Boston Smashes Monthly Snowfall Record: This Is What It Looks Like Right Now

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For some it may have been the hottest year on record (if only with the use of seasonally-adjusted, well, seasons). For Bostonians, the past 30 day stretch has just smashed all-time monthly snowfall records.


Just another 15 inches of snow, and this will be the all-time highest snowfall season in Boston history:


Add the furious windchill and resulting coastal flooding, and Boston is desperate for some of that infamous global warming


Below are various other photos of what Boston is dealing with this morning after the latest snowfall, which the locals are calling the Blizzard of 2015: Round 2:


What is causing all this atmospheric havoc is the latest Winter Storm to slam the Northeast: Neptune, which as the Weather Channel summarizes, "delivers a triple threat of snow, high winds and bitter wind chills to areas still struggling to recover from a series of major snowstorms virtually unprecedented in modern times."

Here are the key things you need to know about Winter Storm Neptune right now:

  • Low pressure is offshore of coastal New England and is pulling northward toward Nova Scotia.
  • Widespread wind damage occurred Saturday evening due to high winds along and behind the arctic front accompanying Winter Storm Neptune; structural damage has been reported in the Carolinas, and more than 200,000 customers lost power Saturday evening.
  • Neptune has already brought up to 8 inches of snow to parts of Michigan. Lake-effect snow is lingering over parts of Upper Michigan and northwest Indiana, with winter storm warnings and advisories in effect.
  • In the Northeast, blizzard warnings continue for parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. These warnings include the Boston metropolitan area.
  • Parts of Massachusetts have already seen up to 22 inches of new snow.
  • High wind warnings continue from southern Connecticut to western North Carolina, including New York and Washington, D.C. Sunday.

Winter Storm Neptune's impact will be magnified by a large field of strong winds, even in areas outside the heaviest snow, and a sharp drop in temperatures that will lead to dangerously low wind chills in the wake of the storm.


This comes on the heels of an almost three-week snow siege that has smashed records in parts of New England, including Boston and Worcester. Much of that snow is still on the ground due to a prolonged cold snap, and that snow will compound the misery from this storm as Neptune's winds blow not only the new snow, but snow already on the ground.


The forecast timing and potential impacts are below the radar image. Check back with us at and The Weather Channel frequently as we update this forecast.

What is most odd is that for many in the Northeast and around the Great Lakes - one of America's primary economic hubs - the winter of 2015 has been far, far worse than the sporadic "Polar Vortex" of 2014. And yet, not a peep about how the "inclement" weather is about to result in an annualized $80 billion of lost economic output, which is what the weathermen, pardon, economists want the world to believe is what caused the economic swoon of Q1, 2015. That's ok, though: we have the West Coast port strike to blame for that in a few short weeks.

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FreeShitter's picture

Fuck that shit, im sitting here in my 1984 Van Halen T shirt and cargo shorts here in Texas.

Stroke's picture

71 degrees & sunny on the space coast............Please Northerners It's all good


\Please stay where you are

Unix's picture
Unix (not verified) Stroke Feb 15, 2015 1:07 PM

UGH! My arse is so cold, I'm thinking about getting in the microwave in defrost mode!

rccalhoun's picture

O wants every american to UPS one cubic foot of snow to save the sierras

Manthong's picture

This is just part of God’s righteous punishment for them having inflicted Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank on the USA.


Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

chalk another record breaking winter to global warming. err, sorry, climate change.

Thirst Mutilator's picture

Mary Jo Kopechne is still available as a ZH username.

Eeyores Enigma's picture

Just went camping up here in the Cascades. Not a sign of snow except on the tallest peaks. 65 degrees shorts and Tees. Up till 11 oclock playing poker around the campfire with shorts and hoodie. Had lunch up at the summit next day, people walking around shorts and flip flops got into the 70s in Sisters. Driest Warmest winter in anyones memory.

jbvtme's picture

pole shift or weather modification?

clymer's picture

As a resident of Middlesex County, I can attest to the images above. I am out in the boonies a bit (north-central MA), and use a tractor with a 60" snowblower on the three-point hitch to throw the snow (this way I can spin around and use the front-end loader for moving the snow banks).

Just heard on the scanner that the local farm stand collapsed with power still on so it's a spark show.

I know Al Gore, the New World Order Carbon Whore would dispute this weather as a fluke, but with the wind chills below zero it looks and feels like we are heading into a new ice age out there.

Chuck Norris's picture

Thank goodness for Global Warming.

