Forget Hacking - CIA Accuses Russia Of "Manipulating The World's Weather"

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America appears to have found something else to blame the Russians (or North Koreans) for... The Weather. As The Daily Mail reports, CIA chiefs fear hostile nations are trying to manipulate the world’s weather... seriously.

So-called "geoengineering techniques" range from cloud seeding, in which chemicals are sprayed by planes trigger rainfall, to shooting mirrors into space to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth.


But as The Daily Mail reports, a leading academic has told how he got a mysterious phone call asking whether foreign countries could be triggering droughts or flooding...

Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said:


"Consultants working for the CIA rang and said we’d like to know if someone is controlling the world’s climate would we know about it?


Of course they were also asking - if we control someone else’s climate would they then know about it."

The professor is one of many scientists from around the world are actively looking at manipulating the weather as a way of combating climate change.

Professor Robock told the callers that any attempts to meddle with the weather on a large scale would be detectable.


However, he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference in San Jose, that the weather has been weaponised in the past.


During the Vietnam War, US scientists tried to increase rainfall to hamper the enemy’s progress by spraying particles into the clouds.


And the CIA seeded clouds over Cuba "to make it rain and ruin the sugar harvest".


Asked how he felt when he got the call, the professor said: "Scared."


"I’d learned of lots of other things the CIA had done that haven’t followed the rules and that wasn’t how I wanted my tax money spent."

"I think this research has to be open and international, so there isn’t any question of using it for hostile purposes."


To add to the intrigue, the CIA is believed to have helped fund a major report into geoengineering.

Published last week by the prestigious US National Academy of Sciences, the report mentions the ‘US intelligence community’ in its list of sponsors, alongside organisations such as Nasa.

*  *  *

He added that the tension created by any large-scale meddling in the climate could escalate to such an extent that it would end in all-out war.

The professor said: ‘If one country wants to control the climate in one way, and another doesn’t want it or if they try to shoot down the planes...if there is no agreement it could result in terrible consequences.’

*  *  *

*  *  *

So is the US economy now at the mercy of some cunning geo-engineer in Moscow seeding snow clouds over the Midwest and crushing GDP in the process?

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So is the US economy now at the mercy of some cunning geo-engineer in Moscow seeding snow clouds over the Midwest and crushing GDP in the process?

No, its at the mercy at these things called, "math" and "science".

I'd be more concerned that it WASN'T snowing in Boston during the winter (like over the past 4+ years), rather than the other way around.

It's February.  It snows sometimes.  Hell, the worst winter snowfall total hasn't even been broken yet.  Stop whining, America.

max2205's picture

Huh? But it's snowing in my hard drive!

insanelysane's picture

And some people still think that Rocky and Bulwinkle were just a cartoon.

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By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

• Expected ship date October 22, 2010
• Runtime 95 minutes
• Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger part 1 part 2

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but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why.


It is just now beginning to get lame stream exposure cuz they can't hide it anymore. Too many waking up.

kliguy38's picture

I Just shit myself.....the RUSKIES are engineering the weather???? Tell me it aint so.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Back during the first week of December 2014 TwoIceFloes began publishing an original three part series called "Skyception: The Deception and Manipulation of ‘We the People’ and our Skies".

Click the link and take a look.

angel_of_joy's picture

Google insists that HAARP is American, not Russian... WTF ?

clymer's picture

It is no joke

We steer their weather, they steer our weather, we steer our own weather, they steer their own weather, we blast 3000 birds out of the sky (turning their brains to jelly), they do it too. The USG tests the shit out of this evil domestically.

Nikola Tesla is spinning in his grave. The 3.39 mhz signal is lulling us all to sleep


MontgomeryScott's picture


The C.I.A. is accusing RUSSIA of manipulating the weather, huh?

All those Russian aircraft that have been setting down grid patterns, X-patterns, and the like by the HUNDREDS per DAY ever since 2001 (in the Pacific Northwest, CONUS) must have gotten their flight clearances SOMEWHERE...

"Owning The Weather By 2025"...

The CONUS does it, so the Russians do it as well... it's called 'FOLLOW THE LEADER'. Evergreen International Aviation (a C.I.A. FRONT company!) used to have a page on their website bragging about their conversion of aircraft for various purposes, INCLUGING 'geoengineering'. I printed a fucking HARDCOPY of it!

FUCK the C.I.A.! Fucking LIARS! Operation fucking MOCKINGBIRD! Fucking MK-ULTRA (and MK-NAOMI, and ALL the 'MK' series)! 'Heart-attack guns', and other bullshit! Psychotic FUCKS!

BellyBrain's picture

Pot. Kettle. Black.  These evil bastards have been spraying chemtrails in the sky since at least 1997 (that's when I first noticed them) and they want to say that Russia is doing it?  ONLY Russia?  Bullshit.  This is clearly a global program, and they have to get the material for these "clouds" from somewhere.  Why not use fly ash from coal production?  It's a byproduct that has to go SOMEWHERE, right?

Save_America1st's picture let me get this straight, okay?  Just stick with me here...let's do a quick "thought experiment".


So all those horizon to horizon white jet trails that streak the sky, criss-crossed, back and forth all day long across the clear blue sky where I live in sunny Tampa, FUCKING Florida that NEVER fucking dissipate, but take all day to slowly descend from somewhere that looks like 50,000 feet in a thin white line from THE BACK OF HIGH ALTITUDE JUMBO JETS down to 1000 feet as every trail eventually spreads and blends together from early dark morning until sundown and the sky is then completely fully hazy and overcast....


All that....that shit's being produced by Russian spy chemtrail jets flying over our SECURE airspace DURING A TIME OF WAR here in Tampa, Florida where THE U.S. FUCKING CENTRAL COMMAND IS JUST 8 MILES FROM MY FUCKING HOUSE AT MACDILL FUCKING AIRBASE????




hmmmm...maybe we need a better defense department who can keep those pesky Russians from streaking chemtrails all over our skies, poisoning our water, soil, vegetation and livestock.

Maybe somebody should alert the gooberments or something???

Oh wait...I forgot...that just makes me a fucking "conspiracy theorist" and a prime candidate for the FEMA GULAGS.

So it's the fucking Russians???  Is that it???  Really????


So okay...literally and seriously...I see that kinda shit all the fucking time and have for years on end.  Tampa weather is very predictable and when it's calm and clear blue sky outside w/ little prevailing winds...well, there's no way that "contrails" from the back of extremely high altitude jumbo jets can ever possibly exist for long than several minutes in the atmosphere.

And another thing.  Tampa Airport is just a few miles away from me.  The majority of jet traffic is low altitude inbout and outbound around here.

Yet extremely high altitude jets fly over in criss-cross patterns all the time on calm, clear blue days leaving hundreds of miles of thick, slowly descending and spreading white "chem-trails" behind them.  Sometimes the sky is painted in a checkerboard pattern from jets SIMULTANEOUSLY flying back and forth at the same high altitude just painting the sky. 

That is not passenger jet traffic, folks.  That's exactly what it is.  Filling the sky with whatever the fuck is being sprayed purposely out of those fucking jets.  Shit to contaminate the air, water, and soil, etc.  Or whatever...yeah, maybe it's to create weather of some kind, stear the weather, create weather, whatever. 

But in this area we don't need the government creating weather.  Tampa is the fucking lightning capital of the world.  We get enough naturaly weather...not to mention tropical storms, hurricanes and daily massive lightning storms.

So why are they bombarding us on nice days with chemical trails from high altitude jets?  And it sure ain't the fucking Russians, riiiiiiiiiiight????




Richard Chesler's picture

"is the US economy now at the mercy of some cunning geo-engineers?"

Funny way of referring to Wall Street thieving bankers and their lackeys in DC.

weburke's picture

sheesh, what a humerous article, guy says the cia called him to ask about weather control. 

its fat tuesday, so I dont feel like ratting out the elite idiots that stupidly play with vast powers, MAINLY, so they can lessen the impact of their REALLY disasterous planet level blunder. damn them.

Manthong's picture

So the Rooskies strategy is to force our stock market through the roof by inflicting a Polar Vortex on us?

Regardless, I'm sending my heating bill to that MF Putin from now on.

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winchester (not verified) Manthong Feb 18, 2015 1:21 PM

ulterless bull shit :


every country can shoot clouds in sky to prevent rain on major days of economy such sports events and co.... china proceed at beijing in 2008...


it is a well known method for killing clouds and make them fall as rain before they gain specific position...


nothing important here...



WTFRLY's picture

Right, crazy conspiracy theorists... But Russia can do it...

TeamDepends's picture

The Dark Lord commands many seemingly disparate battalions down here on Terra Ferma, but they are all working in concert. This is sweet vindication for those of us here who have spoken out about chemtrails over the years. What is annoying, and alarming, is the masses who don't notice clear skies today, then "jets" leaving a checker board in the sky tomorrow.

benb's picture

"Alarming"... disgusting that at least 50% of the people out there are so gone they don't even know what the sky is supposed to look like. As for the article itself... pure bullshit. 'The CIA director says' my ass. The CIA director knows damn well that this is a CIA, NASA, government operation. The people doing this are exterminists and are literally criminally insane.

Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.”
– James Angleton, head of CIA counter intelligence from 1954-1974


Kiwi Pete's picture

Well your airforce is pretty shit. On 9/11 three hijacked planes flew around for an hour or so withoput being challenged and then your airforce flew out to sea in the wrong direction to find them.

So yes they could be allowing the Russians to play checkers in you skies and probably just haven't figured out yet what's going on.

Save_America1st's picture


Our Air Force is the best in the world. 

9/11 was made to happen by Dickhead Cheney calling off NORAD to allow those jets to do their damage.  So to correct you:  Our government is "pretty shitty"...or in better terms:  TREASONOUS

9/11 was an inside job. 

If our Air Force was allowed to do it's job...they woulda knocked those fuckers outta the sky immediately.  And we would be bombing the fuck out of most of our enemies mercilessly all over the world when need be.

It's our treasonous, Marxist, government who calls the shots and creates the chaos and death in this world. 


And so also, maybe my sarcasm somehow eluded you?

I'm not just from Tampa, FL.  I travel and have lived all over America.  I see this shit all the fucking time and have seen it for more than 20 years. 

I've flown enough and have been around jets enough to know the what a contrail is compared to whatever the fuck is being sprayed out of the back of some kind of high altitude tanker jet that's obviously outfitted for spraying whatever bullshit the military and government have loaded those jets up with.

I see it everywhere I go.  And I'll tell ya...most of the time I will point that shit up there out to people just to see what they think about it.  And fuck'in A, if not 9 times outta 10 don't most of them just think it's "normal" like a vapor contrail or cloud of some kind.

Try to tell those dumb fucks that chemtrails like that are most likely chemicals being sprayed out of the back of those jets on purpose and well just be prepared for the negative response of a sheep.  It's pretty pathetic to witness.  Give it a try with some sheep-tard on a clear blue sunny day in your area when you're being bombarded with chemtrails.

You'll be astounded by the reaction of 99% of the sheeple if you try to point out to them what a chemtrail is and what it's most likely comprised of.


benb's picture

Not that you didn't already know; the 'sheep-tards' you speak of are casualties in the Quiet War being waged against us... Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars -

willwork4food's picture

LOL, spell much? But you forget that those planes were under the direction and authority of vice president Cheney at that time. They did what they were told to do. The question is why were they told to do what they did?

Save_America1st's picture



I do agree.

9/11 was an inside job.  plain and simple.

DC Exile's picture

Indeed. Anytime the US Gov accuses another nation of doing something outlandishly nefarious, you can be assured the US Gov is already doing it. It's classic psychological projection. Consider this, a lot of people forget that in the run up to the George W's invasion of Iraq, the US Gov accused Saddam Hussein of developing a fleet of drones equpped with chemical weapons to attack the US. This was well before drones became a thing. You can be assured the US Gov was developing drone warfare back then. I found this Wired article which summarizes the old CIA bullshit nicely:


Refuse-Resist's picture

When I saw the headline, that's exactly what I thought -- they always accuse the 'enemy' of doing what they're already doing.


Remember, they hate us for our freedom (and work tirelessly every fucking day to destroy it -- and they're accomplishing a lot lately).

Cadavre's picture

The C.I.A. is accusing RUSSIA of manipulating the weather, huh?


It's not so much the weather as it is the data collection methods for the weather. For example, placing a temperature charting device on a asphalt to underneath the exhaust vent for an A/C, or next to the exhaust of a diesel powered generator.

Gore timed his full frontal face job for the hypothecates at the precise moment in history that his daughter married into Schmidt Klan, private equity stake holders of our very own FED reserve and London's biggest Shadow Bankster players, as well as a long term solar absolute solar minimum. Our star went through a couple of years of zero sun spot activity.

What do sunspots have to do with climate, you ask? An example you can try for yourself. Set two ovens side by side. Have a vent installed for one of the ovens. Leave the other oven ventless. Turn both ovens on broil. Wait and then stand near or measure the heat being emitted by both ovens. The oven without the vent will radiate more heat than the vented oven. Why? Because some of the heat escapes through the vent.

Sun spots are like solar vents. They allow accumulated heat (energy) to blast out of the sun. When there are a lot of sun spots, the radiated heat from our Sun is measurably less than when there are fewer, or zero sun spots, as was the state of our most recent solar min. 

Look at any global average temperature chart and compare it to a solar cycle chart. When the sun spot count is down, the temperature goes up.When there are mucho sun spots, the average temperature drops. A perfect inverse correlation. 

We must mention that when face boy Gore failed to sell Global Warming Bonds, his daughter was divorced out of the Schmidt klan, and Gore is selling his bunghole for a nickel a throw.

Thomas's picture

Anyone who thinks you can manipulate the weather in a serious way drives a clown car. What the CIA probably DOES do is put out total bullshit stories so that when an outrageous true event occurs, it is drowned out in the noise of the almond-eyed alien shit. 

Bingo Hammer's picture

You need to pull your head outta your arse their Tom and wake up...this long you've been on ZH and you still can't think outside the box?...

Lore's picture

So "Anthropogenic Global Warming" really is nothing but a swindle, a kind of environmental "Al Qaeda" or "ISIS?" People in my country are NOT "saving the planet" by paying "CARBON TAX?"  THEN WHY ARE WE STILL BEING FORCED TO PAY "CARBON TAX?"

palmereldritch's picture

One could almost surmise that chemtrailing was primarily directed at raising the atmospheric temperature to sell the narrative of “Global Warming” in the face of what they knew to be actually global cooling but instead they miscalculated and came up short.

No detectable warming in the last 15 years yet if it wasn’t for the chemtrailing there would be marked evidence of cooling and the world community could prepare for that changing climate.  Instead we are stuck tilting at windmills and buying the green joke of inefficient solar that is made even more impractical as the atmosphere dims as the result of the continual geo-engineering.

Their answer: Push the propaganda harder...blow smoke into the atmosphere and up our asses! Control the climate, control the food, control all the expressions of human energy...Tax and slave...the real carbon footprint is the target resource: every carbon-based individual on the planet.

Psychopaths are bad enough. Incompetent psychopaths is a whole new level...or is it actually just some sick joke to them?

Mars neeeds air!!

Lore's picture

How closely our thoughts converge. Weaponization of weather by various means could be made to serve multiple pathological policy objectives. I hesitate to elaborate!  Bottom line: power needs to be taken away from psychopaths.

Cadavre's picture

One could almost surmise that chemtrailing was primarily directed at raising the atmospheric temperature ,,,

I am fairly positive from "that" seminar I attended 8 years ago, that chem trials are used to calibrate  the instrumentation used to measure ground level Ozone. Of course the lack of factual reporting by the lame stream, should my recollection bare out, is fodder to assure the chattel muggles have pointless issues to argue and be divided by.

Cigarettes have a warning printed on them. Some people smoke tons forever and never get sick. One might suggest that the warning label, instead, is a benefit to the fasioligarchs. Your water supply has chromium or radon in it. You get cancer. If you smoke, chances are the jury will believe that cigarettes, and not the expert dismissal that it is very unlikely the chromium or radon  or roundup in your GMO dwarf wheat # 5 noodles, and blame it on the cigarettes and your habitual use of cigarettes. 

See how it works?

Oswald did it! Of course he did! And of course Jack Ruby was just a misguided patriotic pimp and low level mofiosa who didn't want Jackie to have to endure a long painful trial. And Debra Palfrey really did hang herself in her mothers woodshed. And John Wheeler was just an unfortunate victim of circumstance.

That is how it works. Someone needs to draw up a surrender agreement for our political employees and the agency heads appointed by them and the banksters comping their K-Street Kiddie Brothel visits - otherwise the smell will be almost as unbearable as the flies. Only one way this will end. Of Iraq had nukes, they're so called invisible nukes and that's why after a million Iraqi we killed. They are out and we are in. The level of pain is their choice. When police kill an innocent person, it's not murder, it's an a-c-c-i-d-e-n-t! It is a two way street. Glad I am on the lane and backed up by 300 Million other pissed off asshole Americans


BubbaJones's picture

You are a dumbass or a troll or both.

Cadavre's picture

You are a dumbass or a troll or both.

I am guilty of both. Allow me to suggest that anyone commenting on this forum is a troll. Some are chasing facts, others attempt to obscure facts. Depends on what, and who, one may depend on to survive. I do troll a few forums for feed back on quant models . But nuthing beats the utility of the in your face commentary and counter commentary offered at ZH. Clears the cobwebs generally associated with ones degree conformity and tenure of career

I am not a teacher. I am a student. Retribution for misstatement rides a vey fast horse, indeed, at the ZH.

So ....

Why do you troll at ZH? It isn't to score hot looking MBA chicks working a trading desk, is it? Chicks who trade bonds are the hottest chicks I've ever met (except for that one blond who clerked at that corner convenient store back in the daze. I could have scored if I was so bashful. She really dug me - know what I mean?).

Againstthelie's picture

I am more afraid he is a representative of the vast majority of the human species...

palmereldritch's picture

 Anyone who thinks you can manipulate the weather in a serious way drives a clown car.

Your vehicle is ready:

Mind the legroom

LibertyBear's picture

If Russia can do it, you better believe the US can do it too. Just look up and watch the government chem trails in the sky.

Also, this is  a pretty old issue. According to the UN, a treaty regarding weather modification was signed in 1976. See below on UN's own website.

Shad_ow's picture

Yes, sounds like more b.s. to excuse the failure of "globull warming" hoax.

Tall Tom's picture

You ought to study Solar Physics before you write.


Sunspots are much cooler than the surrounding photosphere. The contrast in temperature makes them appear dark when viewing the Sun in filtered light or directly through projection. If the light emanating from a Sunspot were direct or unfiltered then it would blind you, but just not as rapidly as the radiation from the rest of the photosphere.


When there are many sunspots on the photosphere then there is a less flux reaching the Earth's surface than when sunspots are few.



Cadavre's picture

So, is that another way of confirming the historical inverse correletion of sunspot activity and averager global temperature.

 ... there is a less flux reaching the Earth's surface ...

Depends on which direction, or vector, the solar flare flares at.

I use flux to solder cabels for my effects boxes and effect mixer - and, also, to sweat cooper pipes when I replaced our tank water heater with a tankless one. Does it really come from sun spots?

Zero Point's picture

A cynical person might think that the international oligarchs are all working together on this project, making a mockery of the international "crisis" that we all seem to face according to the MSM.

Lucky none of us are cynical.

ZerOhead's picture

Silver iodide cloud seeding is so 20th century.

The Japanese plutonium tetraoxide atmospheric seeding tests of 2011 on the other hand...

drendebe10's picture

.... it's Bush's fault..... scratch that, it's global warming's fault...

Four chan's picture

i'm more concerned about general electric's fukushima nuclear reactors.