some folks.

goldhedge's picture

The BBC article has been buried in their "magazine section" and not in their European headlines.

RMolineaux's picture

My compliments to Tyler for bringing this item to our attention.  But information channeled through BBC is always suspect. They may know more than what they are telling us, or distorting what they say, to stay within "establishment" guidelines. "Sergei" does not tell us whether he was firing at police or demonstrators.   Or whether he was part of an organized group. 

Element's picture



Note this photo from within this following BBC link, RM.

Do you see any insignias, flags or identifying features on this anonymous guy's generic camo, as he guards a Russian transport column right behind him?

Russian Parliament Approves Troop Deployment in Ukraine - March 1st 2014

Pretty safe to say the Russians are up to their nutsack in Ukraine, and have been for many months. Here is the purported 'rebel' army, you're looking at it. That is why the are taking ground. The incredible cheek of Putin to assert that Western powers pouring heavy weapons in to defend Ukraine would be a catastrophe.

In the end Occam's Razor (most of the conspiracy clowns in this place wouldn't even know what that is) is a far better guide to events, than any contrived needlessly elaborate conspiracy theory, or anecdotal hearsay.

From any 'source'.

Max Steel's picture

Nutsack Eastern ukraine republics held a referendum and decide to separate from ukraine . Meanwhile that putsch regime was in no order to authorize any legal action because they were installed forcefully ..Your powers of visual interpretation are seriously wanting. No worries though. The world also needs idiots and morons.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Just a quick note regarding the parliament resolution of March 1, 2014. It was rescinded in June 2014.

BTW, I hope you're enjoying summer down there. I looked out the window a few minutes ago and the combination of snow and wind had reduced visibility to maybe 6 meters.

homiegot's picture


KuriousKat's picture

I don't understand..we already followed the money and know who gave it.

Follow the DNA to the beginning  on the cookies, yeast rolls  and glazed donuts and we have an airtight case.

nuff said.


John C Durham's picture

The same US slimeballs are still trying to do a Color Revolution in Argentina. For a report in real time see: Cynthia Rush' piece in Executive Intelligence Review:

KuriousKat's picture

good article.thanx for link..I will share...the entire Bric Bloc has been under assault, the elites including Soros have gobbled up vast tracts of resources rich lands They want to make sure they get a piece of the Bric Action, if they cannot destroy them. Fernandez getting Russian Jets would have been incentive enough. The wiki leaks tell us the machinations even then.

lakecity55's picture

Soros has immense political power, and he is not a natural-born citizen.

He is only the lightining rod for attack. There are others who need to be neutralized.