I mean, if we didn't have such warm temperatures Boston would be -50 degrees and under a THOUSAND inches of snow. 

Pay your carbon taxes now, bitchez





armageddon addahere's picture

Don't worry Al Gore will never mention it, or admit it exists.

dirty belly's picture

No snow in the Cascades means trouble this fire season.  Vegitables in the garden are still green and growing.  Strawberries have taken over most of the garden area.  Ants and spyders are emerging and the roses are starting to bud.  We did get large amounts of rain and still socked in at night in the Willamette Valley with fog.  Oh, look, the sun is coming out!

A Nanny Moose's picture

Fire season? Pfft. The Round Fire is buring right now near Bishop, CA. Not a common occurance for February.

Seems fire season is starting early....perhaps never ended.

J in Vegas's picture

Las Vegas pushing close to 80 degrees today. Word!

Clashfan's picture

Here in Georgia, I don't recall a colder late fall and winter so far. We haven't had too many extremely cold days, but we've had many fewer warm ones than normal. I'm talking about thirty years or more that I've lived here. Oct, Nov, Dec, January have been colder, overall, imo, than they ever have, and Feb is bringing more freezing temps nightly.

Global warming is BS. Time everyone wised up to this huge lie used to force world government on us and to aid the worldwide war against the middle class.

Save_America1st's picture

Personally, I'd like to take this opportunity to give my sincere gratitude to Al Gore and the rest of the Global Warming lobby for this.  Your lies and endless harping about the melting of the snow caps, the helpless polar bears with no icebergs to float on, the falsification of global termperature data, fear mongering about so-called "deadly" levels of CO2 being higher than .0035% of our atmospheric composition, and countless scams and schemes to tax every human being on the planet for breathing air...all this has been an outstanding success story in reversing the deadly, vicious specter of "Global Warming".

You all and your psychotic lies have truly been an inspiration and you have made yourselves the saviors of our planet, for without you we never would have had another winter and no more beautiful flakes of snow to play in and shovel from our driveways at these historically record high levels. 

-40 degree tempteratures would be a thing of the past without you all. 

You even succeeded in altering the solar cycles of our dearest star, the Sun, and have saved the planet from turning into a desert wasteland like Mars.

If Al Gore hadn't invented the internet he and his netowork of fraudulent scientists and their puppet masters of the New World Order never could have succeeded in creating and solving the deadly concept of Anthropormorphic Climate Change.

We all owe them our gratitude and yes, our very lives as well for enlightening us about our irresponsible ways of exhaling CO2 when we breath and for teaching us all that our very survival by which we must breath oxygen supplied by plant life which in turn needs our CO2 to live and produce more oxygen for us to breath has been just plain, discusting selfishness on our part all these millions of years.

Clearly, taxation of our breathing and banning CO2 as a toxic element in our atmosphere was a stroke of genius that has saved us all from doom and most certainly total extinction. 

We all owe Al Gore, the media, our political masters and their Hollywood puppets our lives, fortunes, and our first born children as a human sacrifice at their altar of salvation:  Al Gore's Malibu mansion

Al Gore's beachside mansion couldn't exist today if he hadn't saved the planet from the rising oceans.  There would be no more ice at the north and south poles and the ocean would have risen up and flooded the entire world, and yes, also Al Gore's mansion...all 12 of them.  And all his private jets would have no more land to land on or take off from. 

And to ensure our species does not drown from melting icebergs or exhale more CO2 than the plants can use to survive on, I think we must never stop paying carbon taxes to the super elite or once again we may all burn to death and drown at the same time from our misbehavior and selfishness.

We must continue to fund the elite 1% with all we can contribute to them so that they can continue to protect us all from ourselves and fly around the world in private jets and live in massive mansions and give themselves awards for creating winter once again for all of humanity.

And please also thank them for saving the polar bears. 

Unix's picture

America1st...all I have to say is Brilliant! 

Headbanger's picture

WTF are those pussies bitching about!

That's fantastic snowmobile weather you mooks!

So fuck it! Let's ride!

Unix's picture

I'm your Huckleberry! I HATE the fucking cold!!!! I'm too fucking dumb to move south I guess!

Oldballplayer's picture

Too much snow to ride.  Cannot get to the trails.  Too fricking cold today. 


Maybe in a couple of days.

TheReplacement's picture

Too much snow, yes.  Too cold?  Hah, never.  I do admit that gloves are needed on days like this.

willwork4food's picture

Gloves, heated body armor, a 4x4 truck and a 25 year old body rather.

Oh, and a case of beer by the fire.

OpTwoMistic's picture

They don't have the weather channel there.  Global warming is a bitch.

Nick Jihad's picture

Another perfect day in SoCal. But the taxes are very similar to Massachesetts. ;-)

Bananamerican's picture

Perfect except there is absolutely no snow on the mountain range and its HOT...
Another year of drought on deck at this point

OldPhart's picture

Yep, 84, Sunny and no humidity.  It's why I'm still here in Commiefornia.

El Vaquero's picture

It's been hitting the upper 60s and lower 70s here for the past week.  I actually don't like it.  It means my fruit trees are going to blossom early, then, as is typical for here, get hit by a freeze.

yrad's picture

Come on down to Texas where the sun is warm and the women are tall!

rejected's picture

I'm married to a Texican... They're mean!

in-Credible Banker's picture

Sitting indoors in Buffalo, NY.  A pleasant -4 F outside as I type this.


2 more years and the kids graduate high school and I can leave this arctic wasteland.  I don't want to piss away 2 years of my life but wish that day was here RIGHT NOW!



Took Red Pill's picture

That and you have the Buffalo Bills, too! Feel bad for you!

3Wishes's picture

Keep your Global Warmng

I think its not !.

TheReplacement's picture

Being that I live north of Boston (in another country practically) I can tell you that the snow outside my backdoor is deeper than I am tall and I am not Napolean.  It sucks because we are running out of places to put it all and icedams are threatening roof damage.  Still, I love the temps as I am a man of the north.  Screw Texas and your lack of water and abundance of Mexicans.

Gonna go brew some more beer - Drake's IPA this time.



metaStable's picture

As a fellow new hampshirite, I sympathize. Need to shovel the deck off 30" of powder before it goes kaput but it is too freaking cold out there. On the positive side, I can hit the slopes in my backyard this year!

sun tzu's picture

Mexicans are headed your way too. 

I've never turned on the tap and water didn't come out. Funny how I keep hearing about a lack of water.

wendigo's picture
wendigo (not verified) Feb 15, 2015 12:53 PM

Boston deserves everything it gets.

OverTheUnder's picture

Including a Superbowl Victory

spoonful's picture

There's a reason why the American Revolution started here.  We're the toughest souls around.  Go take your surfboard and sit in the ocean waiting for a wave to come.

wendigo's picture
wendigo (not verified) spoonful Feb 15, 2015 1:40 PM

Toughest souls? If so, why did they allow their city to be put under martial law?

I'd take one redneck over 20 of you. Rednecks actually know how to get shit done

spoonful's picture

I went for a run that day, but there are many more people on the streets in this blizzard than there were out that day. Our spirit has been broken by non-stop brainwashing and propaganda.  I watched with horror as the tanks rolled down Commonwealth Avenue and people were cheering them as heroes for attempting to massacre an unarmed teenager.  I guess we used to be the toughest.  Point well taken. 

Took Red Pill's picture

I felt the same way. All that military show of force for one teen age boy. After he was caught, the people lined the streets waving flags. Where did all those flags come from anyway?

willwork4food's picture

They were left over from Al Gore's invention of the internet celebration.


Crash Overide's picture

I have witnessed redneck first hand and those bastards are Custard's last stand when the Orwellian jack boots come marching in.

kill switch's picture

Go shelter in place...Before I give you a slap!!!

Max Cynical's picture

Bostonians are used to being forced to stay inside.

They'll get through this...just pretend two kitchen utensil bombers are running around town.

TwelveOhOne's picture

I recently read that one of Steven Spielberg's earliest movies was blowing up pressure cookers.  Yeah, here it is, in his biography, the words "pressure cooker" start off page 9, so scroll up slightly for the beginning:

"But the topper may have been the special effects: 30 cans of cherry pie filling cooked in a pressure cooker until the lid blew off -- instant gore!"

They re-use too much, like those 2008 photos that were recently presented as "evidence".

metaStable's picture

Accuweather 03049 zip code. Real feel -28 now dropping down to -40 tonite.

Alvin Fernald's picture

Do you count among the toughtest those waving the US flag after being forced from their homes?

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

yep. I ve never seen a more pathetic display in my entire life. An entire city cowering in their homes from some unarmed 19 year old, and actually cheering the fascist police state on and calling themselves 'boston strong'. What a bunch of pussies